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Jack Crosbie doesn’t think a gun-free America is a realistic goal, but he wants to enact every gun control law possible and get as close to that utopian ideal as humanly possible.

After El Paso and Dayton, gun reform will be back in the spotlight for the next few weeks, as Americans are forced to reckon with the reality that they could be gunned down in a public space at any moment. This fear will fade in time, existing for many of us as a tiny undercurrent of anxiety, a nagging worry that occasionally rears its head when a car backfires on a crowded street or someone stands up suddenly in a darkened movie theater.

If this anxiety is your only symptom you are one of the lucky ones. The real horror of gun violence does not end when people get tired of posting their senators’ office numbers on their Instagram story. Mass shootings are only the tip of an iceberg of blood; the media and many lawmakers’ focus on assault weapons in particular is disproportionate to the harm those weapons actually cause when looking at gun violence overall. This isn’t an argument against banning assault weapons (although it’s often used as such by conservative media), but rather a reminder that political speeches about “weapons of war” on our streets overlook the larger scope of trauma that guns cause. Two-thirds of firearm deaths in this country are suicides. Gun homicides are shocking when they happen en masse, but like so many other structural failings of the American experiment, the grinding toll of everyday gun violence is primarily felt in poor communities, especially those of color, where the trauma of poverty is exacerbated by easy access to deadly force.

Like income inequality, affordable housing, student loan debt, and the private healthcare industry, the question of how to disarm America does not have an easy answer. (It’s worth noting that there is already disagreement on the left about guns, led by some groups who think an armed society is the best way to insulate themselves from the danger of a militarized hostile state controlled by far-right interests. I respect this view—those dangers are real. But I believe that in the end it assumes a pessimistic understanding of what America can and should be.)

The reality, I think, is that a truly gun-free America is impossible—firearms will always be a tool of violence and power in the modern world. The hope is that eventually, we can choose and control how the power to kill is applied in a way that kills the fewest people.

This is a future worth working toward—not one that pretends guns do not exist, but one that relegates their use to times of extreme duress, when humanity’s inherent violence leaves no other solution. The absence of guns will not heal the deep wounds that nations, sects, races, and groups have done to one another over thousands of years of our bloody history. But it will stop many wounds from being ripped anew, and let our children grow up in a world where their backpacks carry only books, and not “bulletproof” inserts to shield them from harm.

– Jack Crosbie in How to Disarm America

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  1. The reality of which is that firearms are a power equalizer. Without them, the weak are weaker, and they will be preyed upon. Crime will skyrocket, because easy targets will abound. That old “human nature” at work. Gun control gives criminals their greatest opportunity to reach their full potential.

    • Once again, this article shows that the primary interest in the minds of gun-controllers is symbolism. So long as their values (as in “we have to do something now”) are institutionalized as law, they are not really interested in whether or not they work. Fortunately for the rest of us, the rock on which their movement collides is our 2nd Amendment. Having the right to keep and bear arms for the express purpose of opposing governmental tyranny means that an armed citizenry will not willingly abandon that right just to satisfy someone’s anxiety.
      The 2nd Amendment means exactly what it says. There is no middle ground here. You either support it or you don’t. Gun-controllers don’t.

  2. Probably need more coffee because my main takeaway from this article is less guns for poor people so they can live in misery longer.

    • Yeah. Did I read this correctly in the article?

      “…the question of how to disarm America does not have an easy answer…”

      Oh, the answer’s easy. It’s the application of that strategy that’s kinda difficult. Ain’t ever gonna happen. Even after you’ve removed every single gun in existence and melted them down, the very next there will be a hundred private machinists making more.

      • Was going to reply with the next logical step but no need to give my governer any ideas to have Fredo pitch on CNN

  3. Meh… I’m more worried about being struck by lightning.

    We should ban lightning. To make me feel safe.

  4. There’s no such thing as a “Gun Free America”. You will no longer have America when you’ve eliminated guns.

  5. This guy brings up income equality, healthcare, etc., so it’s easy to see where he’s coming from. He’s just another petty tyrant that wants to regulate every aspect of our lives, just like the 20 or 21 (or however many idiots there are today) that are running for the Dem nomination.

