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Andrew Ward (above) is a Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency Officer. His recent trip to an Outback restaurant in Cleveland, Tennessee didn’t go as expected. His Facebook page tells the tale . . .

Well we had a first tonight…. while I was at work tonight (in uniform) I stopped by Outback Steakhouse to eat supper with my wife. I was approached by the manager and asked if I would put my gun in my truck. I let her know that I couldn’t because I was in uniform. She then went and made a call and came back and we were asked to leave because Outback is a gun free zone.

Note: I don’t blame the manager… but this is ridiculous and we will never go back there ever again.

What is this country coming to? A uniformed Law Enforcement Officer who is sworn to protect and serve the public, is refused service because they have a firearm! I am disgusted and have no other words!!! . . .

Cleveland, TN Outback (courtesy

Folks we need to turn our attention to people like this who try and push their agenda on all those around them. When an entire restaurant full of other happy people were completely fine with my presence. As a country we need to stand up for each other as so many who have shared this post have done. I am truly humbled by the support we received.

In his next FB post, Officer Ward reveals Outback’s initial response:

Update with the situation tonight with Outback- the manager has apologized and is sending us a $100 gift card that can be used in multiple restaurants and stated a lady sitting next to our table felt scared for her life !

Parking lot Outback Cleveland, TN (courtesy Google Maps)

She said police are shooting people and she could have gotten shot in the parking lot [ED: above] and the manager had to walked her and her husband to their vehicle.

We were told it was a policy they don’t allow guns – if we would have known there was a complaint we would not have went anywhere! Seriously she was scared for her life ? We were joking and laughing with our server as we ordered then prayed. What was scary about that??

And then the story went viral, scooped-up by the anti-gun rights but pro-police mainstream media. And Outback backpedalled like crazy.

The manager misunderstood the restaurant’s policy on guns, according to a statement from Bloomin’ Brands, Outback’s parent company, to WLOS.

We’ve always allowed uniformed law enforcement officers to carry their side arms inside our restaurants,” reads the statement. “A manager made a mistake and we have discussed this with her. We have contacted the guest personally and apologized.”

As for Officer Ward, his religion led him to forgiveness:

There was a mistake made and that’s it… we all make mistakes and and must move forward with our lives. If we move forward and learn from our past mistakes they are no longer mistakes but Lessons! I am not nor will I ever be a perfect man…. there was only one perfect man ever to walk this earth and He died some 2000 years ago to forgive my sins.

Whew! We’re back to where we should be: armed law enforcement can carry their guns into an Outback restaurant but legally armed Americans can not. Hang on . . .

[Note: All restaurants in the Bloomin’ Brands portfolio — Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Roy’s — are “gun free zones.” Unless you’re a cop. “We are not disrespectful of the rights of gun owners, we merely want all of our guests to feel welcomed and safe, and frankly see no need for guns to be brought into restaurants.”]

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  1. Gun-Free Zones……..hahahahaha That’s why CONCEALED is CONCEALED. Unless there is a State Trooper with a metal detector standing at the door, my gun is with me.

    • Outback made all the right decisions, intentional or not.

      Scenario 1: They tell the complaining customer – tough titty said the kitty…
      Had they told the delusional and complaining customers they couldn’t do anything and then didn’t walk them to their car because they thought they would be murdered in the parking lot, then whatever minority this group represented would rally on facebook, form a protest, then a mob, shouting the outback establishment were racists, and then spray paint, break windows, then maybe light the place on fire. Whatever commie victimized group they identified with, would be up in arms to destroy them, regardless of the paltry reasons.

      Scenario 2: Cop needs to go…
      They tell the cop he has to go, after all, he is more sane, and more responsible, and would handle being told to leave better, than semi-insane delusional CNN watching archetypes. He would leave, without making a scene, and then the Outback establishment can hand him some money later for a win-win. Cop feels better about the gift card, whiny victim mentality types can get served and leave without making a big scene. Big scenes are minimized all around. Minimal expectation of facebook mob or news coverage of the incident ensues.

      • “whiny victim mentality types” get to do it again to someone else. Inconveniencing people that are right because they’ll act better than the people that are wrong. That is not win-win, that is lose all the way around and sets up for additional losses in the future.

        • I agree. It’s a lose-lose for society, and it certainly isn’t “fair.” But it was a win-win for Outback.

      • Definitely not, rewarding the customers behavior will only cause it to continue. The customer surely has seen a officer before and managed to survive. I would bet their “fear” was only to hassle someone they don’t agree with. Accommodating people like that is exactly how we end up with “gun free zones”.

