The Spookiest Reactive Targets to Shoot This Halloween

As far as we’re concerned, shooting zombies beats trick-or-treating eleven times out of ten. Here are a few seasonal-appropriate reactive targets to make this year’s Halloween even more fun for kids (and adults, too).

Birchwood Casey “Darkotic” Zombie Chef and Masked Zombie Targets (8 for $10)

These come from the creators of the iconic Shoot-n-C targets that you’ve probably already uses.

Triumph Systems Cyclops Targets (10 for $14-$15)

With these, you get the targets as well as reactive stickers for the lungs, brain and corners, plus patches, so you can extend the use of each target. Also avaible in Yeti and Zombie designs.

Triumph Systems Evil Clown Splatter Cell Target (1 for $15)

These are expensive because (direct quote from the manufacturers) “the more you shoot at the target the more target will bleed.” Probably not for everyone, but it could be a lot of fun. There are clowns (and who doesn’t want to shoot a clown?), zombies, and a few other designs available.

GearOZ “Come And Get Me” Alien (25 for $8)

Do you want to believe? Do you believe that the truth is out there? If so, you can celebrate Halloween by defeating a whole squad of little green aliens who are silently taunting you.

Splatterburst Realistic Bad Guy (10 for $12)

No monsters but really, an actual bad guy pointing a gun at you is the scariest target of all.

Happy Halloween!


  1. avatar Geoff "Mess with the Bull, get the Horns" PR says:

    Got an *Update* on the Lakeland, Florida, shoplifter – shooting incident :

    “Grand jury indicts Dunn on 2nd-degree murder charge”

    “Lakeland City Commissioner Michael Dunn faces up to life in prison if convicted in the shooting death of a shoplifter at his Vets Army Navy Surplus store.”

    1. avatar FantaSea says:

      Good find.

      That’s a wicked fast grand jury they have.

      1. avatar Geoff "Mess with the Bull, get the Horns" PR says:

        “That’s a wicked fast grand jury they have.”

        It’s a *very* local story to me. I used to work literally next door to the place in the 80’s…

        Polk county, Florida. They don’t play…

    2. avatar Warrenhontas says:

      Thanks. It was very predictable. Self defense or “stand your ground” do NOT apply to defense of property. You have no right using deadly force on someone who is committing a theft. Now if the thief puts you in fear for your life, in fear of great bodily arm, that is a different story.
      And before I read the usual “but the wicked cops can”…really? Are you sure? What’s the source, a couple of facts from BLM or some wacko sovereign citizen group? While they “forget” about all those who got crucified for being in the wrong?

      1. avatar David Walters says:

        In Texas and at night a citizen my use deadly force to stop the theft of a vehicle or stop a felony in process at any time of day.

    3. avatar Kentucky Fried Possum says:

      If you are not willing to learn (and understand) the laws in your state, and you are armed and willing to use it under “some” (vague, varying maybe) circumstances, then you are gambling with your freedom.

    4. avatar Kentucky Fried Possum says:

      The video of the shooting is something to show to all newbies! It is a what not to do, ever, in any state. It looks terrible and it says “convict me please” from the moment he points the gun until after he shot the guy, it’s so bad it infuriates me. You cannot possibly justify being in fear for your life (or someone else) with what we are seeing of evidence, no way even with a million $ attorney, sorry. He looks lost and clueless after the shot which makes it even worst, giving the jury an impression of “oh sh*t what did I just do”.
      You need to know why you carry a gun, and what you can do, it is YOUR DUTY, not your attorney’s duty after the facts! If on top of it he was still in brain fart mode when interviewed by the police, oh boy….most of them carry mics or body cams nowadays, they HAVE to report what you say, it’s not 1960 anymore folks so be aware of it.

  2. avatar Sora says:

    What about scary 1/1024 Indians with Pow Wow Gun Ban bills?
    Jew slaughtering terrorist off-springs with Jihadist aspirations?

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