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We’re almost four full days into the official holiday shopping season (it’s really been heating up for longer than that, though) and it’s off to a roaring start. The FBI reports that Black Friday was their second busiest background check in history and I can confirm healthy shopping activity here on the ground.

Here are three guns that are in particularly high demand in my shop. Probably to no one’s surprise, they’re all 9mm handguns. And the list starts with . . .

Springfield Hellcat Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol

Springfield Hellcat
Dan Z. for TTAG

The first item that I have not been able to keep on the shelf is the new Springfield Hellcat micro-compact 9mm The standard Hellcat and the OSP optics-ready version are appealing to those who like the HS2000/Springfield XD lineup of pistols and the OSP version makes mounting a micro red dot a quick and easy option.

Read TTAG’s review of the Hellcat here

The traditional method of buying a gun and then spending 50% of the cost to modify it to your tastes is starting to flex. Manufacturers are getting it and they’re producing guns that they know the consumers are going to outfit the way they want it.

Springfield Hellcat 9mm micro-compact pistol
Dan Z. for TTAG

The Hellcats have been hella hot sellers. They don’t even hit the counter before they’re out the door.


Courtesy SIG SAUER

Next on the hot list is the latest version of the uber-popular SIG P365, the new SAS.

The SAS is an interesting product. At first I questioned the virtue of having a ported pistol without a front sight, but SIG did quite a job with the unique design of the gun.

Courtesy SIG SAUER

With the integrated front/rear sight that’s sunk into the slide, the look of the SAS (SIG Anti-Snag) sights reminds me of back in the old days when we had to bubble balance tires.

The idea is that the P365 SAS gives you the smoothest possible draw in a concealed carry pistol and the concept has certainly caught on with customers who have looked at one.

GLOCK 19 Gen5

GLOCK 19 G19 Gen5
Jeremy S. for TTAG

What would a best-selling firearm list look like without the ever-present GLOCK 19? The Gen 5 model is the newest, latest and greatest from GLOCK and it’s still the first choice of a LOT 9mm pistol buyers.

I’m seeing GLOCK ship the G19 Gen5 in a wide range of configurations. The Gen5 Pro models are interesting. They’re being produced in both MOS and non-MOS, so there’s an option for those who are optically minded. There are front slide serrations and non-serrated for those who like to press check. There’s a version with night sights and others with standard U-notch sights.

Read TTAG’s Review of the G19 Gen5 here

I’m also seeing some of the GLOCK Gen 5’s ship with the U shaped cut in the front strap for quick magazine extraction and some aren’t.

GLOCK 19 G19 Gen5
Jeremy S. for TTAG

They’re both Gen5 guns with Gen5 parts commonality, but the frames are cut differently for some reason.

I haven’t been able to determine why this is, but consumers now have a choice if they want their GLOCK 19 to have a cut like their 17’s or traditionally left whole as on the Gen3 and Gen4 G19’s.

That’s what’s really selling in my area. What’s moving in your part of the country that gun retailers can’t seem to keep in stock?

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    • If you shop’s top seller is a springfield, then you need a new shop.

      My sources show that the top three selling pistols are Glock, Glock, and Glock. The rest of the models only appear on the list when all different Glocks are lumped into one group. In fact, Glock takes the first eight places.

      • Glocks are the most over-rated firearm out there.

        Overpriced, over $500 for a $350 dollar pistol.

        Unnatural grip angle.

        Horrible plastic sights.

        Terrible triggers.

        Unsupported barrels.

        Needs a stippling job out of the box.


        No real improvements or innovations in decades. 19X is innovative?

        Needs another $500 in after-market parts to bring it up to date.

        And has been surpassed by a number of other manufacturers. Excellent example the Hellcat and the 365 above.

        There are sidearms that are G2G right out of the box. Glock will not spend the money to update, what the fanbois will buy simply because of the name.

        • Sounds like you’re a customer for other makes and models. Good for you.

          Me? I’m a Glock and 1911 kind of guy. So are others here. But you don’t hear us bashing on your choice of gat.

          Don’t be a noob.

        • LOL. Glock haters everywhere. I could buy any pistol I want for CCW and still use my factory stock Gen 2 Glock 19. I have a Walther PPQ and HK VP9 but choose to CCW my Glock 19 over both. Tried Beretta APX, CZ P10C, and M&P Compact 2.0 and I prefer and shoot my Glock 19 better than all of those. Good news is there are a lot of choices these days but I think some of the supposed “improvements” over Glock are way overblown. I find the trigger on my Glock 19 perfect as it is for CCW purposes and can shoot very well with it out to 75 feet no problem. Never had a desire to modify my Glock 19 either.

