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Many Republicans are increasingly coming to see themselves less as citizens represented by the federal government, and more as tyrannized victims of that government. More than three-quarters of Republicans reported “low trust” in the federal government in a Grinnell College national poll in October; only a minority of Democrats agreed.

From this point of view, peaceful elections will not save the day. More than two out of three Republicans think democracy is under attack, according to the Grinnell poll, which echoes the results of a CNN poll in September. Half as many Democrats say the same.

Mainstream news publications are filled with howls of protest over political outrages by Republican leaders, who are reflecting the beliefs of the party mainstream. But the small newspapers in the rural, red-state areas that are the core of the Republican party’s rank and file are giving voice to a simpler picture: Politics are dead; it’s time to fight.

“Wake up America!” reads a September opinion piece excoriating Democrats in The Gaston Gazette, based in Gastonia, N.C. “The enemy is at our gates, God willing it is not too late to turn back the rushing tide of this dark regime.”

The piece goes on to quote Thomas Paine’s exhortation to colonists to take up arms against the British. “We are in a civil war,” a letter published in September in The New Mexico Sun likewise warns Republicans, “between the traditional Americans and those who want to impose socialism in this country and thus obtain complete government control of its citizens.”

Evidence that a significant portion of Republicans are increasingly likely to resort to violence against the government and political opponents is growing. More than 100 violent threats, many of them death threats, were leveled at poll workers and election officials in battleground states in 2020, according to an investigation by Reuters published in September—all those threat-makers whom Reuters could contact identified as Trump supporters.

In October 2020, 13 men were charged with plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat; all of them were aligned with the political right. Nearly a third of Republicans agree that “true American patriots may have to resort to violence in order to save our country,” according to a September poll conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute, a non-partisan group. That’s three times as many as the number of Democrats who felt the same way.

Guns are becoming an essential part of the equation. “Americans are increasingly wielding guns in public spaces, roused by persons they politically oppose or public decisions with which they disagree,” concludes an August article in the Northwestern University Law Review. Guns were plentiful when hundreds of anti-COVID-precaution protestors gathered at the Michigan State Capitol in May 2020. Some of the armed protesters tried to enter the Capitol chamber.

Those who carry arms to a political protest may in theory have peaceful intentions, but there’s plenty of reason to think otherwise. An October study from Everytown for Gun Safety and the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED) looked at 560 protests involving armed participants over an 18-month period through mid-2021, and found that a sixth of them turned violent, and some involved fatalities. …

In his acclaimed history of the early days of the American Revolution, “The British Are Coming,” author Rick Atkinson explains one major reason why America became the first British colony to succeed in winning freedom, where others had failed.

“Unlike the Irish and other subjugated peoples,” he writes, “the Americans were heavily armed.” Muskets, he points out, were “as common as kettles” among the colonists, and American riflemen were among the world’s finest marksmen. That possession of and skill with guns, combined with the colonists’ deep passion for ridding themselves of what they saw as government tyranny, would help carry the day against otherwise long odds.

Today the many Republicans who have convinced themselves that they, too, must cast off a tyrannical government have plenty of guns. Americans own about 400 million guns, according to the Switzerland-based Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. (The U.S. government doesn’t track gun ownership.)

The vast majority of those guns belong to Republicans. Gallup found that half of all Republicans own guns, nearly three times the rate of gun ownership as among Democrats. Gun owners are overwhelmingly male and white and are more likely to live in the rural south than anywhere else. Those demographics mesh neatly with the hard-core segment of the Republican party.

— David H. Freedman in Millions of Angry, Armed Americans Stand Ready to Seize Power If Trump Loses in 2024

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      • “If they can’t get it, they might make it happen anyway.”

        And a few ‘Useful Idiots’ will fall for it, and that’s how gun confiscation will start.

        And when that happens, all bets are off… 🙁

    • They are working hard to have an excuse from having another election even up here is not looking great for several Democrats.

        • True but how many will show up to vote next year? I know for my county about 1500 fewer, 300 moved out 100 died and 1,100 were removed from the voter rolls because they are dead or moved to Florida (mostly) around the 2010 census.

        • Voter rolls will come to matter less, if unsolicited mail-in ballots continue to be used. In last year’s election, how many audits that were performed actually compared an individual ballot to its associated record and signature, and threw it out if there was no match? Democrats are wanting to make this the new normal.

        • At least up here you cant mail out if it is not on the roll but I think it is different downstate (NYC) and obviously across the whole country. With that said they will have a harder time justifying emergency measures as pandemic becomes endemic.

    • “The media are working hard to cause an armed insurrection”

      they’re working hard to justify their owners’ ongoing insurrection.

  1. But the nearly year-long orgy of violence, burning and looting in cities across the US by BLM and other leftist groups last year gets a total pass with the “author” of this article.

