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He was going to be Biden's gun control czar...remember? (AP Photo/Richard W. Rodriguez)
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“Most of us grew up with firearms. I did at my house, where my dad kept a gun for protection, where we had guns for hunting, where I was taught how to safely use a gun by my great uncle Raymond, who was sheriff’s deputy and the jail captain at the El Paso County jail,” he said.

— James Pollard and Patrick Svitek in Beto O’Rourke went after assault rifles in his run for president. Will that hurt him with gun-loving Texans?

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  1. You go for it, big guy.

    Please. Please push confiscation as hard as you possibly can. Please.

      • Isn’t Whataburger hiring? Perhaps Beatoff could take care of the tables and trashcans. Unlikely to be reliable though.

    • First they establish their gun owning, shooting, hunting “qualifiers.” Next comes their very own and sensitive sounding “logical” reasons to put locks and chains on, “Your Rights.” It is amazing how nasty nice sneaky Gun Control zealots are who hope their audience is clueless and does not know that Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is Rooted in Racism and Genocide.

      Now if Gun Control zealots were honest they would be wearing sheets, pointed hats and swastikas. And for stage props have some Black Americans in slave shacks and some Jews in gas chambers. Now that’s being “Honest” about Gun Control.

    • “Please push confiscation as hard as you possibly can. Please.”

      *Applause*… 😉

      • “…because she believes few Texans own AR-15s…”

        Honestly, the real danger is that conservatives become too complacent because their opponents are working so hard to lose…

        • Maybe…maybe not. I hope that he does push confiscation again and flushes a ton of Bloomturd money down the toilets to get a whole lotta…NADA. Third time’s the charm Francis. Please run—right into the dirt you’re so fond of eating.

    • “the power of this rifle”?….once saw a sgt. place the butt of his M-16 on his chin and fire the weapon just to show us how puny the recoil is….

    • Ah, wait! Just a few years ago he *WAS* laughed out of the state! Still, he is right, his gun control aspirations won’t hurt his chances a bit, since he does not HAVE any chances. What he has is a pot full of money he cannot spend on anything else, bet he can pay himself a big salary if he is “running for office”.

      • Or hire his family as “consultants”, pay them exorbitant salaries and then they can kick back a chunk of it to him later…

  2. It all depends on enough West coast transplants in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and a few select other precincts to sway the election ; same shit happening here in Mn. and East coast states. It’s like a Locust invasion

    • Thank God not all the west coast transplants are liberal. Met a guy today that had moved from California to Texas three years ago. Said he couldn’t stand being there anymore. He complained about public schools, cancel culture, vaccine mandates, etc.

  3. Beto and Biden forget about 1/3 of Texas Dems are gun owners….. and being Texans, are unlikely willing to give up their guns.

  4. What the heck is she talking abut, an M16 or an AR15? They are two different rifles?

    How did she get from M16 as being her reference and “Broadrick said such automatic rifles shouldn’t be accessible to all” to an Ar15 which is not an automatic rifle?

    Is she talking about people who modify AR15’s to be automatic rifles thus violate the law?

    There is no commercially made AR-15 intended for the civilian market sold in the U.S. that is manufactured as an automatic rifle.

    So what exactly is she talking about?

    I get the idea, but I don’t think she has an idea. She’s conflating all over the place to come up with a false narrative.

    • Yes the media does this all the time, on purpose. And all the dem politicians and whatever police chief, corrections officer, or military brass who can say “I shot all those machine guns, I shot the m-16, no citizen should have access to those weapons of war!” She shot an M-16, which the article says is like an AR-15. So ban those automatics (they play fast and loose with distinguishing fully auto and semi when obfuscation is the plan). Though strangely I have to have a special dealer license/tax to buy an M-16 and a letter from a client Mil/LEO, or I need to go through a special process and BG checks to buy a rare and crazy expensive transferable M-16, so how is the AR like that?

      That’s the point though, both guns are scary, equally dangerous, and should either be 100% banned or they at least want to make the point that ARs are basically the same at an M-16, so you should have to go through the same hoops to get an AR.

      It’s ok, like she said, hardly anyone in Texas even owns an AR….

  5. I was going to buy an AR-15 but just the mere thought of it was enough to cause a small earthquake in my neighborhood which knocked down every tree in a 400 yard radius. That’s the power of the AR-15. I won’t even type the word M-16 for fear of…oh crap.

  6. You have to know that something is wrong when a person doesn’t understand the difference between a semi auto ar15 and an automatic m16 used by the military and law enforcement.
    The problem with most anti 2nd amendment folks is that they know little to nothing about the firearms they want to ban, about the statistics related to those firearms, nor acknowledging the type of person that goes around shooting people without cause or is simply a criminal. If the average firearm owner was in fact as dangerous as they believe we are there wouldn’t be any of the anti 2nd Amendment people around to complain about us. There are over 150 million firearm owners in this Country and enough firearms in circulation for every single man, woman and child. So for most of these folks ignorance is bliss. Very few of us are like Alec Baldwin who despite knowing how to handle a gun did not follow the most basic rules and killed one person and wounded another and he is an anti gun person. Talk about hypocrisy.

    • “…when a person doesn’t understand the difference…”
      She understands just fine. So do many of the other people making the comparisons. They count on the public’s ignorance to keep them afraid.
      In other words, they’re liars.

      • Yeah, I get all confused when Toyota runs a Camry commercial during a Nascar race on the tv at the bar… all that it would need is a number and some sponsor decals on it and you could be out on the track too, right ?

        • all that it would need is a number and some sponsor decals on it and you could be out on the track too, right ?

          That and a pushrod style V8 engine which Toyota does not have (theirs are provided by Chevrolet)

        • once upon a time they used to call it stock car racing….those days are long gone…the closest thing to it these days is IMSA…..

