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The only research I could really do was to visit the website of [name of gun-based business]. The top of the page was all about getting your guns engraved, which struck me as odd. Engraved guns? Must be a part of the culture. I asked my husband about this (he’s a country boy who’s been around guns his whole life) and these are his exact words: “It’s like getting a tattoo on your dick. It’s stupid.” But that’s neither here nor there.

Additionally, it seems transfers of ownership are also performed at this location. I scrolled further down the website and saw that you could also get a custom holster the size of a cupcake. Yum!

Then we got to the real shit: Complete Handgun $175, Complete Revolver $200, Complete AR $450+. Whether they are selling, buying, or rubbing them in oil and putting them up their bums really makes no difference to me. We are less than 1,000 feet from an elementary school. A place where hundreds of parents send their precious little lives every day, trusting they’ll be safe. A place where 5-year-olds and 6-year-olds have to participate in lock-down drills just in case someone comes in, or drives by when the kids are out at recess, carrying a newly-engraved or newly-transferred AR and does the unthinkable.

Anyway, I’d been speaking up lately about climate change and healthcare, I’d even begun a run for a local office that required me overcoming intense social anxiety to knock on doors and collect signatures of people I didn’t know so I could get on the ballot. Additionally, I was attending social events and forcing myself to be way more outgoing than I had theretofore felt comfortable with. I knew the time had come.

I was literally shaking — as I’m shaking while typing this — when I pulled up the map on my computer and screen-shotted the area close to our school. I added a red circle around our elementary school and a red circle around the home where the gun shop is located, and made a notation that it was 0.2 miles away from the school. I then took a deep breath and posted it to our school PTC’s Facebook page (258 members) with the caption: “Does it terrify anyone else that someone’s running a gun shop out of their home 0.2 miles away from where our children go to school? Does anyone know if there are rules about how far away they have to be?”

– Janette DeFelice, MD, MA in What Happened When I Spoke Up about the (Completely Legal) Home-Based Gun Shop Less Than 1,000 Feet from our Elementary School

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  1. I wonder if she’s aware that vehicles exist, and people often take their guns outside of walking distance from a gun store, so distance from a school is irrelevant…

    • She does imply vehicular use in her screed.

      “…someone comes in, or drives by when the kids are out at recess, carrying a newly-engraved or newly-transferred AR and does the unthinkable.”

      I wonder just how many guns are safely driven by every day for just that school.


      “…when the kids are out at recess…”

      How many recess-specific shooting have there been?

      • You need to worry about the criminals with guns. Not the legal gun owners. Maybe she needs to look up facts and not assumption.

        • “You need to worry about the criminals with guns. Not the legal gun owners. Maybe she needs to look up facts and not assumption.”

          Criminals with guns are not “a thing” in her life. If she is a doctor (physician or other), she lives in a nice neighborhood. If she is a doctor, she lives in a “safe” neighborhood (as in not the inner city). If she is a doctor, she encounters deplorables only as patients, not friends, associates or equals. If she is a doctor, her fear is that some “normal looking” person, in her nice neighborhood, shopping or entertainment district, will suddenly snap and start shooting. That is what she fears, not criminals.

        • If she is a doctor she is an idiot. One of the members of a group that is so dangerous that they must be licensed and even so are the 3rd largest cause of death in the country. They all need to be rounded up and deported to … somewhere!

    • This woman would do well to stop worrying about drive bys or where the nearest gun store is and should instead be concerned about where the nearest gas station is. Even Elementary school kids are more likely to come into contact with cigarettes than they are likely to come into contact with a gun or get shot.

      But I suppose that gun control is the far more glamorous form of activism in her mind.

    • When I drive to my range, I drive past 6 schools directly because they are on the main roads I drive on. During my drive I most likely pass within a thousand feet of at least a dozen or so more schools.

      I think the author has an anxiety condition and should seek professional help.

    • “Anyway, I’d been speaking up lately about climate change and healthcare, I’d even begun a run for a local office that required me overcoming intense social anxiety . . .” I don’t think you could possibly find a better example of a snowflake.

