Pro Gun Rally Virginia
Kem Regik, of Virginia, stands on the sidewalk before a pro gun rally, Monday, Jan. 20, 2020, in Richmond, Va. There was a light crowd early morning Monday outside the Capitol ahead of the rally. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)
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It was Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, but there were few references to the icon of nonviolence, who was killed by a sniper. Contrary to the beliefs of many at the gun rally, with their “Sic Semper Tyrannis” signs, guns often do not protect Americans from the worst of their government, but tend instead to be turned on the historically oppressed.

I saw no memorials to Philando Castile, the gun owner who was murdered by a police officer, or Tamir Rice, the twelve-year-old whom a police officer shot while he played with a gun-shaped toy. In some of the self-styled vigilantes in attendance, I did see echoes of George Zimmerman, who killed the seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin while playing cop.

More than one person drew a parallel between the Lobby Day events and the Black Panthers’ armed demonstration on the steps of the California state legislature in 1967, an event that resulted in the Mulford Act, the open-carry ban approved by Ronald Reagan, who was then the governor. The gun-rights movement now uses the Mulford Act as an example of how gun-control laws are disproportionately applied to people of color—one of the few instances of structural inequality that the right will recognize.

In its attempts to revamp its image, the movement is now in the somewhat untenable position of claiming to stand for the right to black self-defense while also rallying alongside white nationalists. Without directly addressing the imbalances in power around gun ownership in the United States, the claim that the movement stands for all Americans against tyranny lacks credulity.

There’s another way to see what happened to the Panthers, which was that they were mistaken in thinking, as Joan Didion put it in “The White Album,” that “political power began at the end of the barrel of a gun.”

The rally ended at noon. By three in the afternoon, the armed groups had dissipated. As the light faded on the day, a small group of anti-gun protesters, fewer than a dozen in number and including the March for Our Lives youths, came to the capitol steps and held their annual Lobby Day prayer vigil, before a now-empty lawn.

After the vigil, I asked Lori Haas, the Virginia state director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, whose daughter was injured in the 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech, what she had thought of the rally. “I saw a bunch of people from out of state come to chest-thump,” she said. “Guess what? They’re gone. I’ll be here tomorrow. I have an eight-thirty meeting.” On January 24th, seven bills to prevent gun violence passed out of committee. They will be voted on by the Virginia House of Representatives later this week.

– Emily Witt in A New Backlash to Gun Control Begins in Virginia

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      • For the last half dozen or so years how often has mainstream news not been some form of propaganda against liberty?

        • “……. but tend instead to be turned on the historically oppressed.”

          Ah so it’s a good thing the NRA sought to train blacks on firearms.

      • Nope, it isn’t.

        There is a vast difference between American liberals being wrong about gun rights and the propaganda of the former Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

      • WARFAB,

        Emily Witt’s article goes beyond agitprop in my opinion. Rather, it is full-blown psy-ops (abbreviation for “psychological operations”, hope I spelled the abbreviation correctly).

        Emily’s “editorial” carefully uses words which will invoke an emotional response in many people — an emotional response that will oppose firearm ownership for the masses. The subtleness and effectiveness of those word choices are off the charts. Either Emily has a very successful future in politics as a world-class orator (of the evil variety), or Emily is an extremely well trained and gifted psychological operations agent. (For whom Emily works is anyone’s guess.)

    • “Hey, boy! Hate your skin color, your culture, your way of life. And surrender your weapons to those who rule over you.”

      Where have I heard those words before?

      • Weapons control was created to keep arms away from:
        1. Jews
        2. Catholics
        3. Native Americans
        4. Blacks
        in that order.

        • The wrong order.
          1. blacks
          2. native americans
          3. italians and sicilians.
          4. chinese and mexicans

          It was jews who traveled down south to help register black to vote, who also told the blacks to disarm. The white jews told black people, who were surrounded by the KKK, that they didn’t need guns.