    Never forget that the left wants civil war, far more than the right, because they are salivating at the thought of an outcome where they herd the right into death camps, you know, to stop “Nazism”

      • It is a tradition. Every time they say they will do it better they always end up following the old script.

        • But they didn’t try the real true pure perfect version so none of the history is applicable obviously. Speaking of what is going on down there with mandates? Apparently it is giving my governor the warm and fuzzies.

      • New strain is causing over 3000 new cases per day in NSW. Delta reached a high of 2200 per day.

        Lockdowns are probably imminent. I think NYE will be subdued at best. We’ll see what happens in the next week.

        • Pretty much same boat for any part of NY that is still paying attention to the governor. Up side is not much in truly serious hospitilization/death which is good as we lost a lot of medical staff over the last 6-9 months.

    • Since the marxist media is a branch of the democRat Party their view of law abiding citizens exercising their God Given right of self defense is along the lines of the view the democRat Party kkk had for Blacks and the socialist nazi party had for Jews, etc.

      Make no mistake about it the democRat marxist media is on their knees catering to sicko Gun Control Filth. Filth that history clearly confirms is a racist and nazi based agenda.

  2. … peaceful elections will not save the day.

    The problem in that regard is the fact that a lot of people think anything and everything goes as long as 50.1% of voters vote for something–especially when that 50.1% of voters do not even constitute 50.1% of the population and many of those voters do not know the true intentions of the politicians, nor the ramifications of those intentions coming to fruition.

    • They can’t get 50.1% without the media constantly lying, Big Tech stopping true stories and amplifying the propaganda, and constantly pushing loose voter regulations in the name of equality. They’re a joke. Biden’s numbers tanked because people were fooled. Voters should have expected the worst, but they were misinformed.

      • Dude,

        In other words fraud is rampant in our system.

        And when I say, “fraud,” I am not even referring to formal voting fraud where vote counts include votes from dead people or extra bogus votes (e.g. where a person prints and fills out hundreds/thousands of votes and dumps them on election workers). I am referring to fraud in a general sense where politicians claim to have one agenda with the full intention of advancing a different agenda once in office. Or politicians are fairly honest about their true agenda and yet lie about the ramifications of their true agenda. And of course there is fraud where media and Big Tech quash information, misrepresent information, or even flat-out lie at times.

        I was trying to think of a way to express that in my comment above and I could not think of any succinct way to do it.

        • Yes. That particular fraud was that Uncle Joe was a moderate, and everything was going to be okay. Orange Man Bad would be gone, and people would stop dying from the Xi Variant because Joe was going to shut down the virus, not the country. You no longer have to worry about the sky falling everyday because the media will stop telling you that…until it gets close to election time. Better vote Democrat!

        • SAFE,
          Yep. They manipulate people because they stand to benefit from it. Why is this tolerated? Those are the people attacking our country. Those are the people with the power. It isn’t a conspiracy theory. They’re practically open about it because what are you going to do?

          “A behavioral and tech expert says Google is an active player in the 2020 election and that the company’s efforts to manipulate Americans could shift 10 percent of the vote away from President Donald Trump.”

          That expert was a Democrat by the way.

        • I remember learning about the overton window and how shifting it can be used to win a argument when you lack facts or actual justification of your position. I am mildly surprised to see it happen in real time on multiple topics sometimes including changing the definition of words.

        • BTW, folks, the reason they skipped Xi in the Greek alphabet and jumped to Omicron is that the original COVID-19 is in fact the “Xi variant”.

  3. What a joke. This shows you how much confidence Democrats have in their agenda. They’ve decided to peddle the same thing to the rest of the country that’s worked so well with black voters: vote for us so we can save you from the evil Republicans! If it’s so common, then why are there so many false flags?

  4. More than two out of three Republicans think democracy is under attack … Half as many Democrats say the same.

    That statement implies that Republicans are the core problem in our nation.

    Let’s look at a very simple number. Election results are often very close with politicians only winning by a few percentage points. To keep things simple, let us estimate that 50% of our population are Republicans and 50% of our population are Democrats. Now let’s figure out how many of each hold the view that our, “democracy is under attack.” Two-thirds of Republicans, which are approximately 50% of our population, equates to 33.3% (1/3rd) of our total population. “Half as many Democrats,” equates to 16.7% of our total population. Thus, a combined total of 50% (33.3% + 16.7%) of our nation’s total population think that our democracy is under attack. Remember, that 50% of our total population includes both Republicans and Democrats.

    That is an astounding number when you consider that a LOT of people pay no attention to current events happening around us. Something is deeply wrong when 50% of our total population thinks that our democracy is under attack. This is not a “partisan” problem. This is a core problem.

  5. Both the articles urging resistance to the “regime,” and those that induce pearl-clutching in the Dems, are probably written by the CIA and the FBI.

