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There are some things I regret about not being picked to be on Top Shot. I mean, on the one hand I didn’t have to sell my soul for fifteen minutes of fame, but on the other, I missed out on the really cool challenges and thought I would never get a chance to shoot those stages in real life. Until now…

Texas Triggers is a new range opening in the Greatest State on Earth that has all of your favorite stages from the Top Shot TV show. Its like you’re really there… except without the annoying drama and hopefully less of Colby’s blindingly white teeth. From the looks of things, they’ve recreated the stages almost identically, improved some of them and are using them as a part of a training class designed to improve shooters’ skills.

Sources are saying that the initial offering will be a 3-day course that not only lets you fulfill your wildest dreams of firing things like grenade launchers and M2 machine guns, but also teaches you to be a better shooter. In other words, its like fantasy camp for gun guys.

I think it’s a fantastic idea. And needless to say, I’ve asked to go check it out on all of your behalf. Currently there’s no website or definite contact info, but I’ll keep you guys informed as we know more.

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  1. Nick , Sounds like a dirty job , but someone’s gotta do it . Looking forward to what you find out there as I also live in the Greatest State on Earth . I live in East Texas though and somehow I doubt it’s going to be near my neck of the woods . I would love to go there and try out some fun weapons

  2. Hi Guys –

    We are working on our website as we speak. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]. We will get back to you with the answers you need!


    • Will you open a range in California? You know, the most gun friendly place in the US of A.

  3. Dang this site keeps adding things to my bucket list faster than I can get them done. One more for the bucket list I guess.

    The only reason I would have wanted to be on top shot is to do the various scenarios they had, which this looks like plus I don’t have to worry about keeping my shooting up to par with the competition.

  4. ANYTHING that makes shooting more fun is a GOOD thing. Glad to hear of a range that will have these kinds of set-ups for exotic shooting sessions.

  5. As a native Texan methinks I recognize this as a hill country location I’m guessing somewhere just outside of San Antonio or Austin. I’m not sure if having Colby along and giving the same annoying play by play as on Top Shot is a good thing or bad thing. Either way I’m going to to have to do this one day when I’m back visiting family.

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