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Listen to the local Congresscritter and you’ll hear that the problem is a lack a resources (read: tax dollars). The Police Commissioner laughably continues to blame the supposed easy availability of guns from Chicago’s suburbs. Others who nominally run America’s most corrupt state still push an assault weapons ban, despite the gang members who are happy to tell the film maker, above, “We don’t use assault rifles in Chicago. We get up on you, baby.” It’s possible that . . .

after years of failure and blame-shifting, the Chicago PD may finally be starting to focus their efforts where they can do the most good. It would probably be churlish to suggest that this new emphasis has anything to do with the spillover of crime from the city’s south side to the tourist mecca that is the Magnificant Mile,¬†threatening business.

Meanwhile, city and state anti-gunners continue to fight concealed carry tooth and nail because, as they’ll tell you, it’s a gun problem, not a crime problem. ¬† [h/t Shawn C.]

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  1. Of course it has everything to do with the spill over. Gang leadership is part of the Machine. If you wonder why the city doesn’t really crack down on the gangs that’s your answer. They don’t want to hall the big fish into court because they will talk and expose their relationship with the machine to wider audience. Just remember crime is the Progressive’s go to means of social control.

    If you want to reduce crime ban Democrats, not guns.

    • You’re dead on; corrupt pols steal tax dollars. It’s not surprising no amount of tax revenue is ever enough!

      • Sweet Jesus. I knew Chicago was bad, but I never realized it was THAT bad. Between this, the Second City Cop blog, and the few reports of Chicago politicians being arrested that actually hit national news, I am truly astounded. Feeling incredibly naive, but still astounded.

      • I think the reason that the STARZ series “Boss” got cancelled was its authenticity. Obviously the writers did their homework and among other things showed how the gangs work with the machine. Remember Rahm’s brother Ari, portrayed as Avi Gold in the series Entourage, is a power in Hollywood. I suspect that Machine leadership put pressure on him to get the show killed. Today many people won’t believe what’s on the news or a serious magazine like the Chicago Magazine but they will believe a fictionalized version that they see on TV or the movies. For this reason the show had to go.

    • > If you want to reduce crime ban Democrats, not guns.

      If you ban the Democrats then the Republicans win. Which means that you didn’t actually ban the Democrats at all since they are all exactly the same fucking group of asshats.

      Excuse the language, but it irritates the hell out of me that people can’t tell when two things are really the same thing.

  2. Gun control > increased crime > gun control > increas….

    It’s an infinite loop, and one that grabbing politicians will never stop exploiting, regardless of how many innocent people are killed for the sake of government power. Case in point: Chiraq.

  3. Crime is spilling over to the Magnificent Mile, hitting two of the “Do Something” hot buttons: messing with money, and messing with white people. Should see some real changes right quick!

  4. Fortunately (or not), the Machine cannot control the weather. Wait until it gets HOT!!! And those without a/c partake of the (relative) “cooler” outside like sitting ducks . . . .

    Yeah – gonna enjoy watching the progressives blame lawful gun owners/concealed carriers this summer when their crime plummets and the Chi goes up in flames . . .

    • We’re going to have to wait far longer than this summer. Realistically, no one is getting a CCW license until almost next summer.

  5. This is not news…

    What is news is how the MSM wont cover it, as it points out in yet one more tragic way their own complicity in glossing over the failures of another corrupt Chicago pol.

    Speak the truth about behavior and a failed urban culture that is about PEOPLE and you will be branded a racist, or an Uncle Tom.

    Far easier to blame the inert metal, and politely look the other way, if you want to stay in the cool kids club, go to the White House Correspondents Dinner, and the private briefings in the White House, when elected officials are afraid to speak in unscripted settings in front of the cameras to the American People.

    I mean, really – “Do it for the children?” “Have a plan?” Sure. You bet.
    The kids in the ghetto have heard those empty promises and the reason they carry is to defend themselves- words dont do jack for you on the street.

    Thanks again to TTAG for speaking truth to power, as they say…
    Its spreading, and that terrifies the media elite. If you want to assign blame for the body count, you can start there, and they know it.

  6. I’ve always noted Vice’s progressive bias since I first became aware of them. They do put forward a slick and compelling presentation, much more so than other liberal media sources. They also put forward relevant facts, they pretty much explained the whole situation when they highlighted the demolition of the projects. Then they went on to try and blame the guns.

    I thought it was very interesting when they showed the guns which the police chief identified as “suburban guns” as in they had been verified as coming into the city from the surrounding suburbs. Despite what one gentleman had said earlier, there were several assault rifles including AKs and AR pistols. It’s not the first time I’ve seen urban thugs use AR pistols. So much for pistol grip pumps…

    What he have to take away from this is that the situation in Chicago is unique. The sheer number of gangs, their profits and the territorial rivalries between these groups of young black males creates a huge demand for straw purchasers that does not exist elsewhere in the United States. The video made it perfectly clear that Chicago has committed collective suicide. The rest of the nation is not going to sacrifice its rights in some naive attempt to save the failed City-State of Chicago.

