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Mohandas Gandhi supposedly said, “If you want to change the world, start with yourself.” If we want to make the world a better place for the natural human right of self defense, we have to start with ourselves and our own choices, often with the dollars we spend.

Right now, the fight against anti-gun policies in government is going pretty well, especially in he wake of NYSRPA v Bruen. The fight clearly isn’t over — it never will be — but we could be at the beginning of a golden age of gun rights and rollbacks of limits during which law after law falls in the courts. We definitely need to keep supporting our favorite gun rights organizations to keep that fight going.

But, there’s an entirely different, nasty side of gun control that can’t be fought in the courts and shouldn’t be fought in the legislatures: the way corporate America punishes those who exercise their gun rights.

To be perfectly clear, private property owners have the right to set rules for their properties within certain limits (racial discrimination and businesses inaccessible to the disabled are outlawed). The only way to legally change that would be to pass more laws, going beyond the “parking lot” laws some states have. But that strategy erodes private property rights, and that could backfire spectacularly on gun rights supporters.

The Information Problem

The best way to address corporate discrimination against guns and those who own them is to vote with our dollars. But that’s not as easy as it sounds. The biggest problem is information, or knowing what businesses are anti-gun and which are not, and perhaps more importantly, knowing what the pro-gun alternatives to these businesses are.

The most obvious anti-gun businesses are those that have signs prohibiting the carry of guns, right there on their doors. That makes it pretty easy to decide to shop somewhere else. But, if you’ve already taken your family out and you’re walking up, there’s a lot of pressure (probably from the wife in many cases) to go in anyway. So, it’s nice to know before you go whether or not guns are prohibited.

Banning concealed carry, however, is only part of a bigger picture. A business might not have signs prohibiting concealed carry, but they could be giving big bucks to anti-gun organizations behind your back, donating to the campaigns of anti-gun politicians or not respecting their employees’ right to self defense.

Worst of all, you’re paying for them to do this when you give them your business. You’re voting for this with your dollars and may not even know it.

Conversely, not all “gun-free” zone signs are equal. In some cases, the establishment has no choice but to post one due to state law (usually because the business is a prohibited or “sensitive location” under state or local law), or have otherwise been forced to post. In that case, it makes less sense to punish that business over something they have no control over.

There’s no way anyone can know all of that, but it’s information we need to make informed decisions.

Technology Can Solve This Problem, But So Far It Hasn’t

Information problems like this are fairly easy to solve with technology. Computers can remember all of this information, and make it readily available on a list or a map for people to view when they’re looking for a place to spend money. For fuel prices, we have GasBuddy (or, Plugshare if you drive an electric car). For simply finding a business and knowing its hours, we have things like Google Maps. There are apps for almost anything.

But when it comes to helping us spend our hard-earned dollars at businesses that aren’t actively working to erode our human rights, it’s tough to find good information.

Over the years, a number of app developers have tried, and usually failed. I can’t name all of the apps that have come and gone over the last decade or so, but I know of at least five that either died or never really got off the ground. The apps were ready, but the firearms community just never really put much information into them.

The CCRKBA maintains a list, but it’s not an app, mostly includes larger companies and doesn’t even try to include local businesses in your area.

There’s one exception I could find that has part of what we need in most towns. The “Posted!” app on both Android and Apple app stores (cost: $1) tells you where most of the “no guns” signs are. There’s also provision to call a business “Anti-Gun Lite” when they’ve taken action against gun rights (political contributions, etc.), but don’t necessarily ban guns on their premises.

But it’s a very big job to keep it current and the information is far from complete. I don’t see places that I know are posted and I see erroneous information for several locations (usually a notice that only licensed people can carry due to state law). After looking at several cities, I only saw two “Anti-Gun Lite” businesses posted (and in this case, they ban open carry but not concealed carry).

We Can Do Better

The clear problem is that those of us in the gun rights community just aren’t supporting these projects as we should. If we all pitched in a little and sent information in to apps like “Posted!” we’d all have a much easier time knowing how to spend our dollars wisely.

