The Little Tortila Boy

Given RF’s recent post about the Burrito Boy, it reminded me of this. Pablo Francisco is a talented comedian/impressionist who does a killer “Don LaFontaine.” The late Mr. Fontaine was better known as the “Movie Trailer Guy.” You know – the ones that went “In a world…” Pablo performs one of his routines here, where he takes on LaFontaine, Keanu Reeves and The Terminator himself, in a bit he calls The Little Tortila Boy.



  1. avatar John Fritz says:

    When I saw the headline for this post I thought perhaps we were going to discuss the other Taco Bell guy.

  2. avatar 2yellowdogs says:

    I guess the fact that he didn’t do a Keanu Reeves impersonation indicates that Reeves is simply too shitty an actor for even a great impressionist like Francisco to tackle.

  3. avatar Gunnutmegger says:

    Speaking of Don LaFontaine…

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