        • IIRC, my G19 was around $400 and a generation old when I bought it. Police used models can be had for cheaper. Glocks are for people who just want a basic, relatively accurate, no frillz pistol that simply fires when the trigger gets a squeeze.

          You can pimp it out however you like after the fact. If you want a better barrel and trigger, go for it.

        • Says you. The market doesn’t lie. Glock has been a top seller for decades. Some like Ford/Chevy/Mopar, some don’t. Great thing about America; we have many choices. Buy what you like and I will too.

        • I have no horse in this race. I have most all types of firearms. But this little video says it all about Glocks. Absolutely genius… about building down to the lowest possible price. The video will show exactly why and how.
          The glock teardown starts about half way in. Don’t miss the part about Glock shipping them ‘lubed’ with lapping compound. Yes, there’s a reason. Bear in mind this guy is no gunsmith. He’s a Canadian hydraulics guy. He just likes to take machines apart and show the weak links inside… of whatever the item is. Mostly power tools.

        • Unnatural grip angle? The grip angle is actually better because it drives the recoil into your forearm, not your wrist like the terrible 1911 grip angle.

        • RJ161:
          You are aware that all humans, including their wrists, are built differently, aren’t you? Thus there is no “natural” nor “unnatural” (obviously excluding truly unnatural weapons, like covenant weapons in HALO for example), grip angles. Only natural FOR THAT ONE person. What might feel natural to you might feel unnatural to me, and so on.
          This is why we gunsmiths need access to your personal measurements to make a truly custom stock for you. Or, as is the practice today, making stocks very adjustable so that each one can get a semi-custom fit just by adjusting or replacing pieces themselves.
          It should go without saying that a truly custom stock is to the fraction of an inch, thus much more personalizable than any of the semi “customizable” stocks can ever be. It is much the same as no rental tuxedo (which are size adjustable) can ever afford one the truly personal fit and comfort that a tailor made suit can.

        • And the real lunatic fringe will line up outside the Apple Store for days to be among the first to buy.

  1. Really interested in that sight system on the 365. Just don’t care for the 365 much, so looking forward to other platforms adopting it. If I remember right, another company makes this. Seems I’ve seen this before.

    • It’s a Meprolight product. I have one on a S&W SD9VE. I finally bought one to see if it would help my dad, who recently bought the same pistol but has trouble seeing the front sight. He hasn’t tried it yet, but I’ve shot about 300 rounds with it so far. I like it, but I don’t shoot it quite as well as traditional sights. I got mine through Optics Planet, who seem to consistently have the best price on them.

    • It’s just the latest evolution of good old fashioned trench sights. Good for self-defense and close-in work, but hardly the best sighting system out there.

    • The sights are impressive to look at and that front sight glows brighter than the high beams on a semi coming at you on Card Sound Road in Florida on a night with a new moon. My negative impression, granted I have not done any training with it i just tried it out, is that if your instinctive aim is even slightly off, reacquiring the sight can take some time vs the other P365 sights. To SIG’s defense the sights are more intended for situations where one would not even be using any sights any but wanted to avoid the Glock fanboy ridicule if the P365SAS had come out with no sights. I’m sure with a little training this could become a nonissue.

      • A shooting buddy took delivery of his SAS two weeks ago. After firing a few magazines of ball and HST, I can say that with my progressive lenses and astigmatism this sight did not work for me. He loved it. YMMV.

        As a side note: at 7 yards it was grouping about 4″ left for both of us.

    • Yep. I have some in different configurations, but all Gen3. I had a Gen4 once and liked it, but not enough to give up my Gen3s. Have no desire for a Gen5.

    • Aye, G19 works great as a farm gun since its a no-frillz, low cost, tool-gun and hits what you aim it at. I have even taken a few deer with it since my deer are quite tame and will let you get within 15-25 yards of them. Can even yell at them, flail your arms in the air, etc, and they won’t run.

    • Palmetto State Armory just sent me a STANDARD Gen3 G19 that was supposed to be a TALO Special Edition GEN3 G19 w/ Night Sights (Ameriglo) and TWO spare mags.

      Refused it at my FFL and he is sending it back.

      Deceptive trade practices at PSA.

      • Or their shipping department just plain fouled up, as sometimes happens with anyplace.