        • Key word is customer. No customers no business. Outbacks hands are tied. Loose one customer or keep all the customers $$$$$.

        • It’s a shame really…. I never eat at outback which means I can’t boycott them…. and I would if I could….

        • “Gun Free Zones” are a byproduct of insurance liability. Follow the money and stuff makes more sense.

      • Drew is a genital giant, spend five minutes with his family and you will know. He is also a Marine, I applaud the way he handled the situation turning bad into forgiveness. Also, I wood not want anyone else standing behind me when the SHTF/ God help those standing in front.

        • That might be the funniest typo or misspelling I’ve ever seen in a comment in my entire life! ROFLMAO

          I know I’d be scared too if a giant genital sat in the booth next to me. Heck I’d be scared stiff just seeing a giant genital walking around lol.

          Not picking on your spelling, I just really needed a good laugh and you gave it to me so thanks!

          All kidding aside, those folks who were so “scared” sounded like they weren’t all there. That’s just not rational thinking and I’d be more afraid of them than anyone with a gun, LEO or otherwise, in that restaurant. As a former police officer myself I feel for this officer and his family. Despite what some paranoid delusional folks might think, the vast majority of law enforcement officers are good people who are willing to put their lives on the line to protect and help their community. In addition, most departments in the US don’t pay very well and on top of everything else you get to go through stuff like this because somehow the public has come to fear them. Like anything else there are bad cops out there but they are the minority so give the rest of these brave men and women a break, they are good people doing a dangerous job to help all of you and they don’t deserve to characterized and treated as if they were no different from that small percentage of bad cops out there.

        • Well, I have to have a laugh at the spelling error, unless, of course, it is not an error and Drew truly is a genital giant. Being that he is a fellow Marine, he probably is a genital giant.

    • And remember these weak willed, empty skulled morons have the right to vote and they do…Still think “Democracy” is cool kids?

      • Early on in US history, you had to own land to vote. I’m starting to think it was a mistake to get rid of that requirement. People that actually had a financial stake and didn’t just want free government handouts could vote. Or make it like Starship Troopers: only “Citizens” can vote and the only way to become a real “Citizen” is to serve in the military.
        Only saving grace is that the true idiots don’t often vote.

        • I absolutely agree it was stupid to allow ‘universal suffrage’ without having skin in the game. You’re wrong about Heinlein’s masterpiece tho- it was ‘federal service’ for a minimum period of two years, not solely military service, that allowed one to earn their citizenship. Heinlein neglects to go into further detail, but does explicitly state service was not specifically military in nature.

        • Absolutely FKN Agree!!! I would add that Military service Should be a requirement for everyone upon their 18th Birthday. Period… Regardless of mental or physical fitness. Something can be found for them to do. Which in turn gives people a sense of purpose and honor.

        • Service, in the Starship Troopers sense, wasn’t just military service. It included other “dirty, nasty, dangerous jobs”. Either way, the goal was to weed out those who didn’t value citizenship enough to work for it.

        • Absolutely FKN Agree!!! I would add that Military service Should be a requirement for everyone upon their 18th Birthday. Period…

          I like Heinlein’s system from Starship Troopers. Military service wasn’t mandatory, but you had to have military service if you wanted the vote. Couple that with property ownership requirements.

    • I would give the giftcard to some homeless people and give them a ride to that outback. That would be fun for that manager.

    • Carry everywhere, concealed is concealed, and I just added more businesses to avoid; I vote with my dollars.

      • Me too Jeff, I conceal carry everywhere and I also boycott every socialist bastion that is brought to my attention. I fed up to the max with these brainwashed mindless idiots, a bunch of helpless little victims.

    • Cops are far more dangerous to have around than armed citizens, post a sign that says ”no armed govt. agents” and it would be a far safer place

    • That reminds me of a skit that was done on The Tonight Show back when Jay Leno was on it. It showed a photo of Outback’s blooming onion and then photo of Thanksgiving diner. The skit was to guess which meal had more calories. Thanksgiving diner had the same or less calories as the onion, but with more food. Which one do you think I’d want.

  2. Can we say “Criminal protection zone”. Other restaurants can use my money. The offended lady that was scared must have been one from the eastern blue states.

  3. For what it’s worth I’ve OCed in Outback and never had a problem. Which shows that most people don’t notice. I didn’t know Outback prohibits firearms.