    • But…but…but he’s going to fix all your problems for you. Don’t you want somebody else to fix all your problems?

  6. Crosbie is a total lunatic with no capacity for rational thought. His arguments are emotional on the same level as a pubescent girl.

  7. Hey Jack, hate to be the bearer of bad news! As long as there are bipedal organisms on this planet, they’re gonna be killing each other! No matter which weapons are available, people(especially now) , are screwed up. Us realists will continue to keep and bear to protect ourselves from the miscreants we’re discussing, while you continue hunting for your unicorn! Good luck.

  8. Because it’s not about whether it works or not people who want gun control don’t want you personally to have a gun. They don’t want their law abiding neighbor to have a gun.

    I have talked to many people on this they quite often end up at the point of just saying they don’t care if it works or not.

    That neighbor that’s selling drugs out of his house? he will have a gun and that’s how they think it is supposed to be.

  9. We can summarize the opinion of Jack Crosbie’s and other anti-gun people in 12 words:
    “We can’t disarm all Americans, but we can disarm all law-abiding Americans.”

    How does that make America safer? It doesn’t; it makes America more dangerous. That should be obvious to everyone, but somehow the anti-gun hoplophobes ignore the obvious result of disarming all law-abiding Americans — maybe because it’s an NRA slogan, but slogan or not, it’s still true: “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

    • ‘How does that make America safer?’

      Just playing devil’s advocate here, but he did point out that 2/3 of ‘gun deaths’ are suicides. Get rid of guns and all those people killing themselves will have no choice but to live happy lives instead. Right?

      • Jeffrey Epstein must still be alive. It’s impossible to kill yourself when being watched and put in a safe space with no weapons.

        Prison is the perfect place to keep Americans safe. We should extend those walls around the U.S. and have armed guards telling us how to live. For public safety.

    • It’s a heart problem, not a head problem.
      I would say it’s a spiritual problem, but the atheists will get all triggered if I do.
      No amount of logic is going to undo their heartfelt whatevers until they experience the “utopia” they wish for. Regrettably, they can experience their desired level of GOV, but wouldn’t dare move to any of those “Failures of Socialism” we keep suggesting they visit.
      It’s a cognitive dissonance that keeps them from actual understanding.

  10. Let’s play what I like to call, “the 100 year game”. Take a look back on each hundred years (1919-2019) and look at how many wars and genocides have happened. Violence is inherent with our species, so I’ll keep my AR-15, thank you very much.

    • And by starting in 1919 you’re even skipping the one they called ‘The Great War’.

    • As long as you have 2 men and some sort of property you will have a fight. Whether it’s land, a woman, water, horse/cow they will eventually fight. It’s human nature. That’s why there were royal marriages . It kept peace for a generation or so.

      • As long as there are two men, there will be arguments.

        However, as long as there are two men that don’t believe in a Creator and therefore don’t believe in any personal accountability, there will be fights. The very presence of a faith acts as a tremendous buffer against the will to do harm against your neighbor.

        No one can ever be forced to live a life of faith, of course, and all must make their own decisions. But the push by the Left to remove God and faith from all aspects of public discourse has resulted in an increasing disregard for human life and safety overall.

        • Really? I guess you haven’t heard about the Crusades. Or the attempted Muslim invasion of Europe from Turkey and North Africa. The Catholics and the Muslims are responsible for millions of deaths over the last two thousand years or so. All in the name of their creator. How many people have died fighting against the Jewish State, or fighting because one is a Shiite and the other a Sunni. Or Hindus attacking whoever the Hindus attack. How many wars over the centuries have been fought in the name of someone’s God or Gods?

        • You completely missed the point, Mark. Take off your “I hate God” glasses for a moment.

        • Cain and Abel. 1 generation removed from the garden and there’s a murder. Between brothers.

          I don’t hate god. But human nature is so going to win every time.

        • Hmm, well let me illustrate another way.

