die hard christmas movie
courtesy 20th Century Fox and YouTube.com
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It’s hard to believe that — more than thirty years later — there’s still any debate about this. If you still have any doubts about the greatest Christmas story ever told, watch Fox’s re-cut trailer above.

Besides, there’s no reason to argue about this. As Hans Gruber himself notes, it’s a time of miracles, so be of good cheer.

Oh, and our favorite gun in a movie that’s chock full of ’em is still Hans’s HK P7.

die hard christmas movie hans gruber hk p7
Courtesy 20th Century Fox and IMFDB.com

What’s yours?


[This post originally ran in December, 2018]

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      • That’s Grebner, not gruber. However, dumbass Tex had a 1911 in a thumb drive serpa holster designed for a Glock. The dumb was strong far further before he actually pulled the trigger.

      • Poor ol Tex now days looks like a skeleton compared to what he use to look like. That was one of the funniest things that i have ever seen tho when he shot himself. Especially all of the slow motion reuploads

        • Really? Decades of shooting in different places and with different people and I could not guarantee you a complete list of everything that I have shot in every caliber without a journal. And I was too busy shooting to keep up with the paperwork.

          If you can list all types and calibers just off the top of your head, you ain’t trying hard enough. 🙂

        • 120mm was fun.
          155 mm was fun too.
          The 16 inch loaded with an experimental, saboted, subcaliber projectile was the best. Unfortunately; barrel wear was a problem.

      • Since you obviously have little experience with expensive weapons (most Jethro’s don’t) the gun had a rotten trigger (like most all bull pups) and it has a plastic hammer. It ejects cases so close to your eye that if your not wearing googles your an utter fool.

        Accuracy was mediocre.

        When Soldier of Fortune Magazine tested it when it first was imported they laughed at the smell of burning plastic when they tested a full auto original.

        Now give me the usual Right Wing Fanatical response i.e. every military weapon made is perfect in every way.

        I might add the magazines were a joke as well.

        I shot one at the range and to say I was underwhelmed would be an understatement.

        • Right wing? You’re our resident fascist drop out here, vlad. And just because your father was a gun smith there in Ohio doesn’t mean you know squat about firearms. I’m willing to bet he realized just how dangerously mentally ill you were at a young age and banned you from his shop.

          There is no bigger nazi worshipping racist here than you.

        • Nah, you gave yourself away on this one, troll. You never fired anything. You just read about it in Soldier of Fortune. I’m sure you’ve got a stash of back issues under the mattress so mommy won’t find them. She knows they’re there, tho. Mommy always knows.

        • I see what’s going on here, vlad. It’s xmas and you’re all alone. Nobody wants to hang with the mentally ill nazi fanboi so here you are. Any attention is better than none, right?

        • to our stable Genius jwm

          “””””””””””””””””””””””””””I see what’s going on here, vlad. It’s xmas and you’re all alone. ””””””””””””””””””””””” ?”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

          Your stupidity never ceases to give me a laugh. Ever hear of the word “projection” or do I have to spell out for you how you just made a fool of yourself.

        • morenazi. When you’re totally at rock bottom, which you must surely be, admit you have a problem and try to work your way out. Have you never wondered why you’re such a failure and a reject? Nobody likes a fascist. Nobody. And in this day and age there’s no excuse for a person to be so full of anger and hatred at others just because of their race or religion. It makes no sense.

          Quit hating. Cover your tatts. Get a job. You’ll see that little by little your life will improve. Otherwise your future is going to be bleak.

        • This whole thread is funny AF. Its gotta be jwm for the win, right?
          He’s been around for a good while and knows about Kentucky.

        • AD. My mother and father are buried in Kentucky. I was born in West Virginia and I would have no problem at all in living in Kentucky. I have family and have hunted and lived in Ohio, WV and KY.

        • Kids!
          Enough with the insults. Go to your rooms and don’t come out until you can act like the adults and pull guns on each other.

      • I owned an AUG (btw, not an Aug) for many years, sold it during one of the buying panics to raise funds for a .50 cal.

        The AUG was very fast handling, but it did have a really spongy trigger and so-so accuracy with the “donut of death” scope reticle. I liked the QD barrel and the mags.

