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Thursday, cops raided a home in Wilmer, Alabama looking for a wanted man. A woman inside the home who allegedly pointed a shotgun at the officers was shot when, they say, she refused to drop the firearm.

According to Fox10 . . .

“As agents went up to the house they detained two men outside, who said there was a woman still inside. As they went to make entry into the house… This lady had armed herself with a shotgun and the entry team was giving her orders to drop the gun, put the gun down, drop the gun several times — over a period of a few seconds it seems like… And there is video recordings of that. She didn’t and she pointed the gun at one of them — then two or three agents fired upon her striking her three or four times,” said Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran.

The biggest problem with this entire operation: the wanted man the cops were looking for used to live at the home they raided, but no longer. Actually, he was already in jail.

Sheriff Cochran (above) said the whole mixup was due to a “miscommunication.”

Here’s the AP’s account . . .

Officers who mistakenly entered a home trying to arrest an Alabama man who was already in jail shot a woman who was inside, news outlets reported.

Ann Rylee, 19, was wounded during the raid on Thursday, television news outlets quoted family members as saying. They said she was hospitalized and was expected to survive.

Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran told WALA-TV that officers shot Rylee after she pointed a shotgun at them. He said a “miscommunication” led to officers being at the home in the first place.

Mobile County sheriff’s deputies joined federal officers at a home in the Wilmer community looking for Nicholas McLeod, who used to live there. Jail records show he was actually arrested a day earlier on charges including possession of drug paraphernalia and evidence tampering.

A nephew, Christopher McLeod, told news outlets he was outside the house emptying the trash with a friend before work when multiple officers armed with rifles and wearing body armor pulled up in vehicles and demanded that they put up their hands.

“They were looking for someone who used to live at that house years ago. He was my uncle,” McLeod said.

McLeod said he told them Rylee, his fiancée, was inside the house asleep in a recliner in the living room, where they kept a shotgun for protection. Two federal marshals who had approached the home started yelling “gun” and fired multiple times, he said.

“They had us face down in the dirt outside the whole time this was going on,” McLeod said.

McLeod said Rylee was shot multiple times and underwent surgery.

“I just hope she’s OK. That’s my No. 1,” McLeod said. “It’s just so unfortunate because none of this needed to happen, it had nothing to do with us. We’re just victims of an unfortunate situation.”

The sheriff said it wasn’t clear why officers didn’t know that the person they were looking for already was in jail.

“We do know that there is a miscommunication in this situation. We don’t know the exact cause. We have narrowed it down to one of two things,” he said.

Officers shot the woman after she refused orders to drop the shotgun, he said.

“If she would not have pointed a gun at the agents they would have determined all that on the scene and would have bid her a ‘good day and thank you very much,’” Cochran said.

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    • So it is okay for peace officers (who have no clue what they are doing) to aim a weapon at her, in her home, and then shoot her, because according to them she isn’t allowed to point a weapon at people who invaded her home. Right…

      And just claiming there was miscommunication forgives this whole mess?

      Eff that. The department needs to be sued out of existence.

      • It’s not their money so it won’t change a thing. Make gross negligence by law enforcement officers punishable by mandatory twenty years in prison.

        • Yup… they shoot her and we pay for it. Police Like to brag about how dangerous their jobs are. Well when minimizing the risk to an officers Life means shooting an innocent person, the cops need to man up and actually accept a reasonable risk to their own Like to minimize the chance of murdering a citizen.

        • Sometimes it good that the cops are such bad shots. If they were good, she’d be dead. I wonder how many bullets are in the walls, floor and ceiling.

        • The law ought to provide that any time a cop does something like this and the person sues, every officer on the force should have to take a 20% pay cut for two months.

          That might get the message across.

      • Yep, armed gang members break into a home, wave guns at the resident, and when try to resist violent, armed, home invasion by arming herself, the blue gang murder her in her own home.

        Sounds about right. Abolish or severely restrict organized, for-profit police, they are an out dated relic from the days of slave patrolling and beating workers into submission.

      • Criminals do a no-knock raid without announcing, without a lawful warrant, shoot a woman because she is exercising her human and constitutionally protected right, should steal money from the neighborhood to pay the woman off?

        Sounds like the Afghanistan war. Bomb the village, killing kids in their home. Pay the family about $1,200 per dead kid and say you are so sorry for their lost. Then go back to bombing villages.

