How Are You Spending Your Sunday in Quarantine?

You’re home. It’s Sunday. You’ve already seen every movie on cable and streamed everything worth watching.

Please don’t tell us there are empty magazines in your house.


  1. avatar jwm says:

    What quarantine? I come and go as I please. I took my grandsons on a nature hike Friday. I’m trying to get a crabbing trip together for tomorrow.

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      Stupid L.A. Parks & Rec closed up all our trails and paths, only two days after Mayor Garcetti encouraged everyone to use them, and the L.A. Health Officer stated in writing(!) that exercise is permitted and encouraged.

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        IF you idiot Komifornians were smart enough to stay at least 20ft away from each other then would be no problems. Walk down the streets in your self-selected cesspool. Few/no cars out.

    2. avatar Waylon says:

      We could all pass the time by having another argument about what to call the disease. My favorite so far has been:

      Killer Flu 2: electric boogaloo.

      1. avatar Martin Buck says:

        Still waiting for something to be called “Fetch” (Mean Girls reference).

      2. avatar Anon Y Moose says:

        The Chinese Coronavirus
        The Wuhan Flu
        The Xi’s Disease
        The Sweet And Sour Sickness
        The The Wu Tang Cough
        The Ow Chi Lung
        The Pu Pu Pandemic
        The Fu Manchu Fever
        The Shanghai Shivers
        The Beijing Bug
        The Oriental Onset
        The Asian Ailment
        The Mandarin Malady

        1. avatar arc says:

          Passed this around with some modifications.
          You have done your public service for today.

        2. avatar Will Drider says:

          WuFlu: because “Chinese Biological Warfare” requires more typing. And most experts thought China was going to computer HACK power distribution, nuke plants, water systems and financial centers!

        3. avatar GluteusMaximus says:

          Sweet and sour sickness. Omg that’s hysterical

        4. avatar Pa John says:

          ChiCom Virus, because that accurately targets exactly who is to blame. We The People of the United States of America have no problem – racial or otherwise – with the many various peoples of China. We DO however have a very serious problem with the Chinese Communist GOVERNMENT (Chinese Communist Party, CCP), which delayed, censored, denied and propagandized right when the simple truth about this virus could have done the most good. The ChiCom GOVERNMENT refused all legitimate offers of medical / clinical / research assistance from all the usual international health organizations, and knowingly allowed massive international travel to continue in and out of their country, even as the ChiCom Virus was rapidly spreading out of control. They knowingly infected the entire world because shutting down international travel and trade was bad for business.

          And now the entire planet is paying the price for the ChiCom GOVERNMENT’s reckless endangerment of humanity as a whole. And to add insult to injury, they are now trying to blame the U.S. Army for the virus! (Do a search for “China blames U.S. Army” and read on.)

          So yes, “ChiCom Virus” IS the proper name to use. No more syllables than saying “Wuhan Virus” or “Chinese Virus”, prevents the anti-American left from claiming “racism” (their catch-all term for all who fail to march 100% in total lockstep with them on demand), and properly places blame right where it belongs, on the iron fisted, totalitarian, ChiCom GOVERNMENT, which abuses, stifles and tyrannizes their own people as a matter of routine.

          And besides, the ChiComs are chief among the various foreign enemies who want the American people disarmed, and are actively using their very considerable resources to try to make that happen. It is not by accident or mere coincidence that so much of U.S. corporate media, and virtually all corrupt democrat & RINO politicians, happily parrot ChiCom propaganda, practically verbatim, seemingly on demand. There is a lot of Chinese & Russian backed money to be made in being an active domestic enemy of the U.S. Constitution, and the fact that this harsh reality is never even mentioned in U.S. corporate media speaks volumes, all by itself. That kind of corporate media lockstep silence – nationwide – does not come cheap.

          ChiCom Virus. Because that is exactly what this is.

        5. avatar neiowa says:

          I use chicom flu. But you are correct. The SOBs MUST PAY. As in salt their fields and take every asset they hold. Return them to 4th world status. They should beg for the Treaty of Versailles.

        6. avatar Miner49er says:

          Well, maybe they can pay up, right after we pay the rest of the world over the 1919 pandemic. America, like most countries at war, censored information about the pandemic until it was far too late and it spread to Europe and Asia.

          “The 1918–1919 influenza pandemic killed more people than any other outbreak of disease in human history. The lowest estimate of the death toll is 21 million, while recent scholarship estimates from 50 to 100 million dead. World population was then only 28% what is today, and most deaths occurred in a sixteen week period, from mid-September to mid-December of 1918.

          It has never been clear, however, where this pandemic began. Since influenza is an endemic disease, not simply an epidemic one, it is impossible to answer this question with absolute certainty. Nonetheless, in seven years of work on a history of the pandemic, this author conducted an extensive survey of contemporary medical and lay literature searching for epidemiological evidence – the only evidence available. That review suggests that the most likely site of origin was Haskell County, Kansas, an isolated and sparsely populated county in the southwest corner of the state, in January 1918 [1]. If this hypothesis is correct, it has public policy implications.”

          As Donald Trump is said, America has done some pretty bad things.

        7. avatar Randy says:

          All wrong. It’s Kung Flu.

    3. avatar arc says:

      No quarantine here, too far out in the middle of nowhere. Even if there was a quarantine, its trivial for me to grab an empty backpack, fresh shirt, etc, and walk down the local creeks to wherever I wanted to go. Of course, I would need a pretty good reason to do that, like running out of my favorite soda or icecream bars.

      Hands off my soda!

  2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Finally finished assembling one of those hidden furniture pieces. Now cutting the foam.
    This is pretty neat. Room for the G-17, a few mags, and a flashlight.

    1. avatar Geoff "Guns. LOTS of guns..." PR says:

      Those come in kit form?

      Link, please?

  3. avatar Grumpy says:

    Not confined either. Coming and going as we please. Based on the traffic in our mid size SW city, we are not alone. Stores are open, there are groceries, only sit down restaurants are closed. OH, and the churches????