        I thought ok one carbine class with it, but stitched back to an AR by noon on the first day of a two-day course. Malfunction drills were a royal pain. You practically had to disassemble the rifle to clear a stoppage. Shortly after the class, I sold the rifle – couldn’t really justify keeping it just because it looked cool, when I could sell it (pre-ban and all that) for 3x my purchase price.

    • Another vote for the Steyr Aug!
      When I first saw it in “Die Hard” it looked like a science fiction space blaster.
      Still looks like clone troopers should carry one.
      Especially as they now come in white!

  1. “Our”? There a mouse in your pocket?
    The 92FS is the star of the show, but that Steyr sure stole the limelight.

    • JWT, got to disagree with you there. Well, kind of. Yeah, after that movie; and what was the other one with Mel Gibson? Everyone wanted a Beretta 92. Kinda like the Smith 29 after Dirty Harry. But, a 92. Really? My buddies and I laughed at all those guys. What we coveted was that P7M8. Currently own my third one. It’s even factory hard chrome. Retirement present to myself. As for you AUG guys. Never cared for the bullpup thing. I have a little trigger time with the AUG. Including the full auto version at Ft. Benning. When the Styer rep had to cannabilize two rifles to make one work I was done. Oh, I own a 92. Have for decades. It works. That’s the best thing I can say about it.

    • Having submitted some articles can I add. The MP5 and the 92 get more screen time but the Aug is my favorite that I’ve shot(although the one I shot didn’t have a selector).

    • A bog standard model 15 straight out of the box is one of the easiest and most accurate factory standard handguns to shoot.

      • Clarification stable Genius. It used to be. Not the garbage Smith is vomiting out today. No thanks I do not want an MIM cast hammer and sear that give a trigger pull that feels like pulling your nails down a chalk board or a two piece junk barrel. Or burned in EDM rifling now that really was too much even for most die in the wool Smith former fans.

        Now see how much you learned tonight from someone who does know something about guns. I do not fake it like you do.

        • So far the only lesson we’ve learned from an unemployed drop out like yourself is what a hate filled nazi you are.

        • Notice who spoke about his experience with firearms as opposed to the 3 children that jumped up and down and started taking a tantrum. I have taught 4 the graders that were better behaved and even asked more intelligent questions. You people are a joke. No wonder your so far to the Right.

        • “You people are a joke.”

          Then you won’t waste any more time here, right?


          Go masturbate somewhere else, son. Because that’s all your doing here.

          You and your little buddy peeegeee2… 😉

        • Strych, it’s one of those you know it’s wrong, but *damn*, it feels sooooooo *good* kinda things…

        • Notice how the resident loving, accepting leftist is the most obnoxious, condescending person commenting. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

        • That’s not how that works. That’s not how any of that works. You clearly don’t even know what MIM even stands for. Go home commie, you’re displaying your ignorance in more ways than one. Just because your mother was into barnyard animals, doesn’t mean you have to demonstrate why at every turn.

        • “Mim Cast”? What the hell are you blathering about.

          Mim is not cast. Whether it’s mim, cast, barstock, forged, that has nothing to do with the stupidity you are blathering. Strength differences? Yes, depends. All can be polished/or be rough. You have no idea what is coming out of your mouth.

        • “…feels like pulling your nails down a chalk board…”
          As if you could actually handle an experience like that.

  2. I do love the AUG, still fresh today.
    But the 92 is one of my favorite pistols. Lovely design.
    Even though the P7 is a clever design, I never liked shooting mine.
    Wish i had waited till now to sell it.

    • A buddy of mine shot a P7 when we were shooting IPSC/ USPSA matches together. The gun worked fine, but wasn’t all that great for competition. The squeeze cocker got hotter than heck after firing off a few rounds. My buddy didn’t like the fact that it ejected brass into the next county – he didn’t recover much for reloading purposes.

  3. I watched Die Hard last night! My favorite gun in the movie is probably the HK94. Merry Christmas TTAG community.

    • My wife is a five-hankie Hallmark movie kind of gal. Very feminine and vulnerable to the mushy guy-meets-gal-and-everyone-lives-happily-ever-after-at-Christmastime.