        • We didn’t even do this in Afghanistan unless intelligence was dead on that we were going into the right house or very likely to be the right house. Hard knocks were rare.

          Now the drone assassination program, that’s a whole other cookie and should have never been allowed to take place. Too many weddings and homes bombed.

        • Chief brings up an important point that had slid past me. Did these guys have a warrant? This reads like the guy wasn’t even living there, if they are planning to go inside and search without a warrant… Well, let me just say this; especially with the 19-year-old woman still alive, there are going to be serious lawsuits, and they will win. The described behavior is that of a bunch of thugs.

        • Sounds to me like US Marshalls who called in the local Sheriff for assistance. The Marshalls backing up a Sheriff? Unlikely.

          So why is the Sheriff’s personnel taking orders from a Fed?

      • Are we talking about peace officers, law enforcement officers, or feds?
        One version quoted above suggests that LEOs repeatedly ordered her to disarm. Not mentioned is whether she had any way of knowing they were LE.
        Another version says two federal Marshals yelled “Gun” and opened fire on her. That version sounds more credible to me.

        • Even if she was pointing the shotgun at them. It could have ended with a “Ma’am we’re looking for John Doe”. I’m sure she would have lowered it and said that he doesn’t live here anymore….and by the way he’s in jail now. Problem solved, no shots fired.

      • You break into my house and point guns at me; you best be wearing full body armor. You will certainly need it.

        The dude told the po po they kept a gun for protection; how about they announce they are cops and wait for a response before going all Rambo on her in her own home. Serious review of training guidelines needed here and everywhere.

        Way too much of this kind of thing happening more and more. Get your effing ducks in order before charging in on normal citizens.

    • Who goes to jail? Who pays for hospital bil? Who pays for damage to dwelling? You break into someone’s house like any other thug and start yell/ demanding people to dis arm,bend over grap your ankles, then get upset and start shooting. How much longer will we the people tolerate this stuff?

      • The feds can’t either. I hear they’re traumatized over not being able to kill some doggos. They’re on paid administrative leave and filing for workman’s comp for the PTSD. Not killing dogs is hard work.

        • They only like dogs if they’re on their side doing the attacking. Note how the CHP officer takes his sweet time and lets the K-9 chew on the guy a while (who’s clearly incapacitated at this point and no longer any threat) without bothering to call off the dog.

    • My ass got arrested when something like this happened to me. More than 10k in legal fees and two of three cops refused to testify, but no apology nor even a “Good Day!” when the case was dropped.
      At first I thought I might have been swatted, but after subpoenas and my attorney and her own PI investigated, turn out it was just stupidity by over-testosteroned LEOs who played a game of telephone with the dispatcher and arrived at the wrong place for the wrong reason and finding no crime had to drag someone, anyone, because,., because, out of bed and arrest them anyway, because,…, because that is what LEOs do.

      • Seen way too many stories like this, and yours, where police hit the wrong house because of a clerical error, address mismatch, etc. Police can provide very useful services and I think the majority try to do the right thing and avoid errors like this, but when they happen, police Responsible need to be held accountable, the department needs to make changes to avoid a repeat, And the victim needs to be compensated.

        • First element of compensation: the chief or other head of the outfit that did it hands over next month’s pay.

          If they don’t get pointed correction, they aren’t going to care.

  1. Often the data is incomplete or never entered. Case in Point.

    In Akron, Ohio a former mental patient and machine gun collector attempted to kill his son and his family but was killed in the gun battle, since he did not kill anyone that probably never made the statistics.

    A machine gun collector south of Cleveland had his gun stolen and it was used in a killing in Cleveland. I cannot remember if it was one killed or more.

      • Look Chief, there’s gonna be ENDLESS amounts of noncompliance. If the shit ever hits a tipping point – if and when that could be – then there’s going to be a whole different dynamic. Going strictly by the numbers, the people who you believe will force compliance will run out of heads first. You can kick your repetitve propaganda somewhere on down the road. Many around here are acutely aware of the possible consequences of our positions and accept that it will be what it is.
        In the meantime, the best part of your credibility is in the commode. Now tell me about your feelings.