    • It’s true that the Republicans and Democrats teamed up to pass gun control to continue to oppress minorities by restricting their human and civil rights to self protection via keeping and bearing arms. It’s true that the Virginia rally was predominately older white males who still support Trump (and probably still support the NRA). It’s true that most of the people there were outsiders that weren’t in Virginia the day after the rally and will not be there when the bills are passing. It’s true that the rally did nothing to stop the police from continuing enforcement of gun control and the politicians from passing new rules to be enforced.

      The reality is the rally was a grand show of compliance. So what you showed up with a rifle you haven’t used and won’t use on law enforcement. The only person arrested was a leftist homosexual woman who refused to comply with a law that won’t let her be secure in her person because white men used to harm people like her while wearing a mask.

      Everyone I heard talking about standing up to tyrannical politicians are so scared they will get SWATed they won’t speak freely about needing to use their arms to secure a free state when the rulers continue to violate their oaths to the people. They’re so afraid the government will knock on their door, they’re terrorized by the possibility the government won’t knock first [you know what I mean]. Such bravery. These patriots are very brave in the face of danger.

      The only time tens of thousands of gun owners have rallied they did nothing but hang out with each other taking pictures and yelling for a few minutes before they thanked the enforcers for doing their job of violating the constitution.

      I feel so inspired. They amassed, they selfied, they yelled, they left. The area was so clean it looked like they were never there to begin with. They did such a great job of not disturbing anything, the government only took a few hours after the rally to pass gun control bills with a smile.

      The establishment was able to successfully corral people in certain locations so the cameras could focus on the small crowd on the grounds. They were masterful in their ability to limit the demographics by getting gun owners to scare off other groups with different politics. The government intentionally created a lot of emotion in gun owners they brought out everything they had, which made it so they couldn’t protest without violence and they willfully stood outside of the area were change happens.

      You got played. You know it, but won’t admit it, which is why you will fail again.

        • Exposes vulnerable points in the pro liberty movement. I don’t agree with some of his takes but they are worth examining to see how things are could get used against us. Never hurts to see how the other side wants to come at you.

          • “Exposes vulnerable points in the pro liberty movement.”

            History shows us the ruling class does not take note of the public until the castle is surrounded, leaving no escape.

            Pro-gun rallies (and such) do not persuade politicians, but encourage those of us
            who feel left behind and ignored. Rallies show us that others have the same perceptions, are members of “the team”. Rallies may even encourage the politicians who agree with us, but rallies don’t dissuade opponents. By their very nature, rallies are not the majority of the voting public, thus politicians inclined to ignore anyone who opposes them dismiss the vote threat, out of hand.

            The most reliably successful rallies are Trump rallies. Those rallies send a message of encouragement, may be indicative of pending doom for some politicians, but Trump rallies have yet to actually alter the voting of Trump opponents.

            Rallies are useful, but have their limitations; manage expectations accordingly.

        • I am not doing anything boogaloo related.

          I am not increasing my physical capabilities. I don’t own: guns, thousands of rounds of ammo, low and high vis rifle armor, night vision, large quantities of mags, encrypted devices, reloading machines, soldering tools and whatever else is considered dangerous. So the government doesn’t have to worry about me at all.

          I’m just an untrained and unarmed soy boy from the internet that solely tries to educate the “patriots” so they stop making things worse and learn to do the right things. I haven’t been in the military and I don’t work in so called law enforcement.

          I am not a threat to the government, public safety nor myself.

          I am only good at shooting fictitious humans in a virtual 3D world that is known as first person shooters.

          I’m not even politically active, thus I am not a threat to the establishment. It would be unnecessary to assassinate me now or in the future.

          Future plans? I have no personal plan whatsoever. So can’t comment about current activities. I am too lazy to come up with any type of plan. I will just do what Trump says and follow the plan given to me.

        • “I don’t own: guns, thousands of rounds of ammo,…”

          And yet you feel somehow compelled to hang out in TTAG?