If we want useful tools like this, it’s up to us to support them.


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  1. “Technology Can Solve This Problem”

    Nonsense. Technology will never solve any human problem. Technology at best solves technical and engineering problems.

    No matter which side of any issue you stand on, technology isn’t going to solve that issue. Whatever technology you might hope to solve your problem, is available to the people who are on the opposite side of that issue. Whatever tool you can use to save a life, can also be used to take a life. The tools you use to build can be used to demolish whatever it is you have built.

    Gun control is a human issue, not a technological issue. Never confuse psychology with technology. And, I’ll remind everyone that psychology is not a science. The most renowned head shrink in the world is mostly guessing about whatever is wrong with his patients, and he is always guessing about treatment and medications.

    • Exactly. Gun friendly or gun encouraged places may be hesitant to get their info on an app the left can use to target for harassment and even try to get their banks to not loan them money or maintain their accounts.

      The best way is by word of mouth. There is alot of personal discussions going on in Texas as to what businesses allow what, especially if they make money from gun owners/outdoorsman.

      That’s the way it was in the old days for any particular suvject that was of concern to our families, loved ones, friends and associates.

      I’ve been investigating on-line and in person to see what policy, if any, a company may have or signage posted on the entrances.

    • Technology can’t fix gun control, but it can solve the information problem I described.

    • “Nonsense. Technology will never solve any human problem.”

      Gotta throw the BS flag on that one.

      Technology, in the form of figuring out a way to inexpensively manufacture nitrogen-phosphate fertilizers is probably responsible for being able to feed several billion more people than without.

      Inventions in farming machinery has eliminated manual labor in planting and harvesting. A full one-third of the US population were able to leave the farm to do other technical work.

      The same goes for medicines like antibiotics and others…

    • Jesse Kelly mentioned an app for businesses that like the 2A. ( last night on his tv show)
      It was called “public sq”. Have you heard of it?

  2. I will checkout this app and see if it is useful. I think Posted would be more widely accepted if they offered a free version that simply provided the information. A paid version would allow editing of businesses.

    Information is essential to proper decision making. This is a tool, not a solution. Technology is the means, not the end.

    • And money is essential to keep an app operational. If you can’t afford a buck for a lifetime of nation-wide information maybe pass on that Starbucks (anti-gun) coffee for one day and you’re all set. Speaking generally, not implying that YOU can’t afford a dollar OR that you are a daily patron of Starbucks OR DD or any other purveyor of crap coffee while supporting the anti-gun agenda.

      • MADDMAXX, Perhaps you should skip the coffee and not jump to irrational conclusions. Anger issues?

        First, I never support Starbucks.
        Second, I meant for the general public to be more engaged with this app. People often don’t want to provide financial information to GOOGLE, another evil corporation. I already stated that I was getting the app, that includes paying the $0.99 fee.

        • Perhaps YOU should check the anger issues, didn’t mean to hurt your FEELZ, just posting an opinion NOT directed at you personally. OBTW, I don’t drink coffee, and you only stated that you would CHECK out the app and SEE if it is useful that does NOT imply intent to buy. Don’t take yourself so seriously you’ll live longer.

        • I remember a few years ago Starbucks was ok with guns. They made a statement that said “We follow local laws regarding guns”. ( words are not verbatim) Maybe they changed. Either way, I think they’re now “awokened” to the fact that “woke” isn’t too good for the safety of their workers and clientele.

    • A buck for a lifetime subscription? It takes money to build, support, and maintain an app. Consider it a donation for the cause!

      “Posted” is a great resource, and the more of us who use and contribute to the database, the better it will be. I have used it for years, love it, and am grateful to the developers.

    • Gadsden flag?

      Gadsden Flag has (since Gov DeSantis approved it for a FL license plate) now been labeled as an anti-American, anti-government, White Supremacist, Nazi, racis’ symbol.

