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Imagine the murder and mayhem in Chicago’s crime-infested neighborhoods extrapolated to an entire nation. That would be Mexico, with a reported 29,168 murders in 2017. The AP has the sad, pathetic story . . 

The number is the highest since comparable records began being kept in 1997 and is also higher than the peak year of Mexico’s drug war in 2011, when there were 27,213 killings.

Mexico record homicides in 2017

The Interior Department, which posted the number, reported the country’s homicide rate was 20.5 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2017, compared to 19.4 in 2011.

But Mexico security analyst Alejandro Hope said Mexico’s murder rate is probably higher than the Interior Department statistics show, because the department does the per 100,000 count based on the number of murder investigations, not the number of victims, and a killing may result in more than one victim.

Hope says the real homicide rate is probably around 24 per 100,000.

Mexico record homicides in 2017

Yes, Mexico does a passable imitation of looking like a third-world sh*thole. Between the drug dealing gangs, a corrupt government, cops on the take and a military operating with impunity on native soil, Mexico lacks the rule of law. And the people pay the price.

Law-abiding everyday Mexicans have little to no effective means to fight back against their corrupt .gov officials and the crooked cops. Not at the ballot box or the ammo box. While the right to keep and bear arms is enshrined in the Mexican Constitution, it has little to no meaning on the streets.

Not my circus, not my monkeys?

Criminality is a Mexican export; drug gangs are well established in American cities, increasing crime and corruption wherever they operate.

The poverty created by Mexican corruption increases illegal emigration to America.

And American anti-gunners are bound to use Mexico as an excuse to institute an new “assault weapons” ban if (when?) they federal power.

In short, Mexico’s murder rate is just another reason to stay active and engaged supporting and defending your Second Amendment rights. So your neighborhood doesn’t one day look like Acapulco or Nuevo Laredo.

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  1. Probably MANY more that never get reported…
    how many are assumed to be in the USA, I wonder….but are really dead?

      • A border wall would be a waste of money. To be effective, it would need fortified stations at regular intervals, with response teams. But if we just built those stations, with their response teams, and used drones to patrol the border, it would be just as effective.

        I’d have “response drones”, too, not just surveillance. Response drones would carry loads of water and blankets, and be sent to where groups of intruders have been found: the drone arrives, and a speaker tells them that if they’ll sit and wait to surrender peacefully, they get the water and blankets.

        • Even that wouldn’t work. They would just come in a different way. In addition, many illegals entered the country legally under temporary visas. When those visas expired, they failed to leave.

          What would work is to make day to day life untenable if you are not here legally. The feds already have voluntary program, called E-Verify, for employers to check the immigration status of prospective new hires. Make E-Verify mandatory and extend it to include buying or renting a residence, getting utilities like electricity, water and telephone, opening a bank account or obtaining a credit card, enrolling in school, obtaining medical treatment, obtaining any kind of government issued license or permit. The problem with such a system is that Americans won’t accept a “show me your papers” environment.

        • Although I’m not opposed to a physical wall where it’s needed, you’re absolutely right about the drones. We need an army of drones along the border. They can work in the sun all day. Hunt all night. They never get tired, they never sleep or eat. They never stop until they find you.

        • $10,000 fine per day, per illegal alien for individuals caught hiring illegal aliens.
          $100,000 fine per day, per illegal alien for business caught hiring illegal aliens.

          One year jail term for individual or entiire board of directors for three or more offenses.

        • Why are you saying that unless a wall stops 100% of attempts, 100% of the time that it is not “effective”?

          By using that logic yo are saying no amount of changes in the laws, no amount of physical barriers, no amount of personnel or amount of training and equipping them should be considered, and in fact improvements in any of those will increase deterrence of illegal immigration and decrease the amount of illegal immigration.

          • Please read what I wrote — I said no such thing.

            Every assessment of a border wall I’ve read has said it will only be effective if there are fortified, manned strong points with quick-reaction forces and the wall is covered by surveillance drones. But the border would be almost as secure if there were just the strong points, reaction forces and drones. Thus the wall is merely an expensive feel-good project.

