Trisha Loftis and her daughter Ashlyn, 13, from Los Angeles, talk with Jordan Loecer, from Raytown, Mo., Wednesday, April 19, 2023, as they sit in protest in front of the house where 84-year-old Andrew Lester shot 16-year-old Ralph Yarl when he rang the doorbell at the mistaken address a week earlier in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)
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America very obviously needs to make a change. Owning a gun should be significantly more difficult than owning a car: Our laws should require extensive training, the passing of a strict test, reasonable limits on what type of weapon one can own, insurance mandates, safety rules and regular checks of one’s mental health and physical abilities. If you can’t see well enough to drive a car, you can’t see well enough to responsibly own a firearm. …

In 1984, the Bernie Goetz case in New York City made headlines when Goetz shot four unarmed teenagers on the New York City subway after one approached him and either asked for or demanded $5. While all four teens survived, one was left paralyzed and with brain damage. Goetz claimed that he had been the victim of a previous violent robbery in a city beset by violent crime, and so his reaction to pull out a gun and fire was a reasonable one given his state of mind. It was an absurd argument, especially given the allegations of racist comments from Goetz. But a jury bought it. Goetz got off on the attempted murder and assault charges and was convicted only of gun charges. After the appeals process, Goetz ended up serving just eight months in prison.

But the case briefly captivated the public’s attention, in part because it raised crucial questions: When judging an individual’s actions as criminal or not, do we default to what that individual believed was reasonable? Or do we insist that there is some baseline standard of a reasonable person that, no matter the individual’s particular background or perspective, one should have to abide by? And how much force is too much to defend one’s property?

These are questions we continue to face. Do we want to live in a country where deadly force is wielded according to the judgment of people like Goetz or the three men who shot first in Missouri, New York and Texas? Or do we want to live in a county with laws and rules, where people can make honest mistakes and not pay for it with their lives?

Pro-gun conservatives continue to stress that most gun owners are responsible, reasonable and law-abiding. So it should be easy for them to prove it through a tough but fair licensing process. And when they behave irresponsibly with a weapon that they know full well was designed to kill, then we must hold them fully accountable – including with criminal charges and serious jail time. Truly reasonable, responsible and law-abiding people would accept no less.

— Jill Filipovic in The Reason Americans Are Getting Killed in Driveways

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  1. The author fails to recognize that Americans use firearms lawfully 600,000 – 2.5 million times per year in self-defense situations. The author intentionally attempts to direct the reader to only the spree/mass shooters to install fear of firearms. The author seems to equate all gun owners with psychotic spree/mass shooters. Obviously, this author did not research concealed carry permit laws in every state because the author would have found many of the requirements outlined in their article are already active laws in a few states, even in a few RED states.

    • As long as there are people in office (such as NY A.G. Bragg, Chicago Mayor-Elect Johnson, and so many others – too many to list here) continually dismissing the actions of “a certain demographic of youths” committing arson, robbery, rioting, and mayhem due to “socioeconomic inequalities” instead of labeling them as crimes, criminals will continue to criminal and citizens will continue to protect themselves.

      BTW, A.G. Bragg just said that he will no longer prosecute crimes of theft because the New York City justice system is somehow *still* too raycist against blacks. He specifically stated his predecessors worked too closely with the NYPD to incarcerate criminals, and he will no longer coordinate with the Dept on what he labels as “lesser actions such as theft”.

      Clown world.

    • owning…or at least operating a car on public roads…is a privilege…owning a gun…and thus the means to defend yourself… is a right…big difference

      • In addition, a whole bunch more people are killed or maimed by careless drivers than are shot by careless gun wielders.

  2. I’ll agree to this dreck right after all voters have to prove that they are not anti-American/pro-communist, over educated, sexual perverts; and I get to define the terms for each individual.

    • You might want to include legitimate citizens as opposed to “undocumented migrants”.

  3. We need to apply those same standards to the reckless Main Stream Media. How many people are killed or injured because of their extreme political agenda and totally biased “reporting?”

    • RE: “Owning a gun should be significantly more difficult than owning a car:”

      License or no license a violent person can do far more damage with a motor vehicle than a firearm. Careless licensed drivers run into buildings, people, etc. all the time.

      Obviously the writer sees firearms as the center of the universe when a firearm is nothing more than another inanimate object like all the utensils in his kitchen and everything in his garage, etc.

