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Texas Walmart gun sales map (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

As you probably know, you can’t buy a handgun out-of-state and take it with you. It has to be shipped to a federally licensed gun dealer in your state of residence; you can take take possession after filling out ATF Form 4473, passing an FBI background check and paying a transfer fee to your friendly FFL. Long guns are a different deal. As long as the gun in question is legal in your state of residence, you can buy it out-of-state, do the paperwork, pass the check and walk out the door with it. Unless you’re an out-of-stater trying to buy a long gun at a Texas Walmart and live in one the following states or the District of Columbia. . .

New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
Washington DC

You may notice that many of these are what TTAG writer Jonathan Taylor would like us to return to calling “slave states.” States where gun rights go to die. Co-incidence? I think not. Anyway, TTAG reader RS sent us the above pic of the Wally World’s “don’t sell a long gun to them” map, and made this comment:

I do plan on calling corporate about this. Because I could easily go back to Virginia to purchase from their stores. But I’m in Texas for work for the next couple/few months. I don’t hold permanent residence so not gunna waste time getting an ID.

Barriers people. It’s all about barriers. Well, that and lawyers. With apologies to Ralph and Johannes, what was it that Swift said about lawyers?

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    • Me. I just wanted a simple tool I could use in the rain. $270 out the door with sales tax at 8% in Upstate New York for a Remington 887.

    • I bought a Marlin 60 there back in 1997. If buying at a “Mart”, I prefer Bi-Mart. I’ve picked up a couple guns there.

    • I’ve bought several guns at wal-mart,the one down the road from me has great prices.I know some misinformed or down right ignorant people will spread the rumor that wal-mart guns are factory rejects but that’s a complete load,it’s either people that have an axe to grind against wal-mart or gun dealers,I have never bought a gun from wal-mart that had any thing wrong with it.I also buy all my ammo from them.I personally don’t care what they pay their employees,if the employees don’t like the pay or conditions,are they not free to get a job elsewhere?

    • Heck,
      I got a nice little .22LR Crickett for my granddaughter at WalMart.

      They do have some recognized rifles and shotguns as well.

      I’d buy there….

      BUT it is a pain….you do all the checks, etc., and the store manager has to escort you from the store to your vehicle….well, that’s what happened when I bought that Crickett.

      • Really? Are you sure you shop at wal mart? Cause I’ve lived in Texas between killeen and Houston for almost 10 years now. Never personally been in any wal mart in the nation that didn’t sell even hunting rifles. Let alone semi auto tactical rifles.

    • Yeah, I live in Indiana and it is absurd to call us an “anti-gun” state. I was pretty surprised by that.
      Perhaps its because the state went to Obama in ’08. Oh well, I’m not heading to Texas to by a rifle anyway.

    • I think the reason is that after the GCA ’68, a state had to pass a law to allow for the purchase of a long gun by one of their residents in a contiguous state & vice versa. IN & several states did this. When the FOPA was passed, it stated that a long gun could be purchased by anyone as long as it was legal in the persons home state & where they were purchasing. The ATF, in their infinite wisdom, decided that states who passed these laws allowing for purchase in a contiguous allow for ONLY those states, not any other.
      Since then, several states (& I was sure that IN was one of them!) changed those laws by stating that they could be purchased anywhere that was legal.

      • I am pretty sure this is the case with Minnesota. However, we corrected the problem in our omnibus gun bill passed in 2015. Maybe WalMart isn’t up-to-date on this?

        • Before the 2015 omnibus bill was passed, MN residents could not buy long guns outside of MN without having them shipped to an FFL holder. After the bill passed, MN residents can now go to adjacent states (ND, SD, IA, and WI) to buy long guns, but not any other states, if I understand the law correctly.

        • However, I believe MN has laws on the books defining several types of long guns as “Assault Weapons”, and requires a pistol purchase permit for a MN resident to buy one in-state. So unless the out-of-state dealer is going to study-up on all of the silly MN “Assault Weapon” laws so they know what they can and can’t legally sell to MN residents, they probably feel it is safer to just not sell long guns to MN residents at all (or they’ll offer to transfer it to a MN dealer).