    Remember Operation Mockingbird?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mockingbird

    The “deep state” or whatever you want to call it is attempting to foment violence on a large scale to wage a crackdown. Combine that with agents provocateur infiltrating conservative groups to do the same.

    Stay away from anyone advocating violence, on either side. It’s a setup.

    • “Remember Operation Mockingbird?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mockingbird

      90 percent of Washington, D.C., that votes and works there is Leftist.

      Think about that for a moment. – The rank-and-file workers in D.C. (the ‘Deep State’ the Leftist Scum claims doesn’t exist) consider us to be the abhorrent ones. Now, pause to consider where that logically leads in their twisted minds. As in, perhaps a ‘Final Solution’ may be required…

    • Jimmy Beam,

      Stay away from anyone advocating violence, on either side. It’s a setup.

      I agree with your sentiment that fedzilla is exerting a fair amount of effort to setup, “enemies of the state.”

    • Didn’t we have something that allowed the government to do mockingbird style psyops on the domestic population authorized in the last decade?

    • I would add that our very own Dacian is a provocateur. The intended result of his posts is to get the readers of this forum riled up. It’s not working, but he continues, either of his own volition, or because he’s working for the Feds to get his child porn charges dismissed.

      As I’ve said before, treat Dacian like a bad fart. He stinks up the place for a while, and then he goes away.

  6. The strategy for Democrats isn’t let’s present the best ideas to help the American people so they’ll vote for us. It’s to lie, cheat, hide their intentions, and flood the country with people that will vote for them.

    Do you ever wonder why Democrats constantly push all immigration, both legal and illegal?

    Legal immigrants:
    “A 2012 study of 2,900 foreign-born, naturalized immigrants cited in the report showed that about 62 percent identified themselves as Democrats, while 25 percent identified as Republicans, and 13 percent identified as independents. At this moment, according to the report, there are an estimated 8.7 million immigrants in the U.S. who are eligible for naturalization.”

    Illegal immigrants:
    “among Latino immigrants who are not U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents (and therefore likely unauthorized immigrants), some 31% identify as Democrats and just 4% as Republicans.”

    Notice they never articulate how flooding the country with illegal immigrants is good for us. All they can do is shut down the argument by yelling RACIST or they will conflate legal immigration with illegal immigration without people noticing.

    Does any honest, thinking person believe Democrats would push for legal and illegal immigrants if most of them identified as conservatives? It’s all about power. They’ve trained their useful idiots to attack anyone that points this out.

    • Illegal immigrants are the future of the new United States of America.
      They’ll work for less. Expect less.
      It’s the only way America can compete with China.

  7. Maybe if the government wasn’t so tyrannical it wouldn’t constantly be concerned with people fighting back?

    This comes to mind: The Mirror(Twilight Zone)

    Perhaps instead of lefties getting up on stage and actively “othering” half the country they could try not rallying their base to smash windows and maybe stop threatening to put people in camps?

    • Yes it does…I will add certain YouTube channels are advocating armed rebellion. Not terribly bright but so would I if I wasn’t old & in not the best of health. All I got for Christmas was AMMO…I’m not under any illusion we’ll win(is there really a “we”?).

  8. I wonder what the results would be from the same poll 4 years ago. I’m sure the Democrats had full confidence in the federal government under Trump. Oh wait, they were talking about how it might take a military coup to get him out back then. Nope, all it took was a few million fraudulent votes…

    • *All it took was a little over 40,000 votes in a few Democrat stronghold districts within a handful of swing states. They ran up the vote total so the normies wouldn’t realize how “close” it really was. Biden won that record total while winning fewer counties than any previous winning candidate in history. He lost all but one of the bellwether counties, and all of the bellwether states. They have to bus people in for his appearances because no one cares about seeing him. He’s the most popular president in the history of this country! Nothing to see, move along.

      • By my recollection Trump was up by 750k votes when they illegally blocked the partisan observers and pulled out the cartons full of fraudulent ballots. That was probably the biggest theft but similar situations in WI, MI, AZ, NV and GA. Trump got 13 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016 and I seriously doubt Joe Brandon got more votes than Hillary (who almost certainly received a significant number of fraudulent votes herself). Hard to say how many, but it was a lot.

        • Trump was also able to get more black and Hispanic votes compared to 2016 despite the constant negative “racist” coverage. That negative coverage worked on suburban white moms who thought the Orange Man was a big meanie.

        • “when they illegally blocked the partisan observers and pulled out the cartons full of fraudulent ballots“

          Oh yeah, that’s rich!

          Quick get the flash communication to Sidney Powell, Rudy and Lin woods!

          The kraken awakes!

      • Dud Brain you are a ranting racist and traitor to the U.S.