    • A Massachusetts medical doctor is terrified of a lawful business. I’ve no plans to move but my home state is a political joke and the more educated the resident, the more clueless and weak they seem to be.

    • People that don’t like or are afraid of guns will rarely change their opinion. They will frequently dwell on the cons of owning and shooting. My father is retired PD and brought his gun home from time to time. I never touched it without permission. It is an education issue as well. I taught my son’s when they were 10. My eldest is military and my youngest is 13. He is allowed to carry, never chambered, on my property. However, when we are rough housing no guns are worn or near. I live rural and gun shops are near schools, day cares and churches. Education is a key factor and I actively encourage ladies to ask me or teach them to shoot. I respect all opinions
      Dave…AKA The Marshall

    • Kids are actually safer having this business nearby. If the owner or patrons hear something, they likely will not execute the Broward County Sheriff “hide and wait” tactical approach non-entry.

  2. I’d call it a feature, not a bug. Hopefully it’s a good store and not some little crappy place trying to sell used high points as Glock forties.

    • Speaking of Glock, I just heard of a negligent discharge story. Apparently a dad was wrestling with his 4 year old when his Glock fell out and fired a bullet through the kid’s head. Most people know better than to wrestle with kids while carrying, but I want to know why the gun discharged. I’d like to see more stories like this so we can learn from others’ mistakes. Plus, I thought this gun was drop safe?

      • This is why they make holsters. Unintentional removal is something I don’t think could happen with my carry holster. Getting the gun to go off on accident is a whole other level of improbability.
        I’ll try some flips and cartwheels with the gun unloaded and see if I can get the thing to fall out.

        • I’ve had mine get snagged up on stuff, often rides up and off my belt and doesn’t hold my G19 well. Alien Gear Stealth or some such. Like clothing, I’m too broke ass to afford anything new right now, so I have to keep gambling.

      • It IS drop-safe. It’s not fumble-fingers-and-crap-sticking-through-the-trigger-guard-while-yanking-on-it-after-it-fell-out-of-your-unfitted-holster-safe.

        • They’re investigating it, but I doubt I’ll see a follow up story. It sounds like one bullet went off and nicked the dad’s head, then went through the kid’s head. The story made it sound like it just fell and went off, but who knows. Dad lived, kid died.

        • This. If the Glock simply fell out, nothing would happen. They’ve been dropped off of roofs, out of helicopters at hundreds of feet, thrown into walls, across pastures, nothing.

          This is more than “it fell out and went off”.

      • Thats why you should carry a DA/SA. Carrying a Glock is like carrying a single action with the hammer cocked back and no saftey

        • tsbhoa.p.jr …..then please explain how the idea of “glock leg’ came about and it being commonly used if the darn thing is so ‘safe’???

          you don’t hear about…1911 leg…or revolver leg???

        • @OBOB

          Ever hear of a guy named Tex Grebner?

          Should look into him about that 1911 leg..

          Glock leg is a bullshit scare tactic by old guys who couldn’t figure out how to not keep their fat fingers out of trigger guards. Nothing more. If that tiny little piece of metal (safety) is the ONLY thing keeping you from shooting yourself, you shouldn’t own a firearm.

          • Ever hear of a guy named Tex Grebner?

            Wasn’t that the incident that turned out to be holster related? IFIRC, the video proved being shot by a .45 bullet will not blow your leg off.

        • It’s not just fat fingers, John. It is shirt tails, old holsters (only once I know of), junk in a woman’s purse such as a lip stick, keys etc. People have to learn that the only safe Glock is in a good holster with its trigger covered until it is drawn.

        • obob, a cocked and unlocked sa (or da/ sa) is not drop safe and only needs the trigger depressed or a good jolt to discharge. the glock has a safety blade on the trigger and is drop safe and cannot discharge unless something depresses the blade and trigger.

          i don’t like platique stryker stuff. i carry often hammer back, safety off.

          they are not the same.

          dad said, “there are no accidents, only carelessness.” like a glock nd.