        • “I am not a threat to the government, public safety nor myself.”
          Uh, news flash!
          Those who have the ability to obtain and legally possess a firearm (for use in a legal manner), yet make the CHOICE not to, are just one step above the “criminal with an illegal firearm” in a civilized society.
          This also keeps ALL the other rights in place, and protects ALL CITIZENS from a tyrannical government.

      • Oh fuck off you hipster. Nothing pleases some people.
        “The Media will go insane if shots are are fired.”
        “Lmao you cucks cleaned up after yourselves. so wimpy.”
        ‘ Everyone I heard talking about standing up to tyrannical politicians are so scared they will get SWATed they won’t speak freely about needing to use their arms to secure a free state when the rulers continue to violate their oaths to the people.’ It’s called unstated implications. Go fuck yourself.

        • You act as if there hasn’t been rallies in the past. You act like Virginia is the first place In America to get the bills being passed now.

          Do you understand how tired other Americans are from waiting for gun owners to man up and push back with some actual changes? You know how many decades I have been waiting? It took many years to wake gun owners up to the Democrat controlled NRA.

          Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Nevada and Florida have already been struck by the fascists. Then there is the fallen states: California, Hawaii, New York, etc. Right now they are going after New Mexico, Arizona, Virginia, etc. They were successful putting in a Democrat (wearing a Republican suit) in Texas to stop constitutional carry. Texas is turning blue the same way Virginia is.

          No, Virginia’s problem is not the fault of “minorities.” Stop that white supremacy BS. Virginia is heavily white and the other large group is (obviously) blacks descended from slaves.

          The problem is the majority supporting and defending a corrupt immoral government. Government socialist schools are indoctrinating the youth into massive statism [communism]. Hollywood pop culture is reinforcing the programming. The American people have been conditioned to be lazy, thus they never read the U.S. Constitution because it’s just too damn long [TL;DR]. So called patriots are brain washed into supporting the power structure that enforces rules that violate the law. The two party system has become the American people’s identity to the point it’s only about dividing and conquering their fellow Americans so they can gain control of the thrown.

          Here I am still waiting for you patriots to get on the same page. Once you figure your shit out we can actually start making moves together. You think I am going to stand alone on the battlefield? Naww, bruh. I have already seen patriots talk a big game and never show up when it was time to get to work. I know better at this point to rely on overweight patriots. I have to wait until you guys are educated before I get anywhere near sacrificing…

          Hurry up and divorce yourself from the NRA and the Republican party. Then we can help you learn the truth about your situation and move on to proper action. If you truly want to get in shape you have to stop drinking the sugary Kool-Aid.

      • to CHIEF CENSOR
        “It’s true that the Republicans and Democrats teamed up to pass gun control to continue to oppress minorities by restricting their human and civil rights to self protection via keeping and bearing arms”

        No it’s not true. In blue states racist gun control is advancing which is controlled by Democrats. In Kentucky and Mississippi two former slave states, The republican leadership passed constitutional carry. Now every black person, along with everyone else, has their 2A civil rights recognized and protected. They don’t have to ask permission to get guns. That bothers you doesn’t it???

        In California when gun rights groups asked the proud gay state senate president Tom Ammiano to repeal the Mulford Act. He refused and endorsed it. He said it was a good law.
        That makes this white homosexual lawmaker a racist pig. Since people like you call gov reagan a racist for signing the bill into law. That title fits the gay Ammiano. There are many racist white homosexual politicians who are anti civil rights.

        But they are pro good satisfying everyday homosexual sex. And good for them. Everyone should have a great sex life.

  1. Who knew white supremacists were so powerful that the mere chance of the presence of one individual who may identify as such defines the intent of 20,000+ people.

    I’d like to know why the New Yorker is dismissing the presence and concerns of the many black, Asian and Hispanic attendees. It’s as if the New Yorker only thinks the alleged opinions of the white people there is all that matters. Seems kinda racist to me.

