Military Veterans Holding Flags in Parade
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“Veterans know better than anyone else the price of freedom, for they’ve suffered the scars of war. We can offer them no better tribute than to protect what they have won for us. That is our duty.”

– Ronald Reagan 300x250-v2

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  1. Was Iraq the price for freedom? A war drummed up based on lies.

    How about Afghanistan?

    How about those thousands of civilians killed in both countries?

    When are they remembered?

    • Don’t blame the Vets for following orders. Blame the politicians, administrative state, and the complicit media for drumming up the weapons of mass destruction narrative. Now they’re using the same playbook except it’s Russia/Ukraine/Looking for any reason to impeach, etc. instead of WMD.

      • Yeah, that happens.

        Iraq was a massive mistake and many said so going into it. None of which falls on the head of anyone who served there, that was political policy from the top. The fighting men and women of the USA do not set policy, they implement it.

        Afghanistan was the right place to go and kill loads of evil people who either attacked us or had some hand in it. But some idiots at the top made policy decisions and corrupted what was to be a punitive effort into a political one, as in the building of a new nation. The responsibility for this royal fuck up lands solely upon the political leaders.

    • The military veteran has no responsibility for the errors of political leaders. Their duty is to serve, to implement the policies that come down the chain of command to the very best of their ability. All while facing terrible dangers, all while protecting all of us from those terrible dangers.

      This is honorable and deserving of respect.

      • At least this group can wear uniforms or be identifiable as military. Even if they do get thanked for their service over and over. I do not do that but have been known to quietly pay for obvious military folks meals before.

    • If you knew anything about the Iraq war you’d know that the lie was perpetrated by Saddam himself. Much like Bin Laden, who called America a ‘paper tiger’ after we pulled out of Somalia, Saddam wasn’t afraid of the USA. It was Iran he feared and he thought that if America thought he had WMDs then Iran would believe it too. He thought we might bomb Iraq for a couple days and he’d hide in his bunker and reemerge as strong as ever. He eventually admitted this to his FBI interrogator George Piro. ( ) He never imagined that we’d invade (much like Bin Laden hadn’t bargained on us pursuing him for nearly a decade). And it didn’t help that it was such a believable lie. I distinctly remember that bastion of right wing propaganda Ted Koppel telling me pre-war that ‘of course Saddam has WMDs – we still have the receipts’.

      So yes, it was unfortunate that a lack of communication and cultural understanding led to war and death rather than a group hug. And it’s certainly not unreasonable to question our century old campaign to ‘make the world safe for democracy’. But ignoring what our image is among our enemies is a recipe for disaster (anyone remember Pearl Harbor?). Is looking the other way while a nation that’s famous for it’s ‘death to America’ chants builds atomic weapons a wise choice? Was 9-11 the price for freedom? Or was it the price of projecting an image of weakness? The next 9-11 might be nuclear. You seem to think you know the answers.

      • So much this. A lot of people need to look up what Bin Laden himself had to say about the war. The documents he himself wrote which US forces found during the raid, said that he thought Al Queda was losing the war, I thought the US was winning the Iraq war. Yes *winning* in Iraq. He actually wanted to pull AQ forces out of Iraq because it was such a quagmire and a huge drain on AQ man power and money. The US were killing off all the experienced AQ members at an alarming rate. It can be said that for as big as a F up Iraq was, America still won it and manage to cripple AQ with it.

        • I’ve often wondered if this wasn’t the actual goal, but it did bring the jihadis to Iraq rather than to America. Better to fight them there than here. It also I think opened a lot of moderate Muslim eyes to the brutality of the Islamists and showed them that it was them that were most at risk, not us. By 2007 when we launched the surge even the Sunnis couldn’t wait to get rid of them.

    • “How about Afghanistan?”

      So we just should’ve let 9/11 go, just be all like “nah man it’s cool.”

      You idiot leftists never cease to amaze.

      Thank you to all veterans, especially Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghan vets who’ve had to endure the left wing attacks, leftist revisionist history, and left wing media abuse upon their return home.

  2. Thank you veterens! My son is a vet and has been in harm’s way all over the Middle east. But he believes we should declare victory especially in Afghanistan and leave. Peace out…

  3. Wanna thank a veteran properly? Vote for people who believe in our Constitution. Don’t vote for party affiliation, vote for the man or woman who best upholds our values as Americans who hold the Republic in solemn reverence.

  4. 51 years ago today I was in another shithole that we should have stayed out of. I was just a kid I DIDN’T PLAY POLITICAL DOMINOES.

  5. Lol pathetic boomers Regan was an open border globalists warhawk who hated the troops just as much as his vp and son did lol you are so pathetic with your worship of the globalist and antigunner in chief Regan, who signed the Hughes amendment and who signed amnesty that destoryed cali and az and tax? Lol boomer losers you are so dumb hahahhahahaha

    • Reagan also gave us easy divorce.

      Now we have Obergefell…millions of dead babies…Red Flag Thought Crimes…hunks of plastic declared machine guns…I guess we need to thank a vet for the current state of our society. Clearly they have rooted out the enemies of the Constitution, foreign and domestic. They certainly haven’t been pounding checks and health insurance while allowing the society to crumble–like a mercenary. No, no. They’re volunteers and patriots — in it for the betterment of the nation.

      One cannot be simultaneously “pro-gun” (pro-RKBA) and “pro-military” (pro-standing army) when properly defined:

      Choose this day whom you will serve…

      • Want to thank the person responsible for the current state of our society? Look into the mirror and say thank you. Every adult age man and woman in America shares the blame if our society is bad. All the whiners, looking at you ron, all the gimme free shit, all the non voters, all the slackers and non hackers that let generations of pols get off scott free.

        But it’s easy to blame the vets. After all if you actually wanted to solve the problems you’d have to pull your thumb out of your ass and get to work.

        • Hahaha stupid illiterate boomer hahah I didnt blame troops, you mean those millenials you sent on a more pointless war than Kore.a hahahan you are so stupid and pathetic, also when I look in the mirror I see a six pack fat boomer hahahah.

        • JWM,
          I’m a “whiner” for calling out vets, but I’m somehow not calling out pols (like Trump on his plastic stock ban)? But then you’re going to whitewash the role of vets and their duty to uphold THEIR oath (which, if I’m not mistaken, is similar to the one politicians take when sworn in)?

          That’s a “strong” yet contradictory argument while using an Ad hominem attack. You may benefit from a logic course before engaging internet arguments, or continuing the tremendous work you must be engaged in.

        • Ron. You’re an American citizen. With all the rights and responsibilities. Why haven’t you drug one of those oath breakers out of office?

          Slackers always want to blame others.

  6. Veterans know one thing for sure — the politician’s hand that pats them on the back is holding a knife.

  7. Armed Forces Day (2nd Sat of May) for those who currently wear the uniform.

    Veterans Day (Nov 11th) for those who used to wear the uniform.

    Memorial Day (last Mon of May) for those that never made it out of uniform.

  8. i say the same thing every nov 11:
    we honor them by calling them the greatest generation then we dishonor them BY NOT DOING ANYTHING THE WAY THEY WOULD FUCKING DO IT

  9. Thank the veterans who brought back firearm war trophies in the hundreds of thousands. And curse the government for making many of them illegal decades latter.

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