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Orji-Ama Uro courtesy

Police thought Orji-Ama Uro, a New York cabbie, was killed in a robbery attempt. And maybe he was, despite the fact that they found a couple of hundred dollars in his pocket. “Uro, 54, was killed yesterday when a passenger stabbed him in the eye with the tip of an umbrella. A man and woman were spotted fleeing from the scene.” Reader jwm commented here that driving a hack and delivering pizzas are two jobs that that violate all safety and common sense rules. Maybe so, but they’re also occupations that are readily open and easily done by immigrants and others looking to make an honest buck. Maybe if Uro had chosen to live and drive in a city that didn’t deprive him of his natural right to armed self defense, he’d still be alive. It seemed to work out that way for North Carolina pizza man Robby Wells. Unfortunately, in Uro’s case, we’ll never know.

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  1. Wonder if that little POS Bloomberg will attend the funeral and tell the widow how lucky she is that a gun was not used . . .

  2. Think of what a cabbie does. He sits in an unlocked vehicle at all hours of the day and night hoping that a stranger will get into the car with him. I know this because 1 of the many side jobs I worked as a single parent was as a cabbie. 1 of our cabbies was shot and killed over an estimated 50 dollars. Don’t tell me a .25 auto won’t kill a man. My son did the pizza delivery job. It has it’s hazards as well.

    I don’t know if having a gun would have saved Uro, or even if he would have carried a gun if he’d had the option. But it would have given him a chance to be something other than a victim.

  3. “Maybe if Uro had chosen to live and drive in a city that didn’t deprive him of his natural right to armed self defense, he’d still be alive.”

    Probably not; methinks surprise played a not insignificant role in this little escapade.

    A lexan barrier with a money-passing drawer, on the other hand…

  4. The sad thing is that if he had lived in a gun friendly place and had shot to save his own life, many people would say it was a bad shoot because the bad guy only had an umbrella. How many people consider that a deadly weapon, at least before reading this story?

  5. A few years ago I was in a NYC cab talking to the driver. The subject of retirement came up he said he was just waiting for the right time for the NYC cabbie retirement program to be initiated. When I asked him what that was he said “A 9mm to the back of my head.”


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