    • I have heard that one, and replied that I spent 20 in the military and I want a machine gun. I have been trained and experienced far beyond most cops, in actual combat as many others, why am *I* not allowed to purchase a machine gun??? I spent a year with an issued full-auto SBR and all the ammo I could use, provided by uncle sugar, what crime did I commit by coming home alive?

      I don’t actually believe that such “training” is anything more than an excuse, I was trained in one day and most of that was disassembly and cleaning, it ain’t rocket science. But it’s fun watching these jerks stutter when you call them on their BS.

  2. Bullshit. The violent crime rate with registered machineguns can be rounded to 0. Even before the Demokkkommie ban on new registrations. Your pet stooges at the FBI testified to this on the floor of the House.

    The government has no authority to ban the purchase or transfer of firearms from anybody to anybody for any reason. That’s what “shall not be infringed” means. Don’t like it? Move your sub-human commie ass to Venezuela.

    • We need to keep hammering the concept of *authority*, never mind justification or anything else, before we can get to that we need a constitutional amendment giving any facet of government authority to even address the question. Such an amendment will never pass, which is why it has not even been attempted.

  3. I guess the police are entitled to just barge through your front door , point weapons at you , and shoot you if you resist in any way ? I hope the young lady Sue’s them for every cent she can get. If she survives that is. Miscommunication my ass .

    • I rather the criminals go to prison where they belong. Stealing the tax payers’ money to give to a victim of the state is not justice.

      • “Stealing the tax payers’ money to give to a victim of the state is not justice.”

        Florida’s preemption law was written to make the people who passed infringing gun laws *personally* responsible for the fines.

        The Democrat’s response? They are ginning up signatures to repeal Florida’s firearm preemption law on the next ballot. And they just might do it…

        • And I live in one of those Demoncrap cities in Florida where the Mayor has vowed to use my tax money to sue the state to fight the state’s preemption law under the guise of protecting me. Who is enforcing the mandatory penalties in the preemption law? Why is this person still mayor? Bring back capital punishment for the capital crime of treason.

  4. I heard the cops came to enforce the drug war. When they arrived they detained innocent people. Those people informed the police a woman is asleep in the house and they own guns. When they raided the home knowing there was only a woman inside she was startled by the invasion and grabbed her shotgun. The police did not announce themselves and when they saw her carrying a gun they shot her in less than 2 seconds.

    They did all of that to innocent people while looking for a man already arrested and jailed because they did not check their system prior to setting up the raid.

    This is not much different than Atatiana, Tench and the Tuttles falling victim to the state. They had guns and the state does not like that. It does not matter the police are breaking the law and invading your home armed. If you have a gun you will get shot.

      • We, the People have to stop this.

        My take is that very nearly all forcible entries by police with warrants ought to be curtailed. Only a very few prove justified. And, these few are difficult to distinguish from a malicious SWATing a-priori. So, these very few are a very risky proposition themselves.

        The police are equipped to surround and wait-out a fugitive. The risk that the subject of a warrant will destroy evidence if allowed ample time is acceptable if it saves just one innocent life.

        Most SWAT type raids are – I fear – “unreasonable” in the sense contemplated by the 4A.

        The difficulty here is that if the cops can make such a mistake in a Black neighborhood then they can do it in a Latino neighborhood. If they can do it in a Latino neighborhood they can do it in the neighborhood of an Old-Fat-White-Guy. If We, the PotG, don’t stand up to this practice politically – NOW – and achieve reform, . . . Well, then, when it becomes time for us to be staring down the barrels of a SWAT team, there will be no one left to stand up for US!

        Much safer for US to stand up now for those who are victims of this policing practice of dubious Constitutional validity. And, clearly, a practice that net-net threatens public safety.

        • Agreed 100%. But what will it take to get the less informed apathetic average American to give a damn? This stuff can only occur when you have a dumbed down stressed out population. Self-interest alone should have people concerned.

        • Republicans prohibit access to potentially dangerous items [drugs]. Democrats prohibit access to potentially dangerous items [guns]. Republicans send law enforcement to raid Americans to take life, liberty or property. Democrats send law enforcement to raid Americans to take life, liberty or property. Republicans strengthen the force of law enforcement to overpower the people. Democrats strengthen the force of law enforcement to overpower the people.

          Republicans have the drug war. Democrats have the gun war. Law enforcement follows orders. Americans support the men and women in uniform.

