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Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or IN Iraq, I suppose) you’ve probably figured out by now that U.S. Immigration laws and border security is a right ruddy mess. Complete SNAFU. FUBAR’d to the max. Our Southern border is to security what a colander is to liquid impermeability. That is to say, it’s easier to sneak into the U. S. of A. than it is to, oh, I dunno, sneak into a White House official dinner. Which isn’t saying much, come to think of it, but still. So the fine folks in Arizona did something about this recently . . .

They passed a law that allows their state and local law enforcement to enforce the Federal laws that the Feds are unwilling to enforce. And today, a Federal judge overturned much of that law. If you’re not an Arizona resident, why should you care? Well, nothing is as it seems, if you’re getting your news and views from the mainstream media. Read on, McDuff, and cursed be he who first cries “racist”…

First of all, forget everything you’ve heard out of the mainstream media, rockers posing as humanitarians, and anybody in the Federal government. Here at TTAG, we deal with facts and the truth. (It’s in our name.) Truth is our stock-in-trade, our raison d’être, and our passion. So listen up, bunkie, and let’s get the straight dope on the AZ Immigration law.

You’ve likely heard that the AZ law is racist, anti-immigrant, and some kind of draconian attempt to solve border security by picking on poor immigrants.


The Arizona statute is copied, almost word-for-word, from Federal legislation. That is to say that Arizona ain’t doin’ nuthin’ that the Feds don’t already do. Well…what the Feds are supposed to do, for the Feds have been, shall we say, a little lax in enforcement of Federal law. So if that’s the case, what’s the big deal – and more germaine to the TTAGencia, why should we care?

Okay, lemme hit you with a couple of really good reasons:

  1. Border security is everyone’s problem. Did you know that something close to 80% of warrants in Phoenix are issued on perps that happen to be illegals? Did you know that Phoenix has, virtually overnight, become the kidnapping capital of the U.S.? Did you know that state budgets are breaking because of the strain put on them for free medical care, education, and other social services, since they, by law, cannot turn away illegals? Did you know that cities like Amarillo, TX (over 400 miles from the border) has a huge illegal immigrant population? Think “Killer Bees” – every year, the illegal alien population pushes further and further inland.
  2. Use it or Lose it. There’s a well-established couple of legal precedents that come into play here. One is that “all laws must be applied equally/enforced evenly.” The other is “if a law is not enforced it can be ruled invalid.” If we do not enforce our laws already on the books, they are meaningless…and likely unenforceable.
  3. Finders’ keepers – Losers weepers. Borders are fixed only if you are willing to defend them.  Recently, Federal law enforcement officials closed a Federal park on the U.S./Mexico border, because they deemed it too dangerous for U.S. citizens to frequent. Seems the park is being overrun by coyotes (human traffickers) and mules (drug smugglers). If we’re not willing to defend a border, is it really still our border? Think of it as the international law of salvage. If we abandon a piece of land, anybody can come in and claim it.
  4. This has nothing to do with the law – and everything to do with votes. Both the GOP and Dems are guilty (Guilty, GUILTY!) of pandering to Hispanics. They mistakenly believe that those that have legally immigrated are down with their former countrymen sneaking in. Nope. The ones I’ve talked to are some kinda p-o’d that they had to work so hard to get a green card, and these other guys are just waltzing in. But the party in power (currently the Dems) expect that if they can push an amnesty plan through, that a sizable number of these newly-minted citizens will Vote Democrat. The people that supposedly represent us are willing to trade our security in order to retain their own power. This isn’t a party thing. It’s a personal power thing.
  5. The Arizona border is turning into the second coming of the Wild West. Homeowners and ranchers have been murdered. Property stolen. And the Feds are doing nothing. If you are into self-defense (and why would you be reading TTAG if you’re not) you need to wake up and smell the café negro. If the southern border means nothing, where does it stop? Colorado? Nebraska? Wyoming?
  6. If the Feds enforced the existing laws, Arizona would never have needed – or wanted – to pass a similar law.
  7. If the Feds argument is that Federal law must trump State law, explain why they haven’t sued States over the “sanctuary city” laws that allow cities to willfully violate Federal laws.
  8. Neither President Obama, VP Biden, Speaker of the House Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Reid, nor Homeland Security Chief Napolitano (herself the former Governor of Arizona) bothered to READ the AZ law before condemning it. Wonder why? Me, too.
  9. Critics point to the requirement in the law that aliens must carry identity papers with them at all times. Let’s set aside the fact that if you were to visit Mexico, they can demand to see your papers at any time, and if you don’t have them, you will be jailed. For the nonce, let’s consider this. If you want to write a check, use a credit or debit card, apply for a loan, a home, an apartment, or buy a car, you must present your identity papers. You know…drivers’ license, social security card, or some other form of ID. Why is it we can’t require the same from aliens that we require from natural born citizens.
  10. Critics claim the law will promote racial profiling and warrantless searches. The AZ law specifically prohibits that from ever happening.

You get the picture now. The citizens of Arizona are not happy campers. They want their state back. The Obama administration, like the Bush administration before it, is cynically trading border security for potential votes. This must stop, or there will soon come a day where you’ll be using your home defense weapons to defend your homes on a regular basis. No matter where you live, if you think “it can’t happen here,” just wait. But stock up on ammo. You’re gonna need it.

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  1. IMO, tolerance of illegal immigrants has less to do with pandering to Hispanics than pandering to employers that prefer to pay low wages. You may recall George W Bush's proposal to fix the immigration problem. Instead of closing the borders and throwing los illegals out, Dubya essentially proposed that they, and their spouses and minor children, be allowed to stay as long as they had jobs. I suspect that some of his major contributors were telling him that they were not able to turn a profit without all their cheap, pliable laborers, and I suspect that they are telling Obama the same thing.

    It makes for great 30 second soundbites to complain about illegals and trumpet a law harassing them and (heh) closing the border, but it won't really change a damn thing as long as well-connected businesses can hire them with impunity. The coyotes will still get them here, the ones that don't suffocate.

    • Donal,

      As always, an excellent point. I was living in the Texas Panhandle when the Swift packing company was hit by an ICE raid. The company was fined (yea!) and the workers deported. Sadly, it was all smoke and mirrors – it made little difference over all. I'd love to see CEOs be held accountable – with the threat of real jail time – for hiring illegals. Then make an example out of a couple of them. What those on the left seem to forget is that these low wages are little different than indentured servitude, if not slavery. Think back to the dawn of the union movement in America: if you wanted a factory job, you lived in company "housing" in a company town and bought food fromt the company store. They made sure you never had anything left over at the end of the month. That was wrong. So is this. If prices must go up, I'd rather they do so because companies must pay competitive, living wages, rather than it's due to more taxes from whichever bunch o' clowns are rockin' the White House. Both sides are wrong on this one. There's nobody that can hold their heads up and claim to be on the side of the angels.

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