      • It is drop safe. Guarantee the trigger was pulled to the rear, causing the sear to release the firing pin. In other words, it functioned as designed and a child is dead because his dad was a fvcking moron who negligently shot his son. No news outlet covering a fatal ND will cover it that way though, they always use passive language like “the gun went off” to make it sound like firearms routinely discharge on their own.

        Modern handguns are very, VERY safe in that they will fire when the trigger is pulled, and won’t fire when the trigger isn’t pulled

      • Would you want to believe that you could be responsible for killing your child while doing something unsafe when you knew better at the time?

      • I’ve been carrying a G23 Gen 2 for nearly 25 years without experiencing glock leg, a negligent discharge, or a kaboom. I’ve seen 1911 guys with their fingers on the trigger and thumb on the safety in ready position. A big no no with a Glock, as it will fire with a press of the trigger as it was designed. Glocks are drop safe, with a firing pin block, same as a series 80 1911. What usually happens with a dropped handgun is it is quite instinctive to try and catch it. A finger in the trigger guard and POW, an ND.

  3. The blogger seems to have some suppressed sexual fascination with guns.
    She should probably do some real “research” and go shoot a gun and maybe learn something?
    But then, this snippet didn’t explain what actually happened after she spoke up…

  4. This is probably a one owner shop paying taxes and defending the community. I can think of a lot of other businesses I’d rather push away…

  5. You didn’t put it in quotes so I fully believed I was reading satire until I got to the end and saw the name and link. The ignorance, it hurts.

  6. “Social anxiety”.

    Is there even one lefty out there who isn’t mentally or emotionally broken? At least one who doesn’t wave it about like it adds to their Democrat street cred.

    • It’s actually a point of pride. Note how the author notes her anxiety, that she is literally shaking, that she is overcoming her fears, etc. In the land of the left, you boast of your weakness, vulnerability, and victim-hood. It’s not a virtue to be strong, brave, or confident; it’s only a virtue to signal that you aren’t these things (because the patriarchy is these things).

      • I re-read her commentary to see if she stated that she’d actually visited the alleged “gun shop”, or if she’s ever held/fired a gun in her life, or if she even knows what she’s talking about…

        279 days until MAGA 2020

        • Keep the judicial system repair on track. With any luck we can break some of the legislative nullification on basic rights.

    • I am SOLIDLY ‘right wing’ and I’ve suffered with social anxiety most of my life. Social interactions make me VERY uncomfortable, especial with unfamiliar people/groups. It used to all but paralyze me as a teen.
      The difference being though, I don’t use it as a crutch or a badge of honor and I’ve learned to muscle through it, much like my fear of heights. I don’t let it cripple me anymore, even though it’s still very much there, and that took a very deliberate, dedicated and ongoing effort on my part.

      Left wingers though, do seem to flaunt their mental shortcomings (and MAN are they loaded with them!) like it makes them superior somehow. Like has been said ‘victim mentality’ or more like ‘victim worshippers’.

  7. the horror! but the drug dealers in a school zone are all right! their just trying to raise their families!

    • Actually heard that in a council meeting back when I lived in Albany. Haven’t looked at the main article but wouldn’t surprise me if she is a former neighbor.

  8. Further down, “Now, you would expect parents of helpless elementary school children to be a bit concerned over the proximity to school of a home-based business that deals with assault rifles a block away from school grounds, wouldn’t you? Well, apparently not in our school. I got some responses that they didn’t have any….”

    Apparently she’s especially incensed that very few people agree with her. And that is the point of the whole article.

  9. That website does not allow comments, so there is no responding to such an insipid, idiotic, hoplophobic, weeping snowflake in any meaningful way.

    Sometimes you can find an article on the site’s Facebook page. I found Medium’s Facebook and paged all the way down to the day before this article was published. But nope, they do not have it on their Facebook for readers to comment.

    Usually that does work. Perhaps Medium realized it was such a dumb article it wouldn’t be worth putting it out for comments.

    Oh well.

    • Medium is playing hide the avenda behind their “business model.”

      U wanna read on the regular, or comment n post, there’s a magic morphing membership requirement. Yet outside *linking* to curated articles gets promoted, sometimes.

