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CNN reports that The Pulse nightclub killer called 911 during his attack to pledge allegiance to ISIS, and made some kind of reference to the Boston Marathon massacre. It’s also now known that the FBI had opened two investigation on the murderer. t least one witness claims the shooter shouted Allah Akbar during his attack. Omar Mateen’s wife claims her husband beat her, FWIW. A

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    • Just what I was thinking as well. This morning, my rabbi said that we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Uh huh. I be thinking’ that were the murderer white, the Lame Stream Media would have him a Southern Republican Tea Partier in a heart beat.

    • Well, she would be right. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

      Of course, the best therapy for that particular ailment (ISIS) is a lead supplement, 55 grains or more, apply once to the face. If symptoms persist, reapply as necessary.

  1. Trump was right. No more Muslims and no more gun free zones.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh, as I thought it did when I first heard it too, but it’s come to that now. Islamics, for some reason, do not normalize in the US. And they can – and do – got rogue without warning. There’s a reason why Japan does not grant muslims citizenship. You don’t see us slamming Japan for human rights violations. You don’t see the media scorning Japan like they did Trump when he said it. They need to be held collectively responsible to clean up their own act now, and have to show that they can normalize before we start letting more in. Islam had radicalized and the politically correct crowd is incapable of making the decisions that need to be made.

    The gun free zones just goes without saying.

    • Wahabi Islam was let out of the genie bottle with the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Saudi Arabia send missionaries to Inspire the faithful and fill them with Wahhabi teachings and propaganda.
      Saudi Arabia is not our friend.

      • Don’t forget the Wahabbis have been very active in another country for over 150 years.

        That country is: Afghanistan

  2. Just workplace violence…nothing to see here.
    I see already the Libtard press is screaming for Gun Control.
    Tom Brokaw, Bolshevik Sanders, Chuck Todd, Joy Reid, and others.

  3. Way to go FBI! Keepin’ the homefront safe…a moose-lim who beats his wife-PERMITTED/ALLOWED by a Pakistani cleric not long ago..

  4. what we see here is a textbook example of wahhabi/salafi terrorism. People (especially here) are quick to blame the blanket term of “Islam” but that only ignores the true culprit: Wahhabism. This is the doctrine followed by ISIS, Al Qaeda and some of our so called “allies” like Saudi Arabia. Sure there are Shiite terror groups but the vast majority of terrorist attacks are committed by wahhabi nutjobs. Most Sunnis believe in normal sects that are of their native region, but Wahhabism has spread like a cancer among sunnis in the west, creating more potential terrorists. The answer to this problem isn’t clear: Trump’s “muslim ban” would adversely affect millions of normal American Muslims such as myself, and letting in refugees without proper screening as the left wants would only cause more problems. I think a good first step is getting rid of the Saudi influenced clerics in the US and arming law abiding citizens. The left will obviously come after our “assault weapons” and “high capacity assault clips” again, so throw every dime you have at the NRA, GOA, Pink Pistols, you name it. This fight could be longer and harder than the legislative struggle after Sandy Hook.

    • OK, so who defines “what is Islam?”

      I’d say that the people who control Mecca, the Ka’bah and the site that is the destination of the hajj… have a pretty strong claim to define Islam.

  5. It’s being reported by Fox that the guy who did this held a security position of some type within the state of Florida and held a “statewide firearms license” (ccw? Help me out here Floridians!) Either way, he passed background checks. I’m sure you won’t see that widely reported though as it blows a big hole in the UBC myth the left loves so much.

    Regardless of the immediate politicization of an event like this, it’s still a very sad day. Condolences to the victims and their families.

  6. Yeah I agree with you 100% Saudi Arabia is not our friend.And these Islamic Jihadist Need to be eliminated out of our communities And not allowed to come back into our country. We need to tighten up borders And it’s been long coming if you travel anywhere in the world Coming into the country being a foreigner It’s a little bit more secure going to the UK or going to Holland Germany You actually go through some security protocols before you get into the country or borders on the way back to this country are a joke.

    • The more and more I started studying Islam, the history of same, etc, the more I came to realize that since the Arabs tipped their hands in the ’73-’74 oil embargo, Saudi Arabia has not been a friend, much less an ally, of the west. They haven’t been shy about showing their hand, and they’ve never made any alterations in the course of their behavior since ’73.

      Because we’re blessed with a political class of either the most feckless idiots or the most venal quislings, no one took it upon themselves to see the snake in our bed for what it was, and we’ve been shoveling truckloads of our wealth into their fetid economies for decades, when we should have been developing our own oil and energy resources. Much of the money we ship to Saudi Arabia ends up in the hands of the extended royal family, many of whom have Salafist inclinations or sympathies. The 9/11 report from the government has 20-odd pages that have been redacted, supposedly to protect the Saudis.

      It is long past time for us to see the Saudis for the enemies they are – and act appropriately towards them.

  7. I’m guessing he had A G Security license Which is a armed security guards license and he had a CCW concealed weapons permit From what I’ve been told so far on the news. I do live in Florida I grew up in Orlando And my father still does and I still live in Florida as well but not in Orlando anymore I hope this helpsOh and yes he had to pass a fingerprint FBI background check for his G Security licenseAnd FBI background check for his concealed weapons permit license and Receive training for that class As well for the security G license So he passed a whole massive bunch of background checks and those aren’t even the ones he had to pass For buying the firearms So he passed at least for federal FBI nics background checks and FBI investigation background checks

  8. So even the Liberal media admits it was a Muslim committing slaughter in honor of his religion. Gee, I’m sure that will really bother Obama and Clinton.

  9. Am I reading this correctly from other news sites, SWAT entered the club THREE HOURS after the first shots?

    • SWAT officers are usually Patrol officers that Patrol throughout the city of Orlando and when an event like this occurs they are paged Or called and notified of the location in which they respond to as quickly as possible then they have to suit up in tactical armor Grab their weapon from their trunk And then meet with their sergeant and come up with a game plan To how to address the situation. This takes time That’s why the new policy for the police department is if you are involved in an active shooter situation you engage the threat immediately and don’t wait for backup Because by the time backup gets there the entire scene has already happened. The officers that were there responded immediately to the shots fired They were just simply outgunned. A rifle always beats a pistol ask any combat veteran that question.So yes 3 hours does seem to be a long time for a SWAT response But when you figure in The building the entryways the exit Waze And the people that were still inside It sometimes takes awhile for the wheels of Justice to turn.

  10. Does anyone still have a problem with the Government having access to a dead terrorist cell phone?
    The Apple company made a big deal not helping the government in cracking the San Bernardino husband and wife terrorist killers cell phone.
    If 14 dead heterosexuals in San Bernardino does not motivate you, does 50 dead homosexuals motivate you to change your position on a company refusing to help find the enemy?
    We are at war. We should have declared war back on 911. For the record the government should have a warrant.

    It was private companies who helped us win the second world war.
    Hollywood made training and propaganda film.
    Railroads and shipping companies organized themselves to be more efficient.
    The labor unions did not strike. In fact labor unions killed Italian American and German American citizens on request from the FBI, who spied for the enemy.

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