            So, CC, your response boils down to looking at my post, lying to yourself about what I said, and responding to your own lies.

        • Kendahl’s suggestions for using E-verify have potential, but some fine tuning might be needed for the telephone part. It’s fairly routine for travelers abroad to get in-country SIM cards for their unlocked GSM smart phones. Mostly for cheaper mobile data (read: maps and GPS) vs using your home carrier’s international roaming plan. I did that myself visiting Costa Rica once. Saved a bundle compared to renting a GPS and offset a big chunk of the cost of buying my iPhone.

          So if you want to make E-verify mandatory for utilities, fine, but include in the system a way for legit travelers to do their thing.

        • The only thing that will work is to station the military on the border. Then notify the mexican government that in 7 days the border will be guarded by the military which will be ordered to shoot those trying to trespass.
          If that does not fix it, there are going to be a lot of dead mexicans.

        • Exhibit 1 of the spineless bleeding heart traitors that got us into this mess in the beginning. Pathetic.

        • give me a 30 ft wall fighting 32 ft ladders instead of no wall and no ICE or BP when the next dem prez gets the seat!

          that 30 ft wall will not get a budget line to be destroyed by a dem prez! so it will last till the next person with a brain that is not dem or nuts??

        • Remember they can still go under! For years they have been making and using tunnels that travel across the border, even where there is no wall.

          The best deterrent is STRICT punishment for violating our immigration laws. Our law should read: First offenders are deported, 2) Second offenders are incarcerated for one year then deported, 3) Third offenders are executed! It would only take one or two executions to cause the majority of illegals from entering again.

          Additionally, there needs to be strict punishment for those who “help” illegals!

          • Rattlerjake, my tired eyes read “incinerated” instead of “incarcerated” — I thought I was seeing sarcasm.

            Really the whole situation baffles me because there’s one simple move that would kill two birds with one stone: don’t incarcerate those illegals in your step #2, put them to work on the border building the strong points we need!

  2. Bueno senor…looked like a Meh-he-co gang robbing a nearby Family Dollar and shooting a poor minimum wage drone. Yeah it’s here…wall? Nah minefields.😩😖😡

    • The ordinary Mexicans I’ve talked with on my visits there certainly can!: lots more dead gang members, fewer corrupt cops, and officials who would have to pay at least some attention to the people.

    • With less gun control in Mexico the law abiding would have access to firearms and abilty to deter crime.
      The criminals don’t care about gun laws

  3. There’s absolutely no chance that any of that crime is spilling across our unprotected 2000 mile border, right?

  4. Where’s the troll?

    “See, gun violence doesn’t happen in the rest of the civilized world.

    How’s that gun control working out for the disarmed world?

    The Libs wanna bring this kind of “culture” to the USA. Show them the photos of the culture of death in mehico.

    • Semantics…. they write it off as a “developing nation” and exclude it from any statistics they need to gerrymander in order to prove (prove I tell you!) that gun control works!

  5. Semantics…. they write it off as a “developing nation” and exclude it from any statistics they need to gerrymander in order to prove (prove I tell you!) that gun control works!

    • 103 yrs ago we we’re in open war with Mexico.

      Now we’re in the guerilla phase. BUT WE’ll still win.

      • 200+years ago was the Mexican War for Independence. 100+ years ago was the Revolution. Seems as we are about due for another conflict down South!

  6. S I L E N C E

    From the UN (the prefix for all things good, and right, and just).

    And WTF w/ the OP pic? Poor, dumbass, would-be-coomunist if they could convince the cartels to just lay down their arms, country can’t afford two trash bags?

  7. The wall is a joke and only sexually excites the Neo Nazi Right Wing Fanatics because all of them are too ignorant to know that every wall in history has failed and they do not even know why the illegals come here.

    They come for jobs and corrupt Republican Businessmen have been luring them here for decades. The Republican Businessmen then pay millions to their prostitutes the Republican Congressmen so no immigration reform laws are passed because if their were a guest worker program the greed monger Republican Businessmen would then have to pay at least minimum wage and some benefits.