    • You are correct Danny, especially in Tennessee where this situation took place, we have a law similar to the 30.06 Texas law. Businesses that ban guns must have the correct signage and corresponding text block posted at all entrances and exits and in the parking lot. The ole’ no 1911’s sticker on one window doesn’t count as a legal notice. No outback I’ve ever been to has any sign of any kind posted, so the worse they could do in Tennessee is ask you to leave and if you refuse they could trespass you. 95% of businesses that have a no guns policy here do a good job of keeping it to themselves, and of course I’m not going to be the one to volunteer to correct them.

      • From what I can tell, they won’t post a 30.06 sign in Texas because they know they will loose a ton of customers.

      • I open carry all the time in the middle Tennessee Dennys I go to. I never have been asked to leave. Been going there for three years now. The food and service are great.

    • I have never had an issue carrying in Outback, ever. In VA we have no law regarding signage. If one is asked to leave then failure could be trespassing. If there is a sign it has no force of law and may simply be ignored.

    • If I was the manager, the snowflake would have been called a cvnt and told to fvck off. That’s lesson one in how to talk Strayan: try to use the C word at least once in every sentence.

  4. ‘All restaurants in the Bloomin’ Brands portfolio — Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian G rill, Bonefish G rill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Roy’s — are “gun free zones.” ‘

    HA! Not in Iowa.

    • Apparently not in Illinois, either.
      Wife and I dined at Outback last weekend. Armed.
      No sign on the door, statutory or otherwise.

  5. Why was the snowflake given the time of day??

    Needed to be escorted to her car for fear of being shot??????? Piss on her food.

    • Funny, that. I’m wondering what did she expect the manager will do if someone in the parking lot did try to shoot her. And who would she call if not armed LEOs.

  6. Hmm what’s more likely, that a person living in Cleveland, Tennessee, was scared by a uniformed government officer carrying a gun, or that it’s a lie concocted in the corporate office located in some major coastal metropolis?

    My guess? An Outback employee pissed off by having some obscure corporate rule used against her or no personal leeway given to her in the face of corporate rules despite that she usually goes above and beyond corporate rules, decides to make a little scene by enforcing the letter of a dumb corporate rule against this officer.

  7. Weird, I’ve been OCing in the Outback in Idaho Falls for the last 6 months without issue. No signs up either, at least not all last year.

    • “Weird, I’ve been OCing in the Outback in Idaho Falls for the last 6 months without issue.”

      Were you wearing LE clothing?

      The incident smells to me more like cop hatred than gun hatred, the gun was just the excuse…

      • “The incident smells to me more like cop hatred than gun hatred, the gun was just the excuse…”

        Since the complainer said police are shooting people and she could have gotten shot in the parking lot and the manager had to walked her and her husband to their vehicle, I would bet you are right.

        • Right. I can’t help but wonder what she thought the unarmed restaurant manager could do to keep an armed LEO from shooting her in the parking lot!? Sounds like a prototype self-important snowflake to me, like people (we’ve all seen them) who want to get in your face and SCREAM that you shouldn’t be allowed to carry a gun because it scares them so bad. “Noisy bitch, you don’t *seem* very scared! Go down to the ‘hood and scream at a banger or 2.”

  8. I feel for the people who work in that restaurant. Imagine having to work for a manager who doesn’t have the people skills to recognize a patron who is simply off their medication.

  9. If he’s looking for sympathy for being treated the same as the common rabble one time I’m afraid I’m having a hard time generating tears over this. One of the king’s men gets the peasant treatment and we should be outraged?

    • +1 His primary reason that he shouldn’t have been asked to leave appeared to be because he had a badge not because it is unreasonable for other peoples phobias to dictate who can dine where. I appreciate an establishment that applies the no guns rule to everyone more than one that exempts cops. Still won’t go there, but I have a tiny bit more respect for their ‘fairness’.

      • How times do change. I recall the years after the Luby’s massacre when Luby’s gave 50% discounts to armed officers in uniform.

      • I would ask the complainer to gather their items and escort them out the door.
        • The same as if the target of the complaint was due to race, hair style, or clothing as long as they were not indecent exposed.
        • People can be refused service for being disrupted of others, dirty, even giving bad odor
        • Military, when armed, will not be separated from their arms.
        • Civilian law enforcement have add prevalence to carry out their duties.
        • Civilians legally armed should not discriminated for being armed.
        • People cannot be discriminated for religion, dress, sex, race, or ancestry.
        • .
        If I think that a firearm was going to be needed at a given location, I would not go near it.
        Gun Free Zones do not even slow down criminals’.

    • Sure sounds like he expects to get the special guy treatment because badge. Does Tennessee have open carry? Georgia does, though I usually don’t.