      If you ask me…the writer exhibits the attributes of a bigot wanting a poll tax.

  4. So exactly what parts of “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed….” does this suggested “solution” NOT INFRINGE?

    The words “but” or “unless” do not appear in the Second Amendment.

  5. The YOUTS in the Bernard Goetz case were ARMED with sharpened screwdrivers, Jill. But, then again, facts don’t matter to leftists.

    • Ya know the event that helped propel my gat ownership was 3 brown youts pounding on my door in a dark & stormy night. They had just destroyed my neighbors yard light by idiotic driving. Wanted to “use my phone”as my wife called the po-leece. I realized I had no gunz. Now I do. Happy I had ’em 3 years ago when BLM invaded. I won’t be giving them up. Neither should you!

      • roughly 400 million (legally owned ) out there…which makes some sort of a statement…how many illegally owned by “brown youts” is anybody’s guess…but they sure do seem to be used a lot more often….

        • Yup More dawrk fokes die every week in CHiraq due to those fokes having mostly stolen (or otherwise “ullegally” possessed) guns than everywhere else in this country put together on any given day. Hardly any of them are old enough to drive OR lawfully own a gun and carry it in public.

  6. And I want the government to stop disenfranchising people from their right to self defense. Not sure it’s gonna happen…..

  7. Well . . . If people that want to own firearms should go through all these hoops to do so; should people be required to have a license to speak . . . .? Have insurance to speak? Have training classes on what can be said to others and what can’t?

    Sadly, it appears that this is exactly what is taking place in society . . .what a messed up bunch of people ruining the world . . . .

  8. Does the military and civilian police train recruits to use weapons properly under stress, when the may be full of fear and rage? Do they train recruits to master their emotions and exercise reason before pulling the trigger (rules of engagement)?


    Why not just give them a gun and call it a day? After all, any civilian can own, and in many places carry, simply because they bought it.

    Why is the military and police wasting their time and money on obviously needless training?

    • Largely because many recruits didn’t grow up with it. Many others did and that portion of basic was retardedly redundant. Either way do you need training or a license to post online?

    • It is true that being a criminal carrys the risk of being shot, and that Soros funded district attorneys have made the streets of the cities they are destroying much more dangerous to the normal citizens they should be trying to protect. Still leftists like you persist in trying to make it harder for people to defend themselves from the criminals you support and defend.

    • Okie dokie. Once I get the training(regulated militia) and the insurance now I can own automatic weapons without the hoops, right.
      A drivers license is not a right it’s a privilege.
      The privilege to bear arms Shall be Infringed.

    • 4x/wk: You misunderstand police and military training regarding use of small arms. The police and military have completely different rules of engagement from civilian defenders. We CDs rarely misunderstand who is the bad guy (the one trying to hurt/kill me RIGHT NOW). The police and military are engaged in a much more challenging environment having to sort out good guys from bad guys who are mixing it up with third parties (i.e., not necessarily attacking the police or military), conducting detentions, clearing buildings and areas, and sticking around to maintain the peace. That is the bulk of their training. We CDs need to do little if any of that stuff. The data on CD defensive gun uses makes it clear: We CDs do a great job of only harming the bad guys, and then only as a last resort. The vast majority of those 600k to 2.3 million DGUs every year rarely involve the bad guy being killed. Most of the time we don’t even have to fire our guns, but those guns save our lives. Your fears and worries about our “lack of training” are probably projection.

    • There is a very high percentage of police that get a minimum amount of training. Many only have to fire 20-50 rounds in a single qualification one time a year. Most police officers are not gun people.

      If trading were all that much a thing, we wouldn’t see so much cowardice in cops across this country.

      • Proof that more training is needed among the people who are supposed to be trained. And if they need training, so do all gun owners.


        Because when you need to use it the most, you will be under stress. Fear, Anger, Rage, Prejudices, etc. all must be mastered before pulling the trigger.

        What happens when the gun owner lets emotions dictate actions?

        4 Times In 1 Week.

        • Nope needing implies requirements which inevitably involves costly regulations. Free access ensures training if desired remains cheap and competitive otherwise you end up with New York.

        • Training and permits for voting? Training a permits for using the internet?

          That is what you are advocating for, 4 times. Fascism is what you’re calling for. Rights are given or taken by the .gov.