    1. avatar Toni Smith says:

      i wonder if the mosques do as well or if they have an exemption because they are muslim. Just asking cos they seem to get exempted from a lot of other regulations for religious reasons

      1. avatar Martin Buck says:

        Yup, mosques closed around here (NZ). Seems like every other boring rainy day to me. Lockdown schmockdown. Mind you, cops are checking cars, so a choice between lockdown or lock up.

        1. avatar Paul says:

          Those cops who stop a lot of cars, and are breathed on by the occupants of said cars, probably won’t be on the job much longer. See the stories about Detroit, and New Jersey, here in the states.

        2. avatar Broke_It says:

          Funny you should mention. I rip down the empty freeways in my state @ around 100mph on the regular now. They ain’t stopping speeders, blown right past a few now.

      2. avatar Geoff "Guns. LOTS of guns..." PR says:

        “i wonder if the mosques do as well or if they have an exemption because they are muslim.”

        I don’t know about local mosques, but in the Saudi Arabia holy city of Mecca, the Saudi king has canceled the annual Hajj pilgrimage.

        He had good reason to, the Hajj pilgrimage spread a MERS outbreak a number of years back…

        1. avatar neiowa says:

          In Iran (a chicom flu hotspot) the thugs had a mandatory funeral parade for some terrorist general last week. So win-win. General dead and more jihadis passing around the flu.

  4. avatar 2a sux sucks says:

    Youth Turkey hunting. my 12 year old killed gobbler this morning

    1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      Congrats. Our season doesn’t open for a few weeks. Hoping to get my daughter on a bird(most of our birds ignore calls) best bet is to sit and wait to see if they walk past.

    2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Congrats 2A! That isn’t that easy. Give your 12 yr old a high five.

    3. avatar Cole Dashit says:

      I’ll bet he scared the crap out of everyone else in the frozen food section at Kroger’s, didn’t he?

  5. avatar Debbie W. says:

    Listening to Tom Grisham’s Gun Talk radio show. GunTalk dot com

    1. avatar Jeremy B. says:

      I listened to last week’s show via podcast. As soon as I finish the After Show (best part doesn’t get aired on live radio) I’ll be starting on today’s!

  6. avatar bill knight says:

    I’ll get to all that if we are forced to not work. I’m recuperating from Lawn work on Sat after a week of working to get all the AC’s working at the Prime Osborn in Jax FL, They’re prepping the convention Center to be a temp Hospital if the regulars get overwhelmed

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      They will be overrun.

  7. avatar Ron says:

    Quarantine sounds nice. I’ve been not only having to work, but work OT during all this. I’d love to sit on my ass all day with a valid excuse as to why. Granted my checks plus stimulus will make me richer then most people I know, but still… their incessant bitching is annoying.

    1. avatar Paul says:

      Mehhh, I’m working too, so don’t feel like the Lone Stranger. But, that stimulus? I’m waiting ’til the money is in my pocket before I start counting my eggs and chickens.

  8. avatar I Haz A Question says:

    Just finished listening to our pastor’s sermon via livestream. Later today will be the Zoom session with our Small Groups.

    That’s what everyone’s doing today, right? 🙂 The first part of the “God, Guns, & Glory” mantra so many people like to espouse? Don’t go all out on relying on the drawer full of loaded mags, and forego recognizing Him in the midst of the crisis.

    1. avatar dlj83544 says:

      …I’d be live streaming a service if satellite Interweb here in north Idaho wasn’t so blasted slow. All the continual pausing while the buffer loads makes watching anything on-line too tedious.

      Very glad for all His provision through the current mess!

    2. avatar LifeSavor says:


      Yup. Life is prayer. Just took another long drive through the hill country south of Allentown. My wife and I were discussing how we recognize God in our lives, especially important topic due to significant health issues in the family.

      My daughter, Korean-born, just finished making 6 quarts of Kim-chi. Looking forward to tasting it after a few days of ferment.

      Now, for a hour on the Total Gym. It is an amazingly good exercise machine. Yet, no matter how much I use it, I never look like Christy Brinkley in those infomercials.

      1. avatar Fun Gunner says:

        You’re supposed to be trying to look like Chuck Norris.

        1. avatar LifeSavor says:

          Dangit!! I knew I was doing something wrong!!!

        2. avatar I Haz A Question says:

          Perfect comeback, Gunner [wink].

    3. avatar Amos Moses says:

      Tell your Sky Wizard thanks for Cov-19!

      1. avatar LifeSavor says:


        The god you do not believe in does not exist. So we can agree on that point. So, you can relieve yourself of those preconceptions about the old guy on a cloud.

        The God that does exist cannot be conceptualized. Characterizations that God sent a virus is just a return to the same old preconceptions.

        I have met many atheists who cannot or refuse to acknowledge the point that the medieval concepts of God do not represent God. I have met other atheists who have used their disbelief to clear their minds, throw out their prejudices, and explore their inner spirituality without reference to dogma.

        Not sure where you stand.

        I wrote a long essay on this in seminary. It was not well-received. 🙂

        1. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

          If possible could you please provide a copy? That particular subject is rather difficult to find reference to (particularly in Catholicism) for reasons you are well acquainted with.

        2. avatar LifeSavor says:


          I wrote the original essay a long time ago, when the Dead Sea was only sick. However, I have, since then, written shorter versions in email discussions with friends. I will look for one.

          I am also flattered that you asked. As you can imagine, suggesting that the eradication of dogma and of all concepts of God constitutes a giant step toward spirituality is generally frowned upon by all flavors of organized religion.

          If I find or recreate one of those essays, how would I supply it to you?

        3. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

          LifeSavor always fun to learn through more unconventional research, I am still pissed all my grant notes for research regarding prenatal cocaine exposure and lifelong developmental and behavioral degradation were destroyed. [email protected] for the email if you find anything.

      2. avatar Darkman says:

        @Amos Moses ELOHSSAGNIKCUF Hope You Get IT…

        1. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

          Satanists would immediately.

        2. avatar Hannibal says:

          Ah, how very Christian of you.

        3. avatar Miner49er says:

          Ain’t no such animal as Satan, at least I’ve seen no credible evidence to support the claim.

          Mankind’s own greed is more than adequate.