        The question is really, how will PSA respond? You did contact them and gave them a chance to make it right, right?

        • Especially this time of the year. I avoid online purchasing from the last week of November to mid January.

          It’s called the Christmas Crush for a reason.

      • D̶e̶c̶e̶p̶t̶i̶v̶e̶ typical trade practices at PSA.
        At least you didn’t have your personal info and credit card stolen…yet.

      • I consider PSA to be the walmart of the gun culture, thanks for the review. I might not spend much money on guns, but what I do will go somewhere else.

      • I’ve had nothing but excellent customer service from PSA. I once bought an AR upper assembly that wouldn’t cycle. They paid for the return shipping, the gas assist tube replacement, and subsequent shipping back to me. I’ll stick with them.

        Thixo…source of all wisdom and gun culture knowledge.


        • I too have had nothing but good dealings with PSA. Couple handguns and several ARs. Also ammo. Hard to beat their AR products for the monry.

        • I’ve make several purchases with PSA and have had 0 problems. Just good prices and quick response.

  2. None of those guns are safe guns to handle or carry. Few people understand how they work, how the trigger safety is a joke and how the gun will go off with an accidental snag of the trigger because the gun technically has no safety at all rather its like walking around with a revolver with the hammer cocked back but since people cannot see the danger because they are striker fired and not hammer fired they believe there is no danger. If any of the above guns had hammers no one would dare even carry one with a round in the chamber. It shows how little the average gun owner knows about how these guns actually work even though they are not that complicated to understand yet people often attempt to carry them without a holster often with disastrous results.

    I personally would never carry any of them unless a manual safety model was available or the gun had a custom manual safety installed which is possible on the Glock. The advantage of the custom Glock manual safety is that it can be left in the “on” position even when you are loading or unloading the gun which is a great safety enhancement but the unsafe take down procedure is another worry when owning a Glock. Nothing can be done about that. You take your chances that you will never forget to check the chamber before pulling the trigger during the take down procedure. Good luck with that but most arrogant Glock owners with a straight look on their faces will tell you they never made mistake in their life and are totally incapable of ever making a mistake. Famous last words that prove the Darwin Theory over and over again.

    • Literally hundreds of thousand if not millions of people carry them everyday, I think you may have an exaggerated opinion of the dangers.

      Also, how many of these accounts have you made? When you say the same thing almost verbatim everytime it’s pretty obvious you’re the same person, no matter what handle you go by.

    • A lot of us know this already. Some folks will learn, too, but they’ll buy what they please.
      My first semi-auto pistol was a Glock 19 bought back in 1993. Decided to trade it in for a SIG P239 DA/SA w/decocker and have had it for over 20 years now. Wouldn’t trade it for anything – except maybe a brand new SIG P225A1, which is practically the same durned gun, anyhoo.

      • Been carrying the P225 since it was reintroduced as the P225A1.

        i have about 7,000 rounds through it without a single malfunction (that wasn’t on purpose in training).

        I can operate it single-handed with my weak or strong hand.

        It seems to me that a typical striker-fired pistol is about as safe as a cocked P225. The trigger pull is about the same.

    • Incorrect. While I’m personally not a striker fire fan, the guns are not “unsafe”. They are carried by nearly every LE and military in the world now every single day with very few negligent discharges. Your assertions are liberal garbage.

      • No worries, Merle. This is probably just ‘ol Vladster back from Thanksgiving vacation. Spouting nonsense and not worth the time.

      • Yes Mr. Know it all that is why many police departments dropped the Glock. Now lie your way out of that one Genius.

        And I might add New York Police had so many accidental discharges they demanded Glock put a much heavier trigger pull on the guns sold to them.

        • Here’s an even better solution for the NYPD than a 12 pound trigger…

          Next on the NYC Democrat wishlist…Having to unlock your trigger with your handcuff key prior to firing a round. Trust me – it’s safer. Far fewer criminals, bystanders and PC Detectives will be shot.

          Arn’t ‘cha happy, I gave you a new drum to beat.

    • You personally would never carry any of them…with or without a manual safety. You’re naught but a hoplophobic shyte-stirring basement-dwelling oxygen thief.

    • Amen. That “This is my safety” BS has killed thousands, and will continue to. We have neutral start safeties on our cars, screen locks on our phones, safeties on our power tools, safeties on our blenders. Everywhere in our mechanized world we have a safety of some kind if there is even the slightest chance of something bad happening when we push a button….yet glock, and then others has somehow sold us on the idea that the most dangerous device most of us will ever hold, doesn’t need one. Nuts. There are only two kinds of gun owners. Those who have had an AD, and those who are going to have an AD.

