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TL;DR A Black Police officer against Black Lives Matter. Worth the read –

“I realized that some of these people, who say Black Lives Matter, are full of hate and racism. Hate for cops, because of the false narrative that more black people are targeted and killed. Racism against white people, for a tragedy that began 100’s of years ago, when most of the white people today weren’t even born yet.

I realized that some in the African American community’s idea of “Justice” is the prosecution of ANY and EVERY cop or white man that kills or is believed to have killed a black man, no matter what the circumstances are. I realized the African American community refuses to look within to solve its major issues, and instead makes excuses and looks outside for solutions.

I realized that a lot of people in the African American community lead with hate, instead of love. Division instead of Unity. Turmoil and rioting, instead of Peace. I realized that they have become the very entity that they claim they are fighting against.”


Man Gets 2 Years for Sharing Private Information of Celebrities, Government Officials Online – “For some public officials with whom (Mir) Islam and his conspiracy had disagreements, Islam went further and ‘swatted’ them, prosecutors said . . . swatting victims include Steve Heyman, a high profile prosecutor in Boston; a U.S. congressman from Michigan; and Wayne LaPierre, head of the National Rifle Association. Islam’s conspiracy made a fake call to police, leading police to the NRA head’s Virginia home and leading them to “briefly detain” him, LaPierre’s lawyer said.”


Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.03.23 AM

Search warrant: Baton Rouge officers saw butt of gun in Alton Sterling’s pocket, then saw him reach for it – “The details, while spare, provide the first account of what police said preceded the fatal encounter outside a convenience store last week that set up a public outcry anew over fatal police shootings of black men. Two videos circulated of the death have shown officers with Sterling pinned to the ground when they begin firing. Authorities have refused to discuss what occurred, citing an ongoing investigation, which is being led by the Department of Justice.”


We Need a “Blue Lives Matter” Movement—for Gun Control – “The NRA and the police draw their political support from the same demographic groups and from the same political party. If police attacked the NRA, they’d be alienating their strongest supporters; by the same token, the NRA would anger its base by highlighting policy disagreements with police. . . it seems unlikely that police departments and organizations will openly break from the NRA. But if they did, then meaningful, sensible reform of our gun laws might finally be possible.”


From our friends at the ATF: “The graph above is the Number of National Firearms Act Firearms processed in a year.”


New Black Panther Party will be armed during RNC protests – “The chairman of the New Black Panther Party . .  . said his group will carry arms for self-defense during protests at the Republican convention next week if allowed under Ohio law. ‘If it is an open state to carry, we will exercise our Second Amendment rights because there are other groups threatening to be there that are threatening to do harm to us.'”

Texas’ Gun Culture and Politics Made Dallas Shooting Inevitable – “The increasing visibility of high-powered firearms, and state governments’ embrace of the ad-hoc militia principle, bodes ill for everyone, and not just because research shows more guns equals more gun deaths — accidents, suicides, murders — but also because the events in Dallas show some of the risks of that cultural shift.” And yet more than 1000 people a day move to Texas. Go figure.

Daisy BB Gun (courtesy thepeoplescub.com)

What is it like to fire a Daisy BB gun? – “I went to a wooded area to fire the BB gun, a Daisy 509 Buck, probably made by Bushmaster. I bruised my knuckles operating the cocking lever. Taking aim, I closed my eyes, gritted my teeth, and pulled the trigger. The sound of the spring loaded plunger going “boing” startled me. I became disoriented watching the BB arc towards its target. The ‘dink!’ sound it made bouncing off a coke can was horribly loud. The recoil was horrendous, like a bazooka or some other recoilless weapon, and it dislocated my shoulder. I vomited and cried. I still have PTSD. Anxiety. Irritability. Nightmares. I may never again be the same.”

Texas Firearms Festival - Daily Digest: Another Pituitary Hoplophobe, Uber Lifts Lyft, and Questions Gun Grabbers Just Won't Answer">Previous Post
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  1. “100’s of years ago, when most white people weren’t even born yet”

    Damn, I’ll bet that really offended all those Civil War veterans out there…

      • Hey, if it wasn’t for me and my trusty horse Old Paint, the North would have lost the Battle of Gettysburg and we’d all be speaking Alabamian.

