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What IS it with shooting videos and crap music? It’s either generic death thrash chain speed rottweiler metal or synthdiscoelvatorsomamuzak. I know! Let’s ask YouTube! “If you use an audio track of a sound recording owned by a record label without that record label’s permission, your video may be infringing the copyrights of others, and may be subject to removal.” Make that WILL be subject to algorithmic exorcism, and a stern warning. Automatically. Of course. Also of course: “YouTube offers a library of authorized music to liven up your video. Try AudioSwap now!” Or as the above example indicates, not. Until and unless licensing becomes cheap, we’re stuck with gun porn with 70’s porn music. Sigh. My first AudioSwap attempt after the jump.

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  1. I say just find some public domain music and creatively use it. I’d rather listen to Amazing Grace during a shooting video than half the thrash crap people put in.

    Or don’t use music at all. Sometimes silence speaks volumes.

  2. There’s some classical music that would be exciting background noise — the 1812 Overture, Ride of the Valkyries and the William Tell Overture come instantly to mind. I’m sure there are others, and they’re in the public domain.

    • I use Beethoven’s symphony 7, opus 91, movement 2, allegretto for a Knob Creek video.

      I’ve commented about this in many places… but I’m SICK of the heavy metal music everyone seems obliged to use with their gun videos.

      Definitely time for something different.

      • There’s metal, and there’s metal. Not all metal is bad, but a lot of the more mainstream stuff is absolutely garbage — at least, in so far as it does nothing interesting and/or unique.

        Personally though, I’m sick of people dubbing music (or noise which advertises itself to be such) over video that would otherwise be better on it’s own….

    • The music (the score) may be in the public domain but often the copyright is held by the performers, orchestra etc. You may think it’s public but I guarantee you Yo Yo Ma’s CD tracks are just as off limits as any Pink Floyd.

    • She gets too hungry — BLAM!
      For dinner at eight — BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!
      She loves the theater — BLAM!
      But never comes late — PE-TWANG!

      Nah, I’m not feelin’ it, bro.

  3. Dream pop, industrial, post-punk, old country, Roy Orbison, etc are my preferences.

    Who seriously thinks that “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” even passes for music?

  4. UGH! I had flashbacks of McMillian And Wife. Thanks for that, Robert.

    The fact is that some people think that the music they like is the best and that it just goes with all they do (if it wasn’t true Mac would have gasped its’ last breath in the ’90s). I don’t like most music and for the most part most people have terrible musical taste… rap or death metal anybody?

    I am with Ralph on this one. Stick with the classics. Anything else is as pointless as music in porn and headphones on while reading.

    • Now THAT’S a gun viddy with gun music. You can’t beat the Man in Black. I’d love to see an action-packed shooting video with “When the Man Comes Around.”

  5. You should be able to use any music with a creative commons license. This license is more liberal in it’s application and the artist that utilize them want their music to put out there. Just good creative commons license and you should be able to find a website that lists those songs that use this license.

  6. All metal sucks. Especially for gun videos. lowers the percvieved intelligence of the maker by at least 10 IQ points.

    The “thumpin Bass” (Oontz Oontz oontz) techno is a relic of 90’s action movies. (See the first scene of the first BLADE movie, or any of the Matrix Series. This is far less objectionable to me than metal, but it’s still cliche’d

    Personally I think there are a lot of Movie soundtracks that would work, and they have the special bonus of not being in the YOUTube algorithm. The Triumphant Goldsmith music from the rather poorly made “Bad Girls” would work really well for any Cowboy action shooting combination. Perhaps the music from “Inception” for the 3 gun tactical? lots of possibilities, including those videos where things don’t go so well .

    • Given your misspellings, incorrect apostrophe usage, incorrect comma usage, capitalization errors, and generalizations, I don’t think you’re in any place to lecture anyone about “percvieved intelligence[sic].”

      Regarding the music in Youtube shooting videos, you can always mute the sound and use whatever soundtrack you’d prefer. People tend to include music that they like and don’t really care if it gets your panties in a bunch. Whether music is good or not is subjective, much like any form of art. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it isn’t good, or that anyone cares.

  7. Personally, my pet peeve on this is racing videos. I like listening to the engines roar, but often can’t hear it.

    Same thing with shooting. Bang is good.

    • I agree. Just leave the music out.

      Where did people get the idea that every single aspect of life has to have a soundtrack?

      Probably the same place that they got the idea to put an Imax theater about the Grand Canyon – on the rim of the Grand Canyon.

      People, if it’s not a music video, leave out the music.

  8. Hmmm, does YT recognize if you transfer a song to analog and then convert that to digital? Assuming, you absolutely must have a “forbidden” song on your video.

    Or, send a letter to Robert Plant and Jimmy Page to ask them to waive the copyright. Or, not.

    • What does that even mean?

      Transferring a song to “analog” as you put it, means you’ve recorded it on magnetic tape, cut groves on a vinyl disc, or are playing it using an instrument. If the music is encoded on your computer, it’s digital. Period. Full stop.

      Regardless, its the waveform that’s rendered as the music file is decoded (played) that’s compared against a master database. Unless you “noisy” up the song, it will find a match. Which kind of defeats the purpose.

  9. You Tube — one of life’s joys — is thick with videos with inappropriately awful heavy metal music. I simply don’t watch those, or watch them with the sound off. I assume there is some legal requirement. Or perhaps we are approaching the end of Western Civilization, if not the End of Days.

  10. “Until and unless licensing becomes cheap, we’re stuck with gun porn with 70′s porn music.”

    …so what you’re saying is that until composers and musicians agree to get zilch for their efforts, we’ll be stuck with crappy music?”

  11. I use lots of different types of music, and use audio editing tricks to get passed YT’s automatic yank of the video. Sometimes metal (or variations) fits, sometimes it doesn’t. Any music will suck if you don’t put the effort into your video. I’m a big fan of using hip hop because the beats mix well with the gun shots. I get tired of mindless shit music thrown over lousy camera work and boring shots. I get really excited about a well put together video, regardless of the type of music. In my last three videos I have used The Beastie Boys, Sick Of It All, Paula Abdul, The Transplants, and Notorious B.I.G.


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