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I found this guy tucked away in the farthest corner of the convention center. His product, the iMarksman, is a laser-based training simulator that’s developed for the home user. Using a drop-in replacement slide (and a new trigger pack for those striker fired pistols) the system uses the gun you already have to fire a laser every time the trigger is pulled. That laser is used to shoot at targets projected on the wall, targets which can be programmed or random and include many different types, and can even include video. The system records how the gun moves as you’re pulling the trigger, and shows you where the shot would wind up. The system retails for about $1.5k, but as tech and materials get cheaper it makes sense that systems like these will only get cheaper.

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  1. Or get a Laserlyte trainer for about $90, and order one of Cope Reynolds’ $65 Glock Dry Fire Practice Kits that drops right in and does a pretty good job of resetting the trigger.

  2. Sounds similar to that discussion of the “laser cartridges” the other day

  3. They called me a while back about using some of my video scenarios on their system for judgment training which is the only thing that I can find that video systems do well. Apparently they don’t have scenario of their own which is a big downfall for their system. Even if they add in mine or the user does their own, the system will not branch (react) appropriately based on what the shooter does. The system might be inexpensive, but it does not offer much in terms of training.

  4. Foghorn- yeah I said that is what the training cartridges were missing- this guy was way ahead of me and basically built what I was talkin about.

  5. Imarksman able to record the shots, gun movements when pulling the trigger and trace the gun movement from the holster to the point of shot…..
    The system designed for low budgeting LE departments and now it is very popular between Firearm instructors.

    This system has a flexibility to fit any training tactics.
    Glock USA is considering equipping training team with iMarksman systems.
    It is $$$$ for individuals….but compare what is on the market today….

    The branching video is available only for LE..

  6. I know this is an older post I have some additional information based on personal experience with one of the company’s products, iDryFire.

    Spent over two hours trying to set this up, one issue after another. The software and driver files that came with the camera were corrupt. I had to request that another set be sent to me. After I obtained a new set of software (which had to be verified and took about 20 hours of waiting), the camera was then not detected by my computer. I received an error about the device itself malfunctioning. The iDryFire software itself kept crashing as soon as it opened. I tried this on two different PCs. I do not recommend buying this product. Great in theory, but useless in practice.

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