      • Judging by the angst of these protestin black there are millions of former slaves living among us. They still wanting that 40 acres and mule?

        You want progress? Stop with the racist “African American” nonsense. You want to be an American and you’re all wrapped up in race then go with black or negro (and actual race). If you want to be African then Lincoln had a place all planned out for your ancestors. Liberia would be a MUCH better place if it can made in to a miniAmerica by new comers just done demand I pay for it.

        • 50 years on and I still don’t understand the hyphenated bullshit. If you just came off the boat, and then have become a legal citizen, I get it – sort of. Very sort of.

          I have a circle of Russian and Ukrainian immigrant friends. They have done all the paperwork, followed all the procedures, and are sworn citizens. Ask them who they are – they will answer “Americans!”. They want to be here. They want to fit in.

          My black friends are just “black Americans”, that’s what they see themselves as anyway. Words matter, and if you really want to separate yourself from being a citizen so much as to declare allegiance to another continent, perhaps we should give you a free ticket to Liberia (or whatever hyphenated country you think of yourself as a part of).

        • I believe Theodore Roosevelt said something about how hyphenated Americans aren’t real Americans because they’re trying to hold onto the failings of the Old Country (failings that we could link to modern “progressive” Europe, communist Asia, the theocratic Islamosphere, and the Third World).

        • Ha! None of those problems were on the horizon when Teddy Bear Roosevelt was in charge. He was concerned about Eastern European anarchists.

  2. Humans have been conquering and enslaving each other for thousands of years on every continent. Maybe not Antartica. Why do people think rich white Europeans invented slavery in Africa a few hundred years a go?

    • I was thumbing through a “Black History” calendar and I don’t remember what day or what year but it was in the 1600’s that the first black slaves were brought to America. My first thought was, we…..were not a nation yet. The U.S. was founded roughly around 1776. So that means, the United States of America did not create the institution of slavery but contrarily ended the institution. Well as a white American, I am proud of my country that ended such an injustice. BTW, My ancestors were in Italy when this shit was happening so if you want me to contribute to reparations then you can pound sand.
      I welcome a “conversation” on race. Don’t be shocked when I don’t say what you want me to say.

      • When these 1st Black slaves arrivedm they found at the English settlers already had White slaves (chiefly Irish and English) and Injun slaves on the job.

        When those Black slaves arrived the English Immigrants had already EXPORTED Indian slaves (to Barbados among other destinations. The Indians were captured in wars of English Colonial aggression in the 1630s. Those Puritans were evil White FUDDS (with guns/superior firepower) way then. Perhaps the Blacks were just too good a crew/help compared to Indians?

    • They may have, but interestingly, most civilized nations have long since done away with the practice. Africa on the other hand, not so much.

      Somewhere in the 3-20MM range depending on what source you choose and what you count as “slavery”.

      • Not to mention the sex slaves the Islamic State is so proud of. Why don’t you ever hear the Black Muslims discuss that?

    • “Why do people think rich white Europeans invented slavery in Africa a few hundred years a go?”

      Note: rich white Europeans did NOT invent slavery in Africa a few hundred years ago … AFRICANS invented slavery. Rich white Europeans were simply the purchasers.

    • “Why do people think rich white Europeans invented slavery in Africa a few hundred years a go?”

      I don’t know much, but I know that the old testament talks a lot about slavery long before there were any “rich white Europeans.” So while they traded in African (and other) slaves, they didn’t invent slavery.

  3. Because of the RNCs status as a Federal function, the law dictates that police may restrict 2nd Amendment rights around the venue. In an interview Ohio police chief said they plan to keep protesters far away as possible from the building property.

    • They *should* be able to carry firearms, as is their Right. It’s the political right, conservatives, libertarians, most Republicans, and the NRA who would support their exercise of this Right. If they value their Right to carry firearms for any legal purpose, they should be demonstrating in front of the DNC instead.

    • I would consider the RNC a whole assload of stupid people, being ragingly stupid, in a stupid place. I’ll stay far away. DNC would be worse, I think. Well I’m not actually sure about that.

  4. So the Black Panthers either plan to hold a peaceful protest and completely validate the Republicans on gun control, or get violent and completely validate the view blacks are violent people?

    This reeks of poor planning.

