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This is TTAG’s weekly roundup of legal and legislative news affecting guns, the gun business and gun owners’ rights. For a deeper dive into the topics discussed here, check out this week in gun rights at FPC

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Gun industry is essential, according to the feds

This is something many of us have known, and even some jurisdictions have recognized, but on Saturday the federal government finally came around and added gun companies to the list of “essential” businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

This will have a direct impact on some jurisdictions that have been referencing the DHS guidelines directly for their lists of essential businesses, and indirectly in other jurisdictions.

phil murphy toy guns
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File)

Firearms Policy Coalition is suing EVERYONE

Where to start. This week has been wild, especially for us at the FPC. The past couple of weeks have seen a significant increase in “stay-at-home” and “shelter-in-place” orders across the country.

Those orders often included verbiage which prevents small-business owners like many gun shop proprietors from selling their wares to law-abiding individuals. Individuals who most assuredly consider a mechanism to defend their lives “essential.”

It’s clear that tyrants are having no problem doing their work from home. But we patriots can too, and I expect we can do it better.

Many of those emergency orders are probably copypasta, but let’s be clear: whether the prohibition of firearms sales was accidental or intentional means nothing. The right of the people to keep and bear arms necessitates the ability to freely acquire firearms, as it’s difficult to “keep” or “bear” what you can’t get your hands on in the first place.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the Governor of California, Lord-Emperor of the People’s Republic of New York, or the three-county state of Delaware. We’re paying attention. That’s why the FPC has set up this hotline for people, anywhere in the country, who have had their rights violated, to let us know.

So far, FPC has launched suits against New Jersey, the State of California, Los Angeles county, the Bay Area, Wake County, NC, with much, more to come.

It’s very difficult to track the municipal violations. That’s why I’m asking for help. If you’re a law abiding person, over the age of 21, who wants to get a gun, or wants to sell guns, and are being prevented from doing so due to a COVID19-related government action, please get in touch with us.

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International gun purchases are increasing due to COVID19 concerns

By now everyone is aware that guns and ammo are flying off the shelves across America. What many people probably didn’t anticipate was that the same thing would happen in America’s northern suburb as well as places across the pond like Hungary.

What does it all mean? People are concerned for their safety everywhere, and rightly so. Unfortunately, it also means that in places like Canada, where supply chains are especially strained due to excessive governmental interloping, many would-be owners are going to find that they’re unable to purchase a gun in the near future, and that they will have to ride out the pandemic with whatever they have.


Unintentional firearms fatalities reached lowest levels ever

You’ll shoot your eye out, kid. Or maybe not, says the National Shooting Sports Foundation. They’re reporting that unintentional firearms fatalities have reached their lowest level ever, despite melodramatic claims that the recent surge in firearms sales will result in a significant increase in firearms-related harm.

In fact, the National Safety Council reported that in 2018, there were only 458 accidental firearms fatalities, constituting less than 1% of all recorded fatalities that year.

What’s the trick, you ask? It’s safe handling and maintaining “positive control” over your firearms. Responsible gun owners understand when, how, or if it’s safe to leave their firearms unattended.

Given the huge increase in firearms purchases in recent weeks it’s especially important to pass this kind of knowledge on to others who may be first-time gun owners.


The feds have lost their guns…again

Fidelity. Bravery. Integrity (plus poor chain of custody for firearms and anything else valuable). These are the things the FBI and certain other organizations under the DOJ are known for.

So it should come as no surprise that between September 2016 and July 2019, 38 special-agents werepunished for losing 45 government-issued firearms. I’m not sure if they lost their guns breakdancing, but hey, at least it wasn’t 449 like last time.

Rep. Hank Johnson Georgia
Representative-elect Hank Johnson, D-Ga. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook)

Georgia lawmaker uses COVID-19 as cover for pushing massive federal gun legislation

Everybody is talking about legislation centered around paychecks for the masses, bailouts, and the willingness of the political mainstream to play the fiddle while America burns. But what too few are talking about is H.R. 5717, which would fundamentally alter, if not eliminate, the right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Brought to you by Representative Hank Johnson (D – Georgia), the same galaxy brain genius who thinks you can tip over the island of Guam, some of H.R. 5717’s more authoritarian features include a national gun registry, gun rationing, magazine and semi-automatic firearm bans, and much, much more.

That’s why we’re fighting tooth and nail against this bill and its companion, S. 3254. If you’d like to help, stop by our website and help us stop H.R. 5717.

