Texas Tech student Diana Durkin (courtesy foxnews.com)
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Texas Tech University football team’s mascot is the Masked Rider. Texas Tech fans often salute each other with a finger gun (evoking their motto “Wreck ‘em”).  Standing in a security line at Houston’s William P. Hobby airport, Texas Tech University Student Diana Durkin (above) flashed her finger gun at a man in a Texas Tech hoodie. A TSA agent called her over. Ms. Durkin immediately did what any good millennial would . . .

Texas Tech University student Diana Durkin's tweet about TSA hassle (courtesy twitter.com)

She Tweeted about it. Even as she was being interrogated. Followed by a pat-down and a screening. And . . . that’s it.

For reasons that have nothing to do with her beauty (obvs.) and everything to do with completely understandable contempt for the TSA’s blue-shirted goons, the Tweet went viral.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with TSA agents asking airline passengers questions based on their behavior in line, whether spoken or non-verbal. I mean, if we’re going down the “show me your papers” route, we might as well use interrogation techniques to ID potential bad guys and gals. amiright?

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  1. Good thing she didn’t have a gun shaped poptart!😄You’re giving the mental midgets at TSA too much credit RF-they just wanted to cop a feel😏

    • “I say do like Israel does. Their airlines are never hijacked!”

      Never heard of El Al Flight 426?

      The difference is, they *learned* from the experience…

    • Israel’s security protocols work because they have only one relatively small international airport in a relatively small country. Those methods do not scale up well to huge airports in a country the size of the United States.

      • Maybe not, but itcan scale up. The major difference is not the size it is the skill. Their version of the TSA is trained our TSA are kids paid minimum wage given a uniform and ; hopefully, given a script of what to do. If the TSA were adequately trained, allowed to properly profile and held accountable for their actions things would be a lot different. What we have at the moment are unskilled workers with tremendous power and no accountability.

        • Giving skill to that size of a workforce is not a small challenge.

          The bigger a government workforce gets, the more incompetence creeps in and the harder it is to root it out.

        • And TSA got really big, really fast, largely by hiring the sort of people whose jobs were replaced by U-scan.

      • Not to sound disagreeable, but your premise is false. Schedules change all the time, but El Al flies to and from airports all over the world: London, Paris, Frankfort, Rome, Moscow, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles are just a few of the large airports they operate to. Their security protocols apply equally at the beginning of every flight regardless of which country they’re operating from. The logistics of their operation in so many parts of the world are daunting; non compatible data bases, different languages, less than supportive host governments, etc., but they manage to put it off because every member of their team knows the consequences of failure. I’ve had dealings with them in the past and my observation is that they are courteous and efficient. They have no need to bully or intimidate anyone. For them, it comes down to the old adage; You never need to get angry (or be a bully) if you know you’re not going to lose the argument. I agree with the earlier post. We’ve learned a lot from their methods, but the biggest difference is that they have a highly qualified and highly motivated team who are not shackled by PC. I’ll let you fill in the rest.

    • Dies she pass a background check? Did she have a concealed carry permit? Was the finger is the proper holster.
      Give her beauty, you have to wonder about the “pat down” being the real reason for this.

  2. A TSA agent might come into contact with hundreds or thousands of travelers every work day, each one of whom is fully aware of just how pointless the agent’s existence is. Petty and sullen behavior is a natural expression of their feelings of worthlessness. They are simply acknowledging that they know, that we know, they are a bad joke.

  3. I have flown twice since the institution of TSA. Won’t fly again unless someone else is paying or my life is in danger. Life is too short to waste that much time being hassled by TSA, and their “random screening” selected me both times, the second time two uniformed, obviously just out of boot servicemen were also “randomly selected.”

    Meanwhile, a large family of towelheads waltzed through “security” – and one of them flipped us the bird.

    Quoth the Raven, “Nevermore”.

      • If you can’t grasp the concept that a phrase like “towelhead” referring to the traditions of a culture is can be racist\bigoted, you’re either a fool or similarly a bigot. There is always room for both.

      • Actually, given the levels of worldwide rancor and grief caused by the vast numbers of traditional Muslims who find solace in the murder of non-Muslim “infidels”, using the word “towelhead” as a gesture of antipathy is more or less understandable. It’s a bit difficult to maintain positive feelings for members of a religion, a great many—arguably most—-of whom hate Jews and Christians and would would be OK with forcing us to either embrace Islam . . . or die.

