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Roc’s got a well-worn GLOCK in a Blade-Tech Klipt IWB holster as the foundation for today’s EDC from Everyday Carry.  He calls it his Summer EDC.   And in Texas, summer means hot weather and fewer clothes.

What else?  How about a well-worn Streamlight Protac 2L light, a S&W folder, a phone with an Otter case and a Fossil wallet.

That’s pretty minimal.

Not enough for me, but everyone’s mileage varies.

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    • I haven’t been carrying a spare mag over the last year or so… can’t say I’ve missed it.

  1. One of the few EDC post that looks like a real carry, not a show off post of cool gear. The lack of a spare mag is trivial imho.

    • But if you can’t get it done in 10 rounds, then it can’t be done…

      Okay 100 rounds sounds a bit insane. It would be interesting to see how many officers shot, and how many found their target.

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