    • the police ARE REQUIRED to engage in confrontation…and go looking for trouble…but their actions can cost their employer..(us)…a good deal of money…hopefully training can prevent that..

    • Sorry 4Times. I spent 8 years in the Army. One is NEVER trained to shoot under stress, only to carry, shoot (minimally – ammo is expensive), and clean your weapons. One learns combat skills by being IN combat. The outcome determines your future skill levels. Police are not trained in most jurisdictions even as much as military (which is minimal). Special forces do train in combat simulators, but no one is shooting back. Big difference. I can tell you from experience.

    • because the military is all about standards, methods, consistency. reliability, etc. Civvies? Not so much. Besides, the clowns doing most of the shoot-em-ups out in public are mostly not acceptible to military outfits. Well below standards. Often disqualified due to past conduct. Further many civilians are better trained and more accurate with their arms than most military are. WE invest lots of time, talent, treasure in learning how to use them well.

  9. No comments allowed at the original CNN op-ed, so I post a response here.

    “Or do we insist that there is some baseline standard of a reasonable person that, no matter the individual’s particular background or perspective, one should have to abide by? And how much force is too much to defend one’s property?”

    These things are already explicitly legislated in every State in the Union. Unless, of course, you are wanting regulations on firearms, and then you are going to bump into a Constitutional brick wall.

  10. ” And when they behave irresponsibly with a weapon that they know full well was designed to kill, then we must hold them fully accountable – including with criminal charges and serious jail time.”

    Blacks are not held to this high standard, but Whites are. THIS is why the left is full of sh*. Do not give in to their demands. They can go pound sand. They DO NOT CARE about the victims of gun violence, as evidenced by their selective prosecution in gun crimes. They just want to disarm us.

    • I’m confused by your opinion “Blacks are not held to this high standard but Whites are.”
      The laws going to fck anybody and everybody every chance it gets regardless of the color.

      • The point being made is that in large cities prosecutors are not pursuing gun and related charges against the majority of black criminal offenders, with no bail releases, short prison sentences, felonies reduced to misdemeanors to allow early release, etc., allowing offenders to offend again.

      • In blue states, O Marsupial One.

        IIRC you live in a rural red state; I live in Florida. So we don’t experience much of those Soros-backed DAs who refuse to do their jobs. Our governor fired one of ’em that publicly stated that he wasn’t going to do his job, and the media is still howling about it.

  11. How is this not hate speech? Targeting legal gun owners who have done nothing illegal and are engaged in a legal conduct such as sport shooting or hunting. A attempt by the leftists to vilify law abiding citizens who are exercising their 2nd amendment right.

    • Serious question or pointing out reality? If the former guessing you haven’t lived in NY (or similar), taken a college course, or an employer mandated DEI (or clone by another name) training in the last decade. I’f the latter thems the breaks.

  12. And the people in these photos are fat slobs. Everywhere I look, everywhere I go, all I see is fat tatted slobs, with chunky limbs, three chins, and fat a$$es. It’s f*ing disgusting. I’m old enough to remember adults always wearing suits or skirts and taking pride in their appearance. No longer.

    • First off you have to have something to take pride in and as far as fat slobs, well Saudia Arabia, China, and who knows who else are trying to put a stop to the fat slobs in America, that is unless we can afford milk from Arabia and every other food product from China.
      America had one thing we didn’t need to import, food via agriculture, and somehow the powers that be have given that away.

    • And we’re still waiting for the trans shooter’s manifesto, which supposedly will be released —

      yet reportedly contains similar anti-gun rhetoric and purpose to that in the Louisville shooter’s screed.

  13. “When judging an individual’s actions as criminal or not, do we default to what that individual believed was reasonable? Or do we insist that there is some baseline standard of a reasonable person that, no matter the individual’s particular background or perspective, one should have to abide by? And how much force is too much to defend one’s property?”

    This is one of the many reasons why I stopped reading and watching the news. The ignorance here is staggering. Yes, CNN clown, one of the legs of a valid claim of self-defense is determining if the individual behaved, not without a mistake, but behaved reasonably. Missouri, like every other state, has baseline standards and case law backing it up. Also, Andrew Lester thought it was a home invasion. That’s a threat to him, not just his property. Will a jury buy that defense? I have no idea. He needs to make his case for that, but Missouri law allows you to use deadly force to defend your life in your home, on your home’s property AND your home itself. A home is not a TV set. (Although here in Texas, it’s the only state in the union where you can use deadly force to defend against theft of nominal property. A TV set is not worth my legal trouble, but if you want to go that route, have at it.)

