Bryan, Texas workplace shooting
First responders work at the scene of the apprehension of a suspect at a residence in Bedias, Texas, Thursday, April 8, 2021, following a shooting at Kent Moore Cabinets in Bryan, Texas. One person was killed and several people were wounded Thursday in the wake of a shooting at the cabinet-making business in Bryan, authorities said, and a state trooper was later shot during a manhunt that resulted in the suspected shooter being taken into custody. (Michael Miller/College Station Eagle via AP)
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Larry Winston Bollin, 27, of Iola, Texas, was booked into the Brazos County Detention Center in Bryan late Thursday, according to a Bryan Police Department statement. Jail records showed Bollin was charged with murder and being held on a $1 million bond. No attorney was listed for Bollin in the jail record.

Bryan Police Chief Eric Buske told reporters he believes the suspect is an employee at the Kent Moore Cabinets location where the shooting happened. He said investigators believe the man was solely responsible for the attack, which happened around 2:30 p.m. Thursday, and that he was gone by the time officers arrived.

Two of the five people who were wounded at the business were hospitalized in critical condition, while three others were in serious but stable condition, according to a hospital statement. During the manhunt for the suspect, he shot and wounded a state trooper, who was hospitalized in serious but stable condition, the Texas Department of Public Safety said on Twitter.


From the Associated Press . . .

One person was killed and four people were wounded Thursday in a shooting at a cabinet-making business in Bryan, Texas, police said, and the shooter was not in custody.

Bryan Police Chief Eric Buske told reporters he believes the shooting suspect is an employee at the Kent Moore Cabinets location.

By the time officers arrived, the shooter was gone, Buske said. The shooting took place in the bays in a plant where employees make cabinets.

Employees were being interviewed, Bryan Police Lt. Jason James said earlier, and witnesses had identified a suspect. Police were looking for the suspected shooter, James said, but he could not describe that person.

“At this site, when law enforcement showed up it was already over with,” James said.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has sent agents and dogs to the scene of the shooting, said spokesman Deon Washington. He could not provide more detail on what happened and said “it’s a pretty rapidly evolving situation.”

Police asked people to stay away from the business.

Bryan is about 100 miles (160 kilometers) northwest of Houston.


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  1. The police should have told the ATF to leave the premises as they are neither needed nor wanted.

    • But what if they needed to set some cabinets on fire? The ATF is the best at really big fires.

  2. I carry a gun where ever I go. From the time I wake up. Until I go to bed. I’m never unarmed. You are on your own.

      • Double ditto. Ex Marine with combat experience…which means no hesitation.

        No one who is not an aggressor is in danger anywhere I go. But…then there aggressors.

        • Thank you for your service.

          Though I do not have the benefit of Marine boot camp, I have trained with professional shooters, including law enforcement and former military.

        • Only deserters and dishonorable discharged people are ex-marines. Get it right you’re a former Marine. 😎

          Unless you are one of the two above lol

        • My father fought as a Marine infantry officer in WWII against the Japanese. He called himself an ex-Marine. Honorably discharged and went on to become an attorney here in Texas.

          My older brother fought as a Marine infantryman at the beginning of the Vietnam fiasco, and, he called himself a ex-Marine. Honorably discharged and went on to own a successful small financial adviser’s business before his death.

          I served 8 years throughout the Vietnam conflict as an infantry officer, and, my DD214 says Honorable Discharge. I”m now a retired biological scientist with a Doctorate degree from a major medical school.

          So, given the history of my family’s service to the nation and then as they moved on in life to be successful professionals they felt and I feel comfortable to call myself an ex-Marine.

          Were they both alive (which they aren’t) they and I could care less if your insecurities make you cling to your military past service as a significant part of your identity. We were and are more secure in our accomplishments after service than you may be?

        • Slow your roll there Karen. Like you, I served 8 years including multiple combat deployments in support of OIF as a 0311. There is no insecurities in me about only being able to hold onto the title of U.S Marine. It’s just 1 part of me that I and anyone else should be proud of. Maybe times have changed since you were in back in Vietnam but even the Marine Corps as a whole side with my point of view.

        • Karen?

          I was going to respond with Semper fi, brother.

          Not now after reading your be-naming me.