          Back in 2008, when John McCain and Sarah Palin were campaigning against the Obamessiah for the presidency, Matt Damon opened his mouth and gifted us with his superior wisdom of all things. He mocked Palin’s Christian faith and said that it’s very dangerous to give the nuclear codes (um, a VP would not necessarily have them, but whatever) to someone who believes that dinosaurs once co-existed with men and there was a Great Flood in which God saved mankind through only eight people.

          Aside from any debate on whether or not “God is real”, the main point is that faith – in general – acts as a societal buffer. A person who believes that he/she will ultimately answer to a Creator will very behave kinder toward others than one who doesn’t believe in any accountability. In other words, it may very well be much safer to have the nuclear codes accessible by someone who feels a moral responsibility to God rather than someone who believes we simply (poof!) die and disappear, and therefore we should all just take whatever we can from others.

          • Personally, I have serious doubts about the moral fortitude of any man(or woman) who relies on faith for a reason to do the right thing. I have no fear of God nor eternal damnation and don’t need any threats to need to do what is moral, just, and right. I believe in the golden rule “Treat each other as you would like to be treated yourself.” I try to do what is right simply because it is right, not because I will suffer if I don’t. If you need to be afraid of God to justify doing the right thing then you lack moral fiber.

        • jwm, you’ve touched upon a point that proves the Bible is total hogwash – Cain couldn’t have killed Abel – they didn’t have guns yet!

        • BTW, my previous comment was sarcasm.

          For those who have no idea what le petomane means.

        • I Haz..
          You are correct. The conscience, which for some is a purposeful faith in God that you will ultimately face judgment for your life, is what keeps this world from unraveling to a veritable world of Mad Max. For others, they had good upbringing or prefer peaceable interaction as opposed to stealing and pillaging their way through life. They are a “good” person. The world has seen many ebbs and flows of relative peace or excessive violence. Even the casual observer can sense we are arcing toward upheaval. Make your peace with God as you do not know what tomorrow brings. He knows who you are.

      • “As long as you have 2 men and some sort of property you will have a fight.”

        The same goes in *spades* when you have two women under one roof with only one kitchen.

        Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong… 😉

    • Do you mean the “American experiment”?

      It makes me sick whenever I see this phrase. How many years does a country take to graduate from the experimentation phase?

      • NO, I do not mean the “American Experiment”…the America we have today is the America we have to deal with and try to shape for the future. The America of the past is gone and fixed in Historical fact: good, bad and indifferent. To me, the phrase that makes you sick is non sequitur, so I would not use it.

      • I don’t know, probably forever. How long is it before a doctor or lawyer stops “practicing” and gets down to it?

  11. In the primitive, uncivilized and barbarous U.S. of Hay the Hillbilly factor has been allowed to exist for way too long a time in history. Its time we move into the 21st Century and if we want to go on owning firearms pass some civilized laws to insure people are trained popperly before they undertake the serious responsibility of owning a firearm as it was never meant to be just fun and games slathered with total irresponsibility when handling deadly weapons. That is only common cense which is an attribute at the present time totally unknown to the backwoodsmen of the original 13 colonies who thought they knew more than the civilized British Empire when they decided to go it alone and threw their future of democracy right down the out house shit hole and the consequences of this still haunt the American people’s lives to this very day. But that is another historical truth that the American people are still not educated enough to understand or accept.

    • Molon Labe.

      Also, I think the Irish might have a somewhat different opinion of living under the British Empire.

      • No its not me the real Vlad but its the fake Vlad. Notice how this genius spelled “sense”. He spelled it cense. The Fake Vlad must be out to break the record for posting under at least a 12 different names and still counting. And notice the plagiarism as well he usually screws up even copying anything from me.

        • So who’s the real Vlad, then? There are so many different writing styles. Maybe add a tagline/signature to yours.

          We don’t have to give up reading from ‘Vlad’s Dad’, though, do we? 🙂

        • BLaaaa the impotent

          “”he usually screws up even copying anything from me.”

          I always thought ALL your BS posts were copy paste from your bosses anyway… what does it matter if he does it too!

        • vlad. Your comments are so full of inaccuracies that you’re forever harping about reading comprehension when in fact the failure is your ability to communicate. You’re poorly educated and it shows.