    • This, I got pulled back out because my bags couldn’t be unlocked for the goons. I go back in line, back through security a second time, now I’m being swabbed for explosives, run through the cancer machine once more.

      Another instance… The sign says optional, goon at the end forces you to go into the scanner else they will make trouble for you. Me thinks it was because of my high and stupid haircut, combined with the motard tactical backpack (which I still adore…) got me pulled aside, because the airlines just love harassing ground pounders.

      Airlines can go out of business, better to drive these days, get to stop at all sorts of places along the way.

      • Pilot: And if you look out the left widow, you can see about where the world’s largest skillet is housed.

        • Pilot: And if you look out the right widow, you can see [fill in the blank] city that looks like a sh_t-hole (Prez didn’t say it, evil POS ahole (D) Durbin) from up here too.

    • You think that’s bad, about 30 years ago I boarded a night flight out of San Jose CA, for Costa Rica. There was this taco filled Mexican broad that really had it in for me. She, ( I think it was a “she”) made me dump everything out in front of her, then proceeded to fondle and deep search everything as if each item were a small bomb. This wasn’t so bad, but then she made me take my electric razor apart, down to the motor.
      All this time she scowled at me like I had just eaten her first born. after exhausting all methods of harassment, she finally let me through.

  4. Just more practice for the next level of Societal engineering by DemoCraps…Later, If they get themselves a few more states…TSA at every street corner! lol. Prepare to be screened!

  5. On the one hand, freedom of expression is a thing.

    On the other hand, this was pretty clearly a case of doing a stupid thing in a stupid place.

    • The thing is an innocuous, ubiquitous collegiate gesture, practiced and understood by tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands or even millions, of people. There’s nothing particularly stupid about it.

      The place is the airport. It’s just a transportation hub. There’s nothing particularly stupid about it.

      I don’t get the problem.

      • So she made a gesture that less than a percent of the US population (by your numbers, at best) would interpret as a bonding gesture, and the rest of us without any context could easily interpret as a threat when coming from a stranger.

        I sure as hell wouldn’t have been happy about it.

        Granted I don’t wear collegiate branded clothing, but then again, a lot of people wear it who – brace yourself – don’t go there

        • A threat? Given by a smiling person, and (possibly) received with a smile, or, more probably, with no expression of fear.
          A threat? Only in the movies.

        • No one, the biggest fail in your position is that no one wanting to make a hand signal for purposes of communication pursuant to doing something dangerous is going to pick a finger-gun for that signal. They won’t, in fact, pick anything memorable at all — so if you’re worried by hand signals, worry about the ones that you probably won’t even notice because they look so innocuous.

          It’s moronic to worry about hand signals that are just that.

  6. How many blonde haired, blue eyed girls have ever, in the history of ever, hijacked a plane? I bet I could count that number on one hand and maybe not use any fingers at all! Security theater is all TSA is. Better to move to an Israeli style system. Much cheaper and effective. One plane ever hijacked and they rescued most of them while killing a lot of bad guys. Two movies made about it and both are good. Raid on Entebbe and Victory at Entebbe. Just found out there’s a movie coming out in March called 7 Days in Entebbe! Hopefully, it to be good.

    • Blond haired girls hijack everything.

      This one was flashing a “wreck em” sign.

      Mine does the Frog’s one from TCU, makes me want to put on a sloppy yet tight uniform and do a pat down.

    • Just look at the picture. Incredibly decorative.
      The TSA guys probably wanted to keep her around for a while, just to look at. And yes, that would be totally unprofessional.

  7. TSA and it’s genital groping are one more colossal failure in the long history of colossal failures by career politicians.

  8. TSA: “Feel like a Cop, while copping a feel”.

    TSA: “What’s your safety-word?”

    TSA: “The more you sweat in peace. . . (no, that’s it, that’s all of it)”.

    TSA: “We can’t beat you in a foot race to the gate, so you can’t have nail clippers.”

    TSA: “Many of us are illegal aliens from Sh_thole third world countries.”

    TSA: “We have a separate line for Deplorable Bitter-Clingers.”

