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Texas Gun Fest Veterans Shoot

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Sunday, November 15th is Veterans Appreciation Day at the Texas Firearms Festival [click here for tickets] at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill Texas (just NW of Austin). All prior and active U.S. military members receive a $5 discount on standard shooting tickets. (Veterans: send an email with any form of military ID to [email protected].) For every Sunday standard shooting ticket sold, the Festival’s also donating five dollars to Veteran Outdoors, a charity that takes veterans hunting or fishing to help them assimilate back into society. But BEFORE that totally awesome day . . .

we’re sponsoring the Texas Veterans Shoot, also at Best of the West, on August 29th. The idea is simple: it’s a gathering of veterans to swap stories, compare weapons (so to speak) and shoot guns. Unlike the Festival, this is a BYOG (Bring Your Own Gun) and BYOA (Bring Your Own Ammo) event. Think of it as a warm-up for the Festival. If you’d like to attend, just show up with your military ID at BOTW at 0900 hours on the 29th. See you there!

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    • 1-up
      Anybody wanna carpool from north of there (a state or two above?).
      It might be funny to get a beater school bus, with a bunch of heavily armed vets push in to Texas, and have it filmed by helicopter. Or, if we could get two helos you can film me while I cross into texas with a beard and shemgah, driving a bongo truck, and just see how far I get.

      Anybody up on the rules/paperwork?

  1. It’s a trap, gotta go, but it’s a trap ?

    Q: ? Is that 7.62 or less single action? Or 7.62 or less… esse.


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