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Vinicius, a tattoo artist from the great country of Brazil sends us his “Concrete Jungle Survival Kit” via Everyday Carry.

Yes, brass knuckles, Beretta .25 Auto and and a tactical belt with buckle knife.  Has he been reading Ed’s Manifesto or attending his classes?

Oh, and did I mention electronic ears?   Maybe he works in a noisy tattoo parlor.

He carries his little Beretta in a hand-made kydex rig, along with two spare magazines.  Someone once told me not to shoot anyone with a .25 Auto because if they realize you’ve shot them, they’ll be very angry with you.  Not sure how much truth that has, but I think I’d rather have a .22 long rifle pistol than a .25 auto.  Ammo comes a whole lot cheaper and more plentiful.

Obviously much of the world enjoys a blade culture where America loves its guns.  That would explain why Mr. Vinicius carries three serious blades (two S&Ws I suspect are made in China) and one on his Leatherman Rebar multi-tool.

In America, I suspect those knucks would land you in trouble in most locations, although in Brazil, that little .25 Auto might pose a bigger threat to its owner unless he has a license.

I know Brazil’s new president brought with him new ideology when it comes to empowering the citizenry to own and carry firearms.

He’s got a lot of other stuff too.  Peruse the post to see descriptions of it all.

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  1. I kind of figure this is just his gear to choose from daily for varying edc needs and not so much all at once all the time.

  2. .25 ACP tends to be more reliable than .22 LR in small autos. That said I know little about how hard it may be to carry in South America. Still, I would be looking to trade up. Nothing impressive about this EDC.

    • The ones with the number pad on the right print really bad. I only EDC those during jacket weather.

      • Meh, I have no problem carrying mine with a tucked in shirt (Crossbreed Holster) during the summer because it is an Apple 🍏 “Magic” Keyboard ⌨️ with numeric keypad 🔢 and Tim Cook told me it doesn’t print (duh, you need an HP printer to print)! You must be carrying a wired Windows version. That’s your issue! 🤔😉

      • Look up the ergodox. The solution for Qwerty printing is to have half your keyboard on each hip, no numberpad.

    • The keyboard would be a great, less obvious, place to hide a blade taped to the underside. Since he lives in Brazil, there’s a very good chance he has great Situational Awarness.

  3. No flashlight. In this case a mag light would work as the primary weapon. Maybe the juju beads in one hand and the brass knuckles in the other working in some Brazilian Chinese MMF street dance moves would scare off a would be attacker. Adding in a couple of high pitched eagle screeches might send the bad guys running away. You never know what works until you read about it in the funny papers and these days they just don’t write stories with happy endings. If the perps are hopped up on tide pods and the 25s don’t confuse them with those popping sounds it makes, just maybe the 2 knives presented in the slicing and dicing style as a Manchurian Chef working a hot wok for 10 diners along with the fancy Brazilian Chinese MMF street dance moves will solve his problem. In a pinch, maybe, he could flip a hot flied shrimp at him and run like hell. As a last resort he could pull out his belt knife and grip it between his teeth and dance the rumba. That would be impressive. Anyway, as it appears, our Brazilian friend knows, packing a 25 is an invitation to hand to hand combat, and hopefully he has the moves to go along with his “hand” tools or he is goose liver on toast. Maybe someone will set up a go fund me page for him so he can buy a Hi Point Yeet Cannon. Sayonara baby.

  4. The “I Hope I Don’t Piss Off a Female MMA Fighter”. Complete with muffs to block out the screaming you’re gonna hear after she beats your ass (or maybe to block out the people making fun of you as you wait for the cops after your beating).

    • Well, so it is. I wouldn’t have noticed it. Thumbs up on that, even though I’m not sure why he’d EDC a Pantera shirt. 🙂

      Brazil seems to have a big metal scene, at least judging by the number of kickass bands & musicians coming out of there.

  5. 25acp penetrates better than 22lr in a short barrel and is more reliable. If it was for plinking the 22 would be a better choice but not for self defense

    • this is a reasonable carry rig. The baretta is stone cold reliable . I have one . the 25 acp will put a hole through you . It is centerfire and feeds like john Moses designed it too. These were very popular in the days of my youth, which is before “shall Issue” existed. the only defensive shot I have personal experience with , my cousin , who was disabled , had to shoot a large intruder in his home . It was a one shot solution. with a 25 acp. also in brazil hollow point ammo is probably illegal , mil caliber probably is too. so you are left with small cal for concealed carry. people underestimate the damage brass knuckles do . they are currently the choice in the rough areas around the Detroit area. they are cheap, quick , and decisive . plus , they don’t lead to a felon in position charge for those with that history.

      • Let’s see an 1849 Colt 31 pushes a 50 grain lead ball @ approximately 750 fps.
        On the other hand a Beretta 950 in 25acp moves a 50 grain bullet @ approximately 750 fps.


  6. The keyboard is a beta test for the soon to be released, “oldguy 1000 tactical keyboard” ( patent pending). The core contains ceramic plates. It has very sharp edges to use as a weapon. The cord is also Paracord. Available for pre-order now! Includes training video and holster.

  7. “Has he been reading Ed’s Manifesto or attending his classes?”
    If he did he wasn’t paying attention.

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