    • TSA: ” Fat, Lazy, and Stupid will pay $30,000.00 a year!”
      TSA: ” We grope so you don’t have to.”
      TSA: ” It ain’t sexual assault if you’re wearing a badge!”
      TSA: ” The most action you’ll ever get in an airport.”
      TSA: ” Because F*&# you that’s why!!”
      TSA: ” They can’t say no!”
      TSA: ” Taking your shampoo since 2002!”
      TSA: ” Making shoe fetishes acceptable since 2005!”
      TSA: ” Too fat for the police? Too stupid for Arby’s? Give us a try!”
      TSA: ” All your clippers are belong to us!”

  9. Personally, I see nothing wrong with TSA agents asking airline passengers questions based on their behavior in line, whether spoken or non-verbal. I mean, if we’re going down the “show me your papers” route, we might as well use interrogation techniques to ID potential bad guys and gals. amiright?

    More the reason to get rid of the bush Jr’s (the moron), Patriot Act and air port enema squad.

  10. The best idea I ever heard for airline security was to give every passenger who wants one, either a gun or a loaded magazine, selected at random. That way nobody (except people already smuggling weapons on board) will have a functional weapon without at least two people concurring it’s necessary.

    Collect them at the end of the flight, wipe them down with Purell (can’t be too careful, you know) and reuse for the next flight.

  11. Simply put, no; you are not right. Loss of freedom to gain a measure of security means that we have neither (paraphrasing B. Franklin). End TSA and most other intrusions upon freedom.

  12. Ok let me see if I got this right. Hot blonde college student does a finger gun to another passenger and TSA decides to screen her. Sounds like they were being c@ck blockers.

    If I’m wandering through an airport and some hot blonde gives me the finger gun I might just think I’m gonna get lucky with her… Then MRSATFAgentBob hits me with the cast iron skillet she keeps in her purse and I wake up 3 days later in the ICU and can’t remember my name. Guess the blonde was so dang good it put me in a coma or maybe it was the skillet. I like to think it was the blonde. Wait what was I talking about?

  13. They can take TSA and the airlines and stick ’em

    I’ll never fly or go to events or anywhere else where you are required to submit to a search.

    I’ll stand my ground in the state where I was born on my own property.

    Molon Labe!

    • My older brother used to fly a bunch because of his job. Shortly after the whole TSA thing began he noted it had on good effect: not as many people flying!

      That was before they pulled him from a flight because his name was similar to one on the “no-fly” list…

  14. I had had an extremely deep dislike of the TSA ever since my first encounter with them. Dec 2003, coming home on R&R from 10 months in Iraq. Our plane load of uniformed servicemen and women, who just de-planed from our ACME Airline flight have to go thru security to make our connecting flights home. The TSA had everyone remove our boots, belts, dump pockets and stand spread eagle while being wanded and re-checked because something beeped. I was pissed beyond belief, I had Iraqi dust and dirt still in my uniform, and these worthless asshats had 100 plus combat vets….who JUST got of a plane from Iraq via Kuwait to Atlanta, being searched like we just committed a crime. I despise them today just as much as I did then. Their idiocy knows no bounds!

    • Pilot: And if you look out the right widow, you can see city looks like a sh_t-hole (Prez didn’t say it, evil POS ahole (D) Durbin) from up here too.

  15. TSA is unconstitutional and anyone who likes the idea of being taken out of line for questioning doesn’t understand the 4th Amendment and why it exists.

  16. All the really fun aunts & uncles living outside of Texas, have passed away.. Any place inside Texas is within driving distance.
    Haven’t flown since long before 911. Have zero interest in flying ever again.
    Love road trips in my 2009 Honda Element, with one of my Golden Retrievers.

  17. The TSA questioned her because of what she did? That’s called “PROFILING” and TSA can’t “PROFILE” anyone. That young lady should sue their backsides off.

  18. I got hassled by TSA at Logan Intl because…..I held my creditcard style US passport between my teeth whilst getting out my boarding pass. “I don’t want your damned germs….” But the fascist fucktard was wearing blue nitrile prostate exam gloves.

  19. If the crew and passengers were armed the bad guys would look for a another place like a easy picking gun free zone.

  20. Back in the seventies during the hi jacking era start a man greeted his friend Jack aboard a plane. “Hi Jack” he said and madness with hilarity ensued.

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