        • once upon a time they used to call it stock car racing

          Back in the day when a guy would tool around the track smokin a Camel or a Lucky Strike (no sissy filters for THOSE guys) in those big old full size (actual) cars with a roll bar and a seat belt thinkin about that cold beer waiting at the end of the day and that hot little number he met at the bar last night… Hmmmmm the good old days… When you could actually tell which car was what because it looked just like the one on the dealers lot…

    • Don’t sweat it dprato. The idiots also claim to not to understand “immigrant” vs illegal alien. “Undocumented’ vs not US ID. Abortion vs “Choice”. Voter ID vs ID for anything else.

  7. We all know here in Texas he has zero chance of winning. He knows he has zero chance of winning. This is so he can get millions of dollars from fat cat rich Democrats. It ALL won’t be spent on his campaign, he’ll keep quite a bit of it. As will his minions and lackeys. This is the Democrat version of GoFundMe.

  8. “…she doesn’t think his words will damage his political future because she believes few Texans own AR-15s…” Reminds me of the Upper West Side of Manhattan woman who said she was shocked that Nixon was elected because she didn’t know anyone who voted for him.

    These people live in an alternate universe. They’re fascists with a smiley face. But, go for it Beto! Keep talking! It just polarizes and hardens opposition to the authoritarian, totalitarian policies of the modern Left/Progressive/Democrat party.


    • No, he didn’t.
      Cruz barely even campaigned. Didn’t run ads until 2 weeks before the election, and even then at 1/60th (real number) the frequency of O’Rourke. Cruz couldn’t even hold an effective fund raiser because no one believed he’d have to run a serious campaign to win. And he didn’t. It was a collosal waist of money by the Dems, who were openly mocked by even Texas liberal media like Texas Monthly. Texans have never liked Cruz much, just for his personality. Still, next to O’Rourke, Cruz won the race by just putting his name on the ballot.

  9. “While Broadrick acknowledged that Democrats have debated the wisdom of O’Rourke’s comments [about confiscating AR-15s and AK-47s] , she doesn’t think his words will damage his political future because she believes few Texans own AR-15s.”

    When a politician doesn’t know their constituency, they are doomed to fail.

  10. If you could hear inside the office of any Treasurer for any Texas gun rights organization, it would sound like laughing and dancing. This looser is going to assure that gun rights stay front and center during this election. We could not possibly have asked for a better candidate.

  11. Francis O’Rourke will automatically get the votes of the libs of Austin and Leftist pockets in the other large cities, but he is not electable in TX unless he decides to run for Congress again in one of those Leftist locations and even then he might crash in the primary.

  12. All the RNC needs to do is run the clip of “O’Bozo” saying “Hell yes I’m gonna take your AR15s and your AK47s” every hour on the hour in every media market in the state… It’s the gift that keeps on giving… O’Bozo would do much better if he moved to Kommiefornia or NY… Go get em O’Bozo, show em what you’re made of.. What happened to Braindeads promise to make him the “Gun Czar”? Was he too radical for “The Big Guy” or just too toxic to get Senate approval? O’Bozo makes Chipmunk look like the poster boy for gun owners…

  13. Y’all(in a Texas accent)forget how close Beatoff got vs Ted Cruz. And look what’s in the white house. This boy will have 90% of the lamesteam behind “him”.

    • That ship has sailed. Keep in mind that Democrats were riding the blue wave of the Russia Collusion Conspiracy Theory during the 2018 midterms. Democrats nationwide were contributing to Beto while the media was pushing the notion that he had a chance. People got to know him better when he ran for president, and even Democrats didn’t care for him. At this point, I feel like he’s just milking it with nothing to lose.

      • even Democrats didn’t care for him.

        Kamaltoe couldn’t get 1% of her own STATE to vote for her in the presidential primary, now she’s one fall up the stairs to Air Force One away from the big chair in the Oval Office…

        • Yeah, but even the Leftist Scum understand that female Marxist is pure electoral poison.

          That would be something very interesting to watch – How would they run someone with the lowest approval numbers for a major office in history?

          She’s more hated by the masses than even my little demented troll… 🙂

        • Yeah they’re trying to find a way to replace her before Braindead goes full blown catatonic but what’s their “solution? Buttjuggler? Rather have Kamaltoe at least she’s too stupid to do any real harm whereas Buttmann is just smart enough to reek real havoc with his vision of a new and improved America… “Happy days are here again” unless you happen to be white, heterosexual, male with a job then you are screwed… It would take Kamaltoe a week to find the Oval, 6 more months to stop that stupid cackling then the rest of the term would be spent flying around the country doing all the talk shows since she has NOW been to Europe…

        • latest reports say she may be on the way out…some friction there..buttgig not popular with blacks…think Pelosi.

    • But he didn’t. See my comment above. Beto lost against an unpopular guy that didn’t even run a real campaign.

    • Please explain how a state that is voting more and more Republican with each cycle is becoming purple.

  14. “Beto’s Promise to Confiscate ‘Assault Weapons’ Won’t Hurt His Chances in Governor’s Race”

    depends on the level of voter fraud.

  15. Didn’t Prez Dribblecup promise to make Beto his gun control czar? And here we have little Beto still looking for a job, and just another broken promise from Dribblecup. And the world is still spinning…

  16. Beto supports Biden’s open borders and other leftist policies of this administration. He would probably lock down the state for a bad flu. His problem is not only with his gun confiscation policies, but his leftist views that are not compatible with Texas as a whole. Ca

  17. Beto might actually have a chance if he didn’t run for the presidency and burn all his political capital. Even the dems here in the Austin area are tired of him.

  18. Texas dems have their heads so far up their azzes they can contemplate the inner side of their belly buttons!

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