          Adios MF

        • Who was the first to throw insults? “I could care less if your insecurities make you cling to your military past service as a significant part of your identity”
          I threw out a jolly banter between 2 Marines over the terms ex-Marine and former Marine as to which was correct. I’ll make sure to add /sarc at the end next time because clearly with your vast knowledge you can’t pick up sarcasm.

        • “Only deserters and dishonorable discharged people are ex-marines.”

          No collegial or allegiance related banter seen in the above quoted accusations from your post. THAT SET THE TONE FOR OUR FOLLOWING EXCHANGES.

          When you’re intentions are brotherly, maybe you should watch your mouth…brother Marine!

          I served honorably, despite your above accusations, as did most of my family members in the 20th century. YOU INSULTED ME.

          I didn’t take it kindly.

        • Are you capable of reading beyond the first thing you take as an insult? I immediately stated that you are a former Marine with a cool guy 😎 followed only by “unless you are one of the two above mentioned categories” then followed by a LOL. Figured you would’ve been able to read the sarcasm in that the statement implied your a former Marine and served honorably and not the other two.

        • Actually, you have a point.

          I’ve received so much grief for using the term ex-Marine vs. as have many of my now deceased Marine HEROIC relatives used for the entirety of their lives instead of former-Marine online that I’ve become sensitized to it. It’s a distinction without a difference…and I’ve a rather independent personality.

          ex-Marines tend to be that way.

          I’ve re-read your post and I now see your intent.



        • Recently, I saw a T-shirt for sale which said:

          .22, 308, 5.56, .223, and 50BMG…

          …all are faster than a call to 911.

          Laughed my butt of and bought one for me and one for the wife.

        • Wow, you’re easily amused. Ya’ll can go to the flea market and both wear your matching T-shirts.

      • banter between 2 Marines over the terms ex-Marine and former Marine

        Personally I prefer “Marine Veteran” as I prescribe to the OLD CORP Mantra “Once a Marine always a Marine” guess that makes me one of those clingy loser failures (in spite of owning a small trucking co., a home remodeling co in Mass. and closing my working life with a commercial plumbing co. that installed all plumbing and fixtures from start to finish as well as site development in new construction apartment complexes throughout central FL.) I’ll take that kind of failure over a lot of others I’ve seen… Semper Fi my Brothers no matter what you decide to call yourselves… Proud to be one of the FEW… USMC 1967-1975, RVN 1968-69-70-71-72

        • Sic Semper Fidelis brother. I never meant chafe David’s rear end above but you know Marines, bunch of $hit talkers if you stir us up.

  3. Sounds like a disgruntled employee or a jealous rage, etc. One report said the perp is on the run another says in custody. Nonetheless the perp is in deep dodo. You don’t mess around with Texas especially their criminal justice system. Obviously some people have to learn that the hard way.

  4. Why are feds responding to a local matter?

    Yeah. Escort them off the premises, and promise to one day send them a full written report.

    Actually, the plan is to nationalize the entire nation, making states mere precincts.

    • “Why are feds responding to a local matter?”


      It could end up being a hate crime prosecution to exploit!

      Never let a tragedy go to waste…

      • I know this will sound far fetched but how convenient that these ‘mass shootings’ occur just when Biden is trying to disarm America. Unfortunately we have way too many crazy people walking amongst us. Fits nicely into their game plan.

        • NOT so “far fetched” as to rise to the level of improbable or even “inconceivable”…

  5. Those CIA spooks in the MK Ultra Department are working overtime. They could have made the timing less obvious, however.

  6. Media gun obsession and gun coverage directly creates mass shootings.

    When the media was distracted by covid and election, we had an entire year with no mass public spree shootings. Now they’re daily because the media is focused on giving shooters airtime again.

  7. Many times more are shot in inner cities of Democrat controlled cities daily, and for some reason it never makes the news.

  8. Funny how we pick and choose what stories make the rounds. NFL player kills a random family of 5 then himself has been virtually nowhere.

  9. What the fuck is ATF doing there? Not even an FBI case unless they’re asked to assist… What Federal law did this clown violate (oh yeah, MIGHT have used one of them “GHOST” guns)… NOT

  10. Well, look at that. Just when Biden announces upcoming gun control measures, mass shootings ramp up. And just as he announces those actual pending measures, I click on the news and here’s another one.

    It’s always tin-foil-hat conspiracy theories…until it isn’t anymore.