      • Yes.
        And the more people fly it, the more common it is, the more absurd the argument is that the Gadsden flag is a anti-American, anti-government, White Supremacist, Nazi, racis’ symbol.
        Do we really want to allow the likes of NPR to dictate to us what we can and cannot say/display?

      • Let’s not forget that the Betsy Ross American flag has all the same complaints by the same socialist losers. We need to IGNORE them. Not even argue, they are too stupid to reason with, just ignore them.

        Wow, this comment requires “moderation”? Amazing.

    • You’d get a brick thru your window if you did that in Chicago….or suburb. Not worth it.
      Insurance doesn’t pay for your front window damage.

  3. Unfortunately, large multinational corporations have monopolized many of the sources of consumer goods necessary for ordinary daily life.

    Our Regulatory (Administrative) State promulgates regulations that benefit monopolization by large multinational corporations and are detrimental to smaller businesses that might provide options for consumers to be able to “vote with their pocketbooks”.

    Large monopolizing multinational corporations supported by the Regulatory State are as much a threat to liberty as big government.

    • Correct. They like extra regulations and taxes because it cuts out the little guy. Then the big guys get their individual exemptions anyway. The Puppet Administration has been caught colluding with Big Tech to infringe on free speech. They don’t want anyone questioning the official narrative. Obviously, it’s in the corporations’ interest to make Big Government happy.

  4. If a business chooses to be a gun free zone (private property rights), should they not be the responsible party to provide sufficient / adequate security? And if they do not provide sufficient / adequate security, I would think that they could be sued should an unfortunate event (such as a shooting) occur on their property.

    Having and exercising rights means accepting responsibility for your choices and actions.

    • No. As long as you realize you won’t have protection while you are there, they should be fine. You are free to shop anywhere you please as long as you obey their rules.
      There was a shooting at a mostly Asian mall here in LACo and the mall almost was torn down because people wouldn’t go there. It took 10 years or so for it to be a popular place again.
      A couple of shootings/armed robberies will force the management to hire armed guards that will shoot bad guys, so people know they are safe.
      Some cultures will never believe that a stranger might do the right thing, they are more scared that someone would carry a firearm and would assume they would misuse it.
      I don’t know how many people are scared that I have protection at home(a CCW is impossible to in LACo if you are not LE)

  5. I am willing to boycott, also willing to look the other way when anti gun business is trashed by woke mobs.

  6. Personally, I believe any location that wants to ban firearms should be required to post said information prominently at every entrance to their structures. To hell with extra info that comes from a third source.

    If we truly believe in the premise of the Second Amendment, we must operate under the assumption that we may carry anywhere we go. We should also assume that everyone we encounter will also be carrying. And if our arm is concealed and not detectable, who’s the wiser?

    We get into the weeds when we start making exceptions, or allowances, all of which add up. At that point the information becomes more than we are able to keep straight, and the result, which is the plan in the first place, is that people just give up carrying and the 2nd Amendment dies for lack of use. This was almost the result through the 1990s.

    The last thing I want is something on my phone that lets me know where I may, or may not be allowed to defend myself. Just requie a large, prominent sign at every entrance.

    Regardless of the surroundings or environment, I hope that should my life or livelihood be threatened, I will defend it with what ever means are available to me. If a self defense prohibition sign is present, I just won’t go there. Or, I’ll be certain that no one knows I have the means unless needed, which is still the best plan IMO.

    Eli Dickens was not supposed to be carrying a firearm as per the signage. So far, I don’t think anyone’s coming after him.

    • Yeah, in TX they’re required to post at all entrances, but rules are changing too quickly for them to keep up. Just a couple days ago I was waiting for the bride, noticed I was parked in front of the required notices that guns were not allowed, and got to giggling while I was reading it, since I do not think the required wording was an accident. The posted statement addresses the fact that licensed carriers may not carry concealed handguns into the building, OK fine, but with recent rule changes you don’t need a license to carry concealed, so you have to wonder if it’s OK to enter the building with a concealed handgun as long as you are NOT licensed?!