        Everything you just posted comes from Far Right web sites and none of it is even remotely true.

        You advocated for the Jan. 6th take over of the government by force and the establishment of a Trump dictatorship and a one party state and elimination of freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the right to more than one political party. You are a poster boy for the dangerous far right fanatics that are the biggest threat to democracy in the history of this country. No foreign country ever posed a threat as great than traitors like you.

        And you ranting nut case Biden besides winning the Electoral College Biden won the popular vote as well.

        Biden’s 4.5-point victory margin is the second largest since 2000. Only Barack Obama’s 7-point win in 2008 was bigger. The same is true of Biden’s margin of 7 million popular votes. Obama won by 10 million in 2008. And, of course, the 81 million votes Biden won is by far the most any presidential candidate has ever received.

        Try again oh demented racist storm trooper.

        • lil’ d,
          You constantly making those accusations does not make them true. Quote me on any of those or you’re FOS. Everyone here knows the answer. It’s sad that you’re so insecure, that the only way you feel you can “win” a debate is to throw out accusations. How old are you again?

        • to Dud Brain

          Quote————-Like I said, Biden won by a little over 40,000 votes.———–quote

          Have 4th grader explain my post to you because the election stats do not lie but you do. Seek mental help you are a basket case.

        • More name calling…Where’s the lie? A 4th grader could probably explain how our presidential elections work. Hint: they don’t win by popular vote. You just continue to reinforce what I’ve been saying.

        • Is that an aura of smugness from the grinning idiot or the stench from him having not washed in over a month?

        • What impotent onanists like Dirtlan or Vlad etc. can never understand is it’s not about Trump. It was never about Trump.

  9. In my earlier comments I stated that:

    — Fraud is rampant in our political system.
    — People think that 50.1% of votes means anything goes.
    — Half of our population believes that our democracy is under attack.

    And someone is concerned that, “peaceful elections,” are not possible. Gee, I wonder why?

    As it stands right now, a bunch of politicians could run for election claiming that upholding human dignity and ensuring our nation’s future prosperity will be their highest priority, including publishing a plan where they will reduce government thuggery (e.g. reduce police/government brutality), ensure “living wages” for everyone, and shore-up Social Security–all without tax increases. Of course legacy media and Big Tech would dutifully quash reports from economists telling us how that is impossible with our decades-long decreasing population trend. Then 50.1% of voters, who only constitute 40% of our voting population, vote for those politicians. Winning office and recognizing that we need a baby boom to achieve their true agenda, those politicians pass a law mandating that government appointed “agents” impregnate (e.g. rape) all women of child-bearing age. Last but not least, legacy media and Big Tech would quash most stories of these government mandated rapes–and would tout how wonderful they were in the few cases that managed to see some daylight. In that nightmarish world, is it any wonder that, “peaceful elections,” would be in serious jeopardy? Sadly, that is pretty much where we are at this point.

  10. This is not a Republican/Democrat thing, atleast not for me. This is an American thing.

    Looking back over the years, I’m not sure I have EVER been truly represented by any government. Some have come closer than others though. Most of them are out for themselves for their own aggrandizement. Too many of them are idiots and then there are the tyrants.

    These people are so wrapped up in craziness that they don’t even know what insurrection actually is.

    Websites like this one serve to communicate things that people need to know about guns including things like what to do and what NOT to do. Knowledge and skill controlled by confidence and tamed by maturity are what produces good things.

    • Did you see the actual speech from Watters? I’m not doubting you, but if we don’t have the speech, then we’re relying on Raw Story to tell us what CNN said about someone else’s speech.

      • He has a tendency to manufacture context but occasionally he does find an incident or two that is almost as bad as he portrays it but rarely acknowledges that it gets dealt with harshly and is not encouraged.

      • *You’re relying on dacian to tell you what Raw Story said about a CNN clip that talked about someone’s speech. Go directly to the source folks. The media exists to spread propaganda.

      • Yes now your telling us CNN is not an accredited news program. Even if we turned the volume up to deafening levels you would come up with some outrageous lie to excuse Watters and what he advocated. He said it in a room full of people and the news media was there. So try and deny all this , of course you will.

    • darcydodo…Just when you thought you have something to put in your dope pipe who other than the democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been making the rounds on Talk Radio promoting his book about what a pile of poo your storm trooper quack dr, fauci is. Thanks to no other than the democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his decades of knowledge about dr. fauci the cat is out of the bag and down the road on dr. fauci.

      Since the evidence shows vaccine after booster vaccine after another booster vaccine are not working then what is the vaccine doing to your body? I mean is this some time release jim jones kool aide mixture going on here or what? Run along now, read the book penned by someone surely you respect and then let us know your thoughts on dr. fauci? Pretty please.