          End result? The government gets supreme power over the people and rules them with an iron fist.

          Resistance is futile. Comply or die.

        • I’m guessing 99% of those raids are for drugs. Why bother. Arrest them somewhere else. Not in a home. What if she was babysitting? Only time the no-knock is valid is to rescue someone: a kidnap victim/ child/ hostage…and that’s after negotiations fail. Otherwise wait it out. The bad guy won’t be in there for long. He needs to make more deals.

    • Sounds like what happened to me. Rotten neighbors were long gone and we bought the place, several months later, plain clothed goon squad members show up without a warrant, at the wrong house, and proceed to beat the shit out of me in my front lawn. How damn hard is it to check who pays the taxes before doing stupid shit?

      • Sorry about the red coats teaching you about the King. That sucks. Almost happened to me after moving to a rental without knowing the prior tenant stabbed her boyfriend then moved when she got out of jail. They showed up at 6am banging on the door and I told them they had the wrong address through the door. They didn’t try to gain entry. Boyfriend showed up at 2am. I sold my Glock to pay for moving. Oof moment. Needless to say I broke the lease without argument.

      • There was a case like this up in the North East a few years back. No-knock drug warrant.

        The difference between that case and yours is that in the other case the house they hit belonged to the mayor of the town and the in the house was… the mayor. That little fiasco didn’t work out well for the cops.

        Honestly, if you look at the differences between European policing and American policing… there is a difference. The difference is that the Euro cops tend to really do their homework before they kick in doors and start banging rooms. The downside is they’re sometimes slow because homework takes time.

      • Plain clothes? Sorry, I guess I’d die, but I will be trying really hard to kill, when I do. Cops who assault someone’s home damn well can wear a uniform or be shot. If I can get to my .308 somebody is gonna *wish* he wore a uniform.

  5. I missed the apologies for the gross negligence and attempted murder of an innocent person. Blame the victim for not dropping her legally owned firearm within seconds. Thin blue integrity.
    Countdown to bootlicker splainin

    • They really screwed up letting her live. She will be able to sit in court to tell her side of the story and show off her new gun shot scars.

      The raiders need a better caliber to finish the job. Virginia law enforcement need to take note.

        • 9mm hollow-points? No way! They likely shot her with ARs. You know that weapon of war all police carry around when they do raids on the civilians?

          If you are going to raid civilians, to enforce prohibition on dangerous items, you must have the proper caliber. You don’t use 5.56 to put down a teenage girl for good.

          If I remember correctly, the average number of rounds of 5.56 it took to put down a fighter in Iraq and Afghanistan was 6-9. Maybe law enforcement will need less to put down American fighters.

        • With 5.56 it’s more about the actual bullet than the caliber or rifle.

          60+ grain 5.56×45 will dick people up real good. Something like Winchester 64gr Ranger LE or Federal 64gr Hi-Shok SP ammo will put the hurt on just about anyone.

        • 5.56 is an appropriate caliber when the mission is to shoot dogs. Move up to 7.62×51 to blow away innocent teenage girls in their own home. Remember, it’s about shot placement so if you can’t hit shit fire early and fire often.

          I should be a consultant for the alphabet boys.

  6. She was innocent of any crime they were investigating. They went into her house.

    Did they announce themselves as they entered? Did they have a right to enter as the person they were looking for did not live there? Warrant or no warrant, it seems they are in the wrong.

    I’m sure we do not have all the information on this, but it seems they will need to get out their checkbook. At least, I hope that’s the case.

    There need to be reprecussions for making these “communication” mistakes. Maybe a couple of firings or re-assignements along with monetary recompense.

    This is a far cry worse than the old Wilmer Speed Trap of years gone by.

    • Cute girl-child, engaged to be married, not wanted for shit, she is gonna be RICH! As well she should. If I were on the jury, I would want to award enough that the average taxpayer choked when told about his tax bill due to police exploits. In a little town, 10 mil, in a bigger city, 100.

      • I agree. This is probably county deputies.

        Wilmer used to only have a constable who ran a speed trap (65 to 35 until the 70s).

        When the speed dropped to 55, he had the signs moved to hide them and keep his salary up.

        The town finally disbanded in the 90s (I think), so they could cut the constable position.

        I admire them for that.