    Worse than all the stupid people in America, we have those in power who are not stupid and know full well they cannot control an armed populace, so they manipulate every person and every other variable they can to try to change that hard truth.

    • Or to put a point on it, the criminal law imposes a reasonable man standard that is not met simply by a defendant claiming that he/she/they were in fear for their life. Reasonableness is not measured from the perspective of the defendant, but by the hypothetical “reasonable man” standard. In other words, the law says exactly what she wants it to say.

      • Like that soldier up in Austin, surrounded whilst in his car by aparently violent people swarming about his cr, ine if them VERY aggressively armed, who was convicted of killing the guy with the long gun threatening him directly. The jury convicted because they said the guy shuld have waited till tht long gunwas pointed AT him. Yeah, right. It would have taken that clown about a half second to lift up the muzzle, point it at the guy in the cr and pull the trigger. Dead soldier, and I’d bet Austin PD wou;dn’t do a thing to the armed thug.
        Kyle Rittenhaouse was acquitted of his attempted murder charge because the guy attacking him had the handgun had been aiming it at Kyle’s face but lowered it, so Kyle lowered his.. later the clown riased the muzzle toward Kyle as if to fire upin him, that’s when Kyle raised his more quickly….) and fired, dismantling the clowns handgun holding forearm.

  14. What exactly does this screed have to do with two paranoid geriatrics acting our of dementia and a hot-headed psycho raging committing crimes? None of these situations were self-defense, stand your ground, failures of training or anything else this piece alludes to.

    More anti shenanigans trying to frame a situation as something it’s not then plaster it with an incoherent wish list of fascism.

    • They are realizing what Bruen will ultimately mean and are not able to pack courts fast enough?

  15. Louisville bank killer’s manifesto details mental illness, anti-gun motive for deadly shooting,

    So, how do we address the mental illness part?
    Anyone diagnosed as having anxiety, or depression cannot purchase or be in possession of a firearm?
    As someone else pointed out, someone behind the wheel of a vehicle can do a lot more damage, like that guy in the SUV who ran down all those people at a Christmas parade. IIRC, he also represented himself and was clearly a nut on more than one level.
    So, do those people also be prohibited from driving?
    Where does it stop?
    And as I asked this question in the past, why are so many American’s so anxious or depressed?

  16. Another liberal white woman in an ivory tower who has never been exposed to violence trying to tell us how to live our lives.

  17. I remember the Goetz incident. I think one of the suspects was armed with a screwdriver. In the close proximity of a subway car? Yeah. That’s a deadly weapon. Then there’s the whole five against one, disparity of force thing. Except for the media hysteria Goetz shouldn’t have suffered a minute. His first problem was he talked about the incident. That turned into other problems.

    • At least two, if not all, were armed with SHARPENED screwdrivers. They were dangerous and violent criminals.

    • GF, I lived in NYC when the event occurred. The criminals had sharpened screw drivers. Bernie responded by shooting them with what I remember as a .38 special S&W snubbing.

      He was acquitted of all charges but gun possession by a mixed jury.

  18. When we are being judged by twelve, we are being judged by twelve people who likely are not POTG. These twelve not-POTG consider themselves reasonable persons; deducing that no reasonable person wants to have a gun, or would use one against another human.

    POTG should amass a financial war chest existing solely as an emergency capability to hire superior defense counsel, expert witnesses, and care for the family while we are being judged (and maybe after). This war chest is not a savings account to be used for vacation, credit card payments, mortgage, etc.

    Pre-paid legal services might be worth consideration.

    • That already exists. Two good examples are Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network (ACLDN) and CCW Safe.

  19. So guilty until the law-abiding gun owner proves he/she is sane and responsible every year? What about the non-law abiding criminals who commit most of the gun related crime with a gun they are not legally allowed to have? Enforce the laws on the books first.

  20. Liberals caused all this societal degeneracy.

    Pretty fed up with them blaming me for it and then taking away my rights and my freedom.

    F. U. Mind your own business.

    • Class enemies and collective punishment are a part of their beliefs. Scapegoats to blame all the problems on are a part of the plan.