    • The New Yorker isn’t concerned with non-white Constitutionalists…yet. When they become more of a threat to ‘The Narrative’ the Democratic Fugitive Slave Chasers will be sent out to round them up to bring them back to the Democrat Plantation or to wage protracted campaigns of character assassination upon any who dare to think for themselves.

  2. So they are just going to ignore that Jim Crow was all about the white power and included gun control as a major factor in people control (even excluding the relevant and largely unchanged party involved)?

    • “So they are just going to ignore that Jim Crow was all about the white power and included gun control as a major factor in people control (even excluding the relevant and largely unchanged party involved)?”

      Thought it was common knowledge that the Dimwitocrat Party became the party of liberty, and the Republicrats became the party of slavery in about, oh, 1964. I’m sure it was in all the papers at the time (I shudda kep’ a copy).

      • That’s the claim anyway. Haven’t seen much evidence of a shift if anything the democrat platform became less popular in the south and as the republicans started to win elections a few opportunistic democrat politicians jumped ship.

        • “That’s the claim anyway. ”

          Well, that was what they intended to do, and intentions count more than actual deeds.

        • Sam I am usually pretty used to how bad the double think has gotten but be damned if you didn’t remind me of a whole realm of how bad it really is. Not sure if I should thank you or flip you off.

      • Good Gawd! I knew you were an information-free Leftist shill, but this is out there, even for you!!

        The debunked (literally hundreds, if not thousands of times) LIE that “the Republicans became the Jim Crow Democrats”, or “all the Southern Democrats became Republicans” is just . . . some seriously lame-@$$ s***.

        I shouldn’t, since I know you are a brainless troll, but I will engage, anyway:

        1. Name ONE example of pro-gun and/or anti-gun control policies that disproportionately adversely affect ‘people of color’;

        2. Name TWO Southern politicians, originally registered Democrats, who switched party registration to Republican where the switch was in any way related to Civil Rights; and, last but not least

        3. Show me a SCINTILLA of evidence (ACTUAL evidence, not Moms Demand BS) of the effectiveness of gun control.

        As Dean Wurmer said, “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, boy!” Try to do better.

        • May I recommend you spend a little more time reading for comprehension?

          Many people cannot differentiate between explanation and endorsement, between ridicule and reality. It is a not uncommon attribute of hyper-sensitive skim readers.

        • Could be new, took me a minute to catch on to your debate style and you still pull out nasty surprises now and again.

  3. Leftists are projectionists, always, if they “see” something in others, it is a projection of their own thoughts. Leftists want power, and they believe that their way to power, is to place their inner demons out there, as the intentions of others.

    • That’s interesting and I believe it. Recently, when Pres Trump posted on social media about Schiff something about “paying the price for his treason,” the left immediately assumed the president was making death threats. It could very well mean you’ll lose your job in the ballots but no, for the left it had to be the most frightening thing possible. Of course it’s whatever fits their agenda, having drag queens talk about “gender fluidity” to 5 year old kids is okay.

      • I loved how they thought trump was threatening shiffs life, but when shiff said senators that dont agree with him will have their heads on pikes, that was just hyperbole.

        • “…but when shiff said senators that don’t agree with him will have their heads on pikes, that was just hyperbole.”

          Pelosi had already made a claim that if the Senate did not convict, Repubs would pay a price.

    • All political partisans are “projectionists”, spewers of propaganda and every other bad habit, sneaky and dishonorable trait you can think of.

      It is the inherent nature of a partisan to lie and distort and declare the opposite partisan to be some sort of vile enemy.

      • What’s the go to boogeyman of the right? Calling dems commies or socialists? They call themselves that these days.

        • There are a small number of liberals calling themselves some type of northern European socialist today. They are not Marxists or Leninists or Maoists. They are not Soviets or communists and are not, in fact, socialists by any definition the typical citizen of the USA would recognize.

          They are idiots, professing a political ideology they are too incompetent to explain to themselves, let alone to others.

          It is but one reason they will lose in this Presidential Silly Season.

