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For what it’s worth, I have a shotgun with two triggers. But me thinks your average liberal beats that rookie number by a lot!


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  1. that lady in the pic …. she’s the one I’d want to offer a free AR-15 key chain at that moment.

  2. I guess if I were making an AR drop in trigger I’d call it the Micro Aggressor. Maybe a let off of under an ounce, probably a non-binary one at that.

  3. Now they are going crazy over the assholes shooting people on their property. Media shows 3 stories back after back. It’s so funny how that’s all they have to do. Focus on one small thing, one small incident, and these idiots ignore the number 3-4 times greater for self defense use every time. I had a discussion with someone about gun crime and DGU’s… and all they could conjure up was “so by your logic, you are responsible right up until you are not”

    Uh… yea… that’s how it works. But by their logic, every gun owner was guilty? I dunno, I never got clarification. It was a disaster of the most uneducated discussion I have ever had.

    • They pretend like the exception to the rule is the rule. Constant propaganda might make it seem like it is the rule if you don’t bother to inform yourself.

      • Makes recruiting for my eventual replacement a fun exercise in futility. Most of anyone with critical thinking and is under 30 moved out of the state for Florida or the Carolinas. What is left over passed a test that has been dumbed down each time it has been given to the point where the best options I get are baristas and sandwich makers with masters in international relations, english, and various “studies”. Yet to have one that can work a basic spreadsheet formula let alone anything as advanced as a pivot table. Wouldn’t be as bad if they were trainable but the pride really does seem to make learning the job beneath them. Up end I have great job security.

        • Are you saying my degrees for underwater basket weaving and inverted cake decorating are of no use? I worked so hard to perfect those skills dammit!

        • We do have the Hudson down the street and depending on how inverted a cake we are talking you may have just become the most qualified applicant if you are willing to work and learn……….. it would be depressing if it wasn’t so amusing.

  4. OOH!! I know this one!!

    A gun is sometimes useful and effective; no liberal ever is.

    What do I win????

    • “A gun is sometimes useful and effective; no liberal ever is.

      What do I win????”

      Everything. 🙂

      and –

      Nothing… 🙁

  5. A classic Triggering moment.
    Woman screams as Donald Trump is sworn in as President – YouTube

  6. 4 times this week a guy with a gun employed the “Private Property: Trespassers Will Be Shot on Sight” strategy.

    What kind of response did that trigger from TTAG? Nothing. When you can’t defend gun owners exercising the Stand Your Ground mindset, you just ignore it.

    That’s The Truth About Guns.

    • It’s almost like the media chose to focus on that and not the hundreds of thousands more events where a gun is used in a justifiable self defense manor and saves someone’s life. Almost… Almost like they do it every so often to push their agenda. Almost like they include 19 year olds in their “children” stats, and also DGU’s in their “gun crime” stats, or Gang shootings with 2 people involved as “mass shootings”…

      Why are you here again? Oh yea… “focus”.

    • @ 4 Times in 1 Week AKA Agent6 AKA Miner49er

      there ya go with I FEELZ.

      if those 4 legally possessed a gun at the time….thats ~0.0000033333% of legally possessing gun owners. but if not all or some possessed a gun legally that makes those just another garden variety criminal.

      but just to use one aspect as an example: in the mean time on the day of those 4 incidents, nationwide there were ~1,400 criminal attacks with knives upon victims and over 97% of the victims were not armed with a firearm and were seriously injurered and some killed (~111 killed immediately or died later from the wounds). But not all those victims were without a firearm and over 94% of those that could employ DGU escaped harm. These crimes were comitted by 8.2% of the criminal population.

      Where was your I FEELZ faked outrage for those criminal knife attack victims? Maybe its because there isn’t a Truth About Knives blog for you to troll.

      So you see, there was no reason to regurgitate your I FEELZ fake outrage inducing stories here…because its obvious even in your context The Truth About Guns is that being armed offers the best chance of survival when that threat arrives to inflict its violence, and random violence outliers happen sometimes and its not ‘gun violence’ as there is no such thing but rather its people violence … and on the days of your 4 incidents there were ~ 120 million law abiding gun owners who did not do your 4 incidents.

      • @ 4 Times in 1 Week AKA Agent6 AKA Miner49er

        I can’t get over the stupid you display in everything you write here in your trolling. Like dacian you express a faked outrage, writing tons of words trying to point fingers, to sidetrack and disrupt discussion.

        For example, where is your faked outrage for the very quietly ignored by law enforcement and MSM and the anti-gun idiots and the president and politicians for the hundreds of women in forced human trafficking prostitution brutally seriously injured and slain daily across the U.S.? Their deaths don’t even appear in stats for murders because no one ever becomes a ‘suspect’ and arrested for it because its ignored. Not only in the U.S. but around the world, for example, ~40 forced human trafficking prostitutes are murdered across the U.K. daily, ~300 daily across Europe, ~30 daily in Japan,the countries supposedly, we are told by dacian, that are ‘civilized countries’ because they have a gun ban and they are not counted in murder stats.

        So you go ahead and point your trolling finger at those 4 or any of the ones you want. In the end the truth about guns is not what you and your anti-gun freaks want to make it out to be, no where near what you try to amplify it to be, you and dacian and all the rest of your false and disingenuous faked outrage and your stupid do nothing but confirm the resolve of those law abiding who have guns or will buy them that the world is a dangerous place and they see it for what it really is and that they have guns for protection against the very violence your own words (e.g. yours and anti-gun) tell them exists. That very violence, in some aspects, you and your anti-gun freaks create and facilitate by your stupid and ignorance and ‘glamorizing’ it to those mentally ill so inclined to show them that they too can have the very infamy and notoriety and attention and outlet they crave.

    • “4 times this week a guy with a gun employed the “Private Property: Trespassers Will Be Shot on Sight” strategy.”

      What a shame you weren’t one of the 4.

      And, That’s The Truth About gutless TTAG Trolls… 🙂

      • I just saw the funniest thing… one of my neighbors occasionally forgets her dog outside in a small fenced area of the yard. After awhile, the little rat-on-a-rope gets bored and starts incessantly yapping while running back and forth along the fence. So I let my dog out, and he immediately went over and pissed on the other dog’s head, shutting it up for awhile. Unfortunately, something else must have set it off and AGAIN it starts barking incessantly.
        Thankfully, after what seemed an eternity, the neighbor opens up the door and yells to the dog ” MINER SHUT UP AND GET IN HERE !”

    • They weren’t standing their ground. They were being stupid. Let our judicial system work it out. In the meantime keep your fucking hands off of my firearms.

  7. Can we even call them “Liberal” anymore? They want to have a say in every form of human interaction and every activity they engage in revolves around gather power to their side. So really they’re more authoritarian than anything

    • People get upset and defensive and split hairs on definitions if you name them by their behavior.

    • Today’s “liberals” are not liberals of tradition.
      They admit to being “progressives” ie they are today’s democrats (communist party USA). Their goals are to destroy America and they are winning thanks to RINOS in congress helping them.

      Be Prepared !!!

    • Those claiming to be libs today are fascists. Billionaire corporations pull their strings.

      Communism dies decades ago. China and Russia are fascist tyrannies now. Again, run by the wealthy.

  8. Don’t let them know that there are guns with more than one trigger, they would think that means its double deadly!

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