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University of Texas Austin campus at sunset-dusk - aerial view

The Texas Senate voted Wednesday overwhelmingly to allow people with concealed handgun licenses to carry guns on the state’s public college and university campuses. ‘Our CHL holders are the most law-abiding members of our society,’ said Sen. Brian Birdwell of Granbury. ‘The right to self-preservation is what the Second Amendment and Article 1, Section 23 are about.’ The bill passed to the next phase despite heavy opposition.” Prepare for burnt orange blood to flow in the streets of Austin.

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  1. About damn time. I was a part of the Students for Concealed Carry on Campus movement back when I went to Texas A&M. People always had the same stupid arguments about why 21 year old college students, mostly seniors, grads, and GI billers, shouldn’t be allowed to have guns at school. My favorite was the Idea that all arguments would devolve into knife fights, or that students would be threatening teachers with guns. I pointed out that I, every other student at the booth, and often times most of the people I was arguing with, were all carrying some kind of pocket knife, and yet, no spontaneous knife fights! I never even tried to settle the argument the ISIS way!

    • That a-hole senator Rodney Ellis was making the same argument. He’s the one who treated Suzanna Hupp like dirt. Bast@rd.

      Thanks for your activism. I wish that group had existed when I was in college. I’m an Aggie too, btw. Chancellor Sharp’s letter in favor of the bill was outstanding.

    • I run this exact argument myself, though I was never part of the Campus Carry student org. How many academic arguments have you seen devolve into fistfights, which have a much lesser penalty and therefore should happen more than a hypothetical shooting? None? So why do you think it will happen with licensed concealed carriers?

  2. “Prepare for burnt orange blood to flow in the streets of Austin.”

    It’s great to mock the antis with their own rhetoric.

  3. The House Homeland Security and Public Safety committee meets next Tues at 8am. It’s likely that OC and CC will be voted on then.

    • Thanks for all your reporting. I’m going to drop by my rep’s (Joe Straus) local office and talk to his staff, on the theory that a visit scores a few more points than a call or email.

      • That should be an interesting visit. Given his track record, he’s probably doing everything he can to sabotage anything having to do with the furtherance of gun-rights.

  4. Good.

    Although we all know that, gun owners being human, sooner or later there will be some nitwit who gets in the news and has a carry permit on campus. Ugh.

    • Naturally. And the mainstream media will blow it out of proportion, twist facts, manipulate it and make it something it’s not. It’s like photos of MDA pow wows. They get the camera angles so the 5 or 6 hens looks like a entire flock.
      The nice thing though, the antis have lost and their game and tactics have become obvious.

    • Yeah, we had that happen here in Idaho after campus carry passed. Of course, the “incident” was when an Idaho State University professor with a permit had a gun “accidentally discharge in his pocket”. Not a “drunken frat boy”, but an actual member of the intellectual elite. Since this ND did NOT fit the anti-gun narrative, there was virtually zero media coverage of it.

  5. My daughter’s currently enrolled at UofH, one of the most crime-ridden campuses in the state. She has her CCW, well-trained in handgun use and safety, but is relegated to being a defenseless target because of the “gun-free zone.” Too bad she’ll have to graduate before this sees the light of day. Still progress for all of us in Texas who are still celebrating passage of licensed open-carry. God Bless the Lone Star State!

  6. Campus Carry is really starting to gain momentum. This really is great. Hopefully Alabama will come along soon.


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