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“Mary Farmer was standing on her back porch Sunday afternoon when she noticed an unfamiliar truck pull up to her elderly parent’s property,” reports. “After a few moments of watching she noticed two men begin to load up their truck with her father’s possessions.” Ain’t nobody got time for that! Not in East Texas . . .

“After I noticed they started to load up stuff into their truck, that’s when I drove over there and confronted them. That’s when they tried to leave,” said Mrs. Farmer.

As the men attempted to leave the property, Mrs. Farmer pulled a 12-gauge shotgun from her vehicle and held the two men at gunpoint as she called 911.

OK, look. The safest thing to do in that kind of situation is to call 911 and . . . that’s it. Let the police handle things from there.

That’s especially true in “slave states” like New Jersey, where doing anything other than admiring your gun in the privacy of your own home runs the risk of prosecution.

But a Texan’s well within their rights to use lethal force to intervene to prevent a robbery. And while I can’t recommend a home carry handgun enough, if I was going to hold two bad guys at bay, I reckon a shotgun would be an ideal choice.

Would I want to hold two bad guys at bay, ballistically speaking? Uh, maybe? But then maybe I’m not made of the same stuff as Mrs. Farmer. A woman who proceeded to give the brace of bad guys a severe tongue lashing as she waited for the cavalry.

“I’m sure the dispatcher on the other end of the phone enjoyed my lecturing to these two men taking my daddy’s stuff,” Mrs. Farmer said, adding it took about 15 minutes for three sheriff units to arrive. “I had plenty of time to lecture them, and tell them how ashamed they should be. They weren’t young men – they were older, so they knew better.”

Sgt. Coslin, with the Smith County Sheriff’s office, said Mrs. Farmer blocked the men in with her vehicle before pulling the shotgun on them.

Let’s hope the lecture convinced the robbers to seek legal, gainful employment because, surprisingly enough . . .

No charges were pressed against the two suspected robbers during the Sunday afternoon incident. The men attempted to steal an electrical box, a gas can and a cooler.

“If it had been up to me, I would’ve pressed charges, but it is my daddy’s property and he is a Christian man and decided not to press charges,” Mrs. Farmer said. “I’m very protective of my parents – it would be a shame to get killed over a cooler and a gas can.”

A statement that cuts both ways, FWIW.

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  1. Good for her. She kept her cool it what was undoubtedly a highly stressful situation. Maybe those a$$hats will think before they try to rob someone else, unlikely and I personally highly doubt it, but with the owner not pressing charges and no jail time coming to those that deserve it, one can only hope.

  2. “OK, look. The safest thing to do in that kind of situation is to call 911 and . . . that’s it.”

    The lady did right. The writter is a pussy.

  3. Her dad is an idiot and the reason we have criminals who act with impunity. Christian doesn’t mean stupid. I blame The New Testament.

    • Stat first with blaming yourself. Your ignorance is going to get you and others killed someday. The right to self-defense is also in the Bible. In the future please make sure you’re biblically qualified to make such a statement.

    • He’s simply old and mistaken. I’m a Christian and I certainly would have pressed charges. Some folks simply can’t function in a free society. It’s not sinful to expect proper punishment/justice.

      • Christians rarely agree with each other on such matters. Actually, as was demonstrated a few threads back, Christians can’t even agree upon who actually is a Christian. ( eg, APOSTATE !!! ) ?

        • “Christians rarely agree with each other on such matters.”

          That’s been the case since the beginning. One of my favorites is how many Christians thought it was wrong to serve in one of the legions, but others served but refused to participate in atrocities — and then there’s the famous few who refused to sacrifice to the Emperor and ended up winning most of the Legion to Christ because they were so steadfast.

  4. “a Texan’s well within their rights to use lethal force to intervene to prevent a robbery.”

    Except this wasn’t a robbery. It was a burglary.

    A robbery is taking something through force or threat of force.

    As for this woman – She took a risk she didn’t need to take. Glad it worked out ok.

    • Best you stay in commie IL, Curtis. You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Burglary is an aggravated felony just as robbery. She had ever right to do what she did. That’s the way we do things down here and we like it that way and don’t need your marrow-minded interference and/or useless philosophy.

    • Yep. People always get that one wrong for some reason. Depending on the type of force/threat of force in a robbery, all Americans have the right to intervene with deadly force.

    • “She took a risk she didn’t need to take. Glad it worked out ok.” Curtis..I’m glad I’m not one of your parents. Are you familiar with the phrase “Got your back”? She did exactly what I would want my children to do for me, and what I would do for them.

      • Hey, if that works for you, fine.

        She was outnumbered. She didn’t know who they were, whether they were armed, or what they were willing to do to avoid getting arrested.

        I’m ok with protecting property and holding thieves for the cops, under some circumstances. In this case, a 911 call with plate number and a description of the perps would have achieved the same result, without the risk.

