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SIG SAUER makes 1911s. Ruger makes 1911s. Well, now they do. As TTAG’s review pointed out, the Ruger SR1911’s Unique Selling Point is its all-American parts and stateside manufacture. Methinks someone at SIG is not happy ceding domesticity to the Arizona mob. The press release for SIG’s 1911 TACPAC and new options on the 1911-22 pistols claims that the guns “combine the American ingenuity of the venerable 1911 platform with SIG SAUER® refinements that enhance the pistol’s accuracy while still maintaining superior reliability.” Ingenious? A hundred years ago, sure. Superior reliability? Compared to what? Besides . . .

in the intervening century SIG has made some extraordinary advancements on the pistol-makers’ art. While I’m about as big a fan of their DA – SA (Double Action – Single Action) trigger as I am of  rapper Soulja Boy, there’s no question that SIG’s got game. Their modular P250‘s way cool. SIG’s polymeric grip (adapts to the hand) gets precious little ink, but I’d have one in a heartbeat.

Anyway, the New Hampshire-based outfit is happy to ditch cutting edge mystique for some of that entry-level 1911 goodness. So it’s a bundle of fun! More specifically . . .

This kit provides everything a shooter needs to enjoy a day at the range. Included is a full-size SIG SAUER® 1911 pistol with or without the option of an accessory rail. The .45ACP pistols feature a stainless slide, durable Nitron® finish, low-profile sights and Ergo® XT polymer grips.

The railed version of the TACPAC allows shooters to quickly mount lights or the included CPL-1® compact laser. Two magazines are standard in this kit. The non-railed TACPAC features the more traditional look of a 1911 and comes with three magazines.

A match-grade barrel, hammer and sear set are mated to a lightweight, solid aluminum trigger. A SIG SAUER® roto-paddle holster with integrated magazine pouch, Allen wrench, speed loader, and hard carry case round out the package. The TACPAC is the perfect all-in-one kit to equip those who may be purchasing their first 1911.

I reckon they missed a BIG opportunity here. SIG should have appealed to African American first-time 1911 owners and called their new gun the TUPAC edition.

Be that as it be, the TACPAC will set newbies back a cool Grover ($1000) at full retail. That’s a lot of green for someone taking their first sip of the John Moses Browning-flavored Kool-Aid.

Alternatively, there is another option for patriotic gun buyers for whom need the letters “US” on their 1911.

For shooters seeking a more economically friendly way to commemorate the 1911, SIG SAUER® introduces two new versions of the popular 1911-22® rimfire pistol. Chambered in the economical 22LR, the 1911-22® now features a more traditional, military-style finish. Flat Dark Earth and Olive Drab models join the standard 1911-22®, giving users an opportunity to own the classic 1911 platform chambered for .22LR. The 1911-22® includes “U.S.” engraved walnut grips to further enhance the historical military appearance.

Built to the same dimensions as the full-size 1911, the 1911-22® features a lightweight metal frame and slide, low-profile three-dot sights, working grip safety and ambidextrous thumb safety, making the 1911-22® a perfect training tool for 1911 fans as well as a fun plinking pistol for all ages.

Caliber .45ACP
Magazine Capacity 8
Trigger Pull SAO: 5.0 lb Average
Overall Length 8.7″
Overall Height 5.5″
Overall Width 1.4″
Barrel Length 5.0″
Sight Radius 6.5″
Sights Low-Profile Sights
Weight w/ Magazine 41.6 oz
Frame Material Stainless
Frame Finish Nitron®
Slide Material Stainless
Slide Finish Nitron®
Grips Hogue® Ergo XT Polymer
MSRP $998



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  1. Great. *Another* 1911. I’m so excited I’ll probably go to bed early, listen to a little Debussy, and nod off in a few minutes.

    SIG makes fantastic pistols (at least fantastic centerfire pistols) but sn’t the 1911 bandwagon pretty much full already? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Glock about the last gunmaker on Earth who’s not making some kind of 1911 already.

    • I think a lot of folks will agree that it’s time that Hi-Point dropped its 1911 on us. Who could do it better?

      • I almost had a brain seizure when it thought about what their straight blow-back 1911 would look like.

        • …and at a mere 10 pounds-the Hi Point 1911A1 Range Master…I am seriously having fun with the High Standard 1911A1, a feed ramp polish and throat job later, she is feeding Speer 200 gr JHP like a champ. The Spyderco ceramic files worked great.

          • The Hi-Point blowback .45 ACP can be ordered with either a 48-oz. slide or a 45-lb mainspring. The triggers are all 22 lbs. to prevent accidental discharges.

  2. I’ve handled a few of these .22 1911’s and they all feel like toys to me. They may be cheap to shoot but all that aluminum – tactile disappointment.

    If I wanted to mix my .22lr’s and SIG’s together, I would probably opt for one of their rimfire P226’s.

    Or a CZ Kadet. Preferably.

  3. Go savage and for that amount of money, get yourself a PTR-91 “pistol.” (eight inch barrel, 20 rd mag, 7.62 NATO and will easily perform 2″ groups at 100 yards (has windage adj)

    fire using standard two hands on the pistol grip

  4. Sig’s been making 1911 style pistols for over 5 years now. I almost bought one in 05, but went the Kimber route instead, hence the username. Condition1Sig doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    • “Condition1Sig doesn’t have the same ring to it.”… true, but “ConditionFTFKimber” doesn’t either!

  5. Touche, Patrick.

    And, Robert, Ruger is still based in CT. They only closed the Southport manufacturing & repair facility; they rent some of the space to Gunsmithing Ltd.