    • Technically The New Black Panthers, who make the ‘old’ Black Panthers seem rather reasonable, measured, and gregarious. These are hardcore racists, calling for a separate country, and the whole ball of wax. Look them up, worth a chuckle – if they didn’t actually, you know, believe this crap.

      Sadly, chuckleheads acting exactly like this were the excuse for passing draconian gun laws 50-ish years ago (not that it hadn’t started decades prior).

        • ISIS won’t join the New Black Panthers. Considering that most of ISIS’s victims are other Muslims who practice a slightly different Islam, I cannot imagine that ISIS would consider joining forces with Americans. Remember, Islam is not a united group.

    • Honestly, if The New Black Panther party wants to keep and bear arms, shouldn’t they be IN the convention center rather than protesting on the outside?! Aren’t those the same damn ideals as the rest of us? We can just agree to disagree and work the rest out later….long as we all bearing as together it’s all good.

      • The fact that they call themselves “The New Black Panther Party” indicates that they lack the capacity for any serious logical thought. That being said, I hope they do open carry. If they remain civil, it’s a pro-2A message. If they break down, it’s all on them.

        • You may think it’s all on them but that’s not what the laws will reflect that get passed afterwards.

  5. So I ordered the fingerprint cards from the ATF today. Does anyone know how we complete them? Go to local law enforcement and have them take my prints like the ffl cards? Local ATF office? Responsible persons includes beneficiaries however it the verbiage says “may be considered.” Should we assume theyou want those prints too?

  6. Caliber wars! Which is better? A daisy(You’ll shoot your eye out) or an ar15(trauma inducing if your name is kuntzman)?

  7. The Baton Rouge dude was an ex-con with a gun-illegally. And a pedophile. Amazing the lowlife “heroes” black folks have…+1 officer. New black panthers-what could go wrong 🙂 ?

    • So what? We still do not have all the info. Even if he was all those things, you believe that the PD had the right to shoot the guy for no reason? Just because one officer calls “gun” and the guy has no gun in his hand while you are both on top of the guy, does not mean it is a good shoot.

      I will wait for the details, his past crimes have zero to do with what occurred.

      • So what? Maybe you could start “pedophile con’s R Us”. His criminal record absolutely warrants a mention…I’ll reserve my sympathy for someone who deserves it-like the Cleveland kid Tamir Rice…

        • His criminal history is immaterial at the time of the shot, unless maybe the cops knew it at the time.

          It’s called “Objective Reasonableness.” You (or more specifically, a jury) is not supposed to judge the actions at the time of the shooting by information not known at the time.

          We’d like the same consideration in a DGU, don’t you think? Or, are you ready to give up “imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury” as the sole qualifier for “self defense?”

        • Nonsense- I believe Sterling was a known petty criminal. Someone alerted the cops to his gun. AND if you know anything about my hundreds of comment I am hardly known to champion the po-leece…

        • I’m telling you from experience in criminal court that past criminal is rarely allowed to even be discussed (unless the person testifies, which is impossible in this case, and that’s only for “impeachment” purposes…to attack their credibility).

          And further, the case law seems quite clear. The actions of the officers can only be judged by what they knew at that time in regard to the deceased’s ability, opportunity and jeopardy to inflict imminent threat.

          If he was a ‘petty criminal’ as you say, you’d have to:

          (a) Prove these specific officers knew that


          (b) Somehow translate “petty criminal” into “imminent threat.”

          Your feelings about his criminal past are immaterial to the court process that will be (should be) charged with the task of determining if these officers experienced a credible threat to life. In fact, the jury may well never hear of his criminal past, and the officers may not be allowed to talk about it.

          Objective Reasonableness is a thing … a very important thing. The spirit of this legal principle and the case law around it protects all those involved in DGU’s from being convicted (or acquitted as the case may be) on the basis of 20/20 hindsight, which is exactly what you are trying to do here.

          In other words, he was not shot for being a petty criminal, or even a serious one. He was, it has been claimed at least, shot because he had a gun and the cops were in jeopardy. Whether they were in jeopardy and he had both ability and opportunity is a matter for the jury at trial to be decided by weighing all the relevant evidence (of which his criminal history is not).

          Lawyers can weigh in and correct me if I’m wrong; I welcome correction. But, that’s what I was taught (by lawyers) and have observed in court when I’ve testified in felony trials.