      There a pubkic square, but some public is more public than others. People play alonv to vet their persona out there n establish bona fides. U wanna see where they’re headed look at investors, advisors, n partners.

  10. Imagine the terror she will feel when she finds out that 1 in 10 adults has a concealed carry permit (excluding states that don’t issue).

  11. Read through the article…this person is a batshit crazy liberal elitist who thinks ONLY her opinion about anything is valid and anyone who thinks other than she does is completely wrong. She’s a Class A Concern Troll manufacturing trauma where none really exists. Zimmerman left-out the best part, where she reports (in an incredulous tone) how she got disregarded, disparaged and ridiculed after she posted her horrifying discovery to the other Parents at the school {except for one person who agreed with her}.

    • Imagine having this loon for a doctor. I bet more than a few of her patients would drop her if they knew about her rantings.

    • What would the author say if a pro-lifer published a similar article stating the horror that an abortion clinic was located within a close proximity to a school? Instead of cowering in fear over what “might happen” with guns, the statement could be made that little children are actually being murdered on a regular basis near a place where children congregate to play and learn.

  12. Man, this was the most cringe-worthy post I’ve seen in a while, and that’s saying something! Hoplophobia, projection-ism, probably even a few lies thrown in for good measure.

  13. Intense stupidity aside, the threat to our rights is that she could potentially be elected to office, and create law based on such “logic”.

  14. Huh a MD, I think MD’s kill more people than firearms a year????????????
    I am more scared of a MD’s ineptness than guns…………..

    • Although I quoted the same statistic we are being dishonest but they do so what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Most fatal medical errors aren’t of the active “he killed you variaty’. They are generally misdiagnosises that lead to fatal resultsm

      • While that is the majority of fatal medical errors (always seek a second opinion, even if the diagnosis is positive) a significant portion are in fact the direct result of a doctor’s actions, such as administering a drug to which the patient is severely allergic because the doctor didn’t read the chart (or the nurse/PA taking the history didn’t record it when told.) A huge portion of iatrogenic fatalities are completely avoidable and not merely the consequence of a lack of skill on the physician’s part.

        • It’s also disturbingly common (statistically still rare but not a once in a blue moon deal either) for patients to contract infections, sometime fatal ones, AT THE HOSPITAL. Why? Because apparently a subset of doctors don’t understand the value of washing their damn hands

  15. I took one for the team and read the rest of her article, as well as her bio and other works page. Man, she checks every single “Woke” box. Patriarchy, Intersectionality, being part of the “resistance” (to Trump), etc.

    She’s also clearly VERY full of herself “I knew the time had come”, and “I even lost a friend because, according to her, I was making trouble for a nice family (someone invites weapons of war into our school community and I’m the one who’s making trouble?).”, etc.


  16. I was going to turn my guns over to the government, so I did a background check on them and found that they are all to mentally unstable to have a gun. (Sigh)

    • As a government employee I find this hilarious and depressingly accurate. We can barely pass gun control without setting officers up for felonies and expect to be taken seriously.

  17. What a goofball! I have
    a gunshop I can easily walk to. I seldom patronize it but I’ve transferred a few guns from Indiana to there. Never a shooting(there’s an elementary school quite nearby). And her hillbilly husband is an idiot. Engraved guns are cool. Lot’s of MD’s I’ve known are arrogant a-hole’s. Exception being my one time doc who served in Iraq!

    • If her husband even exists(?), I pity him. I’d probably say similarly stupid things about engraving and guns and whatever else just to keep her happy and avoid trouble at home.

      • She probably made him have her name tattooed on his dick, in a small enough font that it would fit.

        • “She probably made him have her name tattooed on his dick, in a small enough font that it would fit.”

          There’s actually a technical term for that: micro-stamping.

    • Not to mention that not all gun engravings are of decorative nature. My LGS offers engraving of serial numbers and name of manufacturer on certain types of guns where they are required by the law. But how would she or her “real country boy” husband know?

  18. We have a liquor store next door to the early childhood center in our district, and a pawn shop less than a mile away from the high school where I teach. I have investigated this horrific situation multiple times over the years, as my wife enjoys Abelour 16 and I enjoy reasonably priced firearms. So far, so good!