    My father and grandfather were both born in Chicago and became involved with organized crime at an early age. My grandfather grew up there during the depression and he clashed with roving groups of blacks on more than one occasion. He became a vocal racist bigot and a violent womanizer who had a long career in the USMC. My father had no problem with blacks, but still ended up getting in enough fights that his family moved out of the city.

    Chicago has been in decline for a very long time. Their problems are localized and they are their own to solve. It is an ugly situation and there is no easy answer, I would not be surprised to see martial law imposed there some time in the future. It is really just a question of how high the body count can actually get before someone says enough is enough.

    • Just have to say that “assault weapons” are rare in the city, but the CPD is pretty good at putting them on their display tables when they find one. The crime stats show that in the entirety of Illinois there has been one homicide each of the last couple of years with a rifle of any kind. Not sure how an AR or AK pistol would get classified in the stats, but I have never seen one for sale at any suburban store and they cannot be sold by gun stores in suburban Cook.

      Also, although straw purchasing is a major problem, there have been some good stories done by our local NPR that show the majority of handguns on the street are stolen, older, and tend to come from a wave of burglaries years ago. I heard one former gang member comment that they stole so many weapons in the 80’s that they could arm the streets for decades. Those higher up in the criminal enterprises can pay $600 plus for a straw purchased handgun. A recently stolen or an older handgun, however, can be purchased for $100 on the street. And that’s what most these kids are buying.

  7. I wonder how many of those gang bangers where raised by single mommas who don’t even remember their baby-daddy’s names. No surprise. Thank you feminizm for helping to destroy the traditional family and to expanding the dysfunctional welfare state that makes things worse. (sarcasm off)

    • Yup. Therein lies the root cause. 50 year ago 12% of kids were born with unmarried parents, now it’s 40%. In black families it’s 70%. That’s a recipe for catastrophe and the results speak for themselves. We’re not anywhere close to the source of the problem when we blame guns for violence.

      • Exactly right. Funny thing is, we’ve know this for decades now, but these sanctimonious politicians, such as the senator features in the film, refuse to even discuss the social ramifications of their suicidal policies.

      • Theyre lucky if they have their mother. More often than not its a grandparent caring for the kids as even mom cant stay out of jail or off the pipe anymore.

  8. Around the 6 minute mark, a couple of guys say that nobody fights anymore, they just shoot… Something similar (but less dramatic)had come up in conversation last week or so, regarding “zero tolerance” at schools for fighting, etc. Growing up, we could hash out our differences without being suspended/kicked out of school. And, yes, sometimes that meant fights. But the thing is, it got worked out, and most everyone moved on. Now, it just festers

  9. Very little talk of the “C” word – culture. No amount of resources will replace morals. There are many places in this world that are as poor, or poorer, than Chicago. There are small to mid-sized nations that have fewer hospitals, of far less quality, than the ones that are with one hour of Chi-town. Yet, these places do not have the epic level of violence that currently plagues Chicago.

    @ 12:00 “and who could blame them”

    Big big part of the problem there. If you perpetrate the problem you are part of it. These young guys are the closest ones to the problem and the ones most responsible for it. Scary, but they are also the ones w/ the most power to stop it.

  10. Even before this Vice video was released the “representativeness” of the guns McCarthy laid out was proven to be false. The bogus selection drawn from CPD’s locker of guns confiscated in prior years was shaped to play into the legislative push against semi-autos and AR’s. Typical. An honest cross-section of guns would have simply shown lots of small revolvers and cheap semi-auto pistols. Even the gang members admit it. As for the Chief’s comments about “suburban” guns: He knows perfectly well that almost as many handguns come to south and west Chicago from Mississippi, Louisiana and other states in which Chicago natives have family ties.

  11. The police chief is asked,”What is it about Chicago that puts it ahead of other cities?” His answer, “The ease by which guns were obtained”

    I guess he considers theft and intra-gang transactions for said stolen guns to be a credible way to obtain guns. What he should have said is, “because we have a huge gang problem whose members will obtain weapons illegally no matter what the law says. ”

    But why highlight the problem?

    • That statement is so ridiculous. In comparison to other cities, McCarthy is saying it’s easier to get guns in Chicago. Chicago makes it impossible to obtain and possess guns – at least for law abiding citizens. There are no gun stores in Chicago, and not that many in the suburbs. Chicago Tribune reports another 6 dead and 26 injured since yesterday. McCarthy simply isn’t up to the job. He would have every state in the country enact the same laws as Chicago, but he would still have a problem at the end of the day.

  12. What a steaming pile of BS. At the 7:10 mark “Walk out the door with 1o x 9mm’s.”

    First it requires a FOID, which has a list of qualifications and a waiting period. Second, hand guns have a 3 day waiting period, and third you have to be 21yrs old to purchase a handgun in this cesspool of a state.

    If you ban the guns, outlaws will still have guns. If somehow you do get guns of the street, you will have a UK like situation of knives, bats, and improvised weapons.

    I could point out the obvious similarity between this, Peoria, and East St Louis, but I’ll hold back as this a gun blog.

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