      • We of the Far Left have been able to sit back and watch the Far Right destroy themselves with the Covid 19 and we thank Fox News for its convincing the Far Right to be paranoid about the vaccines. There will be far less Far Right voters in the next elections.

        • You may call your wacky gibberish a reply to my post however it’s nothing but dodge ball crap. Are you so Far Left and stupid you think that song and dance sells? C’Mon comical commie you can do better than that. Read my post slowly and try again…pretty please.

        • I recall it was the Democrat leftist Governors of PA, NY, and MI that forced nursing homes to take in COVID patients at the height of the Alpha variant prior to development of the vaccine, proper testing, or effective alternative treatments. Seems to me it’s not the right you have to worry about.

        • Yellow Devil I can only speak for NY but we sent covid infected patients from prisons, medium loaded hospitals, and off the streets into nursing homes instead of the numerous field hospitals set up by the national guard or other relatively empty hospitals (especially upstate at the beginning of the pandemic). Oh and then we sent covid positive patients (post testing) to the hospital ship that was supposed to be for non-covid assistance with the overloaded NYC hospitals. The failures we saw in our state at best were profound incompetence.

    • Where’s the video of Watters lil’ d? Why should we believe your interpretation of word of mouth news presented by the propagandist media? This is a prime example of how the media operates and the type of people that fall for it. There’s a reason the CNN clip didn’t show Watters. They’re pushing a narrative and you’re the useful idiot that spreads it.

      It looks like the context wasn’t an “assassination” or even violence. The ambush that Watters advocated was apparently to get in Fauci’s face and ask him questions about Covid. The “kill shot” was to ask him about gain of function research. Of course Fauci wants him fired for that. He shouldn’t have to answer difficult questions. He’s only been on the taxpayer salary for how long now?

      • Dud Brain you lying Moron Watters gave a speech in front of several hundred people and the news media was there. Get that long nose of yours out of the ass of Foxy News and start watching some accredited news programs or accredited news web sites. Its all over the News today. What Far out Planet do you exist on surely it is not earth.

        • “Its all over the News today.”

          Cool, then you should have no problem posting a link to that speech Watters gave. Show us the part where he screamed that he wanted Fauci assassinated. I’ll check back later to see if you and CNN were honest about what happened. Thanks in advance.

    • I read that. You know of course that most generals are dyed-in-the-wool Democrats. For some reason, most of the upper echelons of the armed services are liberals, while the rank and file are usually conservatives. Strange. Anyway, someone dug these guys up for the very purpose of stoking the fire. Democrats WANT and armed insurrection so that the “authorities” can clamp down on the “right wing extremism” that they blame for their inability to pass their legislative agenda, failing to mention that it is the most extreme socialist program since FDR.

      FDR is credited for saving the country from the depression, but modern economists have published many learned treatises demonstrating that his actions actually extended it. What saved us from the depression was entry into WWII, because that is what put Am3rica back to work. Today what we have are more and more vaccine mandates that are closing down businesses and putting people out of work. The economy would recover by itself if the Democrats allowed it to.

  11. “The most important thing is accountability,” said General Anderson. “You need to be — we need to account for all the people, all the insurrectionists that participated, and a lot of them are being brought to justice, but we haven’t accounted for the leaders. The people out there — the Josh Hawleys, the Donald Trumps, the people that fanned the flames of insurrection and then stood back and acted surprised when it happened.

  12. General Anderson also warned about the potential threat of radicalization from within the ranks of the United States military.

    “But the other thing that we advocate in our op-ed is that we need to educate soldiers and sailors and airmen and marines on civics 101,” Anderson continued. “You need to understand the difference between allegiance to the Constitution, and allegiance to a cult-like figure, like — like Donald Trump. We cannot let that happen. We signed an oath to the Constitution, not to a person. We need to gather intelligence about the people within our midst. We need to find out next — the next generation of insurrectionists out there and we need get them out of the Army. And I believe the military took a step in that direction today with this new policy in which they are making it very difficult to become an active member in an extreme group which is really good.”

    And the final thing I would say is strategic planning and working,” added Anderson. “We need to think now. We need to imagine the unimaginable. When I — a year ago, if somebody told me on the 6th of January, we would have thousands of Americans storming the Capitol, I would have said it’s ridiculous. It’s unimaginable. Well, we need to think about 2024 now. There are things out there that could happen — cybersecurity and other threats — we got to start thinking about it now and take action.”

    • No insurrection happened, only notable violence came from leftists, no insurrection will happen from conservatives, next election will suck for your favorites. Try not to sperg out too much.

        • LOL far right Nazi, buddy your lack of comprehension greatly diminishes your credibility even with cherry picked incidents of man bites dog. Shall we go through the Antifa/BLM/Soros inc riots or look into how much of the 6th provocateurs had links to the Feds. But yes do attack my cognition as you scream into the void and all that you love online crumbles on your screen.