  7. This is why Barney only had one bullet and it was kept in his shirt pocket.
    Since it may have been a federal operation with the county assisting the family probably has no chance of a cash settlement.

    • If that’s not sarcasm than I sincerely hope you die in a police no knock raid based on what the previous resident of your home may or may not have done

  8. Gross Negligence resulting in Manslaughter under color of police authority.

    It’s the sort of thing a District or US Attorney routinely ignore. Police errors getting people killed are ignored because the system has rules. Rules that defend bloody mistakes.

    The ATF has been so protected since the 1971 shooting of Ken Ballew. Every now and then a citizen is gunned down in a no-knock warrant on the wrong address, waking someone from a sound sleep with zero reaction time.

    That’s what we are dealing with. Accepted police procedure that explains away needless deaths. Paired with a system of prosecutorial discretion that values police above citizens.

  9. If this follows similar cases it will be –
    “Police” were not in uniform.

    Several seconds of warning becomes shoot first then yell out gun for the tape or try to alter the tape as in the recent Houston raid killings.

    Shotgun turns out to have been nowhere near the victim. But is now a reason for trigger happy idiots to try and justify.

    They claim qualified immunity and victim gets nothing.

    The longer it takes to release the tape the more likely it is the above predictions are correct.

  10. Law enforcement is a dangerous business. If a cop gets shot by an armed citizen while conducting an armed invasion on a home they have no business being near, too bad.

    Here, the jack-booted thugs won it.

    • Hmmmmm…

      Right now, I wouldn’t mind a taste of some of the really neat drugs I got exactly one year ago tonight. Fentanyl in the ambulance, morphine until surgery (an attractive young female surgeon, no less. No, JWM, I didn’t ‘get any’.), then oxycodone for the next two weeks.

      Life put on hold a few months at least got me some fun new toys.

      Humbug, Everyone! 😉

      • When a buddy of mine got shot we went to go see him the next day in the hospital before he gets shipped elsewhere.

        We open the door super gently and everything in case he’s sleeping. He’s not, sees us, so we ask how he’s doing like all quiet and respectful and shit.


    • “Thank God no dangerous drugs managed to escape. Someone might have been harmed!”

      “Those drugs look dangerous, son. You better give them to me…” 😉

  11. I see no difference between this and SWAT following orders from hackers (swatting). There is no excuse.

    No wonder so many people grow up to hate cops.

  12. Awful damned convenient that they didn’t have any body cams on such a HIGH RISK operation. They don’t want to accidentally record themselves breaking the law.

    • Even if there are cameras it will take a year before they can release footage because investigations need that long to be completed. Once you forget about the story they will release limited information as required by law.

  13. Is it wrong to have yer AR15 loaded with 62gr greentip armor piecing cop killer boo-lits? Asking for a friend😄

    • Standard ball ammo made a nicer hole in 1/4″ steel plate than green tip did, at least for me. Might be why it’s labeled “steel core” rather than “armor piercing”. 7.62 has actual “AP” ammo, never saw any for 5.56. And, having seen video of 7.62 AP sizzling through 2″ steel plate, I’m waiting to see a demo of a vest which would stop it.

  14. “Miscommunication’. Pfah.

    More like the typical utter incompetence in planning and review of facts before mounting a dynamic raid.

    We need to change LEO recruiting in this country. Instead of allowing law enforcement agencies to discriminate against people with high IQ’s, we should require high IQ’s. Oh, and we should actively discriminate against people who seem to have a need to tell citizen to “respect mah authoratah!” – such as is seen in the sheriff here.

    And three agencies? What was it, a slow day down at the donut shop?

    • “And three agencies? What was it, a slow day down at the donut shop?”

      Probably to pad their resumes. “Participated in 27 inter-agency ‘Dynamic Entries’.

      Kinda like the way some some pilots on a $100 burger run with a buddy logs ‘safety pilot’ hours in the right seat. ‘Safety’ my ass. They’re catching up on the latest bullshit in their lives… 🙂

  15. I hope she takes that dept. of redardedness, to bank. A 20 mill settlement should get some notice. Stop being a Gestapo.

    • Joe Arpaio cost Maricopa County AZ taxpayers over $140,000,000 before they voted him out of office. It only took numerous multi-million dollar losses and 24 years.