          Even one of the local farm stores in Fargo (right across the river from MN) has signs on some of the evil-AW-type handguns and long guns indicating “ND Residents Only” (a polite way of saying “not for MN folks”).

          Is this the problem that the Omnibus bill supposedly “fixed”?

  1. Wal mart is full of wal mart people. I avoid that place if at all possible. Here in Alameda county they don’t sell guns or ammo to anyone. So why go at all?

    • Except Texas does not have background checks to purchase guns, and Virginia does.

      Except Texas does not have “Assault Firearm laws” to purchase guns, and Virginia does.

      Hence why Virginians can’t buy long guns in Texas or in any other state. Fix your laws, then come back and buy.

      • >Except Texas does not have background checks to purchase guns, and Virginia does.

        You mean aside from the usual NICS check after filling out the 4473? CHL holders in TX don’t have to wait for the NICS check, just fill out the 4473 and walk out the door as the TX CHL background check is more thorough, but that wouldn’t apply to an out of state resident temporarily residing in TX.

  2. Indiana has been far less restrictive than Texas for many years. I’d like to know what their justification is for including that state.

  3. Colorado isn’t a “slave state.”

    They do have magazine limitations (which are not being enforced) and UBCs (which only passed on the narrowest of margins in the legislature), but they also have campus carry and very few restrictions on where you can open or concealed carry. In terms of day to day freedom for the average armed citizen, they’re much better than most states.

    • I’ve had to repeatedly convince various online retailers that no, we don’t have an “AWB” here in Colorado. (Yeah you, Wideners and Surefire.) I’ve had several companies only be willing to ship CA compliant guns to my FFL. (I had a fun conversation with US Cavalry about this, ending up having to send in a scan of my CAC to buy some perfectly legal p226 mags.)

      These guys weren’t saying “oh it’s just a bother to take apart a mag so I’ll only sell you CA compliant stuff”, they swore up and down that Colorado has a full on no kidding assault weapons ban.

      Due to some weird old laws, the city of Denver does and for some reason doesn’t have to obey preemption, and maybe this causes some of the confusion.

      Outside of Denver, the one time I had to call the local police, both deputies who arrived didn’t bat an eye at my AR and in fact handed my magazine back to me at the end and said “make sure you keep it loaded.”

      We have a misdemeanor level 15 round mag limit that is never enforced (Really. If you need a pmag 30 in CO you will not have to try hard.) and a UBC law that can’t be enforced. That’s it. Most of law enforcement in the state think both are ridiculous.

      It’s almost like Wal Mart is trying to say “well we don’t think people who come from these places should have guns.”

      Not like I’d turn to wal mart if I did have to buy a gun in Texas…

      • The justification for Denver not having to obey some statewide gun laws is apparently that they are a Home Rule city (and county). Thought that it was a pretty BS argument, but it did win for some things. Luckily, they weren’t able to control concealed carry permits. Prior to the state implementing Shall Issue, the only people getting permits in Denver were friends of the Mayor, City Council, and sheriff (who is appointed by the mayor). So, at the end, Denverites were driving to Colo. Springs to get their permits (since their sheriff took the opposite tact, granting them to anyone with a pulse and no record, regardless of county of residence). It was pretty draconian there towards the end – it was brandishing if the cops could see the butt of the gun in the holster, and concealed if they couldn’t.

        I would like to say that there aren’t really any good reasons to go into Denver, but they annexed a long strip in order to include DIA in Denver. Which means that in order to fly in or out of that airport, you need to go into Denver.

      • The bean counters at Walmart will do anything to avoid liability and added overhead costs. Consequently on an item class accompanied by controversy the default position comes into play: ‘If in doubt, just say no’.

        Management’s not going to spend a lot of time stressing over what is in in many if not most cases a low volume, low margin class of items given the potential risk of running afoul of some state or Federal law.

