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Thanksgiving Sales and Coupons From Brownells

brownells logo

From complete firearms from all the major manufacturers to gun parts and accessories to ‘smithing tools, Brownells has the shooter covered A to Z. And, beginning right now, there are three discount coupon codes and some special sale prices for the Thanksgiving holiday . . .

Coupon codes:

•  MEC — Free Shipping with no minimum order required
•  MED — $15 off orders of $150 or more plus Free Shipping
•  NAA — 10% off orders of $300 or more plus Free Shipping

Notable sale items

Brownells Complete Upper: $369.99 $249.99 — Brownells makes at least six different complete uppers in various calibers, and most or all are on super sale. With Brownells, complete means complete: these are ready to bolt onto your lower and start shooting with no other components required (well, sights or an optic would be a good addition).

Daniel Defense Mk18 SOCOM Upper: $874.99 $699.99 — with a 10.3″ barrel and a carbine length gas system, this is the real deal Daniel Defense Mk18 goodness. Finishing it out will require a charging handle, bolt carrier group, and maybe a muzzle device of some sort.

Brownells GLOCK Slides: As Low As $159.99 — from a featureless blank slide to RMR-cut and nitrided versions, Brownells has a handful of GLOCK replacement slide options available. These slides are empty internally, so you’ll either need to fill ’em with your factory parts or hit up Brownells GLOCK parts center for all the springs, extractors, strikers, barrels, sights, etc. etc. (many of which are also on sale).

What else is on sale at Brownells? THIS LINK will always take you to all on-sale and/or rebate items.


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