  16. Her mistake was not pulling the trigger. If you point a gun at someone, you can’t hesitate. WTF were the cops doing???? I know cops are human, they make mistakes, but these guys sound like the Keystone Kops…. What ever happened to “Police, Come out with your hands up” I would guess not too many law abiding citizens would not comply with a reasonable request, instead of storming like like the Gestapo, guns drawn, and blasting away..

  17. I don’t have a problem with it if they did, indeed, repeatedly identify themselves as police officers and order her to drop the shotgun. A mistaken raid is not, in fact, license to shoot the police. They’re still entitled to protect themselves even if they’re at a location as the result of a mistake.

    Just depends on what happens before the shots were fired. We’ve already established drug use happening in the home, she could just as easily have pulled the gun because she thought the cops were there for her drugs.

    • Ark, please provide a link to the source you have for drugs being present and confiscated and arrest made for the possession of at the residence that is the subject of story.

    • I don’t give a rat’s ass what they “identified” themselves as, I can say “Police! Come out with your hands up!” as well as anyone else, cop or not. If you’re on MY lawn at the time, you had better be in uniform.

  18. Wanted man was already in jail when agents raided his former home and shot woman inside

    Reports of video footage are conflicting. Some claims there is video, but the local news says the Mobile County officers do not have body cameras.

    The claim from those arrested in front of the house were that she was asleep inside.

    Police describe 2 to 3 seconds between confronting her and shooting her a bunch of times.

    So, it’s about 06:30 in the morning and sleeping 19 year old woman is forced to work out that the big ruckus blasting her out of sleep is the police. Not home invaders, but the cops.

    Two to three seconds is not enough time to go from sleep to a fear state and still make a reasoned decision. Actions will be instinctive.

    All the cops needed to do is make noise outside. Used to be they could do that with bullhorns or PA speaker on their cop cars. I live in a big city and was woken up by cop cars driving down the street announcing they were looking for an armed felon, to stay inside and lock your doors.

    I am glad she will survive. Hope she wins a massive lawsuit. Unlikely it will change anything about police procedure and the systemic defense of incompetence and arrogance, but it would at least get her bills paid.

  19. Recently, a Michigan State Police “drug team” in an unmarked car ran a stop sign and “t-boned” a motorist who had the right-of-way. The first thing the cops did was to handcuff the driver of the car they just hit, not assessing the driver’s medical condition. They almost got away with it, but fortunately, there was a video camera trained on the intersection that proved the cops were in the wrong.
    As to the “miscommunication among cops, they will probably get off. You see, the “thin blue line” protects its own. . Do I have faith in the system? Absolutely NOT. I hope I am wrong, BUT…there are too many dirty cops still on the force despite them committing criminal acts.
    Let’s look at the differences in the way police are treated after a questionable shooting:
    A citizen that uses deadly force, even justifiably, will be immediately handcuffed and arrested, until the situation is sorted out. He will most likely be detained in a holding cell at the police station until the prosecutor makes a decision whether to prosecute. Questioning by police will most certainly be forceful and immediate, with police interrogators purposely trying to trip up the citizen by attempting to elicit contradictory statements-standard police interrogation tactics.
    A police officer in an identical situation will NOT be handcuffed or arrested. The police officer will be afforded a union attorney and will have 72 hours in which to get his story straight. In addition, a police-friendly prosecutor will most likely hesitate to prefer charges, as they are on the same team. Most likely an extended taxpayer-paid vacation (administrative leave) will result.
    Not so for the ordinary citizen.
    Double standard?
    You bet…
    If you are involved in a defensive shooting, ALWAYS request medical attention at a hospital. This will delay the cops enough for you to collect your thoughts as well as to retain legal counsel.