  6. I saw a bunch of these SIG 1911’s at my local shop today. I think they’re a bit homely compared to the Ruger, even though they’re probably a bit more accurate. Didn’t really matter though, I didn’t buy either of those. Today was a Smith & Wesson kind of day.

  7. “I reckon they missed a BIG opportunity here. SIG should have appealed to African American first-time 1911 owners and called their new gun the TUPAC edition.”

    This is an unnecessary addition to this article. I’m sensing a bit of a racial “thing” here … Does this sort of seemingly off-handed comment appeal to the majority of your readership? I hope not. I’m sure it wasn’t intended to be a racial remark, but I am sure that I’m not the only person that would perceive it to be so.

    It’s a fine line a blogger must walk in this era of “political correctness,” especially when you represent as diverse a community as us “gun loons.” Injecting humor is like walking through a minefield.

  8. Really, political correctness (lowers and shakes head). How very lib of you. BTW it was a reference the “gangsta lifestyle” and a simple play on lettering (tacpac, tupac). It wasn’t racial until u took it there! FOR SHAME, passing judgment on someone elses GOD given right to free speech, on no other grounds then you think its wrong. Next time don’t jump to irrational conclusions and simply ask the author to explane what he or she might have ment. Only a narrow mind finds the worst in every situation.

  9. So, cond1sigsauer1911railedtacpac:D do you want to be the kettle or the pot in this case? I’ll leave it up to you.

    Leo Atrox: I agree with you, seemed kinda unnecessary
    cond1sigsauer1911railedtacpac:D: Most modern day computers come with a spell check function, I would suggest you look into it. However, it is also your GOD given right to have a poor understanding of spelling.

    FOR SHAME, passing judgment on someone elses GOD given right to free speech, on no other grounds then you think its wrong. Next time don’t jump to irrational conclusions and simply ask the author to explane what he or she might have ment. Only a narrow mind finds the worst in every situation.

  10. The Tupac comment served as a great lesson to my son. Read it, but don’t be offended. Just recognize that the author doesn’t have the life experience to know any better. He probably just thinks it was a witty joke.

  11. this is the 2nd article i read by this hack, both have racial over tones. I dont think hes racist, he just thinks he is funny, or whitty.

  12. You guys crack me up..y’all hate Glocks too.. lol Don’t knock these til you’ve shot em.. at $350. or less the 1911 22lr is a great target gun, I plan on doing some rabbit hunting with it as well. Can’t get enough 1911’s. I own three and counting.. P-238, Sig. 1911 u.c. .45, and this 1911 22lr in Desert brown..Well built German guns.

  13. If they called it a TUPAC, does that mean the officer’s model would be the BIGGIE SMALLS? Just sayin’

  14. I looked at the SIG 1911 .45 pistols. NO THANKS. Any 1911 that has checkering on the frame is a NO GO. Checkering was a stupid idea back then and stupid idea now. Sure it allows a good grip, but most checkering also eats into your hand after firing a box or two of ammo. Even if you get a smoother cut, this texture traps dirt/moisture causing corrosion, is near impossible to clean without a brush (which we ALL have on us in the field, right), and about impossible to lube without trapping gobs of oil in the grooves. STUPID. On the other hand, simple serrated line cuts as on the Colt Gold Cup, or better yet, the “snake skin” found on some Kimber pistols work far better. They dont tear your hand up, provide good grip, are easy to clean with a rag wipedown, and cost less to fabricate. Need I say more??
    This goes for ALL 1911 pistol, makers not just SIG. It seems most of them still don’t get it.
    Same for those crap 3-dot sights, but that topic is for another time.

    • You’re the first person I’ve heard barking about those checkered areas on the SIG 45 grips. Hey, I like them. Yes, they can get dirty, but that’s why God made tooth brushes and Hoppe’s No.9, right??? When you’re popping rounds down range at paper targets all day long, maybe they can get a little rough on those fingers, but when you need a good grip to quickly draw, acquire target, and drill three into center of mass on some serious moving threat, it’s hard to beat. Finger rash isn’t high on my list, when the threat is danger close. Control, sight alignment, and fast follow-up shots are all I care about. And accuracy of course. Even with the venerable 45, double taps are the order of the day in my book, make it three, and it’s Miller Time boys. I’ll keep my serrations, and take the time to clean them when the stiff is in the dust. Sorry, just my 2 cents.

      You’re right about the 3-dots though. Mepro night sights will fix that.

  15. i recently purchased a Sig Sauer 1911 TacPac. Before purchasing my new weapon I rented and tried numerous other brands of 1911’s, Kimbers, Rugers, Para Ordnance, Taurus, Smith & Wessons, Dan Wessons, and Wilson Combats. In my honest opinion besides the Dan Wessons and Wilsons, the quality and craftsmanship in my new sig is above the rest. Not that the other 1911’s were garbage except maybe the taurus just not as nice in my opinion. This is my first 1911 and i am getting excellent groups at combat distances. The only thing I dont like are the sights they are plenty visible just I prefer a night sight, and i just ordered a set of meprolight to make my gun more to my personal preference.

    Having been a Glock guy for years I didnt think I would enjoy a 1911 as much as i do, but I love my TacPac.

    • Thanks for the info – I have just ordered the same Sig 1911 Tacpac as you have – are you happy with the meprolight sights? What is the meprolight model number? Did you get any other accessories? A holster to work with the attached laser? How do you find the laser for accuracy and visibility?
      Cheers, Tony

  16. I love the Sig 1911-22, great fun, cheap to shoot all day & the wife loves it!
    I’d buy it all over again & that is always the question!

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