      Haven’t been in an Outback in many years, but Australia is a bit gun stupid, so an Australian flavored place is likely to be that way as well. The “scared customer” is likely a fabrication by the manager.

  10. Maybe this is just a sign of the pussification of America AND this desire to please everybody’s complaints ? Ladies and gents, this is gonna get a lot worse before it gets better !

  11. Haven’t been to an Outback or any other Bloomin’ Brands in years because of this. I can do a better steak at home anyway. I don’t give my money to any business that tells me I can’t carry.

  12. Sounds like Mr. Wildlife got a small taste of what it’s like to be just a regular POTG and didn’t like it one bit. Welp buddy drink a nice tall refreshing glass of suck it the f**k up and get used to it, because that’s how we’re all treated for carrying. That lady saying she feared for her life? Sheeit that’s normal for a carrier if their piece gets spotted somehow, then we have to talk to the manager and the local PD about it.

  13. Really? That to me is just as awful as saying, “Manager? Yes maam, that 70yr old pastor a few tables over is black and therefore i am scared i will be shot in the parking lot… can you ask him to leave?”

  14. “[Note: All restaurants in the Bloomin’ Brands portfolio — Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Roy’s — are “gun free zones.” Unless you’re a cop. “We are not disrespectful of the rights of gun owners, we merely want all of our guests to feel welcomed and safe, and frankly see no need for guns to be brought into restaurants.”]

    Me and a buddy and our wives were not aware of this policy and saw no firearms not allowed signs a couple of weeks ago when we had dinner there.
    It won’t be a problem in the future as I will not darken their doorstep or any other of their establishments,Outback can go back to the outback.

  15. “…and stated a lady sitting next to our table felt scared for her life !

    “She said police are shooting people and she could have gotten shot in the parking lot [ED: above] and the manager had to walked her and her husband to their vehicle.”

    The odds are overwhelming that this woman has accused people she disagrees with of being “—phobic”. She has just demonstrated what a true phobia is—an unreasonable, overwhelming fear. Log, eye, some disassembly required.

  16. “What is this country coming to? A uniformed Law Enforcement Officer who is sworn to protect and serve the public, is refused service because they have a firearm!”

    Yes, that is the direction that many gun-grabbers want to go with our nation!

  17. Am I the only person who sees the contradiction in the Bloomin Brands statement:

    “We are not disrespectful of the rights of gun owners, we merely want all of our guests to feel welcomed and safe …”

    An establishment which tells me that I cannot have an effective means to defend myself and my family — and provides zero protection for me and my family — does not make me feel either welcomed or safe.

  18. The logic of these people is funny:

    Whiny victim type implies she “felt scared for her life” and says “police are shooting people and she could have gotten shot in the parking lot and the manager had to walk her and her husband to their vehicle.”

    But then goes to a “gun free zone” where cops can freely enter with guns, but no one else can. LOL.

  19. The Boston Opera House has a small sign at the door, where my son & I found staff searching and wanding. I told a staff member that my son & I had LTCs. She told me to talk to the supervisor. Bottom line: tough shite. So we walked all the way back to our car and [illegally] left our pistols there. When we returned home, I checked their website. Their policy was in an obscure “corner”: no guns except for cops _on duty_. Off duty cops: tough shite. Not going back there.

    Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion also searches and wands. Not going back there, either.

    Valid point made several times on LE carve-outs. (See Alan Korwin’s “Only Ones” columns.)

    It is sad that, legal department commentary notwithstanding, people actually believe that they’re “safer” in a “gun free zone”. To me, that says that this disarming isn’t about criminals. It’s about projecting their personal fears onto citizens who are otherwise behaving themselves.

    As my dad would have said: Fvck ’em if they can’t take a joke.

    • “The Boston Opera House has a small sign at the door, where my son & I found staff searching and wanding.”

      Has the Boston Opera House had a problem with gang-bangers in the past?

    • I’ve been wanded and had it beep and they still waved me through while carrying… Another time when it’s beeped they ask and I say oh its a pocket knife, is that ok? When told no I relented and went and put handgun in car… Perhaps a use case for ankle carry, I’ve never been wanded on my ankles to get into a concert…

    • Yes,
      but private citizens/business have a right to allow or disallow which is how it should be.

      If enough people don’t like the policy then they will lose customers and go of business or change their policy.

      That is how a free society works.

      At least the business still has a choice as opposed to the Government mandating them to have a gun free zone.

      • You are correct, of course, but it was the forester was the complaining about property rights effecting people with badges rather than just everyone else. Also a minority here advocate for laws to make businesses allow carry on their property. A vocal minority for sure, though.