    Three Presidents failed to build the complete wall because of the horrendous expense. Because of the terrain completing it would be from a engineering standpoint a failure anyway because of the river. The wall would not prevent people from coming in by sea either. I imagine then some Right Wing Retarded Nazi would then say we should build a sea wall from southern California to northern California blocking off shipping docks etc, etc. The lunacy is never ending.

    Meanwhile we have more and more Baby Boomers retiring and we are down to only 2 people paying into Social Security for every one person that is retiring. Only a simpleton (which is the entire make up of the Right Wingers) would fail to see that the U.S. needs more immigrants and refuges not less.

    Meanwhile one of the biggest racist Nazi’s, Senator Cotton actually is introducing a bill to CUT LEGAL IMMIGRATION IN HALF while lying through his teeth that he is not a rabid tribalistic Neo Nazi and xenophobic racist. His outright lies are as believable as his statement that he did not hear Herr Drumpf say anything about “shit hole” countries. Considering the fact that the U.S. is now rated 8th in the Industrialized world as the best place to live in Herr Drumpf should be told that the U.S. is probably the biggest “shit hole” Industrial Country to live in today. How Ironic. And when Norwegeans heard about him graciously offering to let more of the come to America they roared with laughter. To Norwegians only an idiot would leave Norway for the U.S. considering the tremendous social benefits they get and the much lower crime rate. They laughed for days about that one.

    Of course if the Far Right had any brains at all they would realize that the immigrants lower the price you pay for produce and meat as these industries are almost totally staffed by illegals. I know I worked in the meat industry and a white indigenous worker was as rare as a four leaf clover in the middle of the Mohave Desert. Moles in the Federal Government always warned us when a raid was coming so the illegals could temporarily vacate the premises and then everyone would sit down have coke and pizza and laugh about it. Yes corrupt to the core and the Republican Businessmen laughed all the way to the bank.

    Social Security is bolstered by illegals because they pay into it but can never retire on it and despite Herr Drumpfs outrageous lies they are not eligible for most governmental programs. The Huffington Post recently listed all the programs they cannot collect on. So read the article below before you ever make a fool of yourself in front of an educated crowd of people (not found on this website much) and say illegals get free handouts like Social Security and Welfare.

    Even the illegals are smartening up with many now passing right on through the U.S. and heading to Canada because recent studies show that if you are young and even a U.S. citizen you are much better off if you are at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder in leaving the U.S. for Canada as their educational expenses are less, their job opportunities are better and their crime rate lower.

    • And I forgot to add that before the Right Wing Neo Nazi’s start pointing the finger at Mexico as being a “shit hole” the U.S. is rapidly headed in that direction as drug gangs are taking over not only the bigger cities but even the smaller towns because the market for illegal drugs is exploding as the average American family now earns less than $30,000 dollars a year and desperate people with little hope to move up the economic ladder soon “drop out” of society and enter the drug culture. Its no accident that back in the 1960’s when I was a young man that the crime rate was way lower in the big cities because the average unskilled person could make a very good life for himself and his family in the auto and steel industries. When the corrupt Congress sold the American worker down the drain and exported all the high paying jobs, the welfare rolls skyrocketed , crime went up and the city streets were no longer safe to walk on even in broad daylight. We now have had 4 generations of people grow up that have never had a decent paying job and never will. WELCOME TO CAPITALVANIA U.S.A. the new “Shit Hole” of the Industrialized countries of the world.

      Fareed Zakaria reported a couple of weeks ago that the civilized country of Germany spent with public and private money upwards of 100 billion on free retraining programs for its people that is the hall mark of Socialism while in Capitialvania U.S.A the retraining programs amounted to only a few million and were in absolute insult to the people.

      • Sorry, bro, but there were way too many buzzwords in that first paragraph alone for me to take you seriously, or even read the rest of your long-ass post.

        • Yes God forbid you read my post and lose some of your ignorance. It would probably be too much of a shock for you to take. Its the same reason right wingers refuse to watch anything but Fox News. I will give you some secret information, educated people watch many news programs and not because they would be dumb enough to take Fox News seriously on anything but they watch it to find out what propaganda Fox is feeding the unwashed and to understand your enemy is to defeat them at the voting polls.