          “The devil is loose in these mountains, and his name is greed“

        4. avatar jwm says:

          No such animal as Satan? You’ve never seen a picture of hillary clinton?

        5. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

          Miner bit hard to get when you would consider a spiritual entity impossible on account of it’s not being physical. With that said Crowley unfortunately spelled out most of the concept for the atheist digest.

        6. avatar Ron says:

          The devil’s greatest trick was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

      3. avatar Amos Moses says:

        So Life Savor figured it all out and billions of others throughout human history were and are wrong. That’s what you call the height of arrogance. My money’s on the Druids.

        1. avatar LifeSavor says:


          Clearly you did not attempt to understand that which I wrote.

        2. avatar Amos Moses says:

          Yeah, it’s not that deep. Clearly your sentence structure is less than divinely inspired.

      4. avatar GluteusMaximus says:

        It’s not enough for you to live your life. You must tell us about it. Why do you need our approval? Your comment tells us much more about you than it does us.

        1. avatar Miner49er says:

          Well really, no agnostic or atheist brought up this conversation. Original posters spoke of their God and how he is in control.

          And, as we like to do here in America, other folks commented on this belief.

          Personally, I believe that many people of faith are wonderful people who have great intentions for their fellow humans. Unfortunately, there are others who consider themselves people of faith who are controlling and judgemental, attempting to use the taboos of their religious beliefs as a structure for the laws of Man.

          To that, I object strenuously. As Thomas Jefferson said, “what difference does it make to me if my neighbor worships one God or 20, it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket.”

          Ol’ Tom didn’t even think that Jesus was divine, he created his own Bible in which he removed all reference to magical miracles.

          I think he saw things pretty clearly, attempting to use the wisdom of Jesus for what it was, a smart, caring human who worked to improve the world.

        2. avatar jwm says:

          Controlling and judgemental? So, socialists.

        3. avatar Joseph Quixote says:

          Old Miner doesn’t know his Bible and he doesn’t know Jesus. Like most ignorant socialists he ignores the claims on truth Jesus makes and the impossible spread of the early Church. His version of Jesus is the sixties hippie version of Jesus is something like the enlightened eastern mystic nice guy with a ponytail telling you to lighten up Mr. Dogma.
          Miner go take Christianity 101. And not from your local government run college.

        4. avatar Miner49er says:

          Joe, you claim I don’t know Jesus, you were right. If he even existed at all, he died 2000 years before I was born so no one alive knows him.
          Joe, you claim I don’t know Jesus, you were right. If he even existed at all, he died 2000 years before I was born so no one alive knows him.

          I assume you’re getting your knowledge of the character Jesus from the Gospels, are you aware that the Gospels were not written by the apostles? Are you aware is it the Gospels are actually 10th hand stories, written down anywhere from 30 to 200 years after the death of the Jesus character?

          So I take it you disagree with Thomas Jefferson, who did not think that Jesus was divine or that he performed any magical miracles?

          So which of the over 1000 denominations with exclusive interpretations of Christianity do you belong to?

        5. avatar Joseph Quixote says:

          This isn’t about me it’s about you. I’m not the one attacking something I don’t understand. Your the one that does and it displays your lack of knowledge on basic Christian thought. If you want to challenge yourself go read St. Thomas on the proofs of God. The moderns hate it. See if you are honest in your appraisal of those that believe in God. We don’t do so out of ignorance.
          Oh and by the way there are something like 11,000 protestant denominations out there. All claiming they have the fullness of truth. Interesting what happens when people claim they have the “truth” 1500 years after the birth of the Church. How do you tell the next guy he’s wrong? Luther..Calvin… Ad infinitum..

        6. avatar Miner49er says:

          “attacking something I don’t understand”

          It is not an attack to point out the obvious flaws in a persons fantasy beliefs. Just an observation, if you had the true courage of your convictions you would not be upset when they are questioned. The fact that you were upset means that deep down, you realize the silliness of your sky daddy beliefs.

          I have read many of these so-called ‘proofs’ of God’s existence, and they all failed to convince me. They are no different from the ‘proofs’ of other deities, as recorded in their ancient tones (many much older than the Roman Catholic bible).

        7. avatar Joseph Quixote says:

          You have obviously never read Aristotle. Then go from the original “philosopher,” to Saint Thomas if your willing.
          If you were intellectually honest you would recognize the proofs for God right away. Instead you tell us how much smarter you are than the common man. Life I’m sure is easy with that mighty intellect of yours.

        8. avatar Miner49er says:

          “you tell us how much smarter you are than the common man.”

          Now, don’t be dishonest. I have never claimed to be smarter than the common man. In fact, I suggested that any reasonable and prudent person could see through the fantasies espoused by the deity worshiping rubes.

          The scientific method has developed many theories that help us understand the world around us, the theory of gravity, the theory of evolution, the theory of germs and infections are but a few examples.

          And none of these were developed using faith, because faith is not a reliable method to find truth. As grandpa would say, pray in one hand shit in the other, see which fills up first.

      5. avatar neiowa says:

        Really need to be an ass Amos Moses? This is ALL the damn chicoms idiot.

        1. avatar Miner49er says:

          Aaaah, the immortal Jerry Reed!

    4. avatar Martin Buck says:

      Jesus is watching – look busy!

      1. avatar LifeSavor says:

        LOL!!!! That was FUNNY!!!

        Still chuckling!!

        1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

          Yup. Gotta admit, that was funny right there.

      2. avatar Chris T in KY says:

        BIG (smile)

    5. avatar Martin Buck says:

      It may be more serious than you think. Plagues and other public works are only ever unleashed in the Bible (you do read your Bible, right) when a sufficient number of the populace have turned away from the Lord and are chasing after strange Gods. In modern times, that may be materialism, the Mammon of old. To turn back the tide of evil, we must renounce our ways, repent of all our sins, and give away all of our worldly possessions. I have an address where you can send them, then we will all be saved. Till then, shelter in place.

      1. avatar Ron says:

        Now THAT was funny!

      2. avatar LifeSavor says:

        Wry grin!

    6. avatar Paul says:

      Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition.