    I’m still waiting for a comprehensive report on the Mandalay Bay / Vegas shooting back in October 2017. The multiple videos showing a second shooter on another floor, the odd “suicide” of the alleged gunman who somehow inflicted a shot to the head from an odd angle, etc.

    But hey, nothing to see here…let’s listen to the President push for more infringements.

    • still waiting for a comprehensive report on the Mandalay Bay / Vegas shooting back in October 2017

      And you still be waiting for that report for however long you might live… Like you said…. “But hey, nothing to see here”

    • Haz,

      I hear John Durham will be releasing the Mandalay Report as soon as he finishes destroying the Hillary email and Seth Rich evidence for which the records retention period has expired.

    • Good morning!

      The authorities have released the name of the deep cover antifa agent working to expand gun control through the use of false flag operations.

      “Larry Bollin, 27, of Grimes County.”

      Evidently the BLM/antifa leadership realized how important it was to plant a sleeper agent at a Texas cabinet factory, what will they think of next?

    • “I’m still waiting for a comprehensive report on the Mandalay Bay / Vegas”

      Well then, here you go! Glad to help!

      “The LVRP concludes that Paddock’s intention to die by suicide was compounded by his desire to attain a certain degree of infamy via a mass casualty attack. In this aspect, the LVRP believes that Paddock was influenced by the memory of his father, who was himself a well-known criminal.1 Paddock’s father created a façade to mask his true criminal identity and hide his diagnosed psychopathic history, and in so doing ultimately achieved significant criminal notoriety.“

      • In this aspect, the LVRP believes

        Believes? Based on what FACTUAL evidence? They are speculating, hypothesizing while COVERING for something else… I “BELIEVE” YOU are a schizophrenic 14 year old male (pre-op) transvestite locked in your parents cellar, BUT I lack the “facts” to prove that so I can only speculate and NOT state definitively that it is true…

        • You should take your language anxiety issues up with the authors of the report.

          Have you actually read the report? You may find the specific details that led the authorities to this conclusion.

        • that led the authorities to this conclusion.

          Exactly… Bought and paid for “authorities” reached a “conclusion” based on a series of unrelated “circumstantial” suppositions…
          After nearly 16 months, the agency (The FBI) says it can’t determine why gunman Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and injured nearly 900 others in October 2017.

          LVMPD report #171001-3519: States that “While MOTIVE may have ELUDED investigators, there were certain indicators of INTENT shown by Paddock which led up to the mass shooting”..

          THAT means NO ONE has reached a definitive REASON as to why this guy decided to kill a bunch of people, BUT they ARE certain that he INTENDED to do it… (NO SHIT!!)
          OBTW: Yes I did READ that report AND looked at the pictures… Now go back to your bottle then take a nap…

        • “NO ONE has reached a definitive REASON as to why this guy decided to kill a bunch of people“

          Yes, when the perpetrator self terminates, one is forced to examine what information they can in order to come up with possible motivations.

          I’m sorry this doesn’t fit your tightly regimented worldview, but like most things in this world, there is uncertainty and ambiguity about the motivations of those involved in any situation.

          And really, if this was a false flag operation designed to bring about a political goal, don’t you think that the perpetrators would be more careful to make sure there was physical evidence left that would indicate whatever motive they had planned as part of their nefarious conspiracy?

          Q is calling, he wants his delusions back.

    • Dems finally got their white shooter that they have been pining for. Can’t wait to hear the narrative now.

      • “Dems finally got their white shooter that they have been pining for“

        Oh, there of been plenty of white mass shooters, Robert long is the most recent but who can forget Mr. paddock in Vegas or Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook… All just as white and pure as the driven snow.

  11. The ATF should not have law enforcement officers. Technical experts, possibly, but not one badge or gun among them. Absolutely no status as law enforcement officers.

  12. Its sad that the harris/biden/polholesi admin think that little of the American people.

    • Yeah, after a year of lockdowns, travel bans and quarantines under a global pandemic.

      And now, almost every state in the union is opening back up to full capacity in commercial and retail spaces, as well as removing travel restrictions.

      What a surprise that humans upon re-engaging with one another, have rebooted their need to kill and maim one another.

      Must be some kind of conspiracy, better call Q.

      • after a year of lockdowns, travel bans and quarantines

        That cabinet shop, the grocery store in Boulder and the massage parlors in Atlanta ALL have one thing in common… NONE of them were shut down OR quarantined during 2020/21… Hell even L.A. managed to squeeze one in and they are STILL on a 90% shut down…

    • “The AFT called in.”