      • Assuming it’s not a place where any non-LEO carrying is prohibited per se (no sign necessary, and stiff penalties for violation), if the locale wants to ban permitless carry, they have to post a 30.05 notice. Ergo, to ban everything in Texas, they would need to post a 30.05 notice, a 30.06 notice (licensed concealed carry), and a 30.07 notice (licensed open carry) — and even then, if you violate a posted prohibition but leave immediately upon being asked to do so, highly unlikely anything will happen.

        (Obviously, if you’re being “in your face” about carrying where there is signage (e.g., open carry where there is any sort of signage, legally adequate or not), you are asking to get hassled. Looking for trouble like that isn’t exactly a wise move, especially in places like Austin and Houston with Soros puppets as DA’s. “You may beat the rap but not the ride . . . .”)

        What I’m seeing in Texas is that some places (such as in touristy areas in Austin) are deliberately posting legally-inadequate “no guns” signs to try and placate both sides. The anti-gun sheeple (especially out-of-state visitors) see the signs and think it’s wonderful. Those of us from Texas know they are legally ineffective, and we can carry concealed without consequence (but will have to leave immediately if asked to do so, which likely will happen if you are OC’ing). I still prefer not to patronize such businesses as a matter of principle, but you can see what’s going on — such businesses *know* they aren’t really prohibiting anything.

  7. I do not agree that entities subject to the 1964 Civil Rights Act or other civil rights/anti-discrimination laws have any right to bar lawful carriers, open or concealed.

    • John B Thayer,

      Let’s see how intellectually consistent you intend to be: Does that mean a Christian baker is REQUIRED to bake a cake for a gay wedding??

      I’m consistent – a private bakery has no obligation to bake a “gay wedding cake”, and I have no right to carry into a private business that has a “No guns allowed” sign. I may (and do) choose not to give my patronage to that business, but they have the RIGHT to post that sign, and I have no right to ignore it. If your argument is otherwise, please square that circle. You can’t pick and choose.

      FWIW, the whole line of “public accommodation” cases is errant nonsense, COMPLETELY unauthorized by the Constitution. If a black-owned business wants to exclude crackers like me? I don’t go there. If a gay bed & breakfast wants to exclude straight couples? I don’t go there. Why would I want to do business with someone who affirmatively does NOT want to do business with me?? But, feel free to adopt whatever position you like, just explain to me (IF that is your contention) how you justify ignoring private property (for purposes of carry) and requiring a practicing Christian to be forced to provide services to a gay, or “trans” person, if they feel it violates their religious beliefs?

      • I would think the Christian bakery should be able make a generic wedding cake. If they wish for custom decorations, that should be up to the purchaser.
        Lets face it, to a religious person a church/mosque/temple wedding is an affair of the church/mosque/temple and is not for all comers. If the people want to have a civil wedding, that is up to the secular authorities.

      • Were I a baker, and wished to not serve a given customer for any reason (not likely if you wish to stay in business!) and someone forced me to, in all the excitement I might discover too late that sugar looks just like salt, and no I don’t give refunds for your $500 wedding cake. If you don’t like that, feel free to take your business elsewhere.

  8. If you want to really say something against gun control, don’t vote Democrat.

    It’s pointless to give money to the NRA and STILL for Democrat. That is self defeating. But then, how much money does the NRA give to the Democrats? How much has it given to them over the decades? The way you vote means more than how much you donate to the orgs.

    Meanwhile, You can continue to use Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other anti-American social media and fund them. TTAG: YOU use it too so YOU become part of the problem! Every new Iphone, MAC, and Microsoft product helps the left fund their war against America just like every dollar spent at Dicks Sporting Goods.You want to You pick your battles and draw your line in the sand. But buying a Canik pistol over something that helps to fund freedom does not bode well for any effort to defund the ant-gun crowd. Tell me about that German made car and that Toyota. How many will be all too happy to send their children to Ivy League schools? The list of anti-gun anti-American companies is long. But tell me, how many reading this have actually stopped watching football or going to the games over all of this?

