NRA Convention: Badges? Badges?!

Badges? Badges?! We don’ need no steekin’ BADGES! (Come on…you would have been disappointed if I didn’t.) Yep. You see a lot of weird, wild, off-beat stuff here at the NRA Confab. And this product is on the list. A badge that looks just like the real ones, except this says something about “Concealed Handgun […]

The First TTAG Meet-up @ The NRA Confab

As you’ve probably already read, TTAG will be out in force, covering the NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibits like GSR on a competition shooter’s hand. Or something. A number of the TTAG Armed Intelligencia have asked if we could have a meet-up for those of you attending, or who live in the greater Pittsburgh area. […]

TTAG Blogs the NRA Confab

Yes, the annual love fest that is the NRA’s meet n’ greet for the firearms faithful is coming up again this April, this time in Beautiful, Downtown Pittsburgh. (!) And TTAG will be there, in force to cover the event.

NRA Wrap-up: The Other Side Sounds [A Bit] Off

Since I’m trapped in a long metal cylinder busy defying gravity, and some fools thought it would be a good idea to give everybody with a computer access to free WiFi for the durration, I feel honor-bound to post something about my recent experiences at the NRA ConFab. Except I got nuthin.’ Tapped out. The […]

2010 NRA ConFab: Final Observations

As I get ready for my trip back to the real world, I thought I’d share a couple of observations about the NRA show. Keep in mind, this is my first NRA National Convention, but it’s not my first trade show. Not by a long shot. Also not my first gun show. This show is […]

NRA versus Brady Campaign: Compare & Contrast

The NRA show just wrapped up this afternoon. It was a three-day event – a trade show/seminars/celebration of values. The average attendee spent a couple of hundred dollars to attend the show, including tickets for the two keynote events. If you’re a high-roller, you could drop an extra thou and get better seats. But you’d […]

Newt Gives a Fig About the 2nd.

You gotta hand it to the NRA. When a last-minute scheduling conflict prevented Sean Hannity from delivering tonight’s keynote address, who did they tap to take his place? Last year’s keynoter, Glenn Beck. (For Conservatives, that’s like saying “hey…Thomas Paine had to cancel…but it’s okay. We got Patrick Henry to take his place.”) So who’s […]

Chuck Norris Rocks. And the Applebaums Know It.

We have a saying in the Lone Star State: “Don’t Mess With Texas.” In the rest of the free world, they say “Don’t Mess With Chuck Norris.” Nowhere is that sentiment stronger than in the hallowed halls of the NRA Convention. The Chuckster did a book signing today, with a waiting line that was easily […]

NRA Convention: This thing is BIG…

Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about the SHOW. If I’m not mistaken (not impossible, but dare I say kind of unlikely in this case), the only show larger than this one in the U.S. of A. is the SHOT Show in January. I can only imagine. This one is bigger than […]

Here Come de Judge. Again. To the NRA Show.

Taurus is back. No bull. And this time they’ve brought something like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Not-So-Nice-Guy to the party. I don’t know if this piece is a lever-action rifle that want to be a shotgun, or the illegitimate child of an incestuous relationship between a rifle and a shotgun, with a little threesome […]