  21. Well good idea, take all the gunms away from the law abiding.
    Out in the streets there was violence
    In the home and out in the sun
    Everyone getting mugged and robbed
    Nobody has a gun
    Good gawd, we’ve gotta rock it down to Fruitcake Avenue
    And then we call you liar

    • “Hand guns are made for killin’
      They ain’t no good for nothin’ else
      And if you like to drink your whiskey
      You might even shoot yourself
      So why don’t we dump ’em, people
      To the bottom of the sea
      Before some old fool come around here
      Wanna shoot either you or me?”

      • Dump yours in the sea. Freedom allows that. I’ll carry mine. Freedom also allows that.

        • jethro,

          MajorLiar is not a big fan of freedom. Or, rather, he believes everyone should be free . . . to live how he wants them to. That little toad is a fascist through and through.

      • I keep a weather eye on the horizon, back to the wall
        I like to know who’s coming through the door, that’s all
        It’s the old army training kicking in
        I’m not complaining, it’s the world we live in

        Blarney and Malarkey, they’re a devious firm
        Take you to the cleaners and let you burn
        The help is breaking dishes in the kitchen, thanks a lot
        We hired the worst dishwasher this place ever got

        Hidden below the radar
        They want to spoil our fun
        In the meantime
        I’m cleaning my gun

        Remember it got so cold ice froze up the tank
        We lit a fire beneath her just so she would crank
        Keep a weather eye on the horizon
        Tap the stone glass now and then
        We got a case of old damnation
        For when you get here, my friend

        We can have ourselves
        A party before they come
        In the meantime
        I’m cleaning my gun

        We had women and a mirror ball, we had a DJ
        He used to eat pretty much all that came his way
        Ever since the goons came in took apart the place
        I keep a tire iron in the corner just in case

        Hang a little magic bullet on a little chain
        Keep me safe from the chilly winds and out of the rain
        We’re gonna might need bullets should we get stuck
        Any which way, we’re gonna need a little luck

        You can still get gas in heaven
        And drink in kingdom come
        In the meantime
        I’m cleaning my gun

      • Reality check, Liar49er.
        About two million times per year, some HONEST law abiding citizen takes out their HANDGUN (“made fer killin'”) to defend himself against some would be violent operator bent on personal harm, and ENDS the lethal threat against themself and never pulls the trigger. This is well documented. Yet YOU and your sick ilk would have it that anyone with a gun ready to hand is just itching to unleash the lead and kill with it. Two million times per year is more often than murders and maimings perpetrated by nasty gun-totin’ criminals. Futher, this is a string deterrent… more often of late criminals are getting the message that WE are ARMED and WILL make use of that protction if the creeps should decide we are an easy mark. With the two million non-discharge defensive yused per year, word gets around and others make infirmed decisions to find another way of taking gain so they can eat, too. I can imagine if not fr those two milliin incidents the numbers of firearm assaults could easily be double what they are now. Bit picture.

  22. You cannot regulate right’s and freedoms or you have to do it to all the rights and freedom’s.

    • “…or you have to do it to all the rights and freedom’s.”

      Sorta, kinda seems the anti-rights and freedom crowd has managed that. We have the right and freedom to do as the mob commands, or become a “non-person”.

      As always, might makes right.

      • I’ve decided the only rights I have are to obey all laws and the right to work and pay taxes.

        • “I’ve decided the only rights I have are to obey all laws and the right to work and pay taxes.”

          By Jove, I think you’ve got it.

        • As one of my favorite authors (Robert Anson Heinlein) said, “I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.”

  23. “Pro-gun conservatives continue to stress that most gun owners are responsible, reasonable and law-abiding. So it should be easy for them to prove it …”

    We already have proven it by the fact that with more than 100 million of us owning over 400 million guns, only 10-20 thousand firearms homicides happen each year. That is a rate of no more than 0.02% of gun owners and 0.005% of the guns each year. How much more proof is needed? When the reliability of a system, that involves millions of people, already exceeds 99.98%, there really isn’t any room for improvement.

    More people die annually from high blood pressure than gunshot wounds and five to ten times as many people die annually from diabetes but you don’t need a license to be fat and lazy.

  24. In Europe they have pretty much outlawed the excuse of self defense to shoot some one as when people carry guns they become emboldened and often start gun fights or refuse to swallow their pride and back down from an impending fight.