  4. Virginia has overall less restrictive gun laws than Texas I do believe. At least until Northern VA voters turn it into Maryland. Hardly a “slave state” at present. Need to check your facts.

    • When it comes to purchasing guns, Texas has no laws. We are governed only by Fed Law.

      Many states, including VA, have state laws such as BG checks, waiting periods, ID requirements, Assault firearm laws, etc.

  5. Could be due to lack of a waiting period in Texas? I know no one sells to California residents because of lack of access to California’s DROS check and 10 day waiting period.

    • Many of those other states don’t have waiting periods either.

      The only time I’ve had to wait in Colorado is when NICS is backed up due to a craze or holiday rush.

    • Can someone explain why a retailer in TX has to observe CA state law? Seems to me the obvious thing to do would be to simply sell the long gun as allowed by fed law and TX law, relying on the purchaser to know his own state’s laws. And hell, maybe he just wants to buy it so he can give it to me, leaving it in TX!

  6. But why Nevada? Because Californians may go to nevada or try to skirt regulations by going there?

    Also, why Indiana?

    And I thought Minnesota wasn’t THAT bad? Conflicted, but not moving completely into the darkness like CA, NY, NJ, and the rest?

    • Please don’t include CO in the list of “the rest”. The restrictions here are enforced far more often by out of state retailers than they ever have been in state. Yes I’ve said it a few times here but I’ve been trying to fight this false impression with out of staters : We ain’t California (though they have tried.)

      We have a “symbolic” UBC law (0 charges to date) and a mag limit in name only. (1 person charged as an “enhancement” to some bigger crimes, arson I believe, in the last 3 years, no conviction yet. One. You can buy 30 rounders everywhere.)

      Even for the other states… I don’t understand why Wal Mart has to be the morality police.

      • Hey, this is my first post here at TTAG, but I’ve been a daily reader for years. Michi, where at in CO are you? I went down to Durango for work a few months back and there’s an awesome guy down there selling assembled mags openly. Says Sheriff deputies regularly come in as buyers and browsers. Also, near me, there is a great place called Machine Gun Tours that sells magazine “kits” for a modest up-charge. $24 something for 40 rounders etc.

        I avoid like the plague this other place 5280 Armory. They call themselves a friendly family store but they price gouge (and are regularly extremely rude to me probably because of my younger age) like there’s no tomorrow. Back when the new laws were taking affect, I knew they had some Bulgarian 7.62 waffle mags. Got there, found the last four left on a corner shelf, and waited over an hour to get to the register. The owner’s wife was at the register and as soon as she saw me set them on the counter she snatched them up and put them behind her on the floor and said they weren’t for sale!! I couldn’t believe it and said as much. The owner came over and was equally rude asking me where I had gotten them from and what I thought I was trying to do / get by on them. They have since opened up a really nice new place with machine gun rentals and a range. Too bad they are still complete jerks literally every time I go there. Also, to ad insult to injury, they actually modify and rivet every mag they get in (for customers at least), thereby damaging the mags and reducing their value. And I’m sure it makes it easier to ID as being “post ban” illegally modified. If they got their act together and treated customers with respect they’d probably blow up even bigger than they have.

        • I’m rather close to Machine Gun Tours, and I go there for parts when doing AR builds, not to mention mags. Also have some of my in-process cans on their way there. For selection and what you want as far as parts and accessories, they can’t be beat, and it’s great to have an accessible SOT/Class 3.

          Some of my friends knew the guys from 5280 since they were a kitchen table FFL. I remember going in to their old place. I bought a 1911 from them, and they treated me OK, but that certainly could have simply been because I didn’t trip over any land mines. (At the time they had a bizarre background check policy where they did all background checks on one day of the week.) I believe they’ve gotten “too big for the little folks” now. I have, however heard lots of stories just like yours.