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    • Downunder, in a classic example of fear and ignorance gun shops have been ordered to close in the states of Queensland and Western Australia. Fear of people rushing out to buy guns. And ignorance of the actual process to purchase firearms.

      Although WA has always had extremely restrictive firearms laws. So restrictive the post Port Arthur firearms laws didn’t make any difference.

  1. The FPC is one of at least 3 organizations suing the WakeCo. NC sheriff for shutting down the PP and CCW office. More power to them.

    • I was astounded to learn last year that NC law requires written permission from your local county Sheriff to own/possess a handgun. If you move to a neighboring county, you have to re-register and re-request permission all over again. Even CA doesn’t have that.

      • That’s one of the laws the dems put in place in the south to keep black folks from getting guns.

        Gun control has always and will always be about racism and potential genocide.

        • So very few people understand that gun laws are almost all racist laws. I didn’t understand it until just a few short years ago. The first laws written on this continent regarding guns, was specifically designed to prevent black people owning weapons, and little has changed in roughly 500 years. Dems fear dark skinned people, and won’t tolerate a “nigga wid a gun!” White kids post pictures to Facebook with guns, there’s probably no problem. Black kid posts a similar pic, and he can expect the cops to kick his door down in the middle of the night, guns blazing.

      • North Carolina law requires a permit from the Sheriff for the purchase of a handgun, not ownership. The sheriff’s office in your residence county is the issuer. You start the application online, then go to his office to swear all statements on the application are true. He does a background check (probably using the NCIS) and emails or calls you when the permit is ready to pick up. It usually takes 10 to 14 days. You can apply for more than one permit at a time, but the most I’ve gotten at once is two.

        There is no registration of handguns beyond the FFL requirements, the LGS collects the permit when you make the purchase. The permits cost $5 each in my county and are valid for up to five years, giving a person plenty of time to save up and purchase. Once you have purchased a handgun, you DO NOT have to do anything if you move to a different county.

        • Pardon me, you’re correct. The original document I read stated that possession/ownership also requires permission, but after visiting official NC Gov sources, I see that this isn’t the case after all. However, I *do* find it interesting to note that – if you move to another county within the State – you must re-apply with that new Sheriff all over again to purchase another handgun.

          It appears a person’s ability to exercise his/her 2A right to purchase a handgun falls squarely upon the subjective approval of individual Sheriffs: “The application for a permit to purchase is filed at the local sheriff’s office and requires a background check, fingerprints, and a test to display ‘good moral character.'” Whatever that means.

          Similar to what we have here in SoCal under our “may issue” structure. L.A. Sheriff Villanueva is adamantly against CCWs for private citizens, while other nearby Sheriffs (Ventura, Kern, et al) openly support them.

        • Haz, you’re right about having to apply to the Sheriff in your new county, but that’s more about residency. I have read your messages here for quite a while and do think you provide good input. Stay safe!

        • So if the sheriff thinks you or your associates are the wrong kind of people to own guns you are SOL. Nice.

          What if you move there with a massive handgun collection?

        • Permit is for the purchase of a new (to you) handgun. The LGS keeps the permit when you purchase the handgun. The sheriff’s office does not know what you bought or have any serial numbers or any other information on the purchase.
          You can move anywhere in NC with all your guns freely. There is no requirement to register your guns. The permit is for the purchase of handguns only, you can purchase any long gun without a permit.
          The sheriff’s office check is to ensure your are legally allowed to own a firearm. It checks to see if you are a felon or if you have any outstanding warrants. No mental exams required. No references from non-family members.
          We in NC take ownership of firearms very seriously. See our State Constitution. You do have to take an 8 hour course and get a permit from the Sheriff for concealed carry. If you get a concealed carry permit, you do not have to get a purchase permit as you are already vested. I am comfortable with the present system and will fight any changes. The Wake County sheriff is an idiot to shut down the purchase permit.

    • Yeah, the sheriffs do not want to give up a power and revenue stream. They have fought against all attempts to remove their grubby paws from infringing and stealing our Rights and treasure. Of course the politicians follow them in this as well, because they want to keep the enforcers happy so they will enforce what the dirty politicians want.

      • The cost is $5 for the permit. Cost to process the permit is more than that, so it is a money loss.

  2. Representative Hank Johnson is NOT the problem. The problem is idiot voters who reelected him even after showing his incomprehensible level of stupidity

    • So “Hank” is just an interchangeable demtard moron? I’d hope not as he seems to bring a whole new level of stupid to moron. Ga blacks would vote for ANY moron that is black and demtard?

      • Sadly, those black folk who enjoy life on the Dem plantation will vote for any black person, just because he is black. Those black folk who have rejected the plantation way of life, not so much. They tend to vote issues, rather than race.