  19. I read the entire article too. The author has a degree in political science as well as medicine, so she was probably thoroughly indoctrinated by her lefty professors while in college, making her a complete “woke” snowflake full of outrage for anything/anybody that doesn’t conform to her way of thinking. She’s running for public office? Glad it’s not in my district. Her husband sounds like a dick, too. If the author starts a campaign against that perfectly legal gunshop, I hope the owner sues her ass off.

    • Oh, for bog’s sake.

      New rule: docs are not permitted degrees in poly sci, journalisming, sociology, government, and especially public health.

      What’s my justification? See that article.

    • Foul mouth for a supposedly educated worldly woman who’s better than the rest of us bums.

      She’s fascinated with dicks it seems. Might be a problem with delivery at home, but I’m not a learned expert like she is.

    • The gun shop has a presence on facebook too. Looks like he does some nice work. Check out his photos and videos.

      • Mebbe the author should walk the entire 500′ to the alleged gun shop to see what it’s really about before spouting off publicly to get it shut down.

    • Well, false flag Vladdie would be all about agent provacateur-ing the gunny folks into discrediting themselves or giving the anti’s a pretense. If you call her. ames while making a point, the only thing that’ll get repeated is the name calling. (They hate Trump’s name calling in part because, being the spectacle himself, the megaphones have to cover his responses after that.)

      Back to Vladdie. Agitprop is his M O.

      So, if yr gonna respond to Medium Undercooked, there, don’t stalk, don’t swarm, don’t use hyperbole or sarcasm. If yr gonna comment there, assert she’s wrong, politely ask for a conversation, and use her n her presumed political sponsors’ platform n venue to make your points.

      “Hey, you wanna talk here on Medium about how that shop was there all along n you didn’t know? That’s kind our point in a nutshell — guns, n gun users *in general* do no harm. Specific whack-jobs, thugs, n terrorists sometimes do harm, sometimes with guns. Let’s do something about that.”

      etc. There’s half a dozen openings using each of the “pro gun” arguments. The move is to start with something she did or said, then *presume* the pro argument.

      “Hey, you’re a doc — great. What’s yr take on tbe CDC report on gun uses in the US? The one launched under Clinton? How’d they get something over 10:1 people protecting themselves? BTW, you’re a doc. Are there newer similarly reliable numbers, or just agenda-fueled “reports”?

    • An Type 07 FFL with a Class 2 SOT is licensed to do what?

      Can they manufacture full-auto with a letter from a law enforcement agency?

      Because if it is, that should make her snap like a rubber band… 😉

  20. So if this triggered her, She would go full retard if she found out that my grade school had a shooting range in the basement and the school had gun safety and marksmanship classes. (Harborview grade school, Juneau, Alaska). Now this was in the late 60’s but there was never an gun accident of any type and hundreds of children learned firearm safety. Oh the Horror!

  21. “it’s important to remember that there are more of us than there are of them” – Even when experience shows that it’s untrue, it’s important to remember. Because Shannon Watts said so….

  22. Question, how many children are killed by guns every year versus killed in vehicle accidents?
    Is she not concerned with those deadly roads mere feet from the school?

    • Or that deadly chemical dihydrogen monoxide that is casually available everywhere for any child to find unattended.

        • And addictive ……..ok I better stop before some NY legislature sees all this and tries to regulate and tax it like tobacco and alcohol.

      • And those children who die from accidental exposure carelessly left unattended in domestic back yards! Oh the humanity!

  23. This Karen needs to go back to posting her rape fantasies on reddit instead of bothering others with her pearl clutching.

  24. Written by
    Janette DeFelice, MD, MA
    Author of “Delia Rising” and “Resistance Essays from the Heartland.” Degrees in poli sci, humanities, and medicine. Mom of twins. Doesn’t suffer fools.

    And yet, is a complete fool.