  9. avatar Retro says:

    Also not in quarantine, I’ll probably take the dog for a walk or truck ride today, go foraging in the grocery store and watch stuff off the DVR with my wife.

    Of course I have empty magazines, not much point in loading up the 22s when the real rifles and pistols are loaded.

    Is the “Staff Writer” paid by the article and not the words? A title, an animated GIF and 4 sentences does not an article make, by the way.

  10. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    What quarantine? Most of the restaurants I go to are still open. If not for carry out. Also the gun stores and gun ranges are open. At least in Tennessee where I go. There’s an outdoor range that’s still open that I can shoot at. And as far as indoors, I’m doing Rifle PT. Some times I substitute a Mossberg 590 shotgun because it’s heavier.

    Also dry fire practice with snap caps for rifles , handguns and shotguns.
    I’ve never been a “Barracks rat”.

    1. avatar LifeSavor says:


      Not feeling quarenteened, either. We get out every day. Green with envy though, about the gun ranges. Here, they are all closed. Since I live in the city of Allentown, I have nowhere to shoot.

      1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

        Three weeks ago the Tennessee Firearms Association put out a bulletin. They researched the laws and discovered that the governor has no legal authority to close down a Firearms business. Apparently it’s actually in Tennessee state law.

        Sorry to hear about Pennsylvania.

      2. avatar Kung Flu says:

        Lifesavor – Ranger Rod and Gun is open and i would guess Guthsville and Ontelaunee too since they are outdoors.

    2. avatar GunnyGene says:

      Gotcha beat. MS is basically one giant range. Even have moving targets in Jackson. 😉 And don’t need no stinking permit to carry.

      PS: I know y’all have moving targets in Memphis also. Lived there for a few years.

  11. avatar Hasaf says:

    I know this is real OT, but I have been tinkering on my bicycle.

    1. avatar Martin Buck says:

      Still hiding from raindrops and staying at least 2meters away from my fellow man, and trying to get within that distance to my chickie babe girl…

      1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

        “2 meters…”

        Dead giveaway that you likely ain’t no Yankee. ‘Cross the pond, perchance?

        1. avatar Martin Buck says:

          I spelled it your way, so’s you could understand. We’re across a very big pond indeed, the Pacific. Any further South, you’d be in Antarctica. An old British colony called New Zealand. We’re in sort – of lockdown, had our first CV death today, still under a thousand infected. Only five million in the place, but most live in what you would call towns, but we think of as cities. Hell, we even have traffic lights! Still plenty of open spaces and great scenery, you’ve seen it in the movies. We speak English and rarely bite.

        2. avatar I Haz A Question says:

          One of my good friends was a Kiwi here in the States on a student visa. He earned his university degree and moved back to NZ last year. Good guy with a solid heart to help others.

          BTW, the U.S. has never been on the metric system, regardless of the feeble attempts from various quarters now and then to try to steer us that way. We use “feet” here, not “metres”. And a “meter” to us is a measuring device. 🙂

        3. avatar Toni Smith says:

          Here in Australia I grew up with both. Imperial from dad and my grandfather (we still used imperial in the sawmill) and only got metric at school. As a result I am conversant in both and dream trade has always been machinist for which it is very good to be highly conversant in both. Just waiting to hear back if i have been accepted into the first course i have seen in Australia on over 20 years of looking.

      2. avatar Paul says:

        Martin Buck said,
        “We speak English and rarely bite.”

        I’m not falling for that one! Drop bears only bite once, then they just chew!

  12. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

    I am wondering how proud the urban progressives still are of their ridiculously over priced mass transit/disease transmission systems. Subways rock!;-)

    1. avatar Martin Buck says:

      Guess I’m lucky I I can’t walk as far as the bus/train stations. You’ll know when Covid 19 hits for real, by the people collapsing in the streets due to lung congestion. The is happening right now in Iran, Italy, Indonesia, India, any country starting with an “I”. Check out Al Jazeera, it’s free to air. Keep your 2 meter distance, stay local, and wear a mask. The plague is upon us.

      1. avatar LifeSavor says:


        When Al Jazeera Rnglish first came out in print, I read it daily. It seemed a fairly objective news source. I do not recall why I stopped reading it. Thanks for the reminder.

        1. avatar Martin Buck says:

          Those unfortunate souls in Idaho, Indiana and Iowa had best take care – you’re in my prayers.

        2. avatar neiowa says:

          That would me furin places that start with an I.

          If someone needs to tell you to STAY AWAY FROM RANDOM PEOPLE then here’s your sign. And 6ft is more WHO/UN BS to calm the sheeple. It’s airborne.

    2. avatar Southern Cross says:

      Because I travel out of peak times, there’s hardly anyone on the bus, and we all keep our distances. On the train i will try to get the inter-urban services as they have fewer people, more comfortable seats, quiet carriages that are genuinely quiet, and fewer stops.

      1. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

        The hours I used to ride the BART in SF and East Bay in early-mid ’90s it was packed. There were lots of crazy bad smelling people on subway and the buses. The homeless guy with the bag of rotting garbage always sat with me when he could. Maybe I had a worse experience than most.

  13. avatar Sld says:

    Even though there are no cases in our area we are trying to follow the guidelines. Since our parents which we have to interact closely with, are in thier late 80s, we would rather be on the cautious side.

    That said my wife has made bread, a dozen mini meatloafs for vacuum sealing and is making chicken and dumplings. I spent 2 hours this morning on the reloading bench and another hour with my recurve target shooting.

    1. avatar Southern Cross says:

      My parent’s who are in their late 70s have asked my son and I don’t visit at easter.

      1. avatar Broke_It says:

        I was also told I’m not invited to family gatherings. This was long before COVID-19 though.

  14. avatar Dennis says:

    Had some stuff loaded up for my new CZ 22 Hornet, pourin rain! Guess the only “gunsmoke” I’m gonna see is episodes from my childhood.😉

  15. avatar Bob in IN says:

    I just finished dry firing practice and measuring trigger lbs on three pistols. The are 4.75lbs m&p core, and 4.33 lbs on two 1911s, one s colt govt model and the other a springfield mil spec. Boy, I am ready for firing range.

