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If you bring your gaze up to Ms. Viscusi’s eyes, you’ll see that the Top Shot veteran may be left-eye dominant. I wonder. You want to tell Michelle that her PR pic lacks a certain, uh, symmetry? Not me. “I spent years busting my ass, waking up early and getting it done,” the former gymnast tells, “so, while I am new to competitive shooting, I am not new to the world of competitive sports.” In other words, Michelle fancies her chances shooting her Gen4 Glock 34 (with Ed Brown sights, a KKM barrel and a Zev Tech trigger from Glockworx) for Team Glock, which has added the comely E4 31B Military Police Officer (with the National Guard’s 856th Military Police Company) to its ranks. Team Glock also includes the equally not-too-hard-on-the-eyes female shooter Tori Nonaka, who has kicked major ass in competition. Is it me or is shooting going from nerdy to cool to seriously sexy? [Click here for TTAG MV Top Shot fun.]

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  1. Even if I wake up tomorrow morning having dreamed great dreams about Michelle Viscusi I’m still not going to buy a Glock.

    • And 16 is the age of consent for most of the country (and the world too). Are you going to claim that an arbitrary law would have an effect on her attractiveness?

      • If you have to deal with a pissed off father, you might change your tune. Even though 16 is “legal age of consent”, most places will still be able to slap you with a statutory rape charge. Your age will decide the prosecutors mood.

      • Are you going to claim that an arbitrary law would have an effect on her attractiveness?

        Obviously not for you.

      • It does not change her attractiveness. It possibly changes publicly expressing ourselves here to reflect a certain adult manly courtesy manner since she is still a minor.

        Once any woman turns 18 and chooses to dress or undress like a slut fetish model then we are free to comment otherwise.

  2. I wish I was hot enough to get hired by Team Glock with no competitive shooting experience. What a joke. Maybe she can double as a car show model.

      • Oh, I don’t blame her at all. It’s a dream job and anyone would snatch it up in a heartbeat. But if I was a top ranked competitor and was passed over for someone with no experience I’d be more than a little pissed off.

  3. Gun companies use the competition arena as a way of promoting their firearms. This presents a problem for Glock,because their pistols have the artistic charisma of a cinderblock. A white dude shooting a black Lego doesn’t inspire the masses, and Glock INC. knows it.

    Thus, behold the Dream Team. Nothing against the very competent shooting skills of Nonaka and Viscousi both of whom would embarrass yours truly at the firing line, but Glock has solved the image problem by ensuring its the SHOOTER everyone looks at. Simultaneously Glock improves their standing among the newest demographic of civil gun buyers & shooters-women.

    Say what you want to about the pistol, but the management in Smyrna GA isn’t asleep at the wheel.

    • I agree. Hot chicks sell product – Viscusi is, at the very least, an enthusiast. If you want to bitch about living in a world of preferential treatment, knock yourself out. I’m not going to waste my time. It’s nice to see some diversity in the shooting community, as well as those lovely assets.

      • Agreed. Id love to see woman that looks like Viscusi when I make a trip to the range. But every time its a sea of OFWG and tacticool TNP dudes, usually in shooting vests and blacked out tactical attire respectively.

    • the management in Smyrna GA isn’t asleep at the wheel.

      Taling into account how many senior Glock employees are in jail or facing prison for fraud and embezzlement, including its General Counsel who’s now doing seven years for theft and racketeering, I’d say that the management has always been asleep at the wheel, while the marketing gurus have been wide awake.

  4. Hope she does really well and maybe shows up at one of the GSSF events I attend.

    Women like her will continue to normalize guns and sports shooting.

    Best of luck to her.

  5. Yum Yum. She isn’t gonna cause me to buy a Glock, cause my 1992-era Gen II Model 17 is still going strong – 20K (+) rounds later!

  6. RF, I’m surprised at ya dude. Adults are one thing to joke about. But kids should be left out of it. You know the story man. Geeze.

  7. Ms. Nonaka is definitely not 18 yet, right? Ummm… so about putting pictures on TTAG… probably not something to make a habit of.

    (awkward silence)

    And I have no doubt that Ms. Viscusi will sell a lot of Glocks… just not to me. She’s more than welcome to shoot next to me at my local range, though.

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