        • I would say the Bernie / AOC wing is definitely Marxist. Warren is a pretend Marxist. Both Bernie and Warren love capitalism when it benefits them.

        • More likely they want Chinese Capitalism, while ignoring the blatant graft, corruption, nepotism, cronyism, secrecy, and abuse of power. “What is the price of lies?” A global pandemic for a start.

  4. “On January 24th, seven bills to prevent gun violence passed out of committee.”

    Which bills deport illegal immigrant criminals? Start with that.

    • Imprison violent gang members with a mile long rap sheet?

      Promote family values?

      No? Actually, the opposite? Hmm

  5. It’s the go to boogeyman of the left.

    “The gun-rights movement now uses the Mulford Act as an example of how gun-control laws are disproportionately applied to people of color”

    Because that’s what white supremacists would do, right? Self own much?

    More people will realize that they’ve been lied to. More people are doing their own research and thinking for themselves instead of thinking what the information gate keepers want them to think. Too bad the tech giants are fighting this with their blatant censorship.

    • I don’t know if more people are doing their research, if that’s the case it’s still not enough. I think millions of sheep are still perfectly fine sitting in front of the “news” for their daily brainwashing. Millions still believe their “side,” a political party and/or particular politician has the solution and all others suck. “They” however you want to call them have been successful in destabilizing and dividing this nation. It will get a lot worse before it eventually gets better.

      • “It will get a lot worse before it eventually gets better.”

        Yes because the new information gate keepers are the tech giants. They will control the flow of almost all information. It should be nipped in the bud, but both dem and repub law makers take their donations, and neither will stand up to them.

    • One of the core tactics of leftism is to accuse your opponent of whatever it is that you’re doing. (See Hunter Biden / Trump impeachment.)

  6. This is the kind of drivel you get when you let people who don’t know that the ‘icon of nonviolence’ carried a gun and had so many guns stashed around his house that one reporter accidentally sat on one write for your little magazine. But then ignorance is bliss…

  7. “‘I saw a bunch of people from out of state come to chest-thump,’ she said. ‘Guess what? They’re gone. I’ll be here tomorrow. I have an eight-thirty meeting.’ On January 24th, seven bills to prevent gun violence passed out of committee. They will be voted on by the Virginia House of Representatives later this week.

    Rallies and demonstrations are useless, and our enemies know it.

    • They’re essentially saying that they’re not going to listen until people start shooting. They really don’t want to head down that road, but that’s what they’re saying.

      A while back a certain 2A site started publishing the home addresses of the politicians who voted for gun control. They didn’t like it and worked with the sites hosting service to get the address information removed. They don’t like people pointing out the reality of the tactical situation. The government only operates with the consent of the governed in this country, and a lot of politicians don’t believe that to be the case anymore.

    • Jacob,

      Rallies and demonstrations are useless, and our enemies know it.

      That may very well be true.

      Nonetheless, it is a necessary first step on our moral high road. First we use our First Amendment rights (Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Peaceably Assemble, and Freedom to Petition Government for Redress of Grievances). Second step, we use our right to vote. Third step, we take our cases to the courts when government refuses to right our grievances. Fourth step, well that is the ugly one that only an exceedingly tiny number of people like to talk about openly.

  8. From Wikipedia: “Emily Witt is an American investigative journalist based in Brooklyn with a particular focus on modern dating from the feminine perspective”

    Yup, just the person to tell me what my 2A rights are really all about.

    • Haha, I have some ideas. Recently on a blog a guy posted a link to an insane article, it was written by a female sex therapist and the main topic was “rimming,” which is the act of eating an anus. The journalist you mention should probably write this kind of articles.

        • Mrs. Gorilla; ‘How do you cook it?’
          Mrs. Nongorilla; ‘You don’t cook it!’
          Mrs. Gorilla; ‘Well you can’t eat it raw!’
          Mrs. Nongorilla; ‘Ooo, I never thought of that.’