        • “look into how much of the 6th provocateurs had links to the Feds“

          Void, please do share what you know about which of the so-called provocateurs on 6 January “had links to the Feds”.

        • Void, your links don’t have anything to do whatsoever with the failed insurrection of January 6.

          Sadly, you have failed to support your outlandish claim… Sad.

          “15confidential sources fed FBI info from Malheur National Wildlife Refuge”

          You bet, there are many honorable, patriotic Americans who will happily do their patriotic duty by turning in the welfare queen Bundy family for their criminal acts.

          You people think that crazy Mormon Bundys are somehow patriots, when in actuality they just wanted free stuff from the government, financed by you and me. But he’s been stealing grazing rights from the American people for decades, and a federal judge (SAC pilot vet), appointed by Reagan, is the one who first found him guilty and banned him from using any federal lands.

        • Hilariously more evidence for my outlandish claim than any for an actual insurrection, have fun showing anyone charged let alone convicted of insurrection buddy.

      • “only notable violence came from leftists“

        Strange, the multi year prison sentences for assaulting law-enforcement officers have been going to right wing extremists…

        And why did Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram and other right wing propaganda entertainers beg Mark Meadows to have Trump call off his insurrectionists?

        And I must admit, here at Christmas time it’s just so sad to learn that Donald Trump Junior doesn’t even have his own father‘s phone number…

  13. Show me the difference between the Far Right bearded tattooed racist, ignorant Hillbillies riding around in pickup trucks waving AR-15’s advocating a one party state and a Christian Caliphate and Far Right bearded Muslim fanatics riding around in pickup trucks with AK-47’s advocated a one party state and an Islamic Caliphate. There is no difference, none whatsoever.

    • At least you chose the correct avatar.

      Even a stopped clock is right more times every day than you are.

    • darcydodo…With all those hillbillies running around with guns it looks like you’ll need a place to hide…like under your bed. Not to worry if they are as dumb and pathetic as you present them to be they’ll never find you.

      • They’ll bring out the banjos and say he has a “purdy mouth”. Those on the ANTIFA bus agree on the latter too.

    • Open your eyes

      Anything can be takin to an extreme. There ARE extremists on all sides. THAT is not argued. You are confusing what these things mean. An idiot is an idiot regardless of who they vote for. But you are so used to equating “far right” with “ignorant hillbillies” that what you completely miss is the fact that even though that element is there, it does NOT represent the American Republican Conservative. THAT is just a talking point made up by Democrats and the liberal media.

      There is a world of difference between someone that bombs abortion clinics and the anti-abortion Christian Right. Your never going to get beyond the lies without being able to see that difference.

    • “Show me the difference“

      No functional difference, both are delusional religionistas, using their cult taboos and Commandments to justify their evil actions.

      • Still got nothing on atheists. Evil is inherent to power and human behavior and however misguided some sects can be religion does put a brake on some of the excesses.

        • “religion does put a brake on some of the excesses“

          Never put the brakes on human slavery, in fact Jehovah provides explicit details on exactly how to conduct the disgusting and immoral practice, see Exodus 21.

        • Google jubilee research compare to every other culture at the time and try again. See also Abolitionists and the rate of atheism in that crowd then compare to atheism in communism and how willing they were to impose defacto slavery. Nothing is perfect but it is a lot less horrific when God in some form has a say

        • Jubilee? You do realize of course, Jubilee was only for the Hebrew slaves, right?

          “According to the Book of Leviticus, Hebrew slaves and prisoners would be freed, debts would be forgiven, and the mercies of Yahweh would be particularly manifest.“

          Jehovah commanded that the Hebrews get most of their slaves from the heathens around them, and that those slaves would become their property for life and be able to be handed down to their descendants as property.

          Why would a supposedly morally perfect God endorse a clearly immoral practice such as slavery?

        • Tickled pink you have a familiarity with it 🙂 yes it is troubling that the starting point for any humane treatment of slaves includes perpetual for outsiders but given the practices of the bronze age it was a vast improvement. Compared to their neighbors who would enslave anyone and abuse them (injure or kill at whim with few if any consequences) let alone the more Sardinian/Phoenician treatment of the more vulnerable I would say a morally perfect God took some good first steps in a brutal world. With that said you didn’t seem to cover the ashiest/communist or non-Abrahamic (where you would have a better argument for a bloodthirsty god) in your argument.

        • “but given the practices of the bronze age it was a vast improvement”

          Oh, Jehovah brought a kinder, gentler slavery?

          It is still slavery, people owned in perpetuity as property and passed on to the masters children.

          Come on, answer the question about your perfect God:

          Why would a supposedly morally perfect God endorse a clearly immoral practice such as slavery?