  20. Anarchyist, as an LE firearms instructor I ran hundreds of citizens through a CCW class. I told everyone of them if they were involved in a defensive shooting to say this, “Officer, I want to cooperate with your investigation. However, I decline to answer any questions or make a statement until I’ve spoken to an attorney.” As for being cuff/detained. Not necessarily. In ’91-’92 we had a 911 call. The citizen said, “There’s a nigger breaking in my neighbor’s house. You better get out here or I’m going to kill him.” When Dale got there the suspect was dead. Seems the citizen had armed himself and confronted the suspect at gun point. The suspect attempted to disarm the citizen. During the struggle over the weapon it discharged striking no one. The suspect disengaged. The citizen immediately shot him in the head. I asked the Sheriff if we were going to send it to the State Attorney’s Office. The Sheriff replied, “He’ll no! We’re going to buy him (citizen) a box of bullets. That son of a bitch (suspect) has been a pain in our ass for years.” The suspect was recently released from prison. I guess it depends on jurisdiction.
    As to the story. I was a deputy sheriff and dual sworn as a Deputy U.S. Marshal as a member of the N FL Violent Fugitive Task Force. We always knocked and announced. Always. We were also always clearly marked as LEO. Always. According to the story the suspect had once lived at the residence and a relative still did. That is where you hunt criminals. They always go home eventually. When I would run someone through FCIC/NCIC it would show an open warrant. It would not show if they were currently incarcerated. The warrants are checked and served by the correctional facility. Maybe that should be addressed. Bottom line. Don’t want to be shot by the cops. Don’t point guns at them. Do what you’re told.

    • Understood, and thank you for your service as part of LE. However, in regards to your last point, you’re not listening to what others here have tried to explain…that when any group of people rushes into your home when you’re asleep and start yelling/cussing/ordering, you’re going to go instantly from ‘sleep’ to ‘panic’ to ‘fight or flight’. Any LEOs should know that blustering into a home puts themselves and everyone inside at risk. I would likely react exactly as the young woman did, and train my nightstand gun on the nearest person.

      Here’s where it gets dicey…if I suddenly realized that I was looking at a bunch of LEOs who had (for some reason yet unknown) stormed my house and aimed all their guns at me, I would try to communicate with them to coordinate a safe stand-down for all involved. But when LEOs are trained to control a scene by disorienting an opponent through loud yelling, no conversation can ever be held. It’s a poor tactic, and dangerous for everyone.

      • “Here’s where it gets dicey…”

        Uh, no. Dicey is the chances you live or not because you pointed a gun at a cop during a raid. At this point in time there is no conversation between you and them. They’ve already shot you. Repeatedly.

        Your chance for conversation passed the moment you actually pointed that gun at a cop, probably before.

        • You guys seem to be ignoring the fact that the person who was wanted hadn’t lived there for years AND WAS IN JAIL.

        • You seem to be ignoring the fact that bullets don’t give a fuck who they’re aimed at. The “right guy” was in jail?

          Doesn’t matter at all when it’s your ass in the bullet’s flight path.

        • They had no legal right to be in her house. That was established up front. And you can’t legally start a scrap then claim self defense.

    • Sorry Flag.

      Someone innocent of any crime in their own home should not expect to be swatted.

      If the cops cant get it right, it’s on them. Someone busts into my house announced or otherwise are gonna be shot if I’m fast enough.

      We dont need jackboot laws that give the police immunity and carte blanche.

      Better for the guilty to roam than one innocent taking a hit from slavish LEO work.

      • Specialist38, there are lots of things here we don’t know. For instance, what was the address on the arrest warrant? If there was one it was “last known.” Usually from previous arrest paperwork. Like the article said, a relative of the suspect still lived there. That’s where you hunt. Last, knock and announce is just what it sounds like. A very loud knock. Actually a pounding on the door followed by, “Sheriff’s Office! We have a warrant! Open the door!” Just to make my point. Not long ago a couple of thugs used my address to set up a Dominoes pizza driver for a robbery. I’m sitting inside reading a book. Fat and happy. Someone pounds on my door. I scoop up a Sig P-220. Me, “Who’s there!?” Them, “Police! Open the door!” Me, “Stand where I can see you from a window!” It was Barber. I lay the Sig down and open the door. Barber, over his shoulder, “It’s ok. He used to be a deputy.” Two others come out from cover holstering up. No problem.

    • “Don’t point guns at them. Do what you’re told.”

      Blow me, cop. If you kick in my door at zero dark thirty and aim firearms at me, someone is gonna die, and I’m a far better shot than most cops. This is 100% the fault of the law enforcement personnel invoked. But thank you for proving most of us right, that the thin blue line will protect its own corrupt members rather than point out problems. I rather doubt that you’re blatantly corrupt or a murderer, but your words demonstrate that ALL cops should be viewed by private, honest citizens with suspicion, distrust, and even hostility.