    The infamous George Zimmerman case would never have happened if Zimmerman had not been carrying a gun that night. Zimmerman was much smaller than the street thug that he confronted. The 911 operator told Zimmerman to remain in his car until the police arrived but Zimmerman chose to confront a man twice his size that he would never have attempted to do if he had been unarmed. The result was a confrontation that ended in a shooting and a needless death. After all just peering into some ones window did not give Zimmerman the right to execute a person. The racist far white right thought otherwise. The Far White Right who have often lamented the fact that Capitalvania does not have gas chambers to liquidate all minorities have screamed that they should have the right to use minorities as target practice.

    This week in Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable there have been 5 incidents in one week of mad dog white racists and nut cases gunning down people who either pulled into the wrong driveway or simply knocked on a white persons door. Now you know why Europe has outlawed the excuse of self defense to shoot some one.

    Shoot outs in a home invasion are very rare compared to the multitudes of road rage killings and gun fights over parking places or gunning down people for trespassing on ones property.

    • dacian the demented dipshit,

      “In Europe they have pretty much outlawed the excuse of self defense to shoot some one . . . ”

      In “civilized” Europe, the Euroweenies have outlawed self-defense. If that’s your definition of “civilzed”, demented one, you’re an even sicker puppy than I thought you were (and I thought you were pretty damn sick).

      Hey, all TTAGers!!! Let’s take up a collection and buy dacian a one-way ticket to Europe, in exchange for him surrendering his US passport. I mean ONE WAY. I’d throw in to kick it up to business class, if he’d promise to take MajorLiar with him.

      • dacian has admitted in prior remarks that he cannot immigrate. Apparently he’s not suitable to live anywhere but where he was born. Probably has a lot to do with his mental illness.

    • “The infamous George Zimmerman case would never have happened if Zimmerman had not been carrying a gun that night.”

      True dat. He’d be dead and Martin would be in prison for murder.

      The remainder of your comments involving that case was entirely fiction. Read the court transcript, it’s available online. Of course, reading the facts would probably give you the sads.

    • Of the 9400 killings (using a firearm, almost always handguns) per year (not the idiotic claims of 30-50k per year by the totalitarian left), about 1/3 are good guys shipping bad guys to some afterlife (bonus points). About 1/3 are 13% on 13% gang bangers (who cares unless innocents are caught in the crossfire), and 1/3 mostly of 13% thugs on 87% innocents. Most of the 13% thugs are underage for handgun purchase, and obtain them illegally from (usually) other 13% dudes. Hey, Dac, read the book “1984” and you will recognize today’s UK.

  25. @Lamp
    “I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.”

    One can receive wisdom from the Captains of Science Fiction; drivel from writers of science-fantasy.

  26. You want to REALLY reduce gun violence?
    How about focusing on reducing fatherlessness in the black community?

    Oh, you don’t want to touch that rail do you?
    Well then F’off.

    • deepstate,

      Or, and I’m just spitballin’, here, how about when we arrest someone for an actual crime, we f***ing keep them in jail??? Novel idea, I know, but it wouldn’t hurt to try it.

      • I’ve known to many jailbirds 18-45 years old who dont care about being locked up. Getting released is just party time and gives them something to talk about when they are re arrested.
        More successful would be sentences that keep them incarcerated until they are 86 years old.

  27. The people that claim gun owners should get licenses to own one are the same people who will cry “racism” when you mention using ID to vote