      However, she made my jaw drop to the floor when she told me last night out of the blue:

      “I’m kinda Hallmarked out and need something different. Maybe something with action where good guys win over the bad guys. Honey, do you want to watch Die Hard?”

      I love that woman.

  4. 1. The Beretta 92…The movie put it into the public consciousness as a self defense /combat pistol…

    2. H&K P7. Because of it’s unusual, sophisticated, futuristic design….

    3. Steyr AUG.

    4. S&W .38.

    5. Anti-tank rocket 🚀 launcher…

      • The cell phone was still too expensive for the vast majority of the public. The coin operated public phone still ruled back then.
        Now try and find a public coin phone that still works in 2019!

    • I just bought myself a Smith and Wesson model 19-3 for Christmas. Will not touch anything from them with a Hillary Hole. Merry Christmas all.

    • just picked one up to go with my leg lamp…they don’t seem to be as sturdy as I remember them…

    • My favorite Christmas movie featured an “Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle”. This is the movie that made my Dad laugh until tears came down his face. It was the first time I had ever seen him laugh. According to him, that movie was just like his childhood, only the names were different.

  5. S&W Model 29 44 Magnum…The most powerful hand gun in the world…It’ll blow your head clean off…So punk do you feel lucky.

    • they built the movie (series) around that gun…witness the opening scene of “Magnum Force”…”Winchester “73”” was also like that…but who owns one?

      • I know a guy who owns at least 100 vintage Winchester lever action rifles. We were talking about Colt SAA collection a while back. He kept referring to one and another. I finally asked, “Charles, how many Colt SAAs do you own?” He replied, “Last time I counted, around 300.” Some people are in the stratosphere of collecting.

        • If you know how many guns you have, you don’t have enough.
          I often say about 60, and Glock mags? About 20. Never counted

        • I once was at a large gun show and sat down on a chair against the wall to rest. A very old man was sitting next to me. This was about 1973. We started talking and he told me he had collected every civil war pistol and rifle that he knew they used during that war. To say I was astonished would have been an understatement. I asked him how he could have afforded to do this and he said when he was a young man at the gun shows civil war stuff was not only common but very low priced as well. I went on with the show not realizing that some day those $100 1903 Springfield rifles and South American Mauser’s I was collecting would also go through the roof and become scarce when I got old.

        • “Why is an old post under an old screen name being reposted?”

          The staff and management of TTAG would rather be doing other things this week?

          Like being with family, the ones you love (and in my case, someone I’d like to love)… 😉

        • @planetvlad We get it. You can search the internet for writing to plagiarize. Its not hard to spot when you do it…. you do it alot. Try to be smarter. You know? Maybe find a new gimmick?

        • I bought one after the famous Dirty Harry Movie came out and it was not easy finding one. I wanted 6 1/2 in blued but could only find a nickled one and it was in the blue velevet lined box. I should never have sold it. The one I miss the most was a 8 3/8 .41 Mag in the box that shot like a rifle at 100 yards. I recently picked up a 6 inch blued but its not in the same ball park as the original 8 3/8 gun.

        • Notice jwm I do not shop for guns at Walmart like you used to and still would if they still sold them. Ha your a real trip. The expert on Walmart guns.

        • jwm, this guy’s not Vlad The Cisco Impaler From Other Planets. His comments are too short and concise. Just a copycat…probably his (less retarded) roommate who took the opportunity to grab the keyboard while Vlad was in the john.

  6. The Greatest Christmas Movie of All Time: Gremlins.

    Some weak-minded dolts (so far, all of them have been women) who come into my store voice their fear of the guns on the wall. I tell them not to worry. We never expose them to bright lights, we do not let them get wet, and we never feed them after midnight.

      • The same thing has always made me laugh about people saying “Nothing good ever happens after” a certain time of night.

      • How long after midnight does the feeding ban last? The whole 24 hours are after the midnight. Astronomical midnight? What about daylight saving time influence. Better never feed those little weirdos.

