New from Adams Arms: 6.5 Creedmoor, 243 Win ARs

Adams Arms, manufacturer of piston powered AR-15 rifles, is releasing two new ARs at SHOT this year. Chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor and 243 Winchester, the rifles come with the usual slathering of MLOK rails and Magpul accessories that you would expect. An optional upgraded America gold trigger is available from the factory as well.

We’ve reviewed Adams Arms’ offerings in the past and they’ve been solid products. I can’t wait to see how well they perform with these new calibers.


  1. avatar Connie says:

    Yeah, except for the performance of their piston driven AR upper that was tortured tested by Iraqveteran888. Yikes!

    1. avatar ACP_arms says:

      Because everyone uses a full auto lower on their AR. The only gun IV888 tested with full auto that didn’t break the barrel or gas tube was the POF SBR.

      I think these rifle will be fine.

  2. avatar Jack says:

    Isn’t that the one where the barrel failed? I’d argue a heavier profile barrel would have taken it further. The carrier held up well without any peening. The barrel failure is less an issue with their design (there is more weight out front that could lead to the barrel drooping) and more an issue with the barrel profile/material. Your criticism seems short sighted. At least beat them up about their initial not so great large frame offerings. I know of a couple of guys that did have issues with them. Did IV do a video of that too? If so I missed it.

    With that said, it failed way beyond what anyone on here is ever going to do to a rifle.

  3. avatar ACP_arms says:

    An AR-10 in .243 Win that’s not a RRA (sell outs) or DPMS (Freedom Group), sweet! Sign me up!

  4. avatar ironicatbest says:

    .243 Winchester, my favorite.

  5. avatar Michael Dorris says:

    Winchester .243 was the best for me too.

    ar15 upper receiver
    bolt carrier group

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