        • Now I kind of figured no one would get the CHiPs reference, but I’m a bit disappointed the Monty Python reference didn’t solicit a response.

  9. In case you are not keeping up with what is going on in VA, it seems they are definitely going for gun control and not crime control since several bills to punish criminals with guns have been defeated while bills against honest citizen gun owners have passed without any problem. Tyrannical Government at its best.

    • Yep, and the good Gov is proposing an increase in gas tax. Extra taxes on guns and ammo to follow, no doubt. They love their taxes.

        • That’s what liberals do everywhere they go. When they move to the southern state’s such as FL, they complain about life in NY, IL or Massachusetts but they vote for the same kind of money grabbing and freedom hating socialists. Then they complain more “Too many people in the roads here, life is getting more expensive, I remember when I moved to FL in 1980….” For one good person from up north you have ten crazies coming every year, and they work hard to make everybody miserable, I think that’s the NYC or NJ culture, if I can’t be happy and calm I want you all to hate life.

        • Jack that outlook on life and happiness was the first major difference I noticed when I moved up here. I can only guess that when everyone is taxed to misery that anyone successful has to be “cheating” and brought down, you know typical envy. I think “Florida Man” is typically one of my neighbors not knowing how to handle liberty and binging like a college freshman at a kegger.

        • You guys are killing me, I ESCAPED from Ct 5 years ago and have been harassed by “olf Floridians” who moved here 12 years ago. They have forgotten how bad it was “up north” and are now nostalgic for the good ol days. Not me, I couldn’t wait to leave and don’t regret it. The “others are voting for anti gun, extreme risk laws not me, I like it fine being FREE er.

    • Super-The mandatory minimum laws that were defeated area good thing, as they eventually are used by the state to harm good people. The only way it makes sense to say that a crime where a a gun used is worse than a crime where a knife was used, is if you are trying to stigmatize guns.

      How about we make harsher penalties for the criminal act committed and not based on the weapon used, especially when the weapon is protected by the Constitution. The criminals have a right to be armed if they are not in jail, and the fact cops are afraid to disarm the criminals makes them better defenders of the 2nd Amendment, than those who beg the government for permission to self-defense.

      • “How about we make harsher penalties for the criminal act committed…?”

        We already have. They are called “hate crimes”.

        A person is more injured, more robbed, more crippled, more dead if the motivation for the crime is “hate”.

  10. “I saw no memorials to Philando Castile, the gun owner who was murdered by a police officer, or Tamir Rice, the twelve-year-old whom a police officer shot while he played with a gun-shaped toy. In some of the self-styled vigilantes in attendance, I did see echoes of George Zimmerman, who killed the seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin while playing cop.”
    And why would there be memorials to them?
    This was about 2A rights and how states are taking away those rights. It was a protest of government tyranny not overzealous cops.
    Not to mention each of those cases are very much less then clear cut. She wants to make the argument these innocent kids were cut down in thier prime by war and violence mongering cops.
    In each of those cases that is far from the truth.
    But again. It’s not about the truth.

    • Nuances of the shooting details aside, she’s basically complaining about people wanting to keep their 2A rights and in the same breath also complaining about the state’s monopoly on power and force.

      Critical thinking skills aren’t strong with the author.

      • Not disagreeing but another way to look at it would be the message is intentional and the intended audience is not supposed to have the critical thinking skills to recognize the cognitive dissonance.

        • Probably. The so called “elites” who get a good laugh mocking those living in flyover country as uneducated rubes lack the minimal critical thinking skills required to see that this article is rubbish.

          Sounds about right now that you mention it.

    • George Zimmerman is a person of color. He is much darker than POC Ocasio-Cortez. It seems that all you do to transform youself into whiteness is deviate from leftist orthodoxy like that white supremacist Mariano Rivera guy.

  11. Emily you have your head up your you know what. The demonstration on monday had nothing whatsoever to do about MLK. So where does this become a old white man thing???. Do you expect it to be all millenials showing up????