        • I always just assumed until sunrise but then you’ve still got to worry about gremlins at the arctic circles. Hmmm…,

      • I think that it’s about the time little Billy was asked by his parents what he wanted for Christmas, and he told them that a new pair of pants and something to play with would be just fine.

        So they got him a new pair of pants, and cut the bottoms out of both front pockets.

        Of course, these SAME parents also asked his older brother Tommy what HE wanted, and he replied, “I wanna watch!”

        So, they let him.

  7. Die Hard and Lethal Weapon made a mediocre pistol one of the most popular in United States at the time. Yeah, they’re reliable and accurate enough for their intended purpose, but they’re WAY to big for the 9mm caliber. The trigger leaves much to be desired. They epitomize the concept of the crunchenticker. U.S. agencies and military are divesting themselves of them. Cool factor for movie guns? HK P7M8, especially in hard chrome, yep. Got one. Model 29? Yep. Got two. Both stainless. Sorry. Don’t forget the Pythons in Magnum Force. (As well as Starsky & Hutch, though not a movie.) Got one, but again, stainless. Sorry. AUG? Looks way cool, but I was at Ft. Benning circa ’92. Steyr, among others, were there with full auto AUGs. Rep had co cannibalize two to make one working weapon. No thanks for my battery. Oh! The star of the movies? Yeah, I got one of those too, but I only paid $200 for it lo those many years ago.

      • Larry, I owned two 6″ blued Pythons a a 4″ nickel. My 6″ stainless is, and always will be, my favorite. I want to know who’s dusting off these old posts under a previous screen name.

  8. Oh! How could have forgotten!? ANY 1911 pattern .45 ACP is at the top of the cool pistol list. Merry 🎄 Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you and yours!

  9. Yeah, Lethal Weapon (1987) beat Die Hard by one year. The brothers in arms bromance directly pitted Smith against Beretta. Then there was that scene where Riggs paints a smiley face on a human outline target at 25 yds. (or was it more like 35 or 40 yds.?) with a Beretta 92. I’d like to see someone do that in real life.

    • I tried with my Beretta M9A3 a few weeks ago. It came out more like the controversial new emoji 🥴 than a smiley face 😊 but a face in any case.
      And no, I am not trying the duct tape Beretta on the back trick for an encore, my back needs no dermabrasion.

  10. Wait! Colt SAA (A friend picked up a 1st Gen 7 1/2″ Calvary revolver last Saturday. How cool is that?) and Winchester ’92 with large lever loop. Anyone want to accuse The Duke of not being cool? Oh, M-1 rifle and carbine. Thompson. MP-40. Luger. Mauser K98k. You know something? There are a lot of really 😎 cool (movie) firearms.

  11. Eh, Die Hard is okay. But for my money, nothing says “Christmas Movie” Like Jack Frost.

    No, no, not that sapfest with Michael Keaton. I mean the _good_ Jack Frost movie!

  12. I hated the army issue Beretta 92, I got in the 1990s when I was on active duty. Perhaps the gun got better in latter years, but I did not like it back then. This was the first time I saw a Steyr Aug. That is a cool gun!

    • I felt the same way until I was issued a brand new one. Before that, I hated them. Loved the one that came straight from the factory.

      It’s the ones that are sitting in the arms room “rode hard and put away wet” that suck. The magazines were the worst. It was almost impossible to get issued decent mags.

      • I just found a Police Issue Beretta 92A on sale at the local gun store. Used with fixed sights both front and back no adjustments at all. They wanted well over $300 for it. It’s still a piece of junk.

    • In about ten years we will hear how those P320s suck. 10 years of military use will destroy the reputation of a good Company

  13. The greatest non religious Christmas movie of all time? Battleground. It was about beating better armed Germans.

  14. Always was and always will be the MP5’s in the movie… made me buy my first NFA select fire.

    • Correct. He had the chromed double stack in the film.

      And for those doubting the holiday-ness I’d Die Hard, 20th Century Fox released a statement about 5 days ago, along with the original re-cut trailer, that said it is indeed a Christmas film.

    • The thinking man’s P7 is a M8. Shot ’em all. Told an HK rep the M10 would never sell. He took umbridge. History proved me correct. Of course, the M10 commands a premium among collectors, but collectors ain’t necessarily shooters.