      “The fact that he referred to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms as the A.F.T. (twice) today is a slip-up any of us could make, right? Sure.“

      Oh no, Opossum is really Joe Biden!

      And Soylent Green is people!

      • Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms as the A.F.T. (twice) today is a slip-up any of us could make, right? Sure.“

        I have never unintentionally referred to the ATF as the AFT (an actual organization btw) nor have I ever heard anyone else make that error…

        • Well, let’s turn to your chosen one, Donald Trump, for the definitive word(s):

          “Trump is not particularly good with places either. He has bellowed a hardy “Hello, St. Louis!” to a crowd in Kansas City, and more embarrassingly, he addressed the residents of the fire-ravaged town ironically called Paradise as though they lived in a sexy village called “Pleasure.”

          Yes, Donald Trump is indeed a paragon of linguistic precision…

        • Unfortunately Trump is no longer POTUS, Creepy Uncle Beijing Biden “The Exalted Braindead Supreme Leader” is President so catch up, I’ll wait…

        • Strange, while you ridicule Biden for misspeaking, I somehow missed your public ridicule for Donald Trump’s frequent mistakes and misstatements.

          Just like the claim Hunter Biden is a pedophile and as it turns out, it’s actually trumps bully boy Matt Gaetz engaged in human trafficking of underage girls, prostitution and election tampering.

          I’m detecting a continuing pattern of hypocrisy, how sad and pathetic.

        • how sad and pathetic.

          The perfect description of your day-to-day life… I can’t help but notice that YOU only seem to find fault with “conservatives”.. Soooo, hmmmm… As far as Hunters activities I’ve seen the emails AND the photos (from that alleged “Russian” hoax laptop) And when I SEE evidence of Gaetz engaged in an unlawful (not just an “accusation” from some guy trying to cut a “deal”) act, then I will condemn him as well… But your “hypocrisy detector” seems (not surprisingly) to only point away from you and until YOU start calling out both sides equally you have no credibility in this matter… I do get tired of correcting you, but you can get so stupidly outrageous… Maybe YOU should run for office, you would fit in perfectly with the current class of progressive radical Socialists trying to destroy this country…

  13. I wonder if respect of others’ views and compassion as any Gentleman and Gentle Woman would desire for the expression of their views…

    …has faded from online discourse and exchanges.

    I”m a peaceful person without any desire for a physical altercation. However, some of the absolutely unnecessary “bad mouthing” and name-calling of others on comment sections has made me reconsider my stance on the issue.

    I’m from Texas. We honor civility. But, I get the impression that on comment sections I’m not communicating with Southern Gentlemen and Gentle women anymore.

    Shame. We can share ideas, political orientations, sexual orientations and even religion preferences without insulting other correspondents.

    This thread is a perfect example of the abuse of some on the Internet.

  14. What do you call 19 wounded and 5 murdered in Chiraq?… TUESDAY!!! aka “Move along, nothing to see here”…

    • Just one episode in Texas:

      “Six people were injured Friday night when people in two vehicles shot at each other on a Fort Worth, Texas, freeway, police said.

      The two vehicles, which police say each had several occupants, were traveling eastbound on the Southwest Loop of the 820 freeway just after 10 p.m. local time, when people began shooting for unknown reasons, according to police.
      Stray bullets hit a woman driving an unrelated vehicle and a man who was inside his house on the service road, police said.
      Six people in all were shot and taken to hospitals, police said, where one was in critical condition and five were being treated for gunshot wounds that were not life-threatening.“

      • “Six people were injured Friday night when

        Apparently you are ALSO mathematically challenged as “six people injured” is a tad short of “19 injured AND 5 MURDERED” that’s TWENTY FOUR (24) shootings in ONE (1) day, but hey thanks for playing…

        • Yes, the difficulty understanding per capita versus raw numbers surfaces yet again.

          Chicago population 2.7 million, Fort Worth population 1.3 million.

        • understanding per capita?

          Chiraq w/two times the population had four times as many shootings in one day and FIVE TIMES as many murders… Okay use your per capita bullshit… Number of shootings/murders PER CAPITA in Ft Worth over one month, one year or one decade compared to Chiraq (same time period)… I’ll wait…

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