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First, let me just say that I think ODIN Works released a handful of other brand new products at SHOT Show this year, too. Unfortunately I was speed walking by their booth for a scheduled meeting when these suppressors caught my eye. A full-on Looney Tunes double take ensued, and . . .

So the ENDURO here is a suppressor with a bore sized large enough for 9mm ammo and a baffle stack strong enough for magnum rifle calibers. Basically, if it fires a projectile 0.357 inches or smaller in diameter, you can run the ENDURO on it (given some barrel length and rate of fire restrictions).

But that’s not the cool part. Did I mention that the ENDURO is extremely modular? Much more so than any other centerfire rifle-rated suppressor I’m aware of. Each of the five, separate baffles can be added or removed to the base unit as desired, then capped off with the end cap at whatever length makes the most sense for your firearm and use needs.

Additionally, the mount end is modular and it accepts nearly any mount threaded in what has quickly become the industry-standard modular mount size, 1.375×24.

From what I could tell in my whirlwind pit stop, the blast baffle and others close to it are a very tough material such as 17-4 PH stainless steel, then most of the add-on baffles are hardcoat anodized aluminum. Seen above are baffles from the ENDURO and two of ODIN Works’ previously-released, more traditional silencers, the Badlands and the Brimstone.

Also on display was a rimfire silencer with screw-on baffles. It looks like it can be run anywhere from endcap-on-blast-baffle to a full length of five baffles.

This little guy is called the NAV (short for Navigator) and it’s made primarily for .22 LR.

The NAV appears to be made entirely of anodized aluminum except for what I believe is a 17-4 stainless blast baffle.

More details and pricing on these new ODIN Works suppressors isn’t yet available, but as soon as ODIN Works updates their website with this info it will be HERE.

Finally, their new ARCA rail accessory is called TRAX, and it allows the user to place a short section of ARCA onto their M-LOK handguard, chassis, stock, FARend, etc. Want more than a short section? Simply link multiple TRAX pieces together to build whatever final length ARCA rail you’re looking for.

This is exactly how I would prefer it on my own gun. ARCA is wide and isn’t ergonomic. Instead of machining it into the handguard or chassis, I’d prefer all M-LOK and basically nothing else. That’s the lightest weight, sleekest possible option and then I’ll take care of bolting things to it wherever I see fit. TRAX looks like a great solution for that.

Stay tuned for more details and reviews from ODIN Works in the future. We’re going to borrow these new suppressors when they’re available and put ’em to the test.

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  1. See, this is the problem with buying a suppressor in the US.

    Given the approximate year long wait from purchase to taking possession, someone is bound to come out with something newer / shinier / more whatever-er in the meanwhile. So you have guaranteed, built-in buyer’s remorse. (Plus of course an infringement to savor over that time span.)

  2. Cool. Until the HPA passes, I’m neither going to go through the infringement of buying a suppressor, nor vote for a republican again.

    • So, by not voting Rep you’re effectively voting Dem, by, at a minimum, not countering a vote. Brilliant. You should travel back in time and pedal that to a few failed regimes. Sure to be a winner.

      • One side takes rights away, one watches as the other takes rights away.

        Not really sure the guy is wrong.

        I still vote for the ‘pubs but honestly dont have two spits of faith that there is a bit of difference in the eventual outcome for most of my rights, 2nd am included.

      • The quicker Dems take over again and actively try to strip all of our rights at once, the quicker we can galvanize the people into civil war 2. Better to have it over and done with while I’m still young enough to fight in it.

        • Sometimes your choice in voting is to vote for somebody bad or just not-as-good-as-you’d-like, or somebody worse.You’re mad at your better guy so you indulge in spite or revenge and withhold your vote or vote for the worse guy. The notion that things will then get so bad that people will wake up is silly. Those voters hate you and will keep punishing you, not unlike your spite vote. Look at the feces-ridden hellholes that have suffered dem control for long periods. They only get more extreme. Hold your nose, vote sensibly, spread the news, primary the guy.

  3. suppressors!!!

    omg, its the evil devil tool that turns all guns into assassination devices.

    I may faint at the mere sight of such a thing.

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