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Sponsored post: The Team 5 Medical Foundation does amazing work all over the world, and I’ve been honored to be one of their volunteer medics. This isn’t another big money charity that mostly supports the folks working for the charity. Team 5 . . .

takes care of people in the US and around the world by providing exceptional rescue and medical care, and nobody gets paid. Everyone volunteers.

We are having our annual fundraiser right now, and this year, the items are pretty incredible.

Take a look at the custom Barrett MRAD in .338LM that includes a one-on-one shooting course by legendary shooter Steve Reichert.  

How about a custom Sig 226 with a threaded barrel?

Team5 Black Rain AR15 (image courtesy of Team5)

Or a one of a kind Black Rain custom AR15?

Or the classic Henry Repeating Arms Big Boy Carbine in .44 Magnum.

Henry Big Boy Carbine (image courtesy of Team5)

There are also lots of helpful camping and survival items listed, as well as instructional courses.

The courses offered are truly once in a lifetime, several not available to the general public outside of this auction.

DirtFish Driving Course (image courtesy of Team5)

Take a look at the medical courses that will help you save a life, maybe your own. As well as the on/off road driving school offered by Dirt Fish.  

Like knives? Check out the page for several hand forged knives, including a one of a kind Jason Knight/Winkler forged piece.  

Winkler/Knight Prototype (image courtesy of Team5)

Or how about a custom knife forging session with world renown mastersmiths Daniel Winkler and Jason Knight where you will make your own knife with the masters themselves!

Support a great cause and get some world-class gear. Click here and bid now.

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