      • “There are only two kinds of gun owners. Those who have had an AD, and those who are going to have an AD.”

        So… safety’s don’t matter then and this entire argument is bullshit since everyone’s gonna have an ND eventually.

        • I’ve been shooting regularly for over a quarter century, and have yet to experience an ND. Not everyone fumbles with their gunz.

          Of course, now that I’ve said that, I’ll probably blow a hole through my shoe next time at the range…

      • Chainsaws, cars, ladders, lawn tractors, etc, are all fine and well but I prefer that my goto-lifesaver be ready at all times and be able to be operated by the gun-ignorant in case I’m the first to go down. It doesn’t take any extra time to flip off a safety if you train with it but not having one is one less thing that can go wrong. Although its arguable that self-inducing an acute case of glock leg is also something that can go wrong, I suppose its ultimately user preference.

    • Wow. You must be an expert on firearms. But I’ll bet you can’t produce enough evidence to back up your opinions. As many glocks have been produced and used world wide by militaries, law enforcement and civilians, if this were true they would have been taken of market or changed by lawsuits. And those companies that follow thru and use these trigger safeties due so becouse they are proven safe. Glock has three safeties built in and set the bar decades ago with gen ones. Period. But as opions go you tried.

    • These pistols and most modern striker fired pistols are DAO just like many hammer fired modern designs, eg., Beretta 92 series and M9 series, SIG hammer fired P22x series, etc, and just like any DA revolver in DA mode. The striker in these pistols is not fully cocked until the trigger pulled to the point just before it fires. That is why no modern striker fired pistol trigger can match that on a well adjusted 1911 (SAO) or DA/SA hammer fired pistol. It may take a little more force in some revolvers, but if you manage to snag the trigger of any revolver (except those rare odd ball ones with a manual safety) it WILL fire also.

    • Your first sentence is an opinion, and a crazy one. Then you back it up with false claims or made up stories. You must be a crazy liberal, I don’t see any other explanation.
      There are rules when it comes to firearms, it applies to any and all firearms. If you use your brain and follow the rules, you’ll be fine. If you can’t, then don’t bother, nobody is forcing you to buy and/or handle guns. Thanks for the minute of propaganda and b.s, very entertaining.

    • My G19 always gets taken down facing the back wall of my bedroom. Not only is it well above head height, but theres nothing on the other side of it but thick forest. EVEN IF I some how managed to be completely oblivious to the round in the chamber that I checked multiple times and fingered to verify, it would do nothing but put a hole in the wall. Three or four years now, still no bullet holes in my wall.

  3. The reason there is a notch cut out is so you can pry the mag out when it gets stuck. The reason some don’t have it is glock can say they don’t get stuck.
    Glock=the sound of farmers fertilizer hitting barn wall flying out of a shit spreader.

    • “The reason there is a notch cut out is so you can pry the mag out when it gets stuck. The reason some don’t have it is glock can say they don’t get stuck.”

      Not the primary reason.

      Google “Glock” and “Drop-free magazine”.

      When you have done this, Grasshopper, you will have learned.

      {The sound of a large Asian gong…} 😉

      • Hey Kung Fooey,

        Using google and then pretending to dole out ancient wisdom?

        How about you look up how evil and anti-American that organization has become.

        Maybe then…Grasshopper…When you have done this. YOU will have learned.

        • A word to those who think that they are wise, like you, Grasshopper’ :

          Confucius say, “The mouth that is closed, collects no foot”.

          And : “It is far better if people think you are a fool, than to open your mouth and leave no doubt”.

          {And, another sound of a large Asian Gong…} 😉

      • Congrats Chop Suey,

        You figured out why your post got ripped on, people only thought you were a fool with monikers like “Teaching grasshoppers since 1972” (Who says that?!) and ripping-off long defunct 1970’s TV shows.

        But then you had to open your mouth and begin quoting Fortune Cookies and banging on “Asian” Gongs.

        And…well…you left no doubt.

        Perhaps a Chinese Finger Trap is more your speed.

