“The Gunfighter” [NSFW]

Thanks to my buddy, Matt, for linking me to The Gunfighter a few months ago. This hilarious short film should have gone up on TTAG then. Nine minutes of quality programming here, and a bit of levity in what feels like a rough couple months of serious news at home and abroad.  

The Little Tortila Boy

Given RF’s recent post about the Burrito Boy, it reminded me of this. Pablo Francisco is a talented comedian/impressionist who does a killer “Don LaFontaine.” The late Mr. Fontaine was better known as the “Movie Trailer Guy.” You know – the ones that went “In a world…” Pablo performs one of his routines here, where […]

Sunday Morning Funnies: The Professionals

Ah, the wonders of AlGore’s InterWeb thingy. No, I’m not talking about Mr. Global Warming’s failed attempt at creating a television network “for the rest of us.” No, I’m referring to the fact that the web has allowed just about anybody with a camera, a laptop, a broadband connection and a dream to write/direct/produce their […]