          They are the ONLY shop I’ve seen riveting mags like that. It’s almost like they want us to be like California. All of the other shops just *have the disassembled mags on the shelves*; Machine Gun Tours does, (I was able to get a Five seveN mag there recently) – and I know for a *fact* that they cater to local police.

          I am ‘lightly” in the browsing market for a FA MG, and where my target is in the $15-$18k range, and MGT quoted me $30k .. Still too much but … 5280 … quoted me *$75,000*. Yes. Seventy five thousand. On a beat up M16. That was enough to make me realize they weren’t serious about that side of their shop.

          Green Mountain Guns has great selection and they’re at least *getting somewhat friendlier* as they’ve had a reputation for being grumpy old men. And if you want a friendly local FFL, go to Colotado Gun Broker on Bowles – they’re super small, but they’ll treat you really well.

    • Nevada gun dealers won’t sell to California residents. I witnessed a man trying to buy an AR at Bass Pro one day. The person behind the counter asked the gentleman if he was a Nevada resident. When the customer said no, California, the clerk told him “Sorry, I can’t sell to you.”

      • In Minnesota you need a permit to purchase any firearm, not just a modern sporting rifle. A permit to carry takes the place of a permit to purchase. MN is generally not bad for gun laws other than this foolishness and the requirement to renew the permit to carry every 5 years, which requires attendance at a class. During the next legislative session our local 2A groups will be going after constitutional carry hard. We had success with legalizing suppressors last session, wish us luck.

  7. Probably a sign that the corporate office told them to hang. I doubt anyone in the store is going to have any clue as to why.

  8. This is all part of the Obama/Holder “shakedown” scheme, as we’ve seen before in banking, guitar, energy, and many other businesses “the Feds” threaten an entity with “violations” or “investigations” which will cost millions in legal fees (the government appeals every decision when they lose dragging cases out for years) in order to get a company or industry to cave to their demands. Walmart a key funding source for Democratic candidates eagerly complied with Obama’s (In)Justice Dept’s demands, hell Sam Walton’s daughter, a lesbian, was an “intimate” of Diane Rodham alias “Hillary Clinton” in college and afterward, their “personal” correspondence (love letters) were accidentally released to the public by the Clinton Presidential Library.

        • NOT teak. Rosewood. No one makes a teak guitar. They tried to run Gibson Guitars out of business. Democrats LOVE to shake down businesses and put the employees on the government dole.

        • Sure people DO make guitars (or parts) from teak…

          But yeah, that’s what I was thinking about – the deal with Gibson.

          The teak import ban was relevant to me for another reason.

      • Gibson Guitar CEO Henry Juszkiewicz supported Republican candidates including Romney and paid the price literally. The rosewood the company imported from India for fretboards was “cleared” for export by Indian authorities BUT was deemed “illegal” (trumped up charges) by members of Obama’s cartel which descended on the factories with SWAT teams thus a short but costly legal battle ensued. Gibson wound up paying a “settlement” (blackmail) to the Feds in order to avoid an even longer and more costly court battle which they would have won (but they needed wood and the Feds wouldn’t allow them to import any to replace what was seized) and later used some of the wood that was released by authorities to make a special model guitar commemorating the raid.

        Note: Like the banking, payday, coal, oil, etc. “settlements” (shakedowns) totaling hundreds of millions of $’s the guitar settlement money didn’t only go into the Feds coffers, it was “redistributed” to “community activists”. Yep the higher prices we are paying for goods and services is directly funding La Raza, Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH Coalition in addition to many more Leftist outlets. (NOT one Conservative group received money).

        • BTW Despite repeated attempts by unions, Obama, his Labor Dept under Thomas Perez (a weasely far-far Lefty & Eric Holder’s former stooge at the (In)Justice Dept)) and the NLRB (National Labor Relation Board) the Gibson guitar factories (Nashville/Memphis TN & Bozeman MT) remain “non-union”, an overwhelming majority of workers don’t want and don’t trust unions, Fender guitars (Corona CA) on the other hand is a union shop and supports Democrats. Fender also maintains factories in Mexico, Indonesia and China ALL as you woulional Labor Relations Board)d expect are “non-union.