  16. avatar George D. Taksery says:

    Good advice, but are there really gun people out there with empty mags? I was trained long ago to keep all mags charged and I do. With the exception of M1 Garand clips, of which I have hundreds full and empty.
    I just realized there might be a mag for my HiPower empty since my last range outing. I’m going right now to charge it up.

  17. avatar LifeSavor says:

    Anyone have experience with those laser bullet kits? You pull the trigger, the striker hits the pin, and the cartridge emits a brief laser blast that is then registered with the target?

    All the ranges are closed. I need something.

    1. avatar Rick3 says:

      Yup, I do practice with ones for my pistols about every other day, even before we had the “shelter in place” directive here in WA state. I find them much more helpful than just regular dryfire practice, and they give me more emotional satisfaction as well.

      I just wish I could find laser firing pin activated “bullets” for my 7.62×39 rifle, so I could do the same practice with it…unfortunately, no one seem to make one in that caliber.

      1. avatar LifeSavor says:

        Much appreciated, Rick3!!!
        Stay healthy!

      2. avatar Martin Buck says:

        Damn, that was my plan, too.

      3. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        Rick3, check sportsman’s guide for that laser bullet. Something rang a little bell about that.

    2. avatar Bob in IN says:

      Mine worked until I bought a 1911, guess the firing pin was to powerful for it, and right out of warranty.

    3. avatar TommyJay says:

      If you’ve got a laser sight and a video camera, practice dry firing on an indoor target with the camera zoomed up on the target. Watch the dot in playback, and listen for the click. I’ve never tried it, but it should work. Watch out for time delays on the camera sound track.

    4. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

      Got a laser Glock 19 with target set years ago and it does help with trigger pull training as well as seeing your grouping. I think they make a s/w snub nosed shrouded hammer version as well. As far as the laser bullet kits haven’t gotten around to trying them

    5. avatar Cooter E Lee says:

      I bought the two “steel” laser targets. I can practice going around corners, fast draw, shooting inside with tactical light, hip fire, and all kinds of sketchy stuff I would never do with a real firearm.

      I was using Laser cartridge in Bersa .380 because it is double action, but the firing pin indented the rubber button and it wasn’t firing reliable so I got the blue plastic glock. I’ve got 9mm laser as well but it’s less fun in SA shield or glock.

  18. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    Sadly I think I have more mags than 5.56 ammo. I’ve been working on fixing that but it takes time to reload ammo, check ammo then load the mags up.

    I also own a few mags I don’t have guns for. Maybe I should load them up anyways just in case.

  19. avatar former water walker says:

    Just had our church service livestreamed. Watching TV and YouTube. Normally we probably would have set up at an antique show today. All cancelled. Wife selling occasionally on her ETSY shop. All mags loaded. Guns cleaned & lubed. Went to supermarket & Little Caesar’s yesterday(my son bought). Not a whole lot different than normal…and we “may” end up better financially what with gubmint checks and everyone bending over backwards to delay or eliminate debt😏.

    1. avatar Martin Buck says:

      You do realize that all money is completely imaginary? They pluck a number out of the air, quadruple it, then write a cheque to give to a bank. That bank now lends it out at five times the interest the Federal Reserve charges them. And we, the borrowers, have to pay it back over a time schedule. That part is real, the rest is fiction, except where your boss cuts you a pittance for a wage. Reality is we could all be millionaires if the rich would only let us.

      1. avatar Toni Smith says:

        Yep the only real currency is gold and silver and even they only have the value that the purchaser and seller put on them. I like good old fashioned barter quite a bit and i do it a lot saving us quite a bit of money

      2. avatar former water walker says:

        But…I don’t care😃If I don’t pay my bills my imaginary city will turn my water off and not pickup my garbage.Ditto the heat,electric and Comcast. My local grocer doesn’t accept play $ or my gas station. Sooo…both you boy’s are FOS.

      3. avatar Ron says:

        Yeah we could all be millionaires. And we’d all still be poor.

        1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

          …unless you’re out of debt and have your home and vehicles completely paid for and recorded in your name with no lienholder. That’s priceless.

      4. avatar neiowa says:

        Martin Buck – let me guess. Gold and Silver bars have “intrinsic value” and sure to go up in “value”.

  20. avatar MLee says:

    I’m in Eastern Washington and so far the shelter in place order has not changed or affected my routines in the slightest with the exception of going out to eat occasionally.

    I’ll spend my Sunday the same way I spend every gray overcast windy day here in the Northwest. Everyday is a Sunday or a Saturday or a Wednesday. What I have noticed though is there are more people out and about.
    It is more like a weekend in that respect, with no work and no school, there’s more people riding bikes, walking dogs and such.

    1. avatar Tsay Nguyen says:

      I’m also in Eastern Washington. I went on a 65 mile rzr ride today with my wife and some friends. Explored some new territory, saw some wildlife and got covered in mud. It was a good day.

      1. avatar MLee says:

        OK, that makes me a little envious. With MT Spokane not too far away and trails for that sort of thing, that sounds like fun. Being a private pilot and flying out of SFF, I’ve flown around all of eastern Washington a lot in the past 25 years. Seeing it from a RZR sounds like a blast.

  21. avatar Mark C says:

    I’ve got pots of chili and bolognese on the stove and chocolate chip cookies in the oven. House smells great.

  22. avatar Phil LA says:

    Mags were already loaded. Cleaned everything the first weekend. Chores followed. I’ve spent the remaining time with my family. We’ve been walking, fishing, grilling, playing in the sprinkler, hide and seek, camping in the backyard, roasting marshmallows, etc. Its been a great time-out to remind me of whats important.

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      “Its been a great time-out to remind me of whats important.”


  23. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Watched stream sermon from out church – our first!

    Took somemstuff to our neighbor ( maintaining 6 foot of distance, of course).

    Continuing cleanup of debris from Hurricane Michael.

    Order a new connector and a couple of mags for my 48.

    Looking at a G32 – (cause I dont have enough calibers).

    Enjoying the lull before the storm. Cases will increase.