  20. Screw you, Officer Ward. You got a brief taste of the same statist sourness the rest of us live with every day. Only your story ended with an apology and a gift card. Now you’re back to being fat and happy and more equal than the rest of us.

    • The officer’s job requires him to be armed and to have that arm secured, many enlightened departments no longer allow officers to store handguns in their vehicle, prevents Kate Steinle events. Would you be okay if the establishment also prevented a carpenter from eating at the restaurant because he had a tape measure on his belt?

      • Well, a better analogy would be if only union carpenters could eat with tape measures, but the rest of us regular folks can’t. Or even better, carpenters who work for the govt could carry their tape measures in public, but everyone else, including carpenters who might be more skilled with a tape measure, cannot carry their tape measures.

    • I never understood the mentality that said decides all cops are statists and therefore anything that happens to them is deserved. The man may be conservative/libertarian card carrying NRA member, while anybody who gets hysterical over the sight of a gun is safely assumed to be a moron. While I understand the desire to have Outback allow any and everybody to carry in their restaurant, private property rights are to be respected. Just don’t patron those places.

      Further, I would like to see places like this let cops be armed. To those cheering that the cop got “equal treatment” (equal enforcement of garbage rules), consider what you’re cheering on. You’re sacrificing some exposure and normalization of guns on the alter of schadenfreude. Not a good trade.

  21. As someone in uniform myself I never go anywhere that I cannot see the food being made. He is a braver soul than I.

    • I’d tell you that you are right to not trust fast food kitchens while in uniform, but honestly you should probably avoid them when you’re not in uniform, too.

      I have had a number of occasions to be “behind the scenes” at Six Flags, which is primarily staffed by 16-18 year old high school kids. Astronomical prices aside, I cannot recommend anyone anywhere eat anything at Six Flags that does not come sealed in a bag from somewhere else, and even then make sure you’re the one that breaks the seal.

      They’re always terrible. They’re just looking for the opportunity to be INTENTIONALLY terrible. Cops. Angry customers. Hot people they want to bone. Ugly people they don’t want to bone. Whoever is unlucky enough to order something when they’re feeling bored at that moment.

  22. The complaining customer in all probability was a high functioning Paranoid Schizophrenic and the restaurant manager was merely stupid.

  23. I’ll carry concealed in every restaurant I go to unless I’m drinking. Nobody has been the wiser.

  24. So because you wear a badge you should be treated differently that us law abiding citizens.

    Oh that’s right 100% of law enforcement never break the law so they should be trusted more than the law abiding citizens.

    This happened at a gun range where were having a meeting a few years ago. They asked the BLM Officer to do the same thing. He complied and came back in without his firearm.

    I see nothing wrong with this and I am sure the are many LE that would agree and if not then they have a problem.

    Great Job Outback for treating all customers equally.

      • Equal enforcement of bad rules is still a step above selective enforcement of bad rules. Now its time to get the rules changed.

        • drunkEODguy said it best…

          “To those cheering that the cop got “equal treatment” (equal enforcement of garbage rules), consider what you’re cheering on. You’re sacrificing some exposure and normalization of guns on the alter of schadenfreude. Not a good trade.”

  25. “‘.. Police have been shooting people, and I’m afraid”, lady a conservation officer is not a policeman, they can enforce laws, but they are not policemen. Would have served them right to go home and get alley jumped. …. Outback’s steaks wear my jaws out

    • In every place I am aware, conservation officers/DNR officers are peace officers and have full authority to arrest and enforce all laws.

  26. Welcome to Australian style gun control! Amazing that the waitress didn’t seize the officer’s handgun and toss it into the metal shredder out back. Hillary would approve!

  27. Outback Steak House is a gun free zone? Ok, good to know. I will not deign to eat at one ever again.

    Imagine if a mass shooter went into an Outback Steak House and took people hostage, and the police showed up and said, “Well, we’d go in there to save people’s lives, but it’s a gun free zone. Bummer. Guess the manager can probably handle this one. Ok, let’s all go home now, fellas.”

  28. Australian rules coming to America?
    Outback is a “gun-free zone” but this is ridiculous, expelling uniformed cops from the restaurant for being armed.
    Let me get this straight:
    An armed, uniformed officer — in his law enforcement uniform — was asked to leave Outback because he had his service weapon (which he’s required to carry while in uniform).
    The manager said it’s because Outback restaurants are gun-free zones.
    But apparently it’s really because they’re cop-free zones.
    A customer complained that having a cop in the restaurant made her fear for her life, because, “police are shooting people.”
    OMG, having a cop in a restaurant makes it scary and unsafe!
    So, rather than expel the paranoid complaining customer, the Outback expelled the cop and his family.