          I am always amazed when some of my former high school right wing Morons start ranting about all the free Government programs illegals get. All one has to do is go on line and in a few minutes you can verify that everything Herr Drumpf said about the freebies they get was either out of pure ignorance or just plain propaganda to get elected. Well you have to hand it to Herr Drumpf he followed the book “Mein Kampf” to the letter and it worked today on the ignorant just as it worked for Hitler long ago. As Einstein once said “There is a limit to mans intelligence but his stupidity is infinite” and it describes Conservatives to a tee.

        • @ cisco you only read far left nuttery that is why you avoid using facts and just spew invective.

          Illegals are a major net cost, cost WAY more than they contribute. Illegals also commit violent crime at nearly 4 times the rate citizens and legal immigrants.

          Your claim that cartel weaponry mostly comes from north of the border has been debunked over an over. Most of it comes from Latin America.

          Your claim and the lefts claim that illegals “get no freebies” is hilarious. Taxpayer funded education at pres-school, primary, secondary and in college for illegals tops several BILLION dollars per year. Illegals get to tap dozens of state, local and federal programs.

          Even when “legalized” people who came illegally commit more crime. And look at Californias drivers licences for illegals program — flogged as a way of dealing with the fact that the vast majority are driving with no car insurance — MORE illegals are driving there and MORE than ever are now driving without insurance costing billions per year.

          My guess is like most left wingers you have never been out of the US. I have worked in Europe, Africa, South Asia and Latin America. A billion people will come here if we just open the borders.

          As far as it being ultra right wing for anyone to support more physical security (“wall”), over 80% of Americas do. Governments right, left and center in Europe have been building more physical security

      • “No wall in history…”

        Except Israel’s right now?

        How ’bout we need to build the wall because it (seems to) piss off the Cisco Kid.

        And l, America’s not a sh_thole, we can afford it.

        • “We can afford it”?

          Trump and Congress just added trillions to the deficit and debt. The GOP in Congress has no intention of being actual conservatives and paying off the debt, so your “We can afford it” boils down to “Certainly someone will loan us the money for it and help the country go deeper into debt”.

      • Wow thanks for enlightening me! Be sure to send us all a postcard from Canada. And a huff post article? I’m sure there is no bias in there.

      • Obvious cut and paste job. How many comment forums have you posted that to? I don’t care. A physical wall is symbolic, and I am OK with that. What else are we going to spend our money on? Obamacare?

      • I’ve traveled all over the world while a young Marine, I’ve seen really nice civilized Nations and I’ve seen abject shitholes.
        I can assure you the United states is not a shithole even in obvious shitholes under democrat, liberal, socialist administrations such as Detroit and Chicago.
        In the US even the poor are not starving and the homeless can find shelter if they want it.
        Norwegians don’t want to leave their country for anywhere because they are patriotic, proud of and love their country. Norwegian’s can and will change their Nation if it becomes a shithole unlike the various shitholes mentioned where the people just flee and take their shithole ideas with them to the US.
        If the US is the shithole you say it is then “why. do. people. immigrate. here. by. the .thousands?”
        Because they know they live in a shithole and they KNOW the US is NOT a shithole.
        Unlike your kind.
        Feel free to move to some REAL shithole and stay.

        • You mentioned Norwegians. They laughed their ass off when Herr Drumpf said and thought they would flock here to the U.S. Norwegians know very well that their cradle to grave social programs are light years above the measly shit hole social programs we have here. Norway is even rated higher in democracy and freedom for its people and score way higher on the happiness index that links the populations satisfaction with their lives and with the way they view their government. Try and find even ignorant Conservatives being satisfied with their lives or with their government in the U.S. let alone Liberals who are well aware of how the Industrialized World has passed them by decades ago.

      • So, uh… you came here to make friends? Find a solution to the S!thole problem? Convert people with educated, reasoned logic? What’s your point? I haven’t read an ideological tirade so obtuse, spittle-soaked and self-defeating in a very long time.