  9. Closest WalMart does not sell guns. Has one tall bookcase type case for ammo, which narrows the selection considerably. So, I buy ammo across the street at Academy, We buy guns from a Mom and Pop dealer, with considerably lower prices.

    Personally, not a WalMart fan, so not sad to see that they do nothing around here to get my business.

  10. It is the same list at Wal Mart here in North Carolina. Risk management on the part of corporate lawyers, I suspect, but as other commenters have noted there are some surprising states in the list. I just went somewhere else but I’ll be interested to hear if anyone does get an answer from Wal Mart Corporate HQ.

  11. I know Shannon Watts is from Indianapolis, but I don’t see how anyone could call Indiana a “slave state”. No mag restrictions, NFA friendly. Short barreled shotguns just legalized last year. Hunting with suppressors is legal. Open carry is legal with a license to carry a handgun. And Indiana is a shall issue state.

  12. Every State has its’ own set of unique laws and that makes it difficult for Walmart to sell to someone from another State or to be able to teach their employees all the intricacies of other States.

    I will use Illinois for an example. It is illegal for an Illinois resident to buy any firearm without a Firearm Owners identification Card (FOID). So, how would an employee in Texas be able to recognize a valid FOID? But it is also illegal for an Illinois resident to buy a long gun from any State that doesn’t share a common border with Illinois. Then there is the problem of the waiting periods, 24 hours for long guns in Illinois. How would a Walmart employee deal with that?

    It’s all fine and good to throw stones at Walmart or any other corporation that you feel is infringing on the right to keep and bear arms, but you should include all of the story, not just the side that inflames.

    Walmart does business in all fifty States. If they want to keep doing business in all fifty States, then they have to honor the laws of all fifty States. That is a really hard and probably impossible task when it comes to firearms.

    So, it’s just easier to not sell to residents from certain States unless they are standing foot in their home State.

    • I figured it would be something like that, especially when RF mentioned “lawyers” in his post. Likely there are some quirks in each of those state’s laws that make the Wal-Mart lawyers nervous about selling to residents.

    • “So, how would an employee in Texas be able to recognize a valid FOID?”

      Why would an employee (or employer) in Texas CARE? I am not subject to the laws of the city whose limits are across the stream from me, and I don’t GAS about CA law when I buy or sell a gun. Voluntarily cooperating with these losers’ silliness just makes them think they have power over us. Ignore them, carry on business as usual in the state you are in. I think the laws prohibiting sale of a handgun to someone from out-of-state are stupid, but as federal laws those with federal licenses must obey them, let’s not be silly. But obeying laws which we have no say over, like those from a state with a government as stupid as, say, CA, just makes no sense.

  13. I’ve popped in the Wal-Mart near me in MN and while they do sell ammo, they don’t sell guns. I don’t know what the reason is, but if MN Wal-Marts don’t sell guns to MN residents, it seems reasonable to conclude that other Wal-Marts won’t sell guns to MN residents.

    There’s probably some retarded state law responsible for this, and some gutless wonder at Wal-Mart corporate decided to toe the line. After all, if you support Obamacare and a minimum wage hike, maybe you can get an exemption and get the feds off your back.

    “That’s a pretty monopoly you have there. It’d be a shame if something were to happen to it.”

    Then again, MN decided to strike Texas and other pro-gun states from Concealed Carry reciprocity, so maybe this is a way of sticking the finger to MN. Not that anybody will ever notice…

  14. I dunno everyone says WalMart sells guns and ammo???
    Not here in good old Palm Beach County Florduh.
    If there is a store that does. It isn’t near me

    • None of the Leningrad Wal-Marts sell guns either, just ammo. You have to go to Pinellas Park to find one that sells guns. Local zoning ordinances keep lots of Florida towns from having FFLs in them.