  12. Well it might ‘look’ that way to some. Guns and bullets do not know race or color of skin.

    So often in life….what you’re seeing is not what you think you’re seeing.

    It is the idea of ‘gun control’ that becomes racist. Not white power but Democrat power.

  13. Gun control has always been about disarming non whites since laws in the 1600s. Eventually it grew to include Irish and the poor and others deemed non desirable by economic or social class.

    Today it includes everyone not part of the elite, they want a monopoly on lethal force.

    • The infamous Sullivan Act that create the New York State pistol permit requirements has totally racist roots. It was implemented specifically to disarm a certain ethnic group.

      • New York’s Sullivan Act of 1911 was aimed at disarming Italian/Sicilian and other ethnic gangsters in New York City after a particularly pernicious large-scale gunfight on Manhattan’s East Side. By then the Irish gangs had mostly disbanded and the Irish were advancing socially and professionally, so they were part of the establishment. But the Act was then applied to disarm everybody, especially Sullivan’s political opponents, of whom it was said that the police would plant handguns on them so they could be arrested. I presume Sullivan’s friends could get permits from the police, no problem. Details can be found in Herbert Asbury’s “Gangs of New York” (originally published in 1928 and still in print)

  14. Emily Witt: Alumnus of the New York Times (Pravda-on-the-Hudson), staff writer for the New Yorker (which marches in lockstep with the NYT), somebody who’s been protected her entire life, liberal/progressive, and a NYC writer looking down her long disdainful nose at what she sees as the redneck activities of the rest of us primitives out here in America. I automatically discount any writings that come out of the big city leftist propaganda rags – unfortunately, many people are too lazy to think for themselves and believe this crap.

  15. As a Vietnam veteran the America I left and returned to was greatly changed and has spiraled down to this bull. I am a New Yorker and don’t read any nonsense that the propaganda machine puts out. It seems that Americans need a battle cry soooo stupid. Also spent 42 years in law enforcement and not once did I hear anyone say I’m going to kill a black or Hispanic. Crazy shit…

    • You may not have read the propaganda but you willingly enforced it. That is proven by the fact you spent 42 years infringing on your fellow Citizen’s rights to be armed by enforcing unconstittuional gun laws in new york.
      You do understand that out in the free states a person with your wanton moral character of just following orders, is who We own guns to keep away from our families and Liberty.

      At most Nam was used by the party factions to execute the Constitution and replace it with the two party democracy, and at worst a political distraction of forcing Whites to lower their culture and no longer have freedom of association. If Vietnamese communism was so wrong, why was/is Chinese communism worth selling our manufacturing base to. The honorable choice would have been to hang every government employee and their supporters who supported the war.

      • “The honorable choice would have been to hang every government employee and their supporters who supported the war.”

        English (at least American English) is such a sloppy and imprecise language. Take for instance your phrase “….who supported the war.”

        The word “supported” has more than one meaning, depending on context.

        As a young/new lieutenant, I “supported” the war, but not as an advocate. I “supported” the war as a legitimate use of American military power when (and if) the goal was to protect the people of South Vietnam in determining their own destiny. When that was not the case, I “supported” the war in the sense that so long as the war continued, I defended/protected the lives of American service members so as to get as many out, unharmed, as possible. A fighting withdrawal, if you like. That was a worthwhile endeavor.

        Once I learned that the entire Organization of the Chiefs Of Staff declared they would not resign in protest if they believed the war immoral, futile, useless or pointless to continue…I stopped supporting the idea that the purpose of the war was any longer honorable.

  16. gun rights movement has to be the “diverse ethnically” and “gender neutral” “white power” movement in the history of the united states.

  17. After working in a prison I suggest these idiots check out the prison populations for convicted felons of violent crimes and see if they make a report on racial status then. Which I know they will not do is speak the truth.

  18. The leftist solution to treating non-whites badly is to treat whites equally badly. Nothing about treating non-whites decently.