  8. Huh, antigun Mexico has a murder rate nearly twice ours. You would think 2ASux or RealAmericanPufferfish would have something to say about that, if they actually care about murder. No, sorry, I forgot that some murders are more murdery than others. Mea Culpa.

      • Nope — even Fox News reported that the majority of illegal weapons in Mexico come from Latin America. Many are military issue, sold by corrupt military commanders and reported “lost”.

      • Yeah, you should research before you post. The overwhelming majority of cartel weaponry that has been reclaimed traces to the Mexican military or police. They have been bribing or stealing from the Mexican government for years, that is how they are armed with full auto weapons and explosives. I know you hate the right wing, I get it and I do too, but the left wing is no better. You shouldn’t believe what either side tells you unless you can verify it independently.

        • You can hate the right wing all you want, but if you LIKE the left anywhere you are in with the broke-d1<k evil a _ _ MF club. Guns and murder aren't the only problems on the left, but they are tools they use to try to upload communism into Society, and they deserve no rest and no quarter.

        • Did you see the part where I said the left is no better? This binary party bullshit is how these two parties get further and further away from what the actual citizenry want. Pre-election polling showed that over 65% of the country didn’t want Hillary or Trump. Both the Left and Right wing are actively pushing policies that are harmful to Americans and they feed on the divisive nature of partisan politics to stay in power. If we could break this binary bullshit we might be able to get out of this hole we’ve dug for ourselves, though we so far can’t get enough people to support a single third party to break the cycle, so we are stuck picking between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich.

      • Nope. Re-read that article from the MSM.
        A hefty proportion of the traced guns are from here, but only a small proportion are traced, mainly because they (the Mexican authorities) know that the majority of guns used illegally are from other places, as they only trace those they have a good idea come from here. They (the Mexican authorities) aren’t friendly towards us Gringos right now, even though we give them a lot of money (over $320 million a year). (Maybe if we let more of them in, so their poverty rate went down they would like us more – what do you think?)

  9. The “rule of law” is a myth. There is no such thing anywhere. What rules is the opinion of politicians, the whims of cops, and the ambition of lawyers. “The law” is just the opinion of oligarchs.

    Solution to all these problems: stop allowing politicians to dictate “you may not own this gun,” “you may not put this substance in your body,” and “you may not cross this pretend line we drew on a map.” Owning a gun is not a crime, and neither is using or selling a drug, and neither is going to a place.

    • Salty Bear, you’re dead on: “the rule of law” is a myth used by politicians to hypnotize the masses.

      It’s especially void of meaning when the politicians in question went to Yale’s school of law, where future lawyers are trained that the practice of law is an exercise in forcing the actual words of the law to mean whatever you want them to.

  10. Is a well advertised minefield out of the question? It is more pleasing to the eyes, it is very convincing, and can be calibrated to spare little bunny wabbits and deer. Oh, and it is a lot cheaper ($3.00 per mine). Just saying.

  11. Build the dang wall and put more heavily armed US Boarder Patrol Agents to guard it! Oh by the way, throw the dang democrats who want open-boarders over the Mexican side of the wall.

  12. How about we take most of the DACA folks, the ones without meaningful employment, and I’m not talking about the “stock boy” at Macy’s, or the burger flipper at McDonalds, and send them down to build the wall. Students with good grades would also be exempt. Give them decent meals and a restful place to sleep.
    When the wall is finished give them a “Path” to citizenship, which would be: they go to the head of the line for immigration, and give them a green card when their admitted.
    All illegal aliens caught sneaking in to the country would also work on the wall, but with less coushy jobs, and meals. When their finished, back to good ‘ol Meh he co.

  13. The Mexican Constitution guarantees the right to KEEP arms on one’s home property but not to bear them. To bear arms you must have a State or Federal CWP; very hard to get.

  14. I have a sister-in-law who’s a geologist; specifically, she studies volcanoes. She’s weighed in on the border problem with a fascinating idea: lava fields. There are lava fields it’s pretty much impossible to hike because the rock will shred the