    • Stay in England, Abduhl. Why are Brits always lecturing us Americans on how we should live? Didn’t we defeat them in 1776 and 1812 so we wouldn’t have to listen to those arrogant twits?
      Stay in your pitiful, backwards, island monarchy, Abduhl, which America had to rescue in two world wars after defeating in two earlier wars. You should look after your own house before lecturing Americans, because your queen just aided and abetted Boris Johnson in suspending the British parliament, so you’re becoming a dictatorship again. Why do you still have a queen, anyway?

    • We must force every kid to learn gun safety in government schools. No child should be ignorant to guns before they turn 18. Every child needs to learn about guns before they can buy one as an adult. Rural schools can build a gun range on campus and city schools can have a gun range next door or close enough to make a daily trips to.

    • There was no American democracy before the Revolutionary War. We were ruled by the British Crown and its hereditary nobility.

      And while we are at it, Abdul, why don’t you get those supercivilized Syrians to disarm? They have thousands of years of history in that part of the world, so they should be able to live together peacefully, right?

    • Can’t wait until the day Mecca gets nuked and your shit religion vanished from the face of the earth.

  12. Write your reps to oppose HR 4081. It might be the most intrusive legislation ever written…

    • Explain. A quick search shows that this bill was from the 115th Congress (2017-2018) and has nothing to do with guns.

  13. There has never been a utopian experiment that stood the test of time. Failure always comes from the utopian dreamers being unable to recognize that humanity is a sloppy, chaotic,immensely varied mess of ideas, drives, economies, politics, emotions, all of it, the works, with a heaping hot helping of ad infinitum and a cherry on top.

    Utopia exists only in works of fiction. Which would be fine if people would leave it there, a source of entertainment.

  14. Yes, yes. Take away our guns and solve all our problems. In other news a couple days ago an arsonist killed 25 people in Mexico. Ban matches gasoline and other things that burn.

  15. As has been said endless times previously, there is no such thing as gun free. The military/police will always have guns.

  16. One(among many) of the great things about this country, is that you’re free to leave if you don’t like it, unlike many of the other countries in the world, and I would suggest and recommend to ms crosbie to do just that, leave, renounce your citizenship, and be done with it…

  17. His position makes sense once you realize the Left isn’t motivated by a desire to eliminate violence. They’re fine with violence. It’s civilian gun ownership that they want to eliminate, violence is just the rationale. See, for example, this article, about a MA woman retiring to Panama.

    Mary says she and her daughters were fed up with a lot of things in America — including the high cost of living, repeated mass shootings and what she saw as a lot of “rage and hate.”

    “The U.S. has gotten so out of control — the social fabric is shattering,” she says. “It is an act of insanity to continue to stay in the U.S.,” she adds, noting that in Panama crime is low, you see guns less frequently

    Now, of course, Panama’s murder rate, including its gun murder rate, are higher than the US rates. But it’s gun ownership rate is much lower. And that’s what she and so many leftists want to get away from – not gun violence, but gun ownership.

    • It’s true. Your average leftist is completely Okie-Dokie with violence, especially when it’s applied to the most inconvenient group.

  18. “Like income inequality, affordable housing, student loan debt, and the private healthcare industry, the question of how to disarm America does not have an easy answer.”

    Actually, a few of those a really simple….

    Income inequality – Intelligence and talent are not distributed equally in nature, so income shouldn’t be. You want more income… Get smarter or get better. If you can’t, then you’ll just have to stay poor.

    Affordable Housing – Buy a house you can afford… don’t like the houses you can afford? Increase your income; see income inequality.

    Student loan debt – Pay your debts. Yeah, it sucks, I know, but you sign up for financial slavery. You’ll have to figure out how to escape it. I think it’s called “adulting” nowadays.

    • Income inequality is not a problem that needs to be solved as you pointed out. Also, income inequality doesn’t equal poverty. As long as I’m well off, I don’t care how much more others make.
      Those who want to get rid of income inequality instead of poverty, act out of plain envy.

