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“The despots, thugs, scoundrels, punks and various crooks at the United Nations have it all wrong again,” Ted Nugent writes for “Though the details have yet to be released, the U.N. wants to try to force strict small-arms control on the world under the pretense (lie) that such restrictions will make it tougher for terrorists and other assorted subhuman scum to get their hands on guns.” I know many members of the gun rights community heart The Motor City Madman. But Ted’s “plain spoken” anti-gun control harangues read like a bad comic book superhero monologue. [Note to Ted: no capes.] What’s more, Ted and his BFFs at the NRA are ready, willing and able to Chicken Little someone, anyone to stir up the base and loosen their pursestrings. Meanwhile, again, the facts . . .

1. The U.N. Small Arms Treaty is aimed at getting the rest of the world to adhere to current U.S. small arms exporting standards

There’s more than a little irony here. Ted contemplates the possibility of U.N. gun control and asks “How is that working in Mexico, boys and girls?” Hey Ted! It’s the U.S. government that’s selling the Mexican military and police the guns that “seep” to the drug thugs, who pay off Calderon’s peeps. So Mexican gun control is working out fine. On some level. I guess.

2. The U.S. Senate would have to ratify any U.N. Small Arms Treaty 

And then said Treaty would head to the President of the United States for his or her signature. Or not. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) What are the odds of a gun-grabbing treaty receiving Senate confirmation and the president’s John Hancock? As the Eurovision people say, nul points. 

Mr. Nugent gets this. But it’s a speed bump on the road to demonizing the United Nations and the Obama administration.

Even if the freedom-hating U.N. passes such an anti-common-sense agreement, our Senate would have to ratify it before the U.S. would be forced to adopt this U.N. idiocy that would guarantee more innocent people were slaughtered.

Freedom addicts need to be concerned, however, because our president, secretary of state, attorney general and numerous left-wing politicians support gun control, as they too believe people need to be controlled instead of liberated.

Riiight. ‘Cause our President, Secretary of State, Attorney General and numerous left-wing politicians re-instated the assault weapons ban, closed the “gun show loophole,” renewed the law preventing legal guns in federal parks and Amtrak trains and pushed for legislation that prohibited “assault clips.” Or did they . . . ?

3. Who the hell would enforce a gun-grabbing U.N. Treaty?

Answer: no one. U.N. “peace keepers” are corrupt, incompetent and ineffectual. If the U.N. didn’t hire, train and equip the many small third world nations whose citizens wear the blue helmets, those countries wouldn’t have a military as such. In fact, even then, they don’t.

Are we done here? Not until you write a check to the National Rifle Association. Here’s a cut from today’s NRA email blast [bold text Wayne’s]:

The “Small Arms Treaty” now being negotiated at the U.N. is a TROJAN HORSE disguised as an effort to combat international gun trafficking.

In reality, it’s a sinister ploy by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and foreign bureaucrats to thrust a dagger deep into the heart of our Bill of Rights!

A recent FORBES article confirms that if passed by the U.N. and ratified by the U.S. Senate, the treaty “would almost certainly force the U.S.” to:

  • ENACT DRACONIAN GUN LICENSING, making it next to impossible for you to purchase and own a firearm.
  • CONFISCATE and DESTROY all “unauthorized” firearms as determined by foreign bureaucrats.
  • BAN THE TRADE, SALE AND PRIVATE OWNERSHIP of all semi-automatic firearms.
  • ESTABLISH AN INTERNATIONAL GUN REGISTRY, opening the door to “full-scale gun confiscation” in the U.S.

Hear that? It’s the sound of Nugent and LaPierre pining for fiords. I mean, the good old days, when the gun grabbers were ascendent and gun rights groups had their back up against the wall, m’f’er.

Fast forward to today and you can click here for TTAG’s blog post on Larry Bell’s unfounded, alarmist speculation. Truth be told, it’s pretty much the same deconstruction as above.

Alternatively, you can send Mr. LaPierre $25 for his new e-tome America Disarmed: Inside the U.N. and Obama’s Scheme to Destroy the Second Amendment.

Alternatively, you can do nothing at all—whilst remaining on guard for real threats to your right to keep and bear arms. Which TTAG will flag here at no charge. Hey, who could blame you?

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  1. RF, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. We’re getting backdoored. I can hear the gun-grabbers now — “The UN endorsed this treaty, XX countries have signed it, it’s all the NRA’s fault” blah blah blah. Look, if it comes from our central government and has the word “gun” or “firearm” in it, it’s probably bad for us and great for BGs everywhere.

  2. “3. Who the hell would enforce a gun-grabbing U.N. Treaty?”
    The same people who enforced the gun-grabbing orders during hurricane Katrina, the police.

  3. I have always LOVED dear ole Uncle Ted and he’s right on target as usual. I’d love to see those no good COMMIE UN morons with their silly blue helmets attempt to take any U.S. CITIZENS guns. These fools are afraid to keep their weapons loaded and they’re a bunch of cowards who would never even consider taking our guns. Now it’s time for me to send the NRA another check.

    • I am with “JOE MATAFOME”, if they ever come for me and my guns they had better bring a body bag for themselves too! I have been shooting since I was big enough to pull the trigger on my ole mans 357 magnum. My sons are better shots than their father. I petty anyone that attacks anyone in the south with gun control at the point of a gun. They will find they have just invaded a nest of vipers with rifles!

      There is a very good reason one former KGB officer once said that if the USSR had ever invaded the US? They would have come in at New York or the South west via LA or San Diego. When asked why? He stated, That invading from the Southreon,(Proper pronoun-cation of the true Southreon culture) US would be Murderous, every mother’s son has a rifle or shotgun. It would be like attacking a Division of well armed Snipers at every curve of the road! Deo Vindice! (God will Vindicate!)

  4. It would be nice if uncle Ted could get as worked up over the ATF and FBI as he is the UN, a far more remote threat. Then again, he is a federal LEO so I don’t think he’ll be helping us out anytime soon.

  5. I still support the NRA and other local gun rights groups.

    I may not agree with every NRA stance or action, but they definitely put the hurt on gun grabbers.

  6. If I want to hear a screed on gun rights and the law, I’ll listen to someone who knows WTF they’re talking about.

    If I want to hear a wicked guitar solo, I’ll listen to Terrible Ted. He doesn’t really seem to have any opinions of his own anyway, he just takes the standard NRA rhetoric and runs it through his amps cranked up to 11 (because it’s “one louder.”)

  7. It’s not that the details haven’t been made public yet, it’s that those details do not yet exist. There still exists no draft for this treaty. Which means anyone who says it would “almost certainly” do anything specific is talking nonsense. There’s never a bad time to remind your representatives about their duties to safeguard your rights, of course. We just don’t need hysteria and falsehoods to do it.

  8. Who knew 53 years ago when then Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev uttered these words, “We will bury you without firing a shot”, Socialist/Communist agenda is coming true in our country and they are in power now. Wake up America! It can and is happening here…this month if we let it!
    It seems that Obama is Secretary of State Hilary’s puppet. She has been using our tax dollars to fund the disarming of surrounding Latin American and island countries. Check this out. Read it carefully … The United Nations Office for Disarmament Affair’s Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNLIREC), “with the financial support of the US Department of State’s Office for Weapons Removal and Abatement” has procured and delivered to the Government of the Bahamas a set of hydraulic shears to ensure that the Government has a permanent technical and human resource capacity to destroy surplus, obsolete and “confiscated firearms”


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