  4. The cut in the glock gen 5 hand grip is the possible need to use a thumb, finger or corner of an object to remove the mag if for some reason it’s stuck or doesnt drop free in a bad moment use.
    I also read the coments ahead of mine and saw a persons claim that the glock isn’t safe do to the trigger saftey. With as many glocks in service around the world, I would really see the statistics that show it unsafe do to negligible discharges from trigger snags. If it was the case these handgun triggers would have been forcibly changed by the so many militaries, law enforcement agencies and civilians being shot accidently. It just doesn’t happen. Glock has three built in safeties and the other firearms companies that have followed them and used glocks ideas know this. Period.

    • The statistics are easy to find. They are pretty scary. AD’s when up 100s% of percentage points when police departments switched away from berettas to glocks.

      • OK, a couple things here.

        You keep saying AD. No, it’s not an accident. An accident is something that couldn’t have been reasonably/rationally avoided. Pulling the trigger on a gun when you don’t mean to do so could have been avoided via trigger discipline and checking to make sure the trigger guard was clear of foreign objects so it’s not an accident when this kind of thing happens. It’s negligence.

        When it comes to cops, maybe cops are just trained poorly? I mean pretty much everyone seems to think that in one regard or another cops screw up regularly. If that’s the case then it would seem they’ve got some training issues. Maybe this is one of them?

        Further, with safeties in general, back in the day (like 20 years ago) all the old timers would tell you that a manual safety was not to be trusted or relied upon because it can malfunction or break. Makes sense since pretty much all mechanical devices eventually fail. The argument was that if you’ve come to rely on said safety then you’ve probably developed some unsafe habits which means that if the safety does break you’re asking for problems with your behavior. But if the safety breaks and your behavior is safe then there’s not much to worry about. Long story short: Safe operation, that is keeping your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire, is up to you as the end user. This was the gold standard of safety training. In fact 4-H used, and IIRC still does use, this in their training.

        Today people claim that the lack of a manual safety is some terrible thing… yet you were never supposed to trust the thing anyway… and an ND pretty much by definition means you pulled the trigger. So, why are you dicking with the trigger and hoping the safety will save you from disaster?

        Then there’s the reason these guns actually exist in the first place which is that they’re meant as a defensive weapon. People miss the safety switch or forget it in high stress situations when they have a manual safety on the gun. That’s very clearly a training issue but it does happen. The answer is to get rid of the manual safety BUT that brings up another pair of training issues which are arguably more important: trigger and muzzle discipline.

        The issue there though is that trigger and muzzle discipline should have been trained on before one ever got to training on making sure to take the gun off safe to fire in a defensive situation, walking before running and all that.

        So it seems to me that the issue isn’t so much with the hardware as with the users. One way or another there’s a training issue and, in fact, a series of them.

        • Jellyfish are quite real too. Look ’em up if you like.

          The fact that they’re called “jellyfish” doesn’t make them actual fish.

        • strych9’s correct on this one. It’s referred to as a “Negligent Discharge”.

          I’ve built and/or owned multiple Glocks of varying models and sizes. Never had a single ND in my life with them. Ever.

    • Because our Dear Leaders in Sacramento have been telling us for 15+ years that any guns not on their “safe” roster aren’t safe for us. And no Glocks are safe for us anymore.

      Unless you’re a cop. Then it’s safe when you hold it, I guess, because cops are wizards with special powers.

      Or unless you live in any of the other states across the country. I guess they’re safe in the hands of the other 85% of Americans. Just not Californians. Because evil magic.

    • I wish the author said where he sells. It makes a difference to readers. Even your comments from different states makes a difference. I appreciate that some of you give a hint at your location. Different laws/attitudes for different states.

  5. It makes me sad to see how quickly gun owners forgive the anti gun actions of companies in the firearms community. The hellcat is an awesome design but I won’t even watch reviews of it because Springfield can not be let off the hook yet.

    Yes I know many gun companies have had anti gun pasts. But I won’t fault Ruger for what the now deceased Bill Fudd Ruger did.

    • “It makes me sad to see how quickly gun owners forgive the anti gun actions of companies in the firearms community.”

      Really? That makes you sad? Kung Fu Panda above and likely more than half the POTG on here use google. Google who has be caught by a Project Veritas sting revealing the search giant’s anti-conservative bias. Who said they are going all in against Trump. Who is developing software for mass surveillance for the Chinese, while refusing to aid the U.S. Military. And only that’s only scratching google’s surface.

      So yeah, if Springfield gets a pass I’m not worried. Let’s instead look at the Big Picture.

      • It can be fun to screw with Google though and if enough people did it the company’s algorithms would be screwed.