  15. What’s the deal with ragging on Indiana? Pretty damn good looking gun laws over the border from Illinois. I’ve bought 3 long guns in Hoosierland and yeah I had to deal with a 24hour wait-not a big deal if you live a few miles away. Never tried to buy buy one at Wallyworld-got ammo though. Asking for ID is hit or miss(FOID). No idea why Texas is so goofy…

  16. I’ve bought ammo in Walmart from time to time since it’s on the way to gun range I frequent. Oddly they do very good hair cuts in their Salons for around $15.00 for shampoo, cut, blow dry. Beats paying more for wash. clip, dry from some snotty stylist at “higher end” shops.
    Have bought Mossberg 500 Shotgun at Academy Sports, a pistol and revolver on impulse, ended up selling both later on.

  17. Indiana…

    Lifetime license
    Shall issue
    No training required to obtain license
    Open carry legal with license
    Silencers and hunting with silencers legal
    SBR legal
    SBS legal
    Local preemption
    No waiting period
    No mag limit
    Law clearly enumerating a right to bring your gun to work provided you lock it up in your car
    Consistently receives a F- from the Brady Bunch
    Chicago politicians and other corrupt officials frequently blame Indiana as a place to easily obtain firearms

    In fact the only law changes that would make Indiana a better gun rights state would be constitutional carry and campus carry.

    I formally request a change in the above article to identify Indiana as a very pro gun state. Likely the reason they won’t sell to Indiana residents has something to do with the lack of govt. required training.

      • Yes well, technically we obtain a “License to Carry a Handgun”. Shall issue. No laws govern open vs concealed carry. No laws govern the carry of rifles or shotguns either. And once we obtain said license it never expires. EVERY other state that requires a license for concealed or open carry requires additional funds to renew every X amount of years.

    • Someone else mentioned a waiting period in IN. Is that true? If so that is probably your reason right there.

  18. We all know it’s all garbage. Shouldn’t be any restriction. 100 million guns sold in USA since 2009. The issue in the future is going to be able to buy ammunition. At a reasonable price.

  19. Some states have certain criteria as to how far away you can legally buy a firearm. Wisconsin used to have such a law. Perhaps that is why for some of the states in that list?

    • Most likely this. Under the GCA of 1968 you could only buy a handgun in your state of residence and a longarm in your state or one that shared a border.

      The FOPA of 1986 eliminated the “bordering state” nonsense for longarms, but many states had copied the language into their state statutes. Texas just got rid of their own “bordering states” language a few years ago.

      • I fail to see why most people have an attitude about wal-mart,I shop there all the time and I’ve had to take one thing back because it was damaged,other than that,it ‘s a typical day at the store for me.Some people blame wal-mart for “closing down main street” but I don’t consider it my responsibility to make shop owners rich by paying 2 or 3 prices for the same product I can get at wal-mart.I also shop at lowes but I don’t hear the same crowd bitching about them.It is true that some of the people that work at wal-mart are fucktards but we get what they pay for.I don’t go to wal-mart to shmooze with the employees,I consider myself a typical guy,run in,get what I need,run out.As of late,I’ve been doing most of my shopping online,I’ve bought over 100 items in the past 2 years and have had zero problems with my online shopping experience.I think most people that have an attitude with wal-mart belong to goonions,that’s the only explanation I can come up with.

        • ” I don’t consider it my responsibility to make shop owners rich by paying 2 or 3 prices for the same product I can get at wal-mart.”

          Just because you are short sighted and don’t mind sh1tt1ng all over your own neighbors and community does not make doing so “right.”

          It is likely NOT the same product at Walmart anyway.

          For fun and games, check out Walmart’s business practices in China. Oh, and that savings you like to brag about? Walmart is expert on the bait-n-switch. They use “low prices” to get you in the door, door, but they are often based on ‘anchor items’ and they are by design not there to ‘sell’ but just to give the illusion they are offering a lower price item. MOST sales are not these anchor items, but higher priced items shelved nearby.

          That’s the short version. Do some research; there’s plenty of it out there.