        As for my parents, they taught me to use common sense and not risk my life stupidly. They’ll need me alive to take care of them.

        • I see your point, but I feel you’re talking with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. The lady observed something that her gut told her was a potentially very serious threat to her parents. She, being the first responder, arrived in a timely manner with sufficient force to control/stop the potential threat. And that was exactly what I would have done for my loved ones.

          One question remains in my mind though. At what point did she determine the status of her parents physical safety? Before or after she schooled the thieves? Hopefully it was before.

      • Curtis doesn’t have much common sense. He’s been running his commie-state Illinois mouth all day long. Like most people from the miserable Chicago state he doesn’t understand Texas or Texans which proves he, and everyone else, is better off him staying where he’s at.

  5. “I’m not made of the same stuff as Mrs. Farmer.”

    I’d dare say not. That right there is a TEXAS WOMAN. I’d wager she was born & bred here.

    Transplants can become Texans, and they’re most welcome to, but a genuine Texas woman, that’s a whole different thing right there.

      • I’m a Texan ( born in Dallas ) but native born status means nothing to me. All I care about is a transplant’s politcal views. Nothing else matters.

        • I agree, check your California sensibilities at the boarder. Oh, I’m a Son of the Republic so I hold strong native beliefs

        • Yup, everytime I see a commiefornia plate this crosses my mind, along with some choice words about returning to said wretched hive of scum and villainy.

      • HEY! Hold up there! How about if both our sons are Texans, oldest 43? How about I’ve claimed Texas since before most Texans were born? Are you being guilty of statial discrimination? Hell, I voted for Dubya for governor, did you?

  6. I would pay money tip great that call must be hilarious. Should at least get a restraining order for what it’s worth (next to nothing maybe more jail time or less trouble if you have to kill them when they come back). Also keep the heat handy they know where you live.

  7. Actually it is legal to shoot burglars in Texas even if it is on a neighbors property. You can legally protect life and property, as it should be.

  8. In Florida the Father wouldn’t have had the desecration to not press charges. When a crime is committed you are arrested regardless of that the person that it is committed against wants.

  9. Why would anyone have to “press charges”?!? They were caught in the act. That’s not Christian- that’s STUPID.

    • It’s obvious some folks have a twisted and STUPID outlook on Christianity. Some of them are the folks that monitor this blog and barred my previous comments from being posted.

  10. I’ve seen mixed results from someone not pressing charges. Once it made no difference; the guy was right back in the “business” the next day. Three times it made a difference for about a month or two, then they were back at it. But once the kid broke down in tears and ended up in a virtual son-father relationship with the guy whose property he’d trashed to steal brass fixtures. No one had ever cut him any slack, and that one moment changed him. (Ironically, he ended up joining the Marines — back to where no one cuts you any slack!)

    The others? The first one ended up with a free residence, for seven periods of twenty years each — to be served consecutively. Two of the three eventually figured it out and turned into solid citizens; the other enjoyed his chosen occupation for the rest of his life, all three years of it.

  11. Its unlikely this is their first heist. Warrants to search the perps’ residences should be obtained to gather evidence and recover other stolen property.

  12. “it would be a shame to get killed over a cooler and a gas can.”

    That’s depends on whose cooler and gas can.

  13. A reason why I love living in N. Alabama; neighbors stay out of each other’s business (unless they’re kin lol), but strange vehicles/people are noticed immediately.

    On the rare occasion when someone lost shows up in our hamlet, they are politely escorted out to the highway. It’s the Christian thing to do, since it’s so easy to get hopelessly lost (and stuck) on the roads around here…. and this is a dry county with bootleggers (not those lovable as-seen-on-TV ones), along with meth labs that have sprung up in all the foreclosed houses or those abandoned after being damaged by tornadoes. And since this is mining country, there are a lot of very deep holes to disappear down, no shovelling required.

    And because of this, unsavory types do occasionally show up to conduct their business/fun; but I know of at least three property owners around here who are constantly out & about, plus have suites of sensors on the trails…. and one even caught some B’ham punks stripping a stolen car while out herding his goats (which he does while carrying an AR).

    But aside from that; professional thievery is highly uncommon here, because thieves are definitely aware of how easy it is to disappear…. Except for all the thieving between kin, that’s something else entirely.

  14. There is noway to eliminate all risk. A Texas women gets the drop on two nerdowells with her shotgun, I doubt there was much risk!

    • No one was shot over someone else’s property. She stopped the theft by her presence and chosen parking spot, and made it clear that she would shoot to protect her life. Wake up.

      • You point a gun at someone, your pretty fucking prepared to pull the trigger.
        I’m with her on this one, but you know damn well the comments were 180 degrees in opposition when a story like this ran and the guy shot the thief.
        What if these guys tried to drive around her car? What if they took the items in hand and fled on foot? Seems like the shotgun had more to do with this capture than her car blocking the driveway.

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