  29. Them not wanting people to carry in the restaurant is news to me. Ours doesn’t have any signs saying otherwise and I have carried there in the past.

  30. Wo ho ho ho ho! we go from “I’m a COP! Respect my authority!” to “I’m Law enforcement officer SWOOOORRRRRRRNNNN to the defend the public!” Now the cop isn’t happy when he has to abide by the same rules as us peons do. No special privilege for you.

    Putting a uniform on someone doesn’t magically make them more capable of handling a gun. It may very well make them worse if they aren’t trained (I.E police).

    You get asked to leave, you leave. I’ve been asked to leave before when I was on recruiting duty for Uncle Sam. Turns out the guy was royally shafted and didn’t want to have anything to do with Ole Uncle anymore.

    Can’t blame them for kicking the cop out, these days they claim they don’t even know why they shot you, shot their partner, or might kill your dog and tell you to decapitate it with a dull knife.

    • Did you actually read the article?

      Not enough time to do that but you’ve got enough to write that little screed eh?

      • I did read the article. The cop wouldn’t/couldn’t put his gun away like everyone else and he got kicked out of the restaurant.
        Today the narrative is “I’m just a benevolent cop doing my duties and sworn to protect you!” Tomorrow it will be back to “STOP RESISTING!” I can’t blame anyone for being in fear of their life when police show up.

        This is just another case of cops wanting to be treated differently than everyone else, I.E, special class, special privilege, etc.

        • You are the reason some of us cops don’t give a shit what happens to the public. When I would see a snowflake after they been victimized I would laugh to my self. Now you need me to help get the bad guy, after my coffee break is over.

  31. We have an Outback here in Spokane Valley. I have only been there once because they can’t seem to cook a steak to save their lives.

    As far as the lady being scared for her life? She’s an idiot. She had gotten away with her drama queen far too long and she should have been bent over someones knee and paddled hard. I have virtually zero patience for stupid unreasonable people.

  32. I’m more baffled by how anyone can eat at any of these chain microwaved frozen food crapholes – are there no local restaurants where some people live?

  33. I’m sorry, but the part about the manager walking her and her husband to the car has me absolutely dying.
    I mean really? What sense or aura of protection did a middle manager from a fvcking casual dining chain convey you with. It’s some literal stranger with a uniform working a job they probably are looking for the first opportunity out of. What protection from police violence were you hoping to get? This sounds like an absolute child like victim mentality, where an appeal to some “authority” figure had to be made to get away from the scary bad feelies policeman.

  34. Anybody’s guess what the manager’s motive was. She may be anti-cop or anti-gun. More likely, telling the cop to leave, instead of the unreasonable customer, was the path of least resistance. Note that she “made a call”, presumably to a superior, before ordering the game warden to leave. I’m skeptical of the claim that she and her superior misunderstood corporate policy.

    What the manager should have done was tell the complainer that the “no guns” policy did not apply to police officers. If the complainer was uncomfortable with an armed officer present, the restaurant would cancel her order and she could leave. In the manager’s place, I would have added that restaurants have been the scenes of armed robberies and mass murders. Having an armed officer as a customer provides them with an armed security guard at no cost.

    In areas where “no guns” signs do not have the force of law, “concealed means concealed” solves the problem for everyone.

    I disagree with those who seem pleased that a police officer was treated as badly as a private individual. Mistreating him, too, does nothing to stop mistreatment of the rest of us.

    • It might create some empathy with us, which seems to be lacking in the modern police force. It might also make at least this one cop a bit less arrogant, which would be a good thing.

  35. Never been to a Outback. Lines are too long. Manager following company policy is fine. That is kinda of a industry standard to have a blanket no weapons policy. It was never meant to include Law enforcement. Having a right to carry does not make you better or superior to non carry people. Numerically, there are more non shooters dinning so it pays to cater to their needs. Not everybody loves guns. I respect that.

  36. Given a option, Out(ov)Business chose a mewling, paranoid, self-righteous whiner over someone calm. self-reliant, and there with a whole family, BTW vetted by the omni-state at least twice.

    Winers make good customers? They have money, or what?

  37. Why should police receive special treatment over civilians?

    This guy was treated EXACTLY how a regular ordinary American citizen would have been treated in the exact same situation. Bit apparently that is unacceptable for people like this guy…

    I guess he thinks he is better than the rest of us, and that the rules and laws that apply to the rest of us don’t apply to him.