  15. Whenever I’m shooting poor at the range, I like to take of my shoes, walk around barefoot and make fists with my toes.

  16. It always amazes me about all the imbeciles that shoot off their mouths in a public forum like this about all the “Bad-ass” guns they have. Some even implicate they’re friends, and their collections. Then they’ll thump their chests in bravado saying how they’ll never register any of their weapons in another post. Surprised they don’t give serial numbers while they brag about their supposed collection. And give their address and safe combination while they’re at it. Lmfao.

    • Keep on laughing, boy.

      The ones laughing last will be laughing the best. And then you and little buddies will be crying crocodile tears … 😉

      • That’s funny! We mention what’s in our battery to lend weight to our comments. Busterdog, I’ll worry about what’s in my battery. And who knows it. Don’t concern yourself.

    • Yippee kiyay mother*****r. That’s cowboy for Feliz navidad
      He sent terrorist commies to heaven all throughout the film. So much giving. That’s Christmas.

  17. Since when did Die Hard have anything to do with Christmas. It had no moral to the story. It had no Christmas theme. It had no theme of making the world a better place. It was your usually blow em up shoot um up movie. Good entertainment but I have seen a million blow em up movies. It was a far cry from the really great movies of the 30’s and 40’s most of whom were written and directed and starred in by European Immigrants. Think about that one for a moment.

    • You’re just upset because the criminals killed had your dream resume. As soon as your incel hipster beard transplant loan gets rejected you’re gonna be using your skills as an internet troll to terrorize some transgirl scouts in an attempt to steal their cookie money.

    • The moral was that good defeats evil and crime doesn’t pay. It was also a redemption story for Sergeant Al Powell. He accidentally killed a kid and lost his nerve but he gets his balls back and starts gunning down terrorists again.

      • Actually, Al gunned down only one. McClain took care of all the rest, but when Karl (Vlad’s older cousin) magically survived “chokedown by chain” and brought a Steyr to the party at the end of the movie to kill him, Al saved the day.

        • Yeah that’s the terrorist I was talking about. Al blew him away at the end and then he was about to blow away the limo driver who illegally parked. Lol

  18. We surrendered the martial aspect of the right to bear arms, never to be regained. Otherwise I’d have me some full auto mp5!

  19. The AUG, HK-94’s with chopped barrels, and the Beretta were all iconic. I can’t wait for Christmas eve to fire up Die Hard!

  20. jm: what do you want the detonators for…
    i already used all the explosives…or did i…
    h: im going to count to three…
    jm: yeah…like you did with takagi
    h: click…
    jm: oops…
    h: click…click…click…
    jm: no bullets…what do you think im fuckin stupid hans…

  21. Now I have to watch Die Hard again…just watched the Witcher on Netflix. Enough blood and guts for tonight. Merry Christmas everyone!

    • Well both Hans and the actor who played him, Alan Rickman, are dead. So I doubt that either has any political views at this point.

  22. Ever time I go to a theater I get thrown out. It seems they’d appreciate a being crawling around on the floor eating stuff people drop, guess not..Merry Christmas ungrateful Humans

  23. Bad guys, a Good Guy, guns, explosions and Twinkies (Origional not that banana or other crap fillings). Hell, it even has a improvised Duck Tape “holster”. Not a Christmas theme but during Christmas time, close enough. Beats the hell out of Burl Ives and animated Rudolf, though Yukon Cornelius packs a SAA tucked in his belt (old school). Im sure some snowflake will bitch about being offended by a gun being present in a holiday and childrens movie. LMFAO

    Firearm: Styer SSG 69 but with double Set Triggers.

    • Twinkies originally WERE banana flavored…then changed to plain due to WWII. Apparently they hadn’t perfected chemical banana flavor back then. Not that they have now, either…

  24. Haha stupid boomers die hard is overrated hipster trash full of unfunny marvel quip jokes and hollywoodnantigunners and pedos. Continue being stupid dumb and having zero taste boomer idiots merry Christmas!!!!!

  25. If “My Favorite Things” is considered a Christmas song, then Die Hard can be a Christmas movie. If that’s the hill I die on, then so be it.

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