        • Of course his (unknown at the time) criminal history is not admissible in court.

          But this ain’t court.

      • Pascal, I don’t disagree in the most abstract with you, but I would offer that the call they responded to involved brandishing said firearm, which demonstrates a willingness to use the weapon, and more relevantly, didja see the video?

        That’s an agitated, adrenalined-up individual. He was is no way completely “controlled” and could have potentially thrown the cops at any moment. He’s a big enough dude.

        So, the scenario is that a guy known to be trouble has been (reportedly) pointing a gun and threatening at least one person. You show up and he’s confrontational, big, and trying to overpower his way out of custody. He is struggling for something in the general vicinity of the gun he is illegally carrying. So, you just gonna let him reach for that piece, or are you going to defend yourself?

        Everybody knows I’m hard on cops, but this is looks like a pretty simple decision from the facts in evidence at the moment. I’m just trying to think of what would change the narrative to make this a bad shoot.

        • Thanks for fleshing out my comments 16V. All Sterling had to do was put his arms up and acquiesce to the po-po…

        • FWW, Anytime. Chicagoland denizens (ok, much former) have to hang together, or we shall certainly be shot separately in Oak Park. Or something like that…

      • “So what? We still do not have all the info.”

        We have a very good video of the entire struggle. I’ve made up my mind. Justified.

        “Even if he was all those things, you believe that the PD had the right to shoot the guy for no reason?”

        No one ever said any time that anyone has a right to shoot somebody for no reason. I saw reason.

        “Just because one officer calls “gun” and the guy has no gun in his hand while you are both on top of the guy, does not mean it is a good shoot.”

        The truth and the whole truth. You left out key components of this altercation.
        1) Alton was being contacted for reports of pointing a gun at someone. Crime.
        2) Alton was not cooperating with police.
        3) (this part is on the video) The police deploy taser which has no effect. Why would they do that if they planned to kill him?
        4) Seeing the taser not working they take him down. Why would they take him down if they planned to kill him?
        5) Alton turns his body during the take down so that he lands with the right side of his body against the parked car. He also has his right arm free under the car. The gun turns out to be in his right pocket.
        6) Only his left arm is pinned. The other cop is on top of him but can only grab Alton’s right wrist which is under the car.
        7) One cop frisks Alton and discovers the gun and alerts his partner by yelling “…gun”. At this point the cop on Alton’s left arm draws his weapon but does not fire. Why wouldn’t he shoot him if they planned to kill him?
        8) After discovering the gun, that officer politely tells Alton “Don’t move or I swear to God…” That means don’t move because I am reaching into your pocket to disarm you and I really don’t want to kill you. But I will if you force me to.
        9) The officer trying to extract the gun from Alton’s right pocket yells “He’s going for the gun”. Then. and only then does his partner fire two or so close range shots into Alton’s chest. If this was an execution, why not give the going for gun alert earlier? They honestly tried to disarm Alton. He was having none of that. To bad, to sad.
        10) After the first shots, both officers clear. The video looks away but you hear this: “get on the ground”. followed by more shots. Alton was still armed and was trying to get up. It’s a gunfight weather he had the gun in his hand or not.
        Please stop using legitimate cases of justified shootings as proof of corruption. It weakens your side’s argument. If there is a real problem out there then there should be no problem making the case with bad shoots. I have seen some. Most of them were white guys being shot so I guess Good Morning America is not interested in those.

        I will wait for the details, his past crimes have zero to do with what occurred.

        • A lot of TTAGers are schizoid. On the one hand they see the black thug culture yet when one of these thugs ends up dead at the hands of the police when violently resisting arrest they sound like the BLM crowd.

        • Very good explanation of the events based on what we know.

          I’ll add this: even if this guy was innocent of the brandishing charge (which, no, I bet he wasn’t), he was fighting the police while (illegally) armed with a handgun. Unless the police (and therefore any citizen) is supposed to wait and let the bad guy actually pull his gun out before addressing the the threat, there’s justification for the shoot.

          And if your justification of ‘imminent’ is at that level you might as well say the bad guy gets one free shot first.

    • Didn’t know pedophiles fucked teens, last I checked they wanted to get in the pants of preteens, not teenagers like most of our grandfathers did.

