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TANDEMKROSS specializes in hop-up parts for your favorite rimfire. Beginning this Friday, they have three sales going on: $15 off any purchase of $150 or more, free shipping sitewide Friday through Monday, and $5 off all Halo Charging Rings (seen below) all day Friday only. They even have a Christmas ornament!

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  1. I saw nothing on their site that my favorite 22 could actually benefit from. Normally I buy firearms that don’t need, a different barrel,different stock,different reciever, different bolt, different hammer,different magazine,different trigger,and different open sights. Gadgets

  2. Good stuff.

    The slingshot kit & magazine safety removal kit on a Ruger MKIII 22/45 makes a good gun great.

    The Halo ring makes racking the bolt very easy too, especially in the cold, with gloves on.

  3. Awesome, free shipping 🙂 Well maybe not awesome. TK has some nice stuff, well engineered, precision manufactured. I have used them for many upgrades on my .22s (still the most fun guns to shoot per dollar spent). The prices though are high because they are a boutique supplier, way high, 400% margin or more. Seems to be that there should be room for a real sale with their margins, 25% or similar would make be pull the trigger (pun) on something. What amounts to free postage on a small part is a token discount at best and I looked at their site with a token glance. Maybe next year.

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