    • Representative Hank Johnson is older than Bernie Sanders. 82 or 83 I believe. There is video of him saying Guam Island would flip upside down if too many marines were stationed on it. If they all stood on one end of the island. Look for the video. It’s out there.

  3. looks like somebody’s balls dangled on his chin long enough to leave a patch of tickle pink.

  4. So Gov Murphy in NJ MIGHT open the gun stores, but he’ll certainly keep the NJSP from processing “instant” background checks. Trumps order isn’t going to have significant effect in the People’s Republic of NJ

  5. What total filth HR 5717 is. Here’s a genuine “uncle tom” pleasing his democRat Party slave masters with laws that would make Jim Crow and adolf hitler giddy with envy.
    This GA rep. is one politically inept history illiterate who is a disgrace to his race and his ancestors who had their rights and freedom trampled on and spit on by the democRat Party.
    Frankly…A Black American voting for a democRat makes as much sense as a Jew voting for a nazi.

    • Have you forgotten the quote, “We’ll have those niggers voting for us for the next 200 years!” If you don’t know who said that, you should look it up. Many black people – and white people for that matter – still believe that Democrats are the friends of the blacks. That was some superb sleight-of-hand, and Republicans allowed the Dems to get away with it.

      • LBJ, the Third Horseman of the Democrat President Apocalypse.

        1st – Woodrow Wilson
        2nd – Franklin Delano Roosevelt
        3rd – Lyndon Baines Johnson
        4th – Barry Sotero (aka Barrack Hussein Obama)

        Hillary was ballyhooed in 2016 as the approaching Angel of Death, but fortunately Divine Providence blocked that from happening, so the circulated prophecies were proven to be false. For now.

      • I don’t have to look it up. I already know. I found out 25 years ago who said it. The Great White Hope. The hero of the liberal establishment and the hero of every white liberal. President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Who also signed the 1968 gun control Act. Which contained a provision that outlawed mail order gun sales and delivery.

        • Can’t have blacks getting guns delivered when the local stores won’t sell to them to keep them from getting uppity with wanting rights or not being defenseless against the riders and whatnot.

      • LBJ was unable to enunciate the word negro. If you recall he used the word ‘nigra’. How do you suppose that occurred?

  6. The city of New Orleans has issued an Order that prohibits the sale or transfer of firearms yet again as if they never remembered the lawsuit after Hurricane Katrina. In addition the city of Champaign Illinois where the University of Illinois is has also entered a sweeping executive Order that not only prohibits the sale and transfer of firearms but the out right confiscation of firearms for no reason at all except the discretion of the Mayor!!! You may want to look at those municipal situations as ripe for suit!

  7. The right of the people to keep and bear arms is written into the federal law exactly to limit wanna be fascists from bringing govt force to bear in the “emergency” of people successfully opposing them.

    The overlords should be recruiting, coordinating, and deputizing additional citizens. Skilled individuals can volunteer to help with more than hands-on medical care.

    Go after them for civil rights, but put in a negligance clause as well.

  8. How to make sense of the chattering classes chant that the feds aren’t doing enough?

    — The feds aren’t doing enough … telling people what to do.

    — The feds are doing too much … within their scope, that helps incrementally, using facts on the ground.

    How dare the feds tell various agencies to do their damn jobs. (If the top of the stack has to pull driving your sand box into a “task force”, you’ve failed. All they should need is updates and coordination as you are all over it.)

    Govt’s job, apparently, is to direct the citizens, not itself, to do things to them (us), vs for them (us.) Something goes wrong, and some “leaders'” first instinct is to clamp down on what people are permitted to do, while others’ is to see what they’re able to do.

    I’m reminded of a definition: “Leadership is the art of securing other people’s willing cooperation in pursuing a goal. Unwilling cooperation is just coercion.”

    The paper apparatchiks think proclaiming something is the same as it happening, and their job is to tell their citizens what to do vs. drive the apparatus to the citizens’ advantage. Vote them out, run the hit pieces on their responses, and sue their brains out as far and hard as can be managed.

  9. when does the civil war start? Got my VC boots and go anywhere armored wheel chair all decked out in gun metal blue, couple of big speakers, playing War Pigs, It has self contained scuba gear built in, then I got a Camo tear drop pull behind (got too play hide and seek when parked in woods,) eyesight not what it used too be, course the batteries only last an hr. so search and destroy let god sort it out; LOL

  10. Will the feds be going after those that attack the critical infrastructure like the gun industry?

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