    1. avatar conrad says:

      The 42 is a hard gun to resist when you get a few Taran Tactical +3 mags and settle in with the Underwood +P 90 grain Extreme Penetrator bullet.

    2. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      Lull before the storm, indeed.

      Just came from the store, and noticed that the shelves are almost stocked back to normal levels. Canned goods (veggies, beans) are plentiful again, and the only things not available are eggs and (for three full weeks now) toilet paper.

      But this is only the lull, so don’t be fooled. The JHU map has been showing the U.S.A. cases effectively doubling every three days on average since the beginning of March, and the “inflection point” (the point at which the curve stops curving upward and begins to slowly curve outward) isn’t here yet. So the numbers are going to become really big and really scary for a lot of people, really soon. For example, it took more than two weeks in early March to reach a total of 15K cases. We just added 15K more today alone between 8am and 5pm. This will increase, and the MSM will hit the roof when the total reaches 1 million (which mathematically will be about eight days from now).

      That, coupled with the inevitable news that we’ll soon hear of food distribution chains being disrupted by critical employees testing positive, and Panic 2.0 will set in. I myself will be going to the store tomorrow to augment my canned inventory with more veggies and beans, plus protein powders from the sports health section and any paper goods to be found (dinner napkins, paper towels).

      Trump just announced a short while ago today that the “guidelines” are being extended to April 30, and stock futures immediately reacted. What was initially supposed to be a 2-week interruption to our lives, became four weeks, and now eight weeks. And the Administration’s counsel is saying this may be at least twelve weeks before any social restrictions can be eased in any form.

      One more thing…effective three days ago on March 26, the Federal Reserve removed – FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OUR NATION’S HISTORY – any physical cash reserve requirements from the banking sector! Think of the enormous implications of this. For decades, the reserve requirement for savings accounts has been 10% cash on hand, and 3% for checking accounts. It is now officially 0%!! That means banks are no longer required by regulations to have any cash on hand, and will begin to operate as they deem necessary for their own demands. I’ve already recently seen one location lower the daily ATM withdrawal limit to only $200. If this becomes widely known among the sheeple, expect a run on ATMs.

      So certainly don’t worry and fret, but take advantage of the current “lull between storms” to bolster your preps. First there was an unexpected run on toilet paper and cleaning products, wiping supplies out. Then there was an unexpected run on guns and ammo, wiping supplies out. With no further regulatory requirement for banks to have cash anymore, there may be a run on ATMs as well.

      1. avatar dlj83544 says:

        …wasn’t aware of the bank’s reserve cash issue.

        Thanks for the tip!

  24. avatar DB Coopet says:

    Bank of America in a report out today stated that 20%-30% of the small businesses across the country will go out of business. No one will be untouched with that..

  25. avatar Fun Gunner says:

    Virginia isn’t locked down yet. I’ve got just back from a Harley ride. Doing a virtual Happy Hour tonight with my drinking buddies.

    1. avatar Fun Gunner says:

      Wow. Does COVID19 affect grammar while typing? I may need to get tested.

    2. avatar Hush says:

      Fun Gunner by the looks of this, “I’ve got just back from a Harley ride.”, you’ve already had one drink too many! So what, have another………..and one for the road………….

      1. avatar Fun Gunner says:

        Truth be told, I got into the Jameson as soon as I got back. Luckily, the virtual happy hour is online only (Zoom app), so no driving home is involved.

    3. avatar Waylon says:

      Shit. I wish I could get laid off like everyone else, and just stay at home and drink, until my government check comes in.

      Fuck. What a time to be alive. Damn my “essential” job. 🙄

  26. avatar BUZ HODGES says:


  27. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Daily security check of The Farm. All gates closed and locked. No one trespassing/fishing in the ponds.

  28. avatar IAmNotTheHulk says: great channel while it pours outside.
    Cleansing diet day, only liquids, gree tea, coffee, tomoto soup with bacon fat.

  29. avatar Fun Gunner says:

    Anyone looking for bulk 9mm ammo, has about 2 dozen cases of 147 grain at the moment. Won’t last.

    1. avatar Specialist38 says:

      Great company…nice folks.

      1. avatar Geoff "Guns. LOTS of guns..." PR says:

        Look at the price –

        9mm is *50 cents* a round…

        1. avatar Fun Gunner says:

          I normally pay $1 per round for HST other other premium types at the LGS.

  30. avatar Darkman says:

    Been spending the last couple of days refinishing an Ivor Johnson 22 carbine. 30 cal clone. I bought in 1988. Doing a Re Blu and staining the stock black walnut. Other than that life in Iowa hasn’t changed to much. A few non essential businesses are closed. Grocery stores are stocked for the most part. Gun stores and ranges are open due to state law forbidding their closure during Emergencies and Natural Disasters. Although Not much in the way of ammo for sale. 1 case of the Illness in the county so far and 2 in the county next door. Life goes on. Be safe Maintain OP SEC and as always Keep Your Powder Dry.

    1. avatar Fit2Btyed says:

      Been looking for one of those. I have the .30 caliber that I refinished a couple of years back. Need to start on my Schmidt Rubin K31.

  31. avatar Dave Lewis says:

    I went for Shipley’s donuts at their drive through early this morning. Mother and I did on line church with a coffee in one hand and donut in the other – we’re too old school to do that at a brick and mortar service. If you don’t believe, don’t watch, but don’t make fun of me for what I choose to do.

    Cleaned up a couple hundred pieces of .45 acp brass. Loaded 100 rounds with 185 grain zombie killing soul stealing hollow points. We’ll do sweet and sour pork in the wok this evening (that has nothing to do with the ammunition I built).

  32. avatar KreebleN'Krag says:

    Replaced the threshold to the door on the screened-in porch (old one was rotting away).
    Put together a basketball goal. Shot some hoops with my son.
    Let our black lab put in a little retrieving work in the pool (still a little chilly for us bipeds).
    Tomorrow going to attempt some mortar repair on our front patio. Yard work too, if I can fit it in (already lawn-mowing season here in Georgia).

    1. avatar Bob in Calif says:

      Pruned the shrubs, mowed the lawn, and started building a new shed. I sure will be happy to get back to work. I could use the rest!