  19. I think a truly commie free world is impossible, but we have to try. First step would be to get a rather large fleet of heavy lift helicopters.

    • And remember to check under your bed tonight for the “Commie” bogey man. I never in my life found a guy so obsessed with the all the little demons and fantasy commie bogey men dancing around in your head. You need to go back to the VA and have good shrink straiten you out if that is even possible.

        • He probably moved on to molesting his neighbor’s goats. Vlad certainly seems like the sort of genocide apologist piece of shit who would do that.

      • Yeah… those “bogey men” that murdered more than half my family. Why don’t you go to Israel, find somebody with a number on their arm and tell them how silly they are about worrying about Nazi “bogey men”. You are a sack of shit Vlad. I hope you run your mouth in front of another survivor of your socialist heroes. You’ll be lucky if they just break your jaw.

        • Knowing my wife’s family they would smile politely find his address and redistribute his assets to others based on need…… Or burn the house down. Polish folk can be a tad temperamental when the Warsaw pact issues get brought up.

        • quote—————————–SAFEupstateFML says:
          August 29, 2019 at 13:28
          Knowing my wife’s family they would smile politely find his address and redistribute his assets to others based on need…… Or burn the house down. Polish folk can be a tad temperamental when the Warsaw pact issues get brought up——————quote

          Its obvious you watch no foreign TV especially recent foreign TV. Poland had been taken over by the Far Right who are now denying the cooperation many Poles gave the Nazi’s in rounding up the Jews for mass murder during WWII.

          Poland’s government has recently also been slowly destroying the peoples democratic rights as well. One wonders why the Polish people even bothered to fight the Nazi’s as today their Government is acting more and more like the WWII Nazi’s. The Far Right always turns out to be the same no matter what country they happen to infest in their hate for minorities and refugees.

        • Somehow, the Poles weren’t interested of trading the interests of their heavily Catholic natives for a bunch of diseased rapefugees under orders from the 4th German Reich. (aka the EU) You commies are just salty the Poles are kicking your asses… again.

        • Thanks Vlad you just confirmed we are good to go with visiting Poland. Serge I can only hope they learned from their neighbors and stay the course, on my wife’s side it’s only Americans left.

      • If y9ou didn’t know, serge was born and educated east of the Iron Curtain and has first hand experience with the Soviet Socialist Experiment.

        • Off topic but does hilljack refer to a particular family that all had jack incorporated into their names somehow?

  20. Excellent Article that hit upon many, many truths. The Naked Ape is a viscous depraved beast the rivals anything in the animal kingdom for depravity, death and destruction. It is only the Left that realizes the reality of the human condition and wants to improve it as much as possible but they are up against the Far Right whose tribalism, inhumanity, bigotry, hatred and depraved religions make it an almost at times insurmountable task.

    Socialist Nations have proven that yes you can make society safer than it is in the depraved asylum that we now call the U.S. where Dodge City shoot outs in broad daylight, drug gang wars, snipers, and terrorists now rule the country and have reshaped the way the normal citizenry must now live in abject daily terror not only for themselves but their innocent children which the Far Right consider expendable on the depraved alter of zero gun control with their warped Utopian view of a machine gun under every pillow and a grenade in every hand. When you listen to the maniac rantings and ravings of the Far Right they will rant that they are always just a few million weapons short of the ideal gun saturation point. And yes they could get to that point much quicker if they were not being slowed down stepping over all the dead bodies lying in the streets and stores. Truly the inmates at an insane asylum are more in tune with reality than they are.

    • “The Naked Ape is a viscous depraved beast the rivals anything in the animal kingdom for depravity, death and destruction.”

      Sounds like me in the morning before I’ve had my coffee.

      • How viscous is your coffee? I like mine just short of mud with lots of grounds, like G.I. coffee.

    • Feel free to move your ass to one of those socialist nations you treasonous commie piece of shit. We’ll be sure to stand back and laugh when you have to pay for your own national defense.

    • Bottle nose dolphins, house cats and leopards are three animals that come to mind that kill for sport. It is not just a human condition.

      Shoot outs in Dodge City is historically inaccurate.