    • Yeah, I was just poking fun at the 200+ year old white people part. I know what he was trying to say. But the rest of it was things I already knew from first hand experience in and among the black community. They don’t mind keeping their opinions quiet when you are the only white guy in the room.

      Things overheard at the water cooler:

      1) The NRA is responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death because they lobbied FL to pass Stand Your Ground laws.

      2) The Constitution was written for European Americans so we (blacks) are not bound by European laws.

      3) They owe us for slavery. We didn’t ask to come here.

      4) My daddy only voted Democrat and when I was living with him he said this house will only vote Democrat and that is what I tell my kids.

      5) The police and white people are hunting young black men down like dogs in the street.
      (To which my reply is “How did you survive? You are only 6% of the population so if we are killing you, we sure are doing a sorry job of it. There would be none of you left.” Then I tell them how many black babies were aborted and that the most dangerous place for a black person is in his mother’s womb.”

  8. “…state governments’ embrace of the ad-hoc militia principle…”

    Yeah, how dare a state like Texas embrace one of the bedrock concepts on which the country was founded?!? What are they, some kind of crazy Constitutionalists or something?

    “…and not just because research shows more guns equals more gun deaths…”

    Hmmm… Let’s see, in the past fifteen years or so, more than a hundred million new guns have been sold to civilians, while the number of people killed each year with guns has remained more or less constant. Heck, the last eight years has seen a steady decline in “gun deaths”, while firearm sales have skyrocketed. Seems like maybe more guns doesn’t equal more deaths at all.

  9. I just hope my white privileges don’t get revoked……i kinda enjoy the complementary appetizers and mini bar on public transportation.

    Just saying….

  10. “The affidavit indicates that homicide investigators sought the search warrant and retrieved surveillance video from the Triple S Mart a few hours after Sterling was pronounced dead. ”

    And yet, the lawsuit filed by the owner of the Triple S Mart claims they stole his security video system, stole his cell phone that he was recording video on, and unlawfully arrested him, long before applying for any warrant.


    • The lawsuit is a joke. He admits to complying at first, then rescinding compliance when he could not be present. They then excercised a 48 hour hold on him, suspecting him of some type of criminal activity. For one thing, bootleg CDs were being sold outside of his shop, with his consent. Also, look at all of the “tobacco pipes” he has on display. For some reason, this guy wants ALL of the evidence they found that night thrown out to PROTECT HIMSELF! It’s the only logical explaination. If it wasn’t for him, there would be no federal investigation, we would have already seen the surveilance footage, and these cops would already be cleared. There is no way around it.

  11. New Black Panthers, eh?

    Hint: wearing a mask to hide your identity is probably not the wisest move if you plan to open carry. Kind of raises the suspicion flag. Someone didn’t think their strategy through…

    Just sayin’.

    • Some states still have anti-KKK laws on the books which prohibit masking one’s face at all, and most certainly while armed. The laws are not specific as to Klan members. I don’t know about Ohio, except to note that it is an open carry state (with restrictions excluding school zones and establishments selling liquor for consumption). Loaded firearms cannot be carried in a motor vehicle except with a CHL.

  12. I don’t have any issues with the New Black Panthers showing up armed. They are the biggest bunch of blowhards and pussies in the known universe, so there’s nothing to be worried about at all. I just hope they let their aunties know where they are, so that they won’t be worried.

  13. The New Black Panthers showing up at the RNC Convention armed might be problematic because they might be overly anxious to use those arms. But they have even grander plans as described in this article from Conservative Tribune:


    If you live in any of those five States, your life might be about to get way more interesting than you ever hoped for.

    The fact NBP would even talk openly about this says something about them I would not care to characterize.

    • Interesting read DerryM…c’mon homies let’s take over 5 states with enormous white gun ownership:) !

    • I remember when libertarians decided they wanted to try and take over ONE state so they’d have a little more ‘concentrated’ political power. Divide that attempt by 5 and I think we can imagine how effective the new black panthers will be (shoot, can’t divide by zero)

  14. OK am I the old one that blew up the black panther part pic and looked at the muzzle and see the hacksaw cut where he was originally cutting it too short?

    • Man I hate Samsung auto correct,
      OK so am I the only one that blew up the black panther part pic and looked at the muzzle and saw the cut about 1/2 way though where he was originally cutting it too short?


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