  21. “We do know that there is a miscommunication in this situation. We don’t know the exact cause. We have narrowed it down to one of two things,”

    1. Scumbag idiot cops
    2. Illiterate fat disgusting cops.

  22. The local news recorded the raid, but it seems they won’t release the entire video and they are concealing the identities of the enforcers.

    Some of the raiders appear to be in plain clothes, others have SBRs and suppressors.

    Too bad for the flag waving American conservative shot before her birthday. She should have known better than to exercise her rights against law enforcement.

    Trump is not playing any games when it comes to the gun and drug war. He is sending in the feds to enforce the law.

    • The officers didnt announce themselves first. It’s not on the audio.
      How very inconvenient for the sheriff and his department.
      Another “No Knock” raid gone wrong.

      • It doesn’t matter how incompetent their raid was, or how many mistakes the police made, they’ll all still act like it was her fault.

  23. Narrowed it down to two things is right!

    1: “Someone screwed up, the situation was handled terribly and we’ll put up a fight when we get sued!”

    2: “Someone REALLY FU*KED UP and as Sheriff I’m going to blame this entire “miscommunication” on, throw them to thre wolves to save my own butt and grant poor Rylee a YUGE payout/ settlement!”

    I could be very wrong, but that’s how I see it, at least as of right now.

  24. Two options when pointing a gunm at a cop, shoot and get shot, or dont shoot and get shot. Whether we like it or not the Police are the Boss,

  25. “Ann Rylee, 19, was wounded during the raid on Thursday, television news outlets quoted family members as saying. They said she was hospitalized and was expected to survive.”

    Her survival is of trivial concern. The only important thing is that the cops got to go home safe that night, no matter who they have to shoot to do it.

  26. That last paragraph quoting Sherriff Cochran is pure bullshit flowing from his lips. The Raiding Party would have put her face down on the floor, cuffed her and proceeded to search the House, property and anything else listed on the Warrant. “AFTER THE SEARCH for the suspect was completed (and no other violations Charges found: THEN LE backs out and releases those persons “detained but not pending further Charges. We don’t know if LE went in an open door or if they busted one down. Shooting aside, its still not bid her/them a good day and thanks very much.

    Quickly Release the LE Body Cam showing “she pointed it at LE” and had time to comprehend the orders if given. If this was LE blasting an African American as the result of a LE screwup their would be mass protests and probably cars burning in the street.

    • “Quickly Release the LE Body Cam”

      Exactly. It’s even odds that it’ll show the girl just standing there, possibly not even touching the shotgun if there was a gun there at all, then “BANG Drop BANG BANG BANG the BANG gun” and she’s down.

  27. The Liberals and the Left when forced will always defend the police and support civilian disarmament. Their silence on this case is their support for the police.

  28. So they are looking for a GUY. The guys out front tell the cops that there is still a WOMAN inside. Exactly WHY would the cops need to go inside? To make sure the WOMAN is a WOMAN? Absurd. They just look for trouble to stir up.

  29. Police officer. Safest and snuggest job in the world. Wear an armored vest, have bullet resistant plexiglass in your vehicle, two way radios, a partner, backup, gun, spare mags, a backup gun or two, a powerful union to get you out of jail, a carve out that allows you to carry long after you are retired, a pension that kicks in right after you “retire” in your 40s, laws that make it a terroristic offense for me to point at you with my finger, am I missing anything? And you still complain you have it tough?

    Farmers and construction workers have it tougher in life, ie significantly more fatalities and less benefits, and contribute more to society. No joke. And I don’t remember the news showing a bagpipe led funeral parade down Main Street on taxpayers dime for a dead farmer with a police escort. God bless America.

  30. Yeah, one officer freaks out, yells “gun…!’, and starts firing away… article says she was given “seconds” to comply… what jerks… absolute jerks… none of them paid any attention when they were told she was sitting next to a shotgun they kept for protection….? What absolute, total jerks… at least one or two need to be relieved of duty, and it sounds like a few more need some intensive retraining…. absolute morons… who needs jerks like these patrolling their towns…. looking for a guy who lived there years ago, and was already in jail…? Total morons…. and who’s going to be dealing with her lowered quality of life after this, the nerve and bone damage and who knows what else… only her and her family… the keystone-cops get away with this insanity scot-free… this is what happens when you give cops guns…


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