        • Can humanity attain perfection likely no
          Can humanity take steps of improvement yes
          Is a kinder gentler slavery that slowly eliminates the practice an improvement yes
          You seem to have an irrational hatred of God and it may cloud your judgement. Not saying it is the case but remember to approach the evaluation with an objective mindset and not a preset agenda. You have a fairly broad base of knowledge and more importantly the ability to critically think through the data. It would be a shame to waste it on a hatred of something you may not believe exists (do not know one way or the other for you there)

        • We can all agree that slavery is immoral. I have a question Miner, if you don’t mind. This is a serious question to help me understand where you’re coming from, and some atheists in general. Are these particular passages all that’s keeping you from being a Christian?

    • The Islamic extremists shoot people with those AKS, and behead people who violate their religious decrees. Not happening here. Did you know that the Proud Boys was founded by a black American? What it attracts are men willing to ANTIFA’s violence and desire for total anarchy, a goal being promulgated by radical Democrats who what to disarm and defund the police.

    • So you don’t consider the metal poles, chemical irritant sprays, clubs, flag poles, etc. to be ‘arms’?

      Anytime there is a planned assault on the United States capital seeking to stop the joint session of Congress deliberating the constitutionally mandated process of electing our president, that is by definition an insurrection.

      In this case, a failed insurrection because Donald Trump lied to the mob and chickened out. He told them he would be with them when they assaulted the capital, but instead he retreated to the bunker in the White House basement and watched the action on TV.

      You know, if he hadn’t choked and stayed home, he could’ve easily lead the insurrectionists directly into the House chambers and disrupted the certification process.

      But Trump, you know the guy who said he could stop school shootings all by himself, chickened out… Just like he did for Vietnam, he was too busy avoiding venereal disease in New York City, as he termed it his “own personal Vietnam”.

      It is ironic to see so many honorable veterans supporting a draft dodger and coward, over bona fide American heroes who did their duty and saw the elephant, such as John McCain.

      • Is this why NO ONE has been charged with insurrection? Is this why all of those people who attended the protest from all over the country were NOT present for Trump’s speech, and as a simple matter of cause and effect, were not instigated by that speech to attack the Congress?

        • “NO ONE has been charged with insurrection“

          Mark, don’t pretend, you really do know how federal investigations work from the ground up.

          First it was the minor ‘tourists’, misdemeanors 30 days here, a couple months there.

          Now we’re moving into four and five year felony sentences, with hundreds more defendants to face the bar of justice.

          And the congressional investigation of the events of January 6 is moving along, gathering startling new details about the activities of President Trump’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows and his communications before, during and after the failed insurrection.

          Be patient, the wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow, but they grind exceedingly fine…

      • What I said is an unarmed insurrection. I made no mention of what constitutes arms.

        My point is an insurrection isn’t an insurrection without the use of weapons and force. Lacking those, it’s nothing but a demonstration.

        Just think how a “demonstration” would have worked out against the British which started the American Revolutionary War.

        • “My point is an insurrection isn’t an insurrection without the use of weapons and force”

          That’s a ridiculous distinction, and besides they used weapons and force, literally forcing their way into the building while assaulting police officers.

          Force? Over 140 police officers were injured, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage were done to the doors and portals of the United States Capitol.

          And the fact is, the very mob itself was the weapon, honed with continuous election fraud lies and whipped into a frenzy by calculated propaganda speeches designed to inflame and deceive.

          Of course, as I pointed out before, Donald Trump’s cowardice and fear driving him to hide in the White House bunker wrote finis to the attempted insurrection.

  14. The media is reporting the reality that here are whackos on the far right who want a civil war and will tell or embrace every crazed conspiracy theory they can come up with to make it happen. It is news because the threat that was once absurd and far fetched is now growing into a reality with each passing day.

    • Is that why that guy drove through the parade while aiming for people? Which crazy conspiracy theory did he embrace? How and why was he radicalized? Why isn’t the media reporting on that threat? Why isn’t the media discussing the threat posed by a repeat of the 2020 Summer of Love and Inclusiveness? There’s a reason for all things.

    • No doubt that there are radicals out there–on both sides of the political spectrum. Always have been. But in very few instances (e.g. the Russian Revolution) have there been more than a small majority spouting their radical rhetoric.

    • “the threat that was once absurd and far fetched is now growing into a reality with each passing day“

      In fact, right wing nut jobs and their multi national corporate owners, have been attempting to overthrow the will of the people for decades.
      Here’s an interesting plot, that was thwarted by a patriotic Appalachian coal miner, a brave American soldier who was one of the few two-time medal of honor winners.