  25. Hmm. I’ll bet she rides a Unicorn to the Whole Foods in her neighborhood also.

    Just to put some perspective on her rant, my property (30 acres) shares a property line with our county K-12 school (about 700 students). I shoot and hunt on my property, often when school is in session. My property also adjoins that of a County Deputy Sheriff – who also gets in some target practice on his land occasionally. Sometimes with his full auto rifle. The laws here permit any adult who can legally own a firearm, and is not a student, to carry that firearm on School property unless the Principal says otherwise. I’ve never known him to object. And you know what? There’s never been anyone shot on that school property in at least 60 years, intentionally or accidentally.

  26. Her concern for the children is overshadowed by her homophobic and biased stereotypes. Her country boy husband should have married a farm girl.

      • “While the watermelon chicks might be easy, their minds have more mush than wet oatmeal.”

        We used to have a saying, “Some girls are so slow that before they can say, “No”, they already have.”

  27. How about those cannabis and alcohol shops being operated near all the children! Elementary kids are going to get addicted to smoking and drinking before middle school. Is anyone else terrified a 21 year old is going to get high and drunk before he drives through the school zone?

    Why does our government allow for such dangerous items to be sold to adults? This is terrorism.

  28. Maybe she should spend some time finding out how many pedophiles live within 100 miles of her and try doing something about a real threat to her children

    • Your screen name in relation to that topic is almost as disturbing as the realization that she never would.

  29. I was wondering what they were selling to be able to list “Complete Handgun $175, Complete Revolver $200”. Turns out the quack can’t even read: That’s the price for them to cerakote something.

    • Yeah, this lady is a hysterical fool. The classic definition of an educated idiot. Got her degrees, got woke, and thinks she knows everything there is to know.

    • No one ever said that woke gun grabbing leftist must know how to read (or think for that matter) to be vocal about her convictions.

  30. I do not wish harm on anyone, however….

    Neither would I bother to send a sympathy card if the proximity of a firearms business within 1000′ of her child’s school caused the writer to suffer an irreversible nervous breakdown.

    When you force yourself to be incapable of dealing with reality, you earn your reward.

      • “I just made an on-topic reply to this post and it was black holed”

        I get, “Cannot retrieve the email you are looking for” (or something like that) at least twice a week. I guess there are real advantages to WordPress/CloudFlare, but sometimes I wonder.

  31. I don’t know what all this fuss is about regarding gun shops near school, when the students themselves are bringing guns into to the classrooms. The danger lies in the schools and mental health, not in guns.

  32. Just because someone’s a Doctor, does not grant them any common sense. I’ve known plenty of Doctors who were brilliant medically, but could barely tie their own shoes. As for distances, it depends upon the municipality’s zoning ordinances usually. A Gun Store being close to a school, isn’t in violation of the Federal Laws unless the two share a parking lot. There’s always the possibility that the store’s locale predates the school’s construction, in which case it’s exempted by prior use rules.
    The truth is, if you’re concerned about this Gun Store and its proximity, but not worried about the Crack House across the street or the neighbor with the childlike blow up doll, you’re a f***ing idiot, and have no business being involved in community liberal organisation to meet some altruistic utopia. Statistically, Your kids are in more danger from a thousand other community problems than “Joe’s Gun Engraving and RV Storage/Discount Tire Store.”

    • “Your kids are in more danger from a thousand other community problems you, than “Joe’s Gun Engraving and RV Storage/Discount Tire Store.”


  33. If the location of the store scares her, she’ll pee her pants when she learns what kind of sick evil twisted piles of crap live in the neighborhood.
    People that torture, abuse, rape, molest, kill, and bury children with no remorse live all over the area, they don’t hang out on gun store shelves.
    But hey, they don’t have websites with exact locations either, so, I guess you’re safe….. right?

  34. These leftist types certainly bring up dicks and butt sex a lot when their entire life motto is ‘think of the children’. Sick pedo freaks.

  35. You have to admit she’s right. Every school shooting has been by someone who just bought an AR and decided to immediately shoot up the nearest school on the way home. Oh wait, that has happened exactly 0 times.

  36. I read the full article at “The Startup”

    Strange how 0.2 miles (1056 FEET) away becomes 750 FEET about 12 paragraphs (guestimated) down. NOT concerning enough? “Enhance” the issue for shock factor.