          The world does not revolve around you saving a couple of bucks for stuff that is inferior quality. But, hey, keep telling yourself that spending 1/2 as much on an item who’s intrinsic value is <1/4 of a quality item is "real savings."

  20. I’ve only seen ammo sold at Walmart out here in Houston. Never any guns. Honestly I find that big box stores that sell guns tend to sell guns at ridiculously high prices. Like Academy has listed on their page that they now sell hi point carbines but their prices are closer to 400. I can get a hi point carbine elsewhere for around 230 to 265.

  21. I got this off of INGO for what it is worth.
    LONG GUNS can be bought at any FFL anywhere in the USA. The law USED TO BE only in surrounding states but now Indiana has changed its laws so for long guns you are legally able to buy a long gun in any state. However if you are doing a FTF long gun sale that must be an in-state transaction between two Indiana residents.

    HAND GUNS can not be purchased FTF out of state. Handgun purchased from an FFL out of state must be ‘transferred’ into the state and picked up at an in-state FFL. However if you are doing a FTF hand gun sale tat must be an in0state transaction between to Indiana residents.

  22. The gentleman at the Wal Mart ammo counter said our city wouldn’t allow this particular store to sell guns. In another section of this small town (5.5 sq. miles) there is a Mom and Pop shop that has since opened.Guns and ammo. Only conclusion I could make was the clerk was, well, did not know who to blame. I only asked if the store carried guns, not why.

  23. Indiana is far from being a “slave state.” In fact, apart from no liquor sales on Sunday, it’s probably the freest state I’ve ever lived in.

    Can’t wait to move back and buy an SBS. The state I live in now bans all NFA items buy state law.

  24. I’m curious,do you have to be jewish to shop at stein-mart? Doesn’t stein-mart aspire to be another wal-mart? The reason I ask is because I live in the South and have never seen a stein-mart but they advertise down here.If they are like wal-mart why don’t people bash them and if they aren’t like wal-mart,what’s the difference? And what the hell is a stein? Isn’t it something Germans drink beer out of? It’s Sunday night and I’m bored.

  25. PISSON walmart, sams club with thier new P.O.S. ceo. Blow me for all I care. NOT ANOTHER DIME will I spent there.

      • Yep. If an out-of-stater tried it at your favorite local FFL, they’d probably get the same response. Just without the pretty graphics/wall-map.

        FFLs have no good reason to try doing this type of sale until the laws have “settled” a bit, and every reason to avoid bringing attention to themselves in today’s whiny/litigious society.

  26. Here’s my guess: the federal law allows you to sell a resident of any state, as long as the sale obeys all the laws of both states. My assumption is that some part of the long gun purchase requirements of these states is just more of a pain in the butt to comply with than Walmart wants to deal with. It’s not that it’s forbidden, it could be just one too many extra forms or steps compared to a sale to the green-lit states. And rightly so – who expects a Walmart level clerk to be enough of a firearms lawyer to know for sure whether or not a sale he is making is complying with the law in force in every other state in the union?

  27. The commonwealth sucks sure but we have pretty good gun laws in VA. Though we all failed with the reciprocity thing I still wanna know how we got on that list.

  28. The local Wal Mart did post that it would not sell to residents of Illinois. Local gun shops will sell them long guns, but the Illinois resident has to abide by the Illinois waiting period, even though the weapon is bought in Kentucky. LGS will sell them handguns, but they have to ship them to a FFL dealer in Illinois.

  29. I’ll go to 50 stores before I step foot in a Wal Mart , just because of their business practices.

    • Must be nice to have that many shopping choices.

      If I count all the pawn shops, gun shops, sporting goods stores, 3 Walmarts, and farm stores that carry guns and/or ammo in my area (call it a 25-mile radius), I have about 15-18 options, and some of those are VERY limited.

  30. Most of the states on the list do not have a reciprocity agreement with Texas or have more restrictive laws regarding long guns than Texas does.

    Just my two cents worth.

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