      The rest of your treatise is just as inaccurate.

    • There’s only 4 truly socialist countries in the world and they have all basically devolved into totalitarian dictatorships.

      Scandinavian countries with giant government welfare systems don’t count as socialist. Nor do they really seem to have their shit together as much as you’d like to believe. Sweden is the grenade attack capital of the western world.

      • [puts on grammar police hat]

        “…there ARE only four…”

        More and more people are using the term “there’s” for everything nowadays.

      • Quote——————Scandinavian countries with giant government welfare systems don’t count as socialist.————-quote

        Only in the warped minds of people like you who deny the truth simply because Scandinavian countries have been so outstandingly successful with their Socialist . programs.

        Just to placated your ignorance lets call them Enlightened Capitalists. They have a ton of Socialist programs that we do not have and whenever we Americans want the same Socialists program you scream and stamp your feet and call us Americans “commies”. Sorry Herr Hauptman you cannot have it both ways. You just fell head first into the shit house on that one.

        • So “outstandingly successful” that they lead the civilized world in rape, suicide, and grenade attacks. Here’s an idea… move your commie ass there if you don’t like the way America works.

    • Look, how did you get my address. I don’t want your pictures any more than Donna did. Get over your Ellie Mae fixation and leave me alone.

    • Home brew EDM (electro-discharge-machining) rifling by using a jig made with a cheap 3-D printer and a piece of piano wire.

      The *brilliant* part about that is variable-twist rifling would be no problem at all. No fancy sine-bar on a lathe required. Just the jig, a bucket of saltwater and a battery charger.

      It would be pointless for the government to try and control rifling tooling.

      Innovative technology like that kicks fucking *ass*…

      • Well there goes that easy choke point. Wonder how well it works with the pipe rifle idea.

      • Until the men in the dark sunglasses show up at your door and kick your ass as they drag your beaten up body to the slammer. Keyboard bravado is cheap, real life is more sobering.

        • Good luck with that… Your magical commie goon squad runs away every time they face anything approaching a fair fight. Or do I need to start posting videos of how your ANTIFA buddies keep getting their asses kicked?

        • But I thought no one was coming to take away our guns? Are you telling me these “bogeymen” that you keep accusing us of believing in actually exist? And they are going to drag us off to prison for building an object that we are legally allowed to own according to our government’s constitution? What’s next, throwing us in prison for differing political views, or because of our religion? There’s a name for a government like you wish for vlad, I just can’t think of what it is called…..

          • Poor Vlad Biden! Cant remember which lie he tried to sell last week, probably hoping you forgot what he said.

  21. “… we can choose and control how the power to kill is applied…”

    We can, do, and long have controlled how the power to kill is applied — threat of being killed yrself, right now. Net, when it secures more life.

    With violence inherent in humans, Stills, Nash, n Young, there, seems to think yr too dumb, clumsy or reactive to make that call if you have to. Also not yr righf to decide for yourself that you wanna try to live. And you’re expendable, anyway.

  22. Well, if we’re gonna control the power to kill, we need to disarm everybody. Literally take their arms off.

    • “Literally take their arms off.”

      *Millions* of teenage boys will be throwing themselves into freeway traffic…

      *snicker* 😉

      • Don Imus’ late brother Fred said the donkeys on his farm knew they had no hands and so found other ways to lope the pony.

    • This got me thinking about the Black Knight from Holy Grail. “I had worse! It’s just a flesh wound!”

    • Ehh that’s a bit optimistic. I’d say the best we could hope for is a 80% reduction in homicide if we physically removed all democrats from power.

      • Decreasing homicide isn’t necessarily a good thing because every killing is a homicide. People should be able to kill kidnappers, rapists, etc.

        Most people in America are not voters. Most violent criminals can’t vote. Most women are Democrats, especially young women.

        Republicans are also murderers, they like to murder people in other countries. Until America becomes a true pro life country there will continue to be murders.

      • quote————–Dog of War says:
        August 29, 2019 at 11:17
        Ehh that’s a bit optimistic. I’d say the best we could hope for is a 80% reduction in homicide if we physically removed all democrats from power.———-quote

        Hitler did that and the world according to you lived happily ever after. Tell me another one.