      “The Business Plot (also called the Wall Street Putsch[1] and The White House Putsch) was a political conspiracy in 1933 in the United States to overthrow the government of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and install a dictator.[2] Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler asserted that wealthy businessmen were plotting to create a fascist veterans’ organization with Butler as its leader and use it in a coup d’état to overthrow Roosevelt. In 1934, Butler testified under oath before the United States House of Representatives Special Committee on Un-American Activities (the “McCormack–Dickstein Committee”) on these revelations.[3] Although no one was prosecuted, the congressional committee final report said, “there is no question that these attempts were discussed, were planned, and might have been placed in execution when and if the financial backers deemed it expedient.”

      • You don’t find it odd no one was charged with any conspiracy? Respect to Butler for his service, but my respect for his assessment, true or otherwise, is diminished by his continued justification to fight for those very corporations in Latin America when he could have resigned his commission in protest.

        But don’t worry, more and more big corporations now donate to leftist and democrat candidates, so you can be cool with them.

        • “You don’t find it odd no one was charged with any conspiracy?“

          The extremely wealthy never pay the true consequences of their criminal behavior, that’s the advantage of having the money to buy off corrupt politicians.

          That’s why the ultra wealthy continue to get massive tax breaks from the corporate owned Republicans, the billionaires want a return on their investment.

  15. Well, I note that two of our resident idiots, dacian the stupid and MinorIQ have showed up to parade their ignorance, and display their total lack of understanding of our Constitutional system, while lamenting (but not publicly admitting) the abject failure of their socialist utopia . . . “It would work for us, because we’d do it RIGHT, this time!!!”

    dacian the demented and MinorIQ, please be aware, we are laughing AT you, not with you. You, collectively, have an IQ lower than room temperature in a Minnesota ice fishing cabin in the dead of winter, but you continue to flaunt your historical, scientific, cultural and political ignorance as a badge of honor. Please continue your vapid idiocy in public, it’s fun to watch and mock.

    As for a response to your idiocy?? “Let’s go, Brandon!!”

    Hie thyselves off to the theological place of eternal punishment.

  16. Funny how Republicans under a Democrat may not feel properly represented. I wonder if the percentage of Democrats had faith in government during the last administration would have been different….. Oh wait, I found the same poll from when Trump was in office and the numbers by political affiliation flipped. I guess if Democrats aren’t happy with representation it’s righteous, but if Republicans aren’t happy it MUST be treason.

    Nothing like pointing out hypocrisy to bring out the paid trolls though. This comment section is absolutely flush with them.

    • It’s different when it involves Democrats Tim. You see, when a “maverick” from Arizona votes with the opposite political party to help Democrats, that’s call bipartisanship and should be celebrated. But when a Democrat votes with Republicans, that’s called one person holding up progress. That one person deserves nothing but scorn.

  17. Funny how the Capitol insurrection, has several video’s od the Capitol Police waving in and directing folks into the building. Holding the doors open and ushering folks in. Even funnier is the seldom mentioned little fact that several of the instigators turned out to be paid FBI informants. Just as the main instigators and planners of the so called kidnapping plot against the Mich. governor were also paid FBI informants.
    Strange how the FBI couldn’t come up with any kind of plot or semi-organized group attempting some sort of coup or insurrection against the government regarding Jan.6.
    I’m sure if there was a shred of anything usable evidence the DOJ and the FBI would have trumpeted it from the rooftops and had a major case against whoever they could charge.
    Now, as to the idea of some sort of open warfare. All I can recomend is stock up on supplies, both arms and ammo, as well as food, comms, batteries/chargers etc. and just watch and see what happens over the next few years. I find it amusing the constant cry from the media and the left is that anyone not following the narrative/agenda is the enemy and needs to be destroyed. But, it’s been the same left wing looting, destroying, and supporting the violent riots in several cities.
    I’m about as right leaning, conservative as you can be and still have a brain. I do not want to see any kind of shooting war if there is any way to avoid it. But, I will not ever submit to the far left agenda.
    I’ve been in other parts of the world and have seen first hand how badly the leftist agenda works in reality. Works great for the beaurocrats and the politicians/business oligarchs running things. But is a disaster for the average citizens and working classes.
    Another major reason the Socialist/Fascist/Marxist systems never work is very simply because for those systems to work would take a major change in basic human nature. At some point they will all fail because they become over weighted with those who demand the benefits without contributing. Evryone wants a piece of the pie, but no one wants to pick the apples or mill the flour to make that pie.

    • That ain’t no sht.
      I see white male 25-30 year olds walking the streets every day, where do they get their money?, none of thems got jobs.
      A majority of blacks dont wanna work because they got a hard on for whitey, I can understand that, and after being here a while the brown immigrants start bitching because they want more too.
      I think it boils down to people get jealous when they’re limping their POS car to work when the boss is flying around in a jet liner demanding the “slaves” work harder.

    • “fact that several of the instigators turned out to be paid FBI informants“

      I must say, I am really looking forward to you sharing the evidence to support your claim.

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