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Jarqueese O’Brian Henigan (above) approached the woman with a gun while she was leaving a garage in the 3700 block of North Fremont Street around 8.20pm,” reports. “The woman handed over her belongings before Henigan sexually assaulted her.” Believe it or not, her nightmare was just beginning . . .

He then forced her into the trunk of her Mazda and drove off, stopping at several ATMs and tried to withdraw cash, police said.

Henigan crashed the car into a tree in the 11500 block of South Throop Street, about 22 miles south of the garage, police said.

Henigan fled and the woman managed to escape from the trunk before she was taken to the hospital.

He has been charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault, kidnapping, vehicular hijacking, possession of a controlled substance, armed robbery and being an armed ‘habitual criminal.’

I’ve told my daughters: NEVER let anyone force you into a car. Make your stand outside the car, even if it means being shot, stabbed or beaten.

Don’t get me wrong. I can only imagine the victim’s condition after being sexually assaulted by Mr Henigan. She may not have had the strength or will to fight at that point.

The best answer, perhaps the only answer, is to stop the attack dead in its tracks. Avoidance is best. Escape is second. Force — including lethal force — is third. You don’t need me to tell you that a firearm is the best form of easily carried lethal force known to man. And woman.

Again, when I assert “it should have been a defensive gun use” I’m not blaming the victim. Mr. Henigan is to blame for this horrific assault and kidnapping. Period. Well, that and a judicial system that let a “habitual criminal” roam the streets.

I’m simply recommending that all Americans view the odds of a violent attack as binary. Either it happens to you or it doesn’t. If it never happens and you’re armed, you’ve lost nothing. If it does happen, you have an effective means of self-defense.

Realizing that a firearm is no guarantee of a successful outcome — especially against an armed career criminal. But a firearm dramatically increase the chances of emerging from a violent attack alive and unmolested.

Oh and I’m also arguing for perp perforation — provided the attacker poses an imminent credible threat of grievous bodily harm or death. Sometimes it’s the best thing. Sometimes it’s the only thing.

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  1. He’ll be out in 6mo-1yr. I like California’s 3 strike rule, but even it needs work. Some people just need killing. I would submit that this POS fits the criteria for that.

  2. Chicago “Justice”?

    That’s laughable.

    Dollars to donuts his rap sheet spanned about a good sized tree or two.

  3. I imagine she was a goofy young white gal living in Lakeview. Thinking “if I give him what he wants he won’t hurt me”. Lucky she isn’t dead-or worse with arms chopped off. I lived nearby and it’s overrun with twits…yeah get a gun and learn to use it.

  4. Why do these stories only appear in a UK news organization?
    Secondly, are you *sure* you spelled “Jarqueese” correctly? That’s a very unusual Irish name!

    • It’s covered in every local Chicago news source. TAG was probably poking arround looking for info about the car attack in London

  5. This is why one should consider a trunk gun. Stash a handgun and a flashlight in there, it may come in handy while you’re riding around in the back…

  6. It used to be that an accidental fall down four flights of stairs would take care of the “armed habitual criminal” problem.

    • We were burglarized a few years back by three “young men” (they were caught at another burglary). A friend working at the local jail found that they all had priors and one had 14 priors.
      They were taken for an “elevator ride” which is probably the only punishment they got.

  7. “The best answer, perhaps the only answer, is to stop the attack dead in its tracks.”

    The operative word being: “dead.”

  8. That is a great idea to keep a gun in the car trunk in case you are ever forced into the trunk
    The rule is never go anywhere else with the person threatening you with a gun
    Better to be shot right there than to endure whatever they plan to do next
    If you run, they may not shoot, may miss, their gun may malfunction or even be unloaded
    If you go with them you WILL suffer some horror
    So run instead of getting in the car


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