  38. ” a lady sitting next to our table felt scared for her life ! She said police are shooting people and she could have gotten shot in the parking lot [ED: above] and the manager had to walked her and her husband to their vehicle.”

    Ah-huh. I’m getting this visual of her unwrapping the foil from her baked potato and fashioning it into a hat…

  39. I’ve never been to Outback, but, after viewing their new commercial for steak & lobster, I thought we’d all go this week. Not now. I vote with my wallet, and Outhouse won’t be seeing any of my money.

  40. What did the scared lady think was going to happen?

    “I love you, pumpkin.”

    “I love you too, honey-bunny”.


  41. Uniform or not, I’d be bloody concerned if some armed nutter started talking to his imaginary friend.

  42. So the dude whose job is to ask to see your papers when you are walking in the woods with a weapon was upset that he was treated like everyone else? And people are upset that a Game Warden wasn’t treated with the proper respect due a police officer. It isn’t like he’s going to stop a crime in progress, unless it is hunting or fishing without a license. All I care is that the restaurant and the holding company is anti-gun, I know about it, and can make decisions based on that knowledge.

  43. I love this site. The comments are so hypocritical!

    You all hate the anti gunners because they treat us all like we’re mass shooters just waiting to be unleashed and that is unfair (eg: don’t punish all gun owners because of the criminals). Next, you all do the exact same thing to them, calling them all ‘libturds’ and ‘snowflakes’ and whatnots.

    Next, a cop on duty tries to have a simple dinner with his wife and gets thrown out for having a gun and you all do it again with the cop this time (eg: welcome to the our world, no special privilege). That is followed by all cops everywhere are criminals who just don’t get caught.

    You don’t get it both ways. The cop was NOT exercising any special privilege. He was on duty getting food. I’ll bet he has a policy that STATES EXPLICITLY that he is not allowed to divest his firearm on duty. Period. That is like saying to a preacher ‘no bible while you’re preaching’ or ‘no wrench while working’ to a plumber.

    This site’s ignorant commenters are so blind to themselves, that it totally negates the point of the site. You are supposed to come here and see different views and ideas and discuss them. Instead, it’s just a place where you can get your rocks off bashing people that you never would in the real world. Hell, I remember one commeter saying that the Tac-Team hunting an armed man didn’t need all that armor because he felt perfectly fine in his yard raking his leaves with .380!

    I’ll issue a challenge to you all: hit up your local PD for a civilian ride along. I guarantee they have that option and IF you can pass the background check, do it. I dare you.

      • I am relaxed. There is no venom in my comment. He wasn’t using a ‘cop carve out either. He was in uniform, therefore, whether paid or not, he was on duty. My challenge still stands though.

  44. Can we get a bunch of LEO’s to go in and eat lunch/dinner together. I would buy one of those meals…
    I would also ask if OC is legal and have a bunch of you go in as well.

  45. If I am ever asked to leave a place open to the public because I exercise my 2nd amendment rights I will sue the establishment. If gay person can sue a bakery for refusing to make them a wedding cake then a legal cwp holder can sue for being denied their constitutional right. It is time to go on the offense with these gun free zone businesses and let them hire attorneys and pay fines and penalties for blatantly denying constitutional rights of citizens.

  46. I guess Im the only person who thinks this is great!

    It, yet again, demonstrates the abject stupidity of “gun free zones”.

    We’ve stopped yet another good guy with a gun and done nothing to stop the bad guy.

  47. I can’t believe this happened in Cleveland, Tennessee.

    The only rational explanation is the whinny customers were probably tourist from California or New York

  48. I like the police. But a private property owner has the right to refuse service to gun carriers. And a on duty policeman in uniform should be TREATED THE SAME as anyone else.

    Representatives of the government don’t get special exemptions.

  49. Manager must have been a snowflake from NY City.

    Everyone needs to email and or call Outback and tell them you will never eat there again, NEVER EVER.

  50. I’ve eaten at both Outback and Carrabba’s while carrying. They don’t have any signs posted. If they did, I wouldn’t go there. If they ever ask me to leave before I finish my meal, I’ll make it clear to them that I won’t be paying if I have to leave.

  51. I’m not getting the Judge Dredd “I AM THE LAW!!” vibe that apparently some of the posters here are getting..I assume he just walked in with his wife to have dinner. Yeah, there are LEOs that are jerks, but the overall description of things doesn’t sound like that… the wishy-washy Bloomin’ Brands firearm policy seems to be the problem here…

    • He wasn’t offensive about it, but my general reaction to “I’m a cop and …” is not positive. If I can’t carry a gun somewhere, why should some game warden be able to?