  19. Because I own a firearm and I’m white I’m a white supremacist? What do I say to Obie and his brother in law? You know. The two black guys that were deer hunting with me this morning. With (gasp) rifles! I’m so confused. Should I lynch Obie? Maybe just burn a cross. Yeah, that seems reasonable. After all, Obie is a retired vet, worked every day of his life until he retired again, still works a little under the table (Fuck the IRS. right?) and never took a dime of welfare. Yeah that’s the guy I feel superior to and hate. Because I’m white and own a gun. Lay a hand on Obie while I’m standing there. See how long it takes to get shot in the head.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      Progressives don’t believe you because all white people are white supremacists — some white people just don’t recognize it in themselves or refuse to admit it publicly. That is the basis for “white guilt”: not only are you certain to be a white supremacist (and you should feel guilty about that), you should also feel guilty for simply being white (which makes you part of the “white system”) and not recognizing that you are a white supremacist. Or something like that.

      Remember, Progressive platform items do not have to make any rational sense or be truthful at all. As long as their platform resonates with fantasy, whimsical notions of “virtue”, and intense feelings, they are good to go. Hence all this white supremacist and white guilt garbage.

      • Uncommon, so what should I do when Obie gets back out here to the farm this afternoon? Should I run out and put up a “Whites Only” sign at the gate? I mean I kinda like the guy. He wears a stag handled Randall hunting knife I gave him last year. Should I ask for it back? This whole white guilt thing is new to me. I didn’t know I was supposed to feel guilty over an accident of birth. Maybe I should complain to my mother about being white. If she hadn’t married my dad I wouldn’t have this problem. (If anyone out there didn’t get the sarcasm you’re either a liberal or obtuse.)

  20. Clearly it’s true. Just look at that flag. Mostly white with a bit of black and that black isn’t even in the true center! White controls the real center, all the edges and most of the rest of the field. Could they possible scream “Get back on the plantation!” any louder?

    Elegantly simple yet blatantly obvious.

    • You’re starting to get good at channeling your inner “Sam I Am”, you know…

      *snicker* 😉

      • “You’re starting to get good at channeling your inner “Sam I Am”, you know…”

        Nine often causes me to disagree heatedly with myself.

        • That’s the booze causing you to argue with yourself.

          I could be wrong. Even sober I believe you’d argue with a wooden cigar store Indian.

          • “That’s the booze causing you to argue with yourself.”

            Are you sure? Nine never buys drinks.

            I don’t ever argue with cigar store wooden Indians; they are too good at holding an intelligent silence.

  21. If that is true why is it there are people like who think that Blacks and Jew who favor gun control are some of the dumbest people on earth. The New Yorker is like the rest of the left trying to start a race war on top of a “class” war. A really nasty combination, racists communists. I’ve known many Russians and you would believe what they told me regarding how the Party referred to their African “allies”.

  22. Anouther dumb ass state trying to kill our second amendment.
    Governor, Pimps and peoples
    Brain washed and just bad breeding,A common mistake in the U.S.A

  23. Here’s the comment I tried to post on the “whiteness” article on the 23rd, which is also relevant here:

    If you want to understand what’s going on and where we’re going, watch “Supplement to the Metaphysics of Pepe” by Jonathan Pageau:

    “…all the SJWs are seeing is a reflection of themselves, of their nightmare, of their shadow. The rather pathological desire we’ve seen in the past few months to accuse everyone of being Hitler or a neo-Nazi or a white nationalist is an expression of their secret desire — the desire to be confirmed through an encounter with their projected ‘other'”.

  24. only an absolute idiot would observe the overwhelming amount of crimes committed by African descended peoples, and then campaign for their right to own weapons.

  25. Well, Obie is back! And he brought another black man! And they’re both armed! What should I do? They offered to buy me dinner after we hunt! I’m a white supremacist! What should I do? These guys seem like nice men!

    • Wait till you’re accused of being “raciss” and “you prejudice” even after being married to a gorgeous brown woman for 30 years…I had black friends 48 yrars ago😏

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