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“The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office says a 51-year-old person [not shown] died during a filming accident Thursday evening at the Dragonman’s shooting range east of Colorado Springs near Schriever Air Force Base,” reports. “Foul play is not suspected  . . . The film crew was outside on a range when the accident occurred. No other people were on the range at the time, officials said.” Updates as they occur.


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    • OSHA?? It was a freak accident stemming from a faulty smoke bomb exploding. No guns were involved in the death his wife while filming a new TV show. Much different from when Brandon Lee died during the filming of the Crow. This could happen to any of us. Just prey for the loss of life.

    • These people have been doing this for 30+ years with an awesome safety record. I don’t know what it takes to become an “expert,” but these folks are definitely that. Safety was number ONE on that range. Both of the accidents that happened this week were freak accidents. Please pray for the family.

  1. Comment posted here by Dan Martin says:

    Just goes to show that film kills.
    Filming is such a dangerous activity that it should be banned. If it can’t be banned, then at LEAST:
    – require a background check to purchase a camera.
    – require a license to carry a camera, especially a loaded camera.
    – restrict filming from high-risk premises, like schools, libraries, government buildings, etc.
    – raise taxes on cameras and film to discourage their use.
    – seek a UN treaty to ban camera ownership.

    Love it, not to take away from the tragedy.

    • I looked, simply because I wanted to see if there were any comments that were aghast at his insensitivity. Of course, there were. My response, which I’ll post here, because I don’t use my Facebook login to comment on random news stories for someone to find later, is this:

      Dan’s tongue in cheek comment is no different than the politicians and gun grabbers who use every incident involving firearms to dance in the blood and try to pass more useless anti-gun legislation. The only difference is that Dan is clearly joking, while the politicians are deadly serious.

  2. The logical progression of reality TV. Keep pushing until danger becomes death.

    Remember the movie “Rollerball”? The TV audience needs blood.

  3. oh crap-o, that’s the last thing I need. If Dragonman’s is shut down, then my super secret shooting range isn’t going to be so secret anymore, and it’ll be overrun. It’s wierd though, everytime I went to Dragonman’s, it seemed like a pretty safe place. But that’s filming for you though.

  4. Sounds like the special effects guy was the lowest bidder for the job, especially with 2 accidents in 2 days. Sad to hear of the fatality, hopefully they get a new guy to be in charge of any pyrotechnics before they hurt, maim or kill anyone else.

  5. From what I’ve heard off a local forum (Colorado, Dragon mans is in the springs?) They were shooting one of those scenes of them walking threw smoke and one of the smoke launchers or something (whether a military vehicle style or a special effects I’m unclear on) went off or exploded such that the cannister or shrapnel or something went through and took out the owner’s wife.

    The burn person while released was apparently actually transfered to Denver burn unit too?

  6. 2 accidents in two days…consecutive “freak” accidents are as likely to happen in that period of time as lightning is to strike the same person two days later. Incompetence or technology paid on the cheap is at the root of the problem here. Sorry to sound so cold, but people like this reflect very badly on the community as a whole.


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