      My view is that him being in uniform should be irrelevant.

      • Exactly. If Joe Blow can’t walk in with a gun, le, mil, etc, should not be able to either. What is good for me is good for thee.

        Its just another case of “I’m a cop, I’m in uniform, I want special treatment.”

  52. So what? It’s private property and the business can be run as the owners wish. That’s the American way. Plus, the rules of capitalism dictate that if you don’t like how they run their business, you can take your money elsewhere, which is what I plan to do (I was already doing that because their food tastes like shit).
    I don’t see the point in getting all huffy about private property being treated like private property. If you come on mine doing something I don’t like, I ask you to leave, which is my right as the property owner. Same thing here.

  53. Meanwhile the next time I have a hankering for a Bloomin’ Onion I’ll eat there with my customary armament. They can discourage exercise of my personal rights, and I can personally flout their discouragement. It is a very convenient arrangement that harms no one except the one who deigns to take advantage of the gun-free/rob-everyone zone the company so self-righteously established.

  54. This crap is getting past ridiculous. I’ll be dead because I’m an old man, but if I was younger and things were going this way I suppose I’d move to Alaska just to get some relief from the agony of it all. I’m not good in the cold, but I’d take it over living among this sea of retards.

  55. Just another example of a cop that wants to be treated differently than the rest of us. His mommy must’ve really convinced him he’s special.

    • No Sir, the officer was in full uniform, on duty and taking a meal break.
      He did not ask to be treated differently, fact is sworn LEO are exempt from firearms restrictions while on duty.

      • “sworn LEO are exempt from firearms restrictions while on duty” = “treated differently than the rest of us”

        • Also, “fact is sworn LEO are exempt from firearms restrictions while on duty” is not a true statement. It’s close, and good enough for conversation most of the time, but it is not true in this situation. LEO’s are exempt from most firearms restrictions most of the time. They are usually exempt from laws, but not always. For example, only federal marshals are allowed to carry in federal court houses. Another example, a private business can tell a cop to leave the premises as long as some exception isn’t in place (e.g. warrants, exigent circumstances).

  56. “Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Roy’s — are “gun free zones.” Unless you’re a cop”


  57. How much money does Outback lose due to having to give out $100 gift cards due to mistakes such as but not limited to wrongly denying service to law enforcement? Does such losses drive up prices? If so then those that complain about armed cops in the restaurant may be too costly to pander to since not only does Outback end up potentially paying out hundreds of dollars but also risking organized boycotts by law enforcement officers as well as those that support law enforcement.

  58. If something like this were to happen in Texas the Outback manager would be breaking Texas law in the process since armed police is legally a protected class in Texas.

    • Are you talking about the hate crime law? Cuz no one in America has to let a cop into their premises (yes, there are exceptions).

  59. As I told the manager at a national grocery store chain, if I was involved in an armed robbery at that store and had to be unarmed I would grab the nearest employee to use as a shield. The sign saying ‘no guns’ was down a week later. The manager stated that he had discussed it with home office and the new policy was formed.

  60. Where is the publication of the photo and name of the snowflake who was “so afraid” and who asked for an escort to her car in the parking lot? She probably doesn’t know that more people are shot in parking lots than in restaurants. I was robbed at gunpoint by two black males in a Denver restaurant parking lot one cold Monday night. I thought about telling the punks that they should rob people BEFORE they go in restaurants and that I had already been “robbed” once that night. They got my last $6.00 and weren’t too happy about it. And they still had it, when the cops nabbed them about 15 minutes later.

  61. Doesn’t TN allow firearms carriers the right to hold businesses liable if they cannot carry a gun? And now they are kicking out free security?

    This officer is a better person then me. I would have taken the $100 gift card to the drunk tank of the local lockup. Hand it to the guys getting out and tell them there is $300 dollars on there but it has to be used tonight, the same night I was off duty.

  62. Lets be clear here, Outback is in the wrong. But they are not in the wrong because he is a law enforcement officer, but because they want to deprive everyone to the right of self defense. Consider this, while I think cops should be able to carry their firearms, like I think everyone else should, CCW holders have a better track record with regard to bad shoots than police officers do. Of course, there are a lot of good reasons why-cops go into more complex situations etc-but the stats show, regular schmucks with legal CCW permits do better than cops.

    • They (regular schmucks) also do better in the “not committing crime” category as well. At least based on the best available evidence.

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