  23. Always interesting/infuriating when an article which is ostensibly about a particular topic makes a hundred unsubstantiated statements more serious than the main thesis. This guy breezes along goring a hundred sacred cows—implying that the American experiment is a failure, private health care, too, and on and on. Surprised he didn’t pull Climate Change into the mix.

    This guys is not an essayist, he’s a propagandist, a petty sloganist.

  24. We have too many vicious criminals because we are a “rich” and free country. and we attract criminals from around the world and have far too many gang associations. Check the violence in Montreal in the 70s and 80s with the Hells Angels and Mafia in turf and drug wars. AND, getting rid of guns does not get rid of crime. Check the home invasion stats in Britain since subjects of the crown are no longer permitted to defend themselves. Some Brits are seeking a relaxation of gun restrictions so they can defend themselves.

  25. “…not one that pretends guns do not exist, but one that relegates their use to times of extreme duress, when humanity’s inherent violence leaves no other solution. ”

    You basically just describe the community of concealed carriers in the US. How can you be so blind as to not recognize that fact.

  26. “Mass shootings are only the tip of an iceberg of blood…”

    That’s where I stopped reading. This idiot doesn’t get a single additional second of my time.

    • Hmm Bloodberg…… Yeah probably not great my first thought went to a kosher metal band.

  27. Typical democrats. Time to ban shit. Having a gun free America is only valuable if you think guns are bad. But guns aren’t bad. People killing people with guns or anything else is bad. Just because you have a gun doesn’t mean you are going to be violent with it, as has been proven by millions upon millions of gun owners not hurting anyone at all. So the problem isn’t the gun, it’s the violence part. And banning things and reducing freedoms on millions upon millions of Americans because a small select percentage of the population can’t refrain from violence is not an acceptable policy to me, nor is it a good policy in general. No ones freedom, which by default does no harm, (in any subject) should be reduced because of the inappropriate acts of a few.

  28. The absence of guns will not heal the deep wounds that nations, sects, races, and groups have done to one another over thousands of years of our bloody history. But it will stop many wounds from being ripped anew, and let our children grow up in a world where their backpacks carry only books, and not “bulletproof” inserts to shield them from harm.

    Absence of guns? Or absence of violence? Look at the cause. If you have an absence of guns, does the killing stop? No. If you keep the guns and have an absence of violence does the killing stop? Yes. The problem is the violence, not the guns. Focus on getting an absence of violence instead of guns.

    As long as people “want” violence they will use guns (banned or not) to exact out their violence.

    • Leftists don’t really care about the violence, crime or dead people. If they did, they would go after violent criminals, not their tools. Instead they want to release them from prisons.
      Violence and crime are just a pretext for disarming the American people. That’s the real goal which will enable introduction of socialist utopia. It also explains why they want to ban semi automatic rifles, which are used only in very small fraction of crimes.

      • quote——————–Leftists don’t really care about the violence, crime or dead people. If they did, they would go after violent criminals, not their tools. Instead they want to release them from prisons.————-quote

        The U.S. has more people in prison than any other country in the world including China that has 4 1/2 times the U.S. population proving that the Hill Jack mentality has failed in crime prevention because it does not go after the root causes of crime which is joblessness, poverty, and lack of educational programs and opportunities geared towards the unemployed that are affordable.

        Right now if you are part of the lower working class or are a recent immigrant or refugee a recent Harvard study showed the success rate of Canada’s Socialist programs were far more successful on integrating refugees in only 2 years and allowing low income people to get training and education to improve their economic prosperity. And remember its coming from Socialist Programs.

        • The root cause of crime is criminals. Simple solution? Public executions of violent criminals. We’ll use the Vlad Technique as an example to others.

  29. I’m not one prone to histronics. Nor am I prone to think America is perfect and can’t, from time to time, benefit from altering its approach on some issues. However, the statement
    “structural failings of the American experiment” betrays some pretty scary thinking on the part of Crosbie and company

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