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This will be TTAG’s second NRA convention. Last year, our man Kozak handled it all by his lonesome. This year, we’re carpet bombing. Strafing? Sniping? Something. We’ve got four teams blogging from Friday to Sunday. Benjamin T. Shotzberger will be scouring the convention floor for pistol-related products and news, arranging testing and evaluation (T&E) models, and trying to find an official ammo supplier for The Truth About Guns. Nicholas Leghorn (a.k.a. Foghorn) will be reporting on the long gun action, arranging T&E demos and trying to find an official ammo supplier for The Truth About Guns. Brad Kozak and I will be tackling politicsĀ and trying to find an official ammo supplier for The Truth About Guns. Please check the site regularly, there will be a LOT of material. Meanwhile, a quick word about TTAG’s blogging philosophy . . .

I called this site The Truth About Guns because I knew it would force us to tell the truth about guns. It’s a promise to you, our Armed Intelligentsia, that we will never abandon. Our core principles:

– No punches pulled. If something sucks, be it the NRA or a firearm or a training device, we will tell it like it is. Period.

– We’re open to the possibility that we’ve got it wrong. When we make a mistake, we will correct the text immediately and note our blunder. Except for spelling mistakes, typos and grammatical errors, which we will correct immediately and pretend never happened.

– We never edit comments for content. We will only delete or amend comments that are personally insulting (i.e. flaming) to the website, its authors or members of our Armed Intelligentsia.

– We make room for opposing opinions, both in the comments section and in the main body of the site.

As you will see, TTAG’s NRA coverage will reflect our ongoing truth-telling commitment. More than that, our writing quality will remain high. As always, TTAG will be fast, fresh and funky.

That’s what’s brought us to 200k+ uniques per month. That’s what will take us to 300k, and beyond; one reader at a time. Meanwhile, hats off to our contributors for all their hard work and thank you for supporting our efforts with your valuable time.

RF ([email protected])

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  1. I haven’t missed a single day here since I met you at AFS on Dec. 11, so keep up the great work and you will continue to grow.

  2. I thought Lucky Gunner was your official ammo supplier. Though I would certainly not be morally opposed to you getting more than one. I might get jealous though.


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