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It’s WAY past time to acknowledge what U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told us (before she “clarified” her remark): Mexican drug cartels are a fully-fledged terrorist insurgency. To wit this from “Police in Texas urged U.S. citizens not to cross into Nuevo Laredo, a border city in the northeastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas, this weekend, citing reports that a drug cartel planned to attack Americans. Los Zetas, considered Mexico’s most violent drug cartel, plans to attack Americans who cross the border during the Fourth of July weekend, the Texas Department of Public Safety, or DPS, and the Webb County Sheriff’s Office said . . .

“According to the information we have received, the Zetas are planning a possible surge in criminal activity, such as robberies, extortions, car-jackings and vehicle theft, specifically against U.S. citizens,” DPS director Steven C. McCraw said in a statement released on Saturday.

“We urge U.S. citizens to avoid travel to Nuevo Laredo this weekend if it can be avoided,” McCraw said.

As we’ve pointed out before, Los Zetas are the enemy of our “friends” (the Mexican government). That would make them our enemies as well, in case you didn’t figure that out.

So how long before cartel-related violence spills over into the U.S.? Hello? We’re already there. How many examples do you need? How about a beheading in Phoenix? Bottom line America’s War On Drugs must stop before we’re engulfed by it.

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  1. I hope you look at this as something larger than a reason to end the “War on Drugs”. Did organized crime go away after prohibition? Even if we legalized every drug, and eventually that leads to lost profits for the cartels, they will fight to survive. Maybe they try more kidnappings or other even more violent methods to raise cash. It appears to be less of a Mexican problem and more like our problem every day.

    • Correct. The mob still controls the liquor trade in many areas. However, legalizing weed is a good idea because it can be grown by individual users and will dry up the market for “corporate” suppliers.

      • Hell, the Feds still deny there’s a Dixie Mafia after all these years. There was a professional hit man arrested after a sting in East Columbia. During the operation, he admitted to having a graveyard all along a rural road called Old Leesburg Road-near my family home. Because of settling there with homes and partial pavement-in the 80’s, the area was never even searched.

  2. I think the Zetas should expand their campaign by threatening to kill all tourists from everywhere 24/7/365. Then the touristas will stay away and spend their Yanqui dollars or Euros or whatever back in their home countries and not in that burgeoning shithole south of the border.

  3. Anyone stupid enough to cross the border into mexico will most likely get robbed or killed, and it would be their fault for acting like a moron. Only a complete fool risks their life to visit some slum. We have a few dangerous slums in lil rhody, and if you go there you also risk getting robbed or killed. You should have the right to travel anywhere you please, but that’s only true a some fantasy world because in the real world you may die trying.

  4. What do you say, let’s just go for broke and declare war on Mexico? They’ve been a basket case for half a millennium. Let’s get in there and straighten them out. I bet that would get the Lightworker in the Guinness Book of World Records, to go along with his Nobel Prize. Let’s see, what have we got? Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, did I miss any? Heck, if we’re going into Mexico, we might as well go for Central America too. After all, we should have never turned over Panama. While we’re at it, let’s annex Canada too. What the hell, in for a penny, in for a pound.

    Happy Independence Day, y’all.

    • Which first? Beer vs tequila…Oh, we can re arm ourselves after we take Mexico, with all the ATF weapons.

    • Don’t get me wrong I like Canada, my late mother was Canadian but I don’t want Canada. If we took them over it would tip the scales in favor of the gun grabbers. Besides Canadians are just too nice to be Americans.

    • “let’s just go for broke and declare war on Mexico.”

      Good choice of words. Go for broke is exactly what we’d do. The best way for a nation to make a fortune is to be defeated by the US in a war. As Will Rogers said, the US never lost a war or won a peace.

      • My point exactly.

        I sure do miss having a guy like Will Rogers around. He was brilliant.

        • Why do I have this image of South Park? The one where they all got drunk on S’mores schnapps and restarted the Civil War!

  5. Well, I’ll be crossing the border on Thursday at Tecate, headed for Los Barriles. Joe, I’ll let you know if I get robbed or killed. You can either live your life or have someone else tell you how to live it. I choose the former.

  6. For this very reason, that someone else felt offended, I will chill out and try and play nice. Besides, Squid Billies is on! Sorry about that again,Gage.

    • No apologies necessary, after I posted I realized you were responding to the OP, not me. Sorry about the misundrstanding because I always look forward to reading your comments. Take care. Gage

  7. Also, thanks for giving me some insight on some of the “code words.” Holy cow, you log onto some of these 0ther sites and you need a seperate dictionary for the abbreviations. I’ll get there…

    • Hell, I still don’t know all of the abbreviations! And Killer99, yeah, the Squidbillies rock! When he says “do not touch the trim” at the beginning of each episode, it sounds exactly like my half-Iroquois grandfather whenever he was pissed! He could be a mean old guy. He had an argument with somebody at a construction job after WWII, and he broke a cracked shovel handle over the guy’s head. He ran a rural mailroute with an old Smith and Wesson Chief’s Model and a model 10. He also ran moonshine out of the trunk.

  8. Strategically, it makes no sense for the Zetas to kill Americans. Why incur the wrath of Uncle if you don’t have to. It’s bad for profits.

  9. I’m kinda surprised that Obama’s not put forward a plan to simply annex Mexico. Using the same logic as the plan to make Puerto Rico the 51st state, adding Mexico to the USA would accomplish much for the Progressives – no need for amnesty, as most of the illegals would instantly become citizens. We’d take on a huge number of impoverished/indigent/government-dependent citizens, with a right to vote (and who’d likely vote Democrat). The only thing standing in Obama’s way would be the bruised egos in Mexico, resulting from an American takeover.

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