        What did that strych9 guy search for today? Rubber gloves, watch batteries, beanie babies, KY, duct tape, hot sauce, tent stakes, air dusters, black out curtains, vacuum cleaner suction ratings a pool noodle and… a life sized cutout of Richard Simmons…


  6. Bought a Hellcat won’t carry it The trigger saftey snags on the frame when finger approach angle isn’t just right. Especially during a fast draw.

  7. Legit question; what’s the difference between the Glock gen 5 and previous generations? It just seems that the company tweaks one small aspect then demand $550 for them ala Apple and the iPhone

    • Surprisingly, quite a bit when you look at the parts compatibility, but really it’s the trigger and lack of finger grooves. I have a Gen 4 G19 with a Johnny Glock target trigger (light rolling break), and a Gen 5 G19 with a Johnny Glock combat trigger (crisp “glass rod” break). I don’t shoot either any better than the other; however, if I was stuck with the stock trigger (per department policy, CCW legal fears, etc.), I’d take the Gen 5 any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    • Marksman Barrel Design
      Upgraded Sights
      Upgraded Finish
      Bevelled and Flared Magazine Well
      Updated Magazines (extended floor plate and orange followers)
      Lack of finger grooves
      Rounded front end of slide
      Ambidextrous Slide Stop and Magazine Release
      Transition back to two pin system
      Dual captive recoil spring

  8. That frame cut on the gen5 is a deal breaker for me: I have a short pinky and it just dangles inside that cutout. I’d jam a mag into my last knuckled part of the pinkie.

    Good to see they are making non notched guns.

  9. The Gen5 Glock 19 has the notch. There were complaints about it interfering with grip, so when the Gen5 G19 MOS was released, it didn’t have a notch and had a bit more flared mag well.

    • And the new iteration of the Gen5 guns (the FS models with front serrations) also forego the frame cutout.

      A pity because I actually like it.

  10. My LGS tells me that the money/gunny people are buying P365s, Hellcats, and Glock 43/43X.

    But the biggest overall sellers are Sccy 9s, Taurus G2C, and Taurus 38 snubs. Sccy being the top.

  11. My last purchase was the Hellcat. I love the gun, but the caliber not so much. I almost bought a Sig 365 SAS but when testing it, I found the sights impossible to see in low light. Bright light great. Full dark great. Just not in light conditions where the gun was likely to be most needed. The sights on the Hellcat are very fast to acquire, almost as fast as the long gone guttersnipes.

    Some of us have many guns already which I’m sure affects what guns are being bought. I have only one shotgun on my buy list – Remington V3 TAC 13 as I have every other shotgun I want. With rifles, the same is true. I thought the same was true for handguns, but, something truly new came along so I had to own one.

    For new or newer shooters I would strongly recommend either the Hellcat or the original Sig 365 as a carry gun if the lighter weight is an issue and if 9mm is your choice of cartridge. I have shot them both extensively and they are both reliable. Both could use aftermarket triggers, but little else needs changing. If lighter weight is less of an issue, and one is willing to train extensively, and the thicker dimensions are not a problem, then something like the Springfield Armory 911, the Sig 938, or the Kimber Aegis Elite Ultra might be just the ticket.

    I do like Glocks and own a 30 and a 36 both of which I used to carry. The 30 is now a vehicle gun and the 36 sits in the safe. They are just too thick and too heavy for me to carry all day long anymore.

  12. @rubyisaconcrossed

    Really? It appears the the NYPD, LAPD, Philly PD, DC Metro PD, Boston PD and a whole host of cities and towns, large and small, are calling BS on your statement.

    Incidentally, Glocks have three safeties built into them. They are about as “drop proof” as a firearm can be. Finger on the trigger…yeah, it probably gonna go off…surprise!

    The bottom line is that Glocks work. Yea, they’re ugly, have crappy factory sights, creepy triggers, and an un-natural grip angle…but, they work!

    Do you get paid by the word, post or by response generated? …or flat rate?
    You certainly are not paid for your overarching knowledge of firearms.

      • Glocks tend to point too high for me…not so with any pistol that approximates the grip angle of a 1911.

        A well-executed Polymer80 gives you the best of both worlds…1911’ish grip angle with the simplicity and reliability of a Glock (and you get to bypass Glock factory sights / triggers / connectors / springs and start with what many people end up changing to).

        I believe that I’ve mentioned in the past that “if it works for you then train with it and carry it”. Imagine how boring this forum would be if there were only one choice of firearm that we were allowed to own.


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