    • i have as much use for apps as i do for social media.
      there are sites for pro/ anti and origin of manufacture.
      with 3g being phased out, my carrier sent me a phlipfone. gonna miss that slider…

    • Democrats were well entrenched in the NRA. President Kennedy all for the 2nd. The anti 2nd crowd came along much later – but do not be fooled and assume that the Republicans have taken over support of the 2nd. Many Reps would love to see the lower classes in the US stripped of firearm rights.

      • “but do not be fooled and assume that the Republicans have taken over support of the 2nd.”

        It’s the Republicans by default. Democrats are a lost cause. RINOs are on their way out. Some have already fallen in primaries this year. We’ll see how it goes this week with some others. Democrat voters are trying to prop them up.

  9. We can do better than Gandhi.

    “If you can’t even clean up your own room, who the hell are you to give advice to the world?”
    –Jordan Peterson

    • MADDMAXX August 15, 2022 At 12:29
      Your comment is awaiting moderation
      MADDMAXX August 15, 2022 At 12:28
      Your comment is awaiting moderation
      You should have added socialist or vagina if you REALLY wanted to get moderated…


      • No Redneck.45lc is trying to figure out the words that send comments into moderation Purgatory…

        • AH! Earlier today I had a post moderated and could not figure why, but it did contain the word “socialist”! So that’s why? I guess I am about to see, huh?

          SUMBITCH!! Yup, this post is now awaiting!

    • Hey I do my best to give the one finger salute to Anti-2A scum. Pretty difficult as a retiree. Not being privy to the machinations of multinational corporate malfeasance puts me at a decided disadvantage…I’ll get on it right away!😎

  10. I wouldn’t count Chrome and Google as a reliable and accurate tool. Their search engine is programmed with politically correct algorithms that dont give the kind of results they did have back in the good old days. Better off with Brave and Duck Duck Go.

  11. Restuarant has no gunm sign go in order big dinner get big dinner tell waiter this taste like sht or put hair in it, no pay.
    Buisness has no gunm signs go in fill shopping cart push to check out , leave cart at register and walk out.
    Now why did someone poop on the restroom floor when the toilet is right there?

    • You’re a hard man, er, guy, er…

      You don’t mess around, do you?

    • Hey Possomo…Sad to say one of your relatives went to possom heaven when I didn’t see him in a sprung relocation trap. I was expecting to see a large possom and instead caught a hard to spot small fry possum. By the time I returned to reset the trap he had expired, I gave him wheelbarrow ride and a decent burial.

  12. Yeah! Right! Then the USA Alphabet agencies hack into the app and then pilfer the subscriber list to the app. No thanks. Be discreet and be stealth about what you have and own. The Big Tech companies, the MSM, the intelligence communities, and the US government are our enemies now. Don’t be foolish, but be wise, and closely guard anything that is deemed to be important and worthy of protest to the woke idiots that have seized the halls of power in our country.

  13. Knife Attacker Shot By Armed Condo Resident >

    Its a good thing a good guy with a gun came along to help his neighbor, the ball bat didn’t deter the attacker. Verbal warnings and use of the bat and retreating didn’t help, the attacker kept coming, It was not until the defender fired shots that the attacker was deterred and fled. The criminal caught a bullet.

    Among the many of criminals using knife attacks daily, most are like this where the attacker keeps coming at the victim. The goal in knife attacks is to get up close and personal, so the attacker tries to keep coming at the victim. ~1,300 victims daily across the United States. Only about ~2% of firearm armed victims are not successful in their DGU to repel the criminals knife attack, the rest successfully repel the attack by DGU with over 80% not suffering any injury.

    Of those victims not armed with a firearm, over 80% are seriously wounded or killed by the criminals use of knife attack, even if armed with other ‘things’ like ball bats, hand/fists, knives.

  14. Living in a state where gun free signs don’t mean shit unless backed by access controls using a security checkpoint with a magnetometer I’ve forgotten how much of a PITA this is.

    Places put up those signs, we walk away. But if we didn’t walk away and just ignored the sign it wouldn’t matter.

  15. More BS from the author. NO corp drone may properly overrule the Constitution. The Constitution/Bill of Rights trumps any degenerate opinion he/she/it might have regarding the right of self defense/etc. Can not be allowed to tell anyone where they can carry.

  16. Off topic, but something Jennifer may find worthy of a story all on it’s own –

    In Florida, the elected position of agriculture commissioner issues the concealed carry permits.

    The current commish. is a real piece of work, Nikki Fried. Well, she’s running for state governor, so the candidates that want her job are running in the upcoming primary midterm election.

    And, here we find a P.O.S. that makes Nikki Fried look like a lightweight. Listen to what he has to say about what he will do if elected agriculture Commissioner –

    “There is a striking statement on your campaign website which reads, ‘Insurance is required for driving a car. We will make it required for concealed carry permits as well.”

    • We will make it required for concealed carry permits as well.

      Unfortunately for him (fortunately for us) THAT is not his call. It would take an act by the state legislature to empower such an action. Pay attention to the Republican side as well, Wilton Simpson is no “friend” of gun owners… He is just looking for that steppingstone to the Gov’s mansion… , authored FL red flag bill… says he would vote for constitutional carry but told reporters he would not get involved in constitutional carry legislation until it gets to the Senate floor. As Senate President, Simpson does not have to wait on a bill to get to the Senate floor. He has the power and authority as Senate President to direct any Committee Chairman to file a committee bill

  17. Speaking as a developer, it’s harder and more expensive than it looks. Map data is expensive, you have to host the database and the app back-end, Apple apps in particular have additional dev costs (not the least of which is that you *must* develop on a Mac), and you’re practically guaranteed a non-stop fight against hacking attempts as well as garbage information from bad actors (this even happens in boring traffic/nav apps like Waze).

    Then, on top of that, if you’re charging some nominal fee like a buck, you get to deal with running a business which is increasingly just not worth it.

  18. Just goes along with the soft civil war we are in.

    Look Bub…YOU’VE LOST! Suck it up and accept the facts. Reps cannot fight dems. It is like a rabbit fighting a tiger. Your only hope is a secession of a union of conservative states to live away from the filthy dems. Dems massacre you at every step.

    You were only good at fighting old school dems, not the new school dems. You are done for without secession. Do it…or eventually lose all 50 states.

    Dems own:

    The U.N. plus a ton of the biggest nations around the world. (Remember when Roe was overturned? Remember how many nations sided with the filthy dems? NO nation stood with the conservatives.)
    All the major newspapers…and many smaller papers.
    High Tech
    Social Media
    Major League Sports
    Popular Culture
    Giant Corporations
    Big City Governors
    Big City D.A.’s
    Big City Mayors.
    They own the public schools from Kindergarten to Grade, Middle & High School.
    Higher Education, Colleges and Universities.
    Plus, they own half of America’s vote.

    Stopping the dems’ destruction was the military’s job. But, the dems own them, so the last hope for saving America is gone. The reps have proven themselves to be consistently, absolutely and without question, useless at fighting the dems.


  19. Despite numerous attempts to create anti-gun business apps, most have failed to manage this issue effectively. Although “Posted!” have been developed to assist gun owners, they rely heavily on community input to stay up-to-date and precise. The lack of reliable technology further compounds this problem of providing consumers with accurate information. As a college student researching this topic, I studied a lot of resources for my college project, and at I found insightful analysis and research on vital business topics like this. That thoughts led me to understand that it’s essential for our community to support such projects and advocate for better tools to make informed decisions with our money. We can help anti-gun business apps become more comprehensive and accurate, ultimately creating a meaningful impact in the fight against gun violence.

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