  28. THough I amfromthe UK theattitude of Americans towardsfirearmshad long fascinatedme.Inaniother life [seems an awful ongtime agofrom my 84 years now I was a Smallarms Istructor, Musketry Coach and Sgt Armourer inthe Royal Air Force and a member of the UK Army Infantry Reserves so I am more than familiar with firearms and their useage. Since i left the Service I have never had, except for brief foray into .22 Match and Skeet to own or use any kind of firearm.
    If you could accessmy comment ofnthis site you woukld find that I hasve been pointing out that unless the American Gun Owners of America do not soon co-operate in bringing in tighter and entirely reasonable gun controls they will have EVEN MORE RESTRICTIVE than absolutely nessessary controls FORCED upon them.
    There is absolutel NO reason as to why anybody needs anything more than a SINGLE decent 9mm handgun for any legal purpose including for any situation of perceived SELF DEFENCE and eventhat is arguable.Equally there is no reason as to why anybody needs anything more than a X5 shot BOLT ACTION Rifle of a suitable Calibre any legitimate purpose [the TOP TEN Hunting Rifles in America are ALLX5 shot bolt action]. Just childishly WANTINF the killing machine that is a Semi-Auto Rifle is NOT sufficient excuse to be able to own one.and neither is the just ‘wanting’ a High Calibre Handgun which serves no pupose otherthan Dick-Swinging rights on ownership .
    Permission, under far stricter conditions of license than are at present applicable DOES NOT NEGATE the provisons of the SECOND AMENDMENT nor would the enforcement a very tough TRAINING REGIME as a provision of license – if fact as I read it TRAINING and REGULATION are a CONDITION of the 2nd Amendment.
    Now to the UK> In spite of the myth there is NO absolute ban on gun ownership and equally there is NO absolute RIGHT OF OWNERSHIP under the UK system of COMMON LAW though it is true some types of firearms are banned to the General Public. In the UK it is a matter of NEED and conditions of licensing [which are available on-line and too compex to discuss here or simply drop a line to any CHIEF CONSTABLE even from the USA!!] In the UK gun ownership has no POLITICAL implications and the public have over whelmingly been. We most certainly DO NOT SEE gun ownership as being associated with Personal Freedoms. If polled I rather think the opposite would be the case – supportive of gun control measures.
    By the waythe last GUNMAN apprehended in the UK for killing a child as a result of ‘collateral damage [in that the child was NOT the intended targt] has been convicted onmURDERR and recieved 44 years without parole. Not only that the CRIMINAL underworld with which he has been asscociatecd has put a £250k price on his head for ”stirring” the waterswhich resulted in many arrests. .

    • Albert L J Hall, Seems you are way out of touch with reality. I suggest you read the US Constitution, specifically the 2nd Amendment, the Federalist Papers #26 through 29, the AntiFederalist Papers, the Heller, McDonald and Bruen decisions of the US Supreme Court. It is clear that you are way out of touch with the reality of America.

      • Albert needs to read “1984” and “Animal Farm” and look around him with open eyes and ears. Very prophetic novel. Probably banned in the UK since 1990 or so.

        “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” Voltaire

    • Sorry Prince Albert, I have worked with folks from the UK and Australia, and they relate that your attitude is solely in the culture of the big city folks. No one else. The same people who are being attacked with knives by the flood of African illegals.

      I have little regard for the typical UK media attitude on guns. Look at all the utterly incompetent military leadership in the 1800s and 1900s and the uncaring waste of troops (disposable lower class people) in Africa (Zulu and Boer wars), WWI (massive losses in the Somme, Gallipoli), and many WWII operations (especially the incompetent Montgomery and Market Garden). I think this “upper class” disdain towards the people (especially the Irish) is obvious in their anti-gun stance. Ditto for here with the far left fascist Dems.

  29. “Permission, under far stricter conditions of license than are at present applicable DOES NOT NEGATE the provisons of the SECOND AMENDMENT nor would the enforcement a very tough TRAINING REGIME as a provision of license – if fact as I read it TRAINING and REGULATION are a CONDITION of the 2nd Amendment.”

    You can read it any way that you want, but that doesn’t change the Second Amendment.

    There are no conditions on firearm ownership proscribed in the amendment.

    Stricter licensing is in opposition to the 2A.

    Training and regulation are NOT conditions imposed by the Second. (Define the phrase “well-regulated” as it was in common use in the late 1700s — it came from you English.)

    Your reading comprehension is sub-par, Al. Your opinions on the US Constitution are uneducated, non-factual, and inconsequential. You really shouldn’t comment on subjects in which you have little knowledge — it just makes you look the fool that we all know you are.

  30. When citizens are required to pass tests to buy/own/employ firearms……enjoy constitutionally ensured rights, freedoms, liberties, it is beyond time to Liberally apply those firearms. Just you keep pokin’ the bear.

  31. Albert Hall…I’m sorry that your keyboard seems to have a defective space bar; but I digress. I want to know who is in charge of determining what my NEEDS Are? What if the individual or government bureaucracy assigned to my case decides that I don’t need a bowl of ice cream for desert or I don’t need to drive that particular brand of car? Too bad for me? What if I don’t accept that the individual or bureaucrat is qualified to determine my needs? What should I have to do to have my needs approved?

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