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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey, File)
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One bit of good news that got lost in all of the Biden anti-gun frenzy yesterday was yet another state joining the constitutional carry club. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed the bill into law making the Volunteer State the 20th to allow responsible citizens to carry firearms without a government permission slip.

From the Tennesseean . . .

In a statement on Twitter on Thursday afternoon, Lee thanked the Tennessee legislature and National Rifle Association for their work to pass the bill.

It allows people 21 and older to carry handguns openly or concealed without a permit, along with members of the military ages 18 to 20. The new law does not apply to long guns, a point of contention among gun rights activists.

When the bill passed the House on March 29, Majority Leader William Lamberth, R-Portland, said it was “not the end of the journey” for expanding gun rights in Tennessee.

Tennessee is the fourth state to adopt constitutional carry in 2021. It’s almost as if that nationwide, bipartisan, public clamoring for more restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms that President BidenHarris loves to talk about isn’t really a thing.



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    • Once we get to 26 States, the argument against “constitutional carry” by other states such as CA becomes more difficult. They will no longer be the majority.

      We’re almost there…

      • This map makes vivid what is called – in the securities markets – “momentum”. It shows the sentiment of voters in the several states.

        Right-to-carry states now number 42. These elect 84 of the 100 senators in Congress. If just half of these 84 were to vote consistent with the voters in their respective states they could filibuster any gun-control bill. If just 60 so voted, they could pass any gun-rights bill.

        The yellow/blue/green colors on the wall are shifting. Politicians seem to be color-blind. Maybe they think that if red has disappeared the GOP is no longer a force to be reckoned with.

        • Sun Tzu spoke about the power of momentum. The problem is overcoming the ignorance and prejudice of the Left which is amplified by their extensive use of propaganda. Democrats know they can say anything without being called out as liars. Puppet Joe says there’s a gun show loophole that avoids background checks. The media that used to fret over “serious” lies like crowd sizes just sits there and nods in agreement.

          Keep in mind, you’re dealing with people that are so intellectually insincere that they say this with a straight face: “Paid leave is infrastructure. Child care is infrastructure. Caregiving is infrastructure.”

  1. Outstanding!

    Now we can be armed, without a government permission slip and without running afoul of the law, while walking, bicycling, and/or driving from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to Canada.

    If only we could do the same from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

  2. Most of the these states constitutional carry laws are only focused on pistols. Only a few of the 20 states with constitutional carry include rifles and shotguns. No movement for constitutional carry in vehicle, except Kentucky. Seems like it would be common sense to include rifles and shotguns in these constitutional carry laws in each state, along with car carry. In Kentucky, you could already car carry long before the signing of its constitutional carry bill. Kentucky did ratify the continuation of its long car carry history along with provisions for rifle and shotgun carry. No talks about car carry at all in each of these states. Kentucky was also an open carry state before it became a constitutional carry state, which makes it different from some of these other states that have passed constitutional carry. Constitutional carry should not be just about pistols.

    • I walked down the street carrying a shotgunm just the other day in Ks., right by the cop shop and a bank, no problems.

  3. Yeah… I’m a purist so I’m disappointed that concealed long guns are excluded. But it’s a step in the right direction.

    • As a manufacturer of trench coats and dusters I too regret the absence of concealed long gun carry.

  4. “. . . only focused on pistols.”

    Well, that’s the brass ring we need to reach for.

    It’s likely to be a long time before we see gun racks in the back windows of automobiles in urban areas. It IS on the horizon that the last 8 high-population states will gradually – or suddenly – have the epiphany handed down to the Illinois legislature by the 7th Circuit.

    Once THAT happens, then it will suddenly become a POSSIBILITY to defend oneself on the street with a (humble) handgun. Thereupon, it will gradually become common practice. 1%, 2%, 3%; 5%; 10%; 15% . . . THAT will break-the-back of gun-control.

    We are not going to revive hunting and fowling among the residents of Manhattan Island. We might see enough of them concealed-carry.

  5. A christian conservative govenor has done it again!!! As well as a majority christian conservative state legislature. Welcome to Fly over country, or the Bible belt, or Jesus Land. Or what ever the three L’s like to call it. I work in TN. So this helps me.
    big (smile)

  6. A history lesson for you.
    It’s called hard work. That is what it takes to get your rights back. You need to show up at meetings. And vote.
    It should be noted that Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee asked for a gun rights bill well over a year ago. It was something he had pledged he would do while running for the governor’s office.

    “Antonia Okafor GOA & TFA Lobby Day In Nashville March 10th 2020”, video 5 min long

  7. Nope, not “constitutional carry”. Some classes of people are good to go to own, but not to carry under this law. None of the other 19 are like that.

    • It’s called advancing the football toward our goal line. I believe Idaho and montana both have “constitutional carry” for only the residence of the state. Has that changed?
      I think this is much better than in California. Better than New York.
      We are winning.

      • From what I’ve read, Idaho recently corrected that. Though I’m admittedly not a resident and only know what the Interwebz have told me.

  8. Outstanding! 40% now. If this keeps up we’ll have to start calling Texas an anti-gun state.

    • That is very good. But I hope the State Attorney General and Local District Attorney’s, as well as police officers and Sheriff’s, back up that state law and refused to enforce federal laws.

      In fact they should completely refuse to support any federal law enforcement whatsoever regarding the Second Amendment infringement.

      If a state can refuse to support the federal immigration laws? Then the state can refuse Federal enforcement of Second Amendment infringements.

      • I can only speak for the sheriff in my county, but he did make a public statement announcing that under his watch Mohave County is a 2A sanctuary county.

  9. I live in TN and its a great place to live and work.
    Unfortunately there has been a huge influx of West coast and East coast people moving here in the last decade. Nashville where I live, has already turned lib…you can see the changes the last year with the homeless population encampments sprouting up plain sight on main roads. The west coast lefties are moving here to escape the poor conditions they created and are bringing their agenda with them. I fear Nashville is lost, if not teetering on the brink.


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