    Like all people with this mania… She blocks whomever disagreed with her in her OWN PTC (PTA) circle.

    Too, she brought pedophiles into it to try to make both on the same level to prey on other parents fears –


  37. This is probably the best example of extreme Hoplophopia I’ve ever seen. I just cannot comprehend how this person’s mind functions. Imagine the sheer insanity of thinking a simple legal gun shot within an arbitrary distance from a school is something to be concerned about.

  38. Why does she get so sexual it’s just weird! I like how her husband compared engravings to di$# tattoos. Where I come from guns are passed down and an engraving is a great way to celebrate giving the responsibility of gun ownership to a child or grandchild entering the sport. I plan on passing guns down to my sons and they will be engraved to celebrate this.

  39. Oh yea my school had a rifle team with a range in the basement. Having moved a county over to where my wifes from its alot more rural they have the same thing. Alot of the sportsmen clubs around here have a kids bb gun league that starts as young as 5.

  40. I thought getting a medical degree required at least some level of intelligence combined with the ability to exercise rational thought.

    Obviously, I was mistaken.

  41. Scariest part of the whole article is the part where she says she’s running for some kind of local office.

  42. My mom taught many years at Nichols elementary school in Bullitt county, KY. This school is located less than a mile from the backstop of the Knob Creek machine gun range. I’d like to get her reaction to that.

  43. Three of the homes I lived in were within 1000 ft. of a school. That includes where I live now. Oh, the horror!

  44. If I EVER found a gun store near my kid’s school…… I’d be late for work and a broke a lot more often.

  45. People afraid of anything typically equates to lack education and knowledge, like fear of the dark. Turn on the light and enlighten yourself. Fear is the result of an over active imagination from the unknown. What are the chances: Since 1999 (20 yrs) there has been 68 school shootings which equals to about a 3.4/yr. average; There is roughly 233,000 schools, elementary to high schools in the nation including private; Which means any school nationwide has a .03% chance of a school shooting. Meanwhile 11 student’s “per week” are killed in car crashes nationally. Which do you have a higher “fear” of happening?

  46. “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”

    And there it is. Yes, fear is powerful. Yes, fear can be mitigated through education. But fear can only be conquered through exercise of the will; the will to be free from a particular fear.

    It is all to easy to be comfortable with fear. Especially if that fear grants you creds with your peer group. One means (mentioned) of overcoming fear of the dark is to turn on the lights. But, that actually does not remove the fear. It drives the insistence on having lights on everywhere, all the time. Fear does not respond well to data, statistics, facts. This is because once a person becomes comfortable with a fear, any measurable probability of having that fear made manifest negates data, statistics, facts.

    Perhaps one of the most forceful elements of being fearful is the Id, the self. How often do we encounter people whose only contribution to the group is to complain about their health, their wealth, their circumstance? I venture to say that for most of these types, ending the complaints would mean the end of their identity, their vision of having any worth at all – “If I stop complaining, who will even notice if I am alive?”

    Having fears, and expressing them openly, requires others to acknowledge us, and hopefully agree that we are justified in being who we are. Remove those fears, and we have no clue how to validate ourselves as persons; a variation on “If I had no bad luck, I would have no luck at all.”

  47. Dear Dip$hit and Dumb@ss husband

    Engraving firearms is NOT like “getting a tattoo on your dick”. Those of us who own NFA items (look it up moron) are required BY LAW to have certain information engraved on them. In the case of an item that has a manufacturer, the engraving is done in house. In other situations in which an item is built by the end user, the engraving is generally farmed out to someone who is knowledgeable about size, depth, and location of engraving on said item to meet legal requirements. Therefore, due to the shallow and pointless doxing of a legal business owner for no reason execpt pure ignorance; I declare both you and your Husband idiots, and you shall henceforth be referred to as I have in the opening of this scrawl.

  48. This is parody based on the hysterics of Reefer Madness prohibitionists clutching their pearls over cannabis shops existing at all.

    Isn’t it?

  49. Since you’re about 20-25 times more likely to die as a result of someone in the medical field than by someone with a gun, she should just chill her idiot snowflake jets.

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