  33. avatar MouseGun says:

    Cowboy Bebop? Nice.

  34. avatar Bucephalus says:

    Just finished loading a few hundred 9mm rounds and 200 rounds of .44 mag.

    Now it’s time for a few quarantinis

  35. avatar The Crimson Pirate says:

    I’m in health care and this is my weekend to work, so I’m working. Caught a break and get to check some email and read some gun stuff on the intarwebz.

    1. avatar Miner49er says:

      Thanks for your work, we all need to be appreciative of those who are in healthcare.

  36. avatar Fit2Btyed says:

    Using backyard friendly pneumatic devices.

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      My son, brother-in-law, and I did the same yesterday. Sighted in the scopes for the “pest guns” and made short work of the splatter targets. Good times. Pellet air guns can sometimes come close to the fun of the real thing.

      …I said “close”. No tomatoes thrown at the establishment’s entertainment, please.

      1. avatar Toni Smith says:

        how about tomatoes wrapped in tin thrown at the establishment 😛 😀 after they have been brought before a peoples court and charged with their crimes then put in stocks till it is their turn to be hung… this of course is the ones found guilty of violating the constitution

  37. avatar Nanashi says:

    Impatiently waiting for Bannerlord to release.

  38. avatar Houden says:

    5 Station today. Now I have LOTS of hulls, but NO powder. Bass Pro closed.

  39. avatar enuf says:

    Not under quarantine here, but definitely being lazy on a Sunday afternoon. Have an actual list of things need doing, with plans to procrastinate the entire weekend away.

    A nap may be in my immediate future.

    No, not loading mags, though I do have empty ones. Problem is I own so many I still have some in original packages, just piled in the closet.

  40. avatar StLPro2A says:

    I started out as an engineer; ended up as a fixer. Social distancing has always been my mantra…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  41. avatar Lying dogface pony soldier says:

    Empty magazines, Yeah 2/3’s of my mags are empty. I keep three loaded each for my XD.45 and ar-14.
    I took my new unfired M1A scout squad sitting in the safe for the last year and a half
    Field stripped, cleaned, and greased it for the first time since buying her(mia)

  42. avatar GS650G says:

    Cleaning and organizing the garage. I do this about every 10 years or so.

  43. avatar Jeffrey Epstein says:

    My routine hasn’t changed much. I’m sunning myself on a beach surrounded by jailbait. If anyone sees Bill or Andrew, tell them I said ‘hi’.

  44. avatar Manse Jolly says:

    designing a 80/20 shelf thingamajig to go over this gun drawer I put in vehicle….

    Have some new 7.62 C Product mags I need to load. Everyone in this small town is taking things in stride.

  45. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

    Drilled and tapped the 870 20 gauge for a rail and mounted and boresighted a SIG Romeo on it. Looks like it’s going to work OK.

  46. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    You reloaders reminded me to finish the last batch of 7.62.
    Another 400 rounds in the can. (Gotta love the Dillon 650.

  47. avatar Prndll says:

    After a visit to the grocery store and a couple other places for supplies, the only thing on the docket is some yard work. I plan on relaxing with the tv. I don’t even care what’s on as long as it isn’t news.

  48. avatar Southern Cross says:

    Last weekend I did a batch of bulk reloading .223 for the next bout of competitions. But the ranges were closed across the state by mid-week.

    This weekend I had my son over. After returning him home I walked the dog and did some gardening work.

    Good news is my recently applied permit to acquire is approved and I’m waiting for the paperwork to arrive in the mail.

    1. avatar RCC says:

      I should reload a bunch of .223 myself. Have about 700 empty cases. Still a few hundred loaded.

      Local range also shut in Qld and I have new rifle to try.

      Did yard work and digging compost into garden beds for winter vegetables. Need to do a few things on 4wd before deer season.

    2. avatar Toni Smith says:

      i am wanting to put in a permit to acquire soon for a 1911 9mm. hopefully in the current environment they will approve it

  49. avatar Ralph says:

    Mags are loaded, guns are cleaned. I do a lot of work from home (virtual office), so that’s keeping me busy. At night, I’m working my way through my stash of gin and vermouth. Oh, and olives. Can’t leave out the olives.

  50. avatar Mark N. says:

    Quarantine? What quarantine? I still work five days a week, and weekends are meant for…chores. Today it was laundry, a quick trip to Harbor Freight, and then to the office for a couple of hours. I could use some quarantine time off just to get caught up with my yard work, prep and painting of the trim on a set of french doors that were installed a week ago, and starting to rebuild a section of fence.

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      So far, neither CA nor L.A. County (where I reside) have any “quarantines” in effect. So many people within my circle are misusing this term. What we have is formally called a “Safer At Home” order authorized by the County Health Officer, which only mandates that certain public venues, gatherings over a certain total of people, schools, and “non-essential” businesses remain closed for the duration of the Order. We are not, in any way, quarantined or forced to remain in our homes. We are free to drive anywhere, jog/exercise, visit friends (if they’ll invite you in), shop at any stores that are open, etc. You can even go to a restaurant, get your food for take-out, and enjoy your meal at an outdoor table if available (no indoor seating allowed). I even went to Lowe’s yesterday to get some materials for a yard project, and it was business as usual, albeit with the awkward 6-ft distance rule being requested.

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        Yup, I was there yesterday. They even had plastic shields up and tape on the floor to mark the “exclusion zone.” Harbor Freight, being Harbor Freight, just stuck a couple of boxes between you and the counter. But even though it is only a “stay at home” order, streets are not as busy, the vet I go to doesn’t allow anything other than pets and staff to enter–they come to the car to get your animal after you call in–and all the schools are closed. I’ve noticed that the police don’t seem to be cracking down on the homeless camping under the bridge anymore. (I don’t blame them.) Town is calm, but everything seems a bit…weird.

    2. avatar Southern Cross says:

      Working for an essential service means no work from home or quarantine isolation. The customer’s are still logging tickets but are not responding to queries for more information or are the issues resolved. So we are putting in 10-12 hour days to keep on top of things.

