Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin greets supporters at an election night party in Chantilly, Va., early Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021, after he defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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Seeing the Commonwealth of Virginia shift from Blue to purple-shaded-red last night was a shock to the political system. As you’d expect, the great analytical minds who look at these things pegged one reason for the loss by race-hoaxer Terry McAuliffe…racism. Because of course they did.

Never mind that Virginia parents weren’t happy about the curriculum being taught in many of their public schools. Or being branded “domestic terrorists” for daring to object. Or the Democrat candidate for governor explaining that they should really just shut up about it.

By all accounts, that was one of the biggest factors motivating Virginians to get out to the polls yesterday to lift an angry middle finger at those who’d been in charge for the last four years, dealing them a heavy electoral blow.

But with last night’s election of a Republican Governor, Lt. Governor, and maybe even flipping control of the House of Delegates back to the GOP, the next biggest casualty of yesterday’s election in Virginia was…gun control.

Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam was an avowed gun control crusader, signing into law a raft of limits on Second Amendment rights when Democrats took control of virtually all of the state’s government in the last cycle. But the one thing the legislature and Northam couldn’t manage to ram through as an “assault weapons” ban.

No problem, McAuliffe said. He campaigned on completing Northam’s agenda by passing both an assault weapons ban and a red flag law. And he was apparently planning to declare a “gun violence emergency” if he had to go get it done.

But rather than limiting he Second Amendment rights of Virginians for he next four years, he’ll be whiling away the hours drinking box wine with his good friend and fellow almost-winner, Hillary Clinton. Glenn Younkin will be sitting in the big chair in Richmond, and while he may not be everything gun owners would want in a governor, he’s not likely to sign a black rifle ban into law. And if the legislature flips, no such bill will likely ever reach his desk.

And then there’s newly elected Lt. Governor. Winsome Sears, a Marine vet, who won her race while explicitly opposing both an assault weapons ban and opposing the state’s red flag law.

She caught hell for posing for that photo back in the spring, but noted thatMarines know how to use guns and I won’t ever support a red flag law! The 2nd Amendment says ‘shall not be infringed!’ #SemperFi.”

From CNN . . .

Sears has vowed to protect gun rights, opposes red flag laws, has voiced support for law enforcement and spoke of the need for “our police, Sheriff, corrections officers to keep our families and our neighborhoods safe.” She told CNN she would work with law enforcement and families who have experienced gun violence to “develop workable solutions” to balance her support for gun rights and stem gun violence.

So while the battle to defend and extend Second Amendment rights is never really won, last night was a very good night for the right to keep and bear arms in the Old Dominion.

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    • It will take years before the anti-civil rights legislation can be repealed. That is the price you pay when you don’t vote. When you don’t attend meetings. The democrats will do everything necessary to stop civil rights legislation from passing.

      Don’t listen to these people. They are only interested in “distractions”. Not voting gets you a member of the Klu Klux Klan as a governor.

      Why It’s OK Not To Vote – Katherine Mangu-Ward, videro 1 hr long

  1. I’m so tired of news organization “calling” races. As if they have any say. This is one of the issues with the 2020 presidential election.

    It is interesting how many people (particularly Democrats) think the loser in a race needs to ‘concede’. If they have lost then they have lost. Concession becomes meaningless.

    As for guns…
    We will soon see. Too many politicians forget campaign promises and end up turning into useless rino’s.

  2. As much as we would like to learn that Virginia voters voted for Youngkin because of his expected support for our inalienable right to keep and bear arms, I don’t believe that moved him across the finish line.

    “What moved Youngin across the finish line,” you ask? I am firmly convinced it was gubernatorial candidate McAuliffe’s comment that parents should NOT be involved in determining their children’s education.

    Any politician with an I.Q. above room temperature had to know that would not sit well with the electorate. And yet I am pretty convinced that McAuliffe has an I.Q. well above room temperature. The only remaining reasonable explanation: arrogance. McAuliffe figured that he could not possibly lose the election and, as we often say, let the mask slip.

    • I think your assessment is pretty accurate. I also think many people saw through McAuliffe’s attempts to slander/libel Youngkin by associating him with the Charlottesville rally, which he had no connection to. It would appear from Neiowa’s linked article above that McAuliffe can also thank the Loudoun county school board at least partially for his loss.

    • ““What moved Youngin across the finish line,” you ask? I am firmly convinced it was gubernatorial candidate McAuliffe’s comment that parents should NOT be involved in determining their children’s education.”

      That, and outrage over the 15 year-old girl being raped in the girl’s bathroom, and the superintendent lying about it.

      The attacker was transferred to another school, where he sodomized another girl.

      And I think that parents, including black parents, are fed the fuck up by this ‘Critical Race Theory’ being pushed on their kids. There is something pure evil about putting in a child’s head that they are bad based on the color of their white skin. That’s going to hit a boiling point in the very near future, and cost the Leftist Scum dearly in the mid-term election cycle.

      I’m kinda glad they are doing it that way. Public outrage cut Obama’s balls off after the rammed the ACA down America’s throat, and CRT should do the same in one year’s time…

      • Don’t forget the library books in middle school that have illustrations of boys sucking each other off and how to have butt s#x.

    • Did Terry even run on his accomplishments as governor his last term? It seems the dems could of found better than a retread old has been white guy. It’s about white guys when it’s a republican running now. Seemed he was carrying on about Trump too much. Rich guys that run for political office, as a seemingly hobby, don’t usually care much about what most of us do. Not a good sign when Wall Street guys take over politics. It’s just 2 sides of the same coin.

  3. Looks like (by Joisy standards of mediocracty) a route of demtards.

    May be a Rep Governor but also:

    Including the head union thug in the NJ Senate

    Rep +8 in the NJ House

    Americans reject the American Marxism of the Dem party. I’m sure the dems will bring in MORE illegals and double down on stupid and overreach.

  4. Now we need to see some movement here in Va to revoke the ability of localities to limit firearms and return to state preemption. It makes no sense to have different rules for different localities that create a maze of not knowing if “you’re legal” in carrying a firearm around Va. hope to see this addressed within two years but I think it will be a hard battle.

    • Probably need to lock in that majority in the House of Delegates first (looks like a tie right now) Hope things change for the better, I really don’t want to sell my mountain top in the Southwest part of the state, tax reform, property tax rules and gun regs are THE issues…

  5. According to the Administration “racism” is the reason for McAuliffs loss in a state that just elected its first BLACK WOMAN as Lt Governor… And now for something completely different… Minneapolis soundly rejected “The Squad” and Ilhan Omars call to replace their police department with a “Department of Public Safety” as the wheels on Braindeads short bus continue to come off around the country… OBTW: The Atlanta “BRAVES” won the Series in 6 in Houston…

    • i hate, no shame.
      pryor and woods were run too hard as colts.
      therefore i hate busty fakir.
      i could watch his reaction to that initial three run blast over and over.
      re: virginia and (hopefully) jersey, well done. the incentives seem like an amalgam of obvious.
      despite whatever remote ballot box/ mail in ballot/ algorythm influence/ propaganda that took place.
      be it parental concern or backlash in general against this wave of lies and grift, may it remain intact one year from now.

    • The next Lieutenant Governor of Virginia is more than the 1st black woman elected to state office. Winsome Sears is out there as a Christian woman,pro-2A, graduate of Regent University,a Jamaican immigrant,vet and a role model of a different sort. All in the cradle of the confederacy…pretty cool. Maybe Joy-zee will do likewise.

      • She’d be getting a ton of press…if she was a Democrat because that’s all that really matters to them. They despise Clarence Thomas more than other Justices BECAUSE he’s black. They made fun of Melania’s accent. They call Tim Scott Uncle Tom and Candace Owens racist.

      • Also the cradle of our nation, don’t forget. I graduated high school in Williamsburg, VA, walking the very same streets as had George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry et al.

      • The white socialist progressive atheists, will be very comfortable attacking a gun owning Christian black woman. Just look at what is happening to Dave Chappelle. When the black’s deviate from what is expected of them for “certain white people”. The blacks get attacked.

        President Bush was correct. It is the soft bigotry of low expectations.

    • Media narrative in 2018 (at the height of the Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory Lie): Americans don’t like Trumpism.

      Media narrative in 2021: Americans are Racist!!!! You know, the same state that voted for Obama (2x), Hillary, and the Puppet. Yep, Racist!!!

      Never Forget: “The House Intelligence Committee will resume protecting Americans rather than covering up for Russians.” (LOL)

  6. Democrats ADDED over 200,000 votes since the last gubernatorial election. It doesn’t look like they’re upset over the way things are going. It looks more like people in Virginia are just becoming more engaged and actually voting. Republicans added 500,000 votes. That’s a lot of extra people voting in just four years.

    • Former Gov McAuliffe did pardon thousands of felons so they could vote. So he did increase the number of democrat voters. But he did not increase the number of Virginia gun owners. Because he specially did not included, gun ownership, for those same former felons.

      The Democrats are never interested in increasing gun ownership for people who have paid their debt to society.

  7. I don’t think it was gun control that caused VA to move Red. I think it was mostly independents who had other issues with the Democrats. I take my Second amendment rights very seriously but I admit it wasn’t my primary reason to vote against the Democrats this year.
    I’m generally a fiscal conservative so I tend to vote against the Dems more often then not, but I’m not a Republican, and some of their platforms just don’t appeal to me, but as long as the Dems continue to move to “give me your money so I can take care of you”, I can’t see myself supporting anyone of them.

    Now I won’t complain if the incoming government rolls back some of the recent gun control laws, I’d be more excited to see our taxes reduced or at least used more efficiently.

    • Justin set your clock forward to 2021. They are not “dems” they are deranged maxist democRats. Voters witnessed that. I also see your definition of “seriously” and mine are no where near the same. For Virginia’s sake hopefully Youngkin will not be another worthless RINO. For today in Freedom America it’s, “Let’s Go Brandon.”

    • And I have never heard them ask anyone to give them money, everything is going to be free until they TAKE your money, much to your surprise as to your “fair share”.

    • A fiscal conservative where the workers pay more taxes, or where a corporation pays some to no taxes? Tax policy is the number 1 thing that needs fixing in this country. And then campaign contribution reform.

      • “Tax policy is the number 1 thing that needs fixing in this country.”

        Seriously? The Puppet Joe Administration has managed to create crisis after crisis since taking over, and they haven’t even gotten around to upping the taxes yet. Will fewer taxes fix the decline of morality or the increase in authoritarianism here?

    • The problem with people who say they are fiscally conservative and also call themselves socially liberal. Is they support the Welfare Industrial Complex. They support “gun free Zone” public housing projects.

      They support (tax $$$) a woman having 5 kids from 5 different men. They don’t support traditional marriage between one man and one woman. And they support replacing a fathers love and his discipline, with the “love” of a big city police department. And replacing his guns with the guns, of the same big city police department.

      They want the government in everyone’s bedroom. And every other room in the house.

  8. “So while the battle to defend and extend Second Amendment rights…”

    May I suggest “recover” rather “extend”.

    “Extend” implies getting more than we had. We had everything originally. All we want is what we originally had – we don’t want anything beyond that.


      • We’re already there. Vehicle-bound directed-energy weapons are already extant. It will not be far off until Heller’s “in common use” is turned against us.

        It is time to have discussions with your local R politicians about 2A and laser weaponry and robotic weapons.

    • “We had everything originally. All we want is what we originally had – we don’t want anything beyond that.”

      Damn straight, tri-mix.

      Allcwe really did was buy some time before they go after it again…

  9. While the Far Right is gloating over the Republican win as usual they cannot see the forest for the trees. The New Republican Governor is not about to rescind any of the anti-gun laws passed by his Democratic predecessor. Those laws have a zero chance of being changed.

      • @ Ing…..ka-ping! Wha-wha-wha-wha-wha’wha and thumbs up!….. The Roman Emperor “Trajan” fighting in the Dacian Wars squashed and reduced the “Dacian” capital Sarmizegetusa to ruins in 106 AD, absorbing some of Dacian into the immensely vast Roman Empire. “King Decebalus of Dacian, also called “The New Boy”, it is said and portrayed in carvings that he had characteristics favoring…… Alfred E Neuman first pictured in modern times 1894. King Decebalus of Dacian sulking in his massive defeat lambasted in a quote, “What’s the good of anything?—Nothing! And before committing suicide to avoid capture, after allegedly hiding massive amounts of riches underground and killing all men who knew the locations, King Decebalus of Dacian made his most famous quote….”What, me worry?”

      • We’ll know more about this guy come “Lobby Day” in Jan… If the fence goes up and Chicken Shit Northams no guns rule stands it won’t bode well… We’ll see

    • DACIAN, the DUNCE, While you are partially correct, the fact remains that you Socialist were trampled, trounced, and shown for what you Socialists really are all about. No, the Governor alone can’t recind the “gun control” (should read anti-people’s right to self defense) by his actions alone, he has the “bully pulpit.” I would not say that there is “zero chance” but then again, this is only the beginning of a Red Tsunami. If the new Governor keeps his promise to make education about education and not indoctrination, he will build a heck of a lot of capital on which he can cash.

    • Oh well. Wait until the Supreme Court spanks you gun grabbing queers back under your rock. So I guess you mean that coonman passed enough gun laws for dacian to be content? Or what would your ideal guncontrol laws look like in the end?

  10. So pathetic the lil’d post.
    The demtards pulled out ALL their big guns to keep MCuckliffe as the VA governor. Broke O’bummer, Sippycup Jo303303..867..5309…..(trail off incoherently), kneepads Harris, Shillary…….all stumped for the colossal turd.

    Make no mistake, the hard blue VA loss is a clear indictment that the majority of Americans DON’T support the woketarded “shilled back better”, CRT, refund PD, open borders, and assorted other BS agendas.

    Truth bomb. The dotard in Chief won VA by double digits in 2020, to lose this bad in VA so soon is a prelude of their future.

    Hey lil’dtard, take your meds.

  11. Hearing the results of the Virginia governors election, President Joe Biden has soiled his pants again.

    “Poopy Pants Biden: Joey Allegedly Soils Himself Meeting With the Catholic Pope” video 9 min long

    • “…creditable allegation by unknown sources…”

      Seriously? By their very nature and definition “unknown sources” are not creditable. Credibility requires a known source, you can keep those sources a secret but the source must be known for what ever it is to be creditable.

      So maybe Grandpa Joe did poop his pants and maybe he didn’t. I suspect he’s been at least close to doing that at times though.

      • President Biden in the past has been a “leaker”. And it is getting worse as he gets older.

        From 2020

        “Joe Biden Rips MASSIVE Fart Live During Interview And We Laugh At it For 15 Minutes”

      • Yep, right after he stood up in front of the G20 and complained about rising gas prices in the US while blaming OPEC for refusing to increase production seemingly oblivious to the fact that it is actually HIS policies that are the problem… Maybe he forgot he shut down a major pipeline, stopped production in the ANWAR, and shut down fracking and shale oil production on Federal land…

  12. Loving the picture of the new Lt Gov. Youngkin is an unknown quantity.

    The NRA with all its connections and cash couldn’t figure him out. Time will tell whether he be friend or foe to the POTG.

    Sears will most likely run for Governor in the future. She will need all the help she can get. Love the fact she is a minority immigrant and has run a homeless shelter.

    Here is a recent interview with her

  13. I’m not really certain that gun control was a big loser here unless 1) some things happen in major ways and 2) that trajectory continues.

    On the plus side the advancement of gun control probably took it on the chin and for today that will have to be good enough. Bites at the apple and whatnot.

    As for “As you’d expect, the great analytical minds who look at these things pegged one reason for the loss by race-hoaxer Terry McAuliffe…racism. Because of course they did.” I’d suggest a deeper analysis of this talking point unless you want a rehash of the entirely counterproductive “assault weapon” vs. “modern sporting rifle” argument but on a much larger scale.


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