      1. avatar Toni Smith says:

        while i may be working in retail we are borderline essential services as we supply bolts etc to places that are essential services. oftentimes those bolts keep their vehicles going enabling them to keep providing those services. when full lockdown happens though which it most likely will I will be off work and when those sort of places want something they will ring and one of a couple of us will be on call to sort when they need.

  51. avatar Scott D. says:

    Printing up some t-shirts this weekend. Did a bunch of “Essential Employee” ones for friends in the healthcare business. A bunch more for my Merchant Marine coworkers. Also did a run of “Are you even essential?” shirts. Need to make the screens for my “Got TP?” ones and some 2A friendly toilet paper themed ones as well. Plenty to keep me away from the TV and the panic peddlers.

  52. avatar strych9 says:

    Bike ride, walk, finished gutting the rebuild jeep in my garage, replaced it’s radiator, welded in a replacement floorpan, pulled the heater core for inspection…

    Nothing gun related other than the one I carry.

  53. avatar Charlie says:

    The day began at 7 AM. I brewed the GF a Kolsh, and finished up about 1:00. Then I painted two sets of shutters that I’ll install tomorrow, and just for laughs I kegged the Red IPA that I brewed two weeks ago. It was a 14 hour work day!

    Spare time; what’s that?


    1. avatar Miner49er says:

      Charles, don’t get all hopped up on that IPA!

  54. avatar Shawn says:

    I am in Arizona so I went upstate to plink yesterday. Brought nearly 900 rounds with me. Didn’t use all of it, and spent about an hour just cleaning up other peoples garbage that they left behind. Now my upper arms are sore.

  55. avatar Jim Bullock says:


    What’s different is coffee to go, and the people I pass on the streets are fewer, nicer, and keep a distance. The sketchy people have to be having a harder time of it; with increased standard social distance it’s that much clearer, that much earlier, when they’re moving in for a pocket dip, bag grab or mugging.

    Un-be-lievable how many people I’ve passed on the street, hoofing along, ostentatiously keeping their distance while sucking on a cigarette.

    Today’s weather was warmer and moister — shortens live time for corona viruses in air and on surfaces.

    I’m not seeing a lot of sanatizing on the cheap: clothes worn outside kept in a mud room or enteranceway, hanging in fresh air or sunlight, even going out yourself. “Stay in, stay home.” isn’t the point. “Stay away from people.” is. “Stay in, stay home.” only makes sense if there are people out there. Otherwise getting out in the sun, fresh air, and warm and damp helps kill the particles.

    Otherwise, same same: work remote by phone with coaching client, and a lead for new startup advising who called me. There may be an article in some of the work.

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      Excellent. You are absolutely correct (safe distance, not stay indoors), which is why I’m outside as much as possible, and jog several miles per day for the exercise. Two of my immediate neighbors on my street shuttered their doors and windows two weeks ago and I haven’t seen them since. What a way to live (waste?) the valuable days God has given us each morning we wake up.

      1. avatar Toni Smith says:

        Yes their recommendation to stay indoors is plain stupid because of the fact that one very highly underrated vitamin (vitamin D3) we get most of our needs of from the sun. Wearing sunscreen prevents us getting it too and most people are deficient in it in summer these days because of slip slop slap and dont get enough in winter when in a lot of places it is overcast and miserable most of the winter. This is part of a number of reasons why many are becoming more susceptible to colds etc year around along with not enough excersize

  56. avatar Bierce Ambrose says:

    So, we stay away from people who might infect us, but wanting a gun to keep away people who want to harm us directly is crazy?

    I do not understand anti-gunners.

  57. avatar Porridgeweasel says:

    Watched some videos, did a little work, ate too damn much and made some .357 rounds with 2400 powder. They are my target rounds and run below 1200fps.

    Oh, and went to the store for minor things that I could have lived without buy my oldest was feeling the “cooped up willies” so we went out. Wisconsin’s version of this is “Safer at Home”. Surprising to see how many folks are still out and about actually. Ya…..we’re all gonna die. (Shrug and smile)

    1. avatar WI Patriot says:

      I use 2400 exclusively for .41M, how do you like it for .357M…??? For .38S or .357M I use either Bullseye or W231, and was tempted this last go ’round to try Power Pistol, which I use for 9mm…

      1. avatar Porridgeweasel says:

        Hey WI Patriot!

        I like 2400 quite a bit actually. A standard load for me in .357 is 13.0 to 13.5 grains depending on my mood. 18 to 21 grains in .44 mag.
        I also use it in 10mm and occasionally in 45 Colt. (Ruger Blackhawk) It’s a nice powder to reduce because it still works well at lower levels for me and doesn’t need a mag primer.
        I have used W231 and BE in .38/.357 as well and have a great target load for .38 with BE. I use W231 in every cartridge I shoot actually. It is VERY versatile. Then again, so is Power Pistol with the right bullets. You should try it some time. I use it like a “middle ground” powder from .380 up to .44 mag. Really like it in 9mm and 45apc.

  58. avatar DrDKW says:

    I’ve been in ‘seclusion’ for a week now. Today, no prepping or tactical activities.
    Watched a first season ‘Mannix’, and the 1973 pilot for ‘Barnaby Jones’ online this morning. Then several phone calls to friends, Emails, and a long nap.

  59. avatar Joseph Malone says:

    Studying chess opening and making oak chessboards and chessmen.

  60. avatar Chris Morton says:

    Packing for a forced move due to a fire.

    Pro tip: Bullets are HEAVY.

    1. A fire?

      How did that fire start?

  61. avatar WI Patriot says:

    Practicing immediate and remedial action, because you just never know…

  62. avatar BusyBeef says:

    Reloading. Reading (21% through the King James Bible according to my Kindle. Dry fire. Live fire (pellets and steel in the back yard). Playing the piano. Reading some more (also reading Watchmen. Got World War Z up next). Running. Yoga (thanks YouTube).

    1. avatar dlj83544 says:

      …WWZ just plain creeped me out!

  63. avatar Albert Sand says:

    Locked and loaded

  64. I had been working out, and I was also playing some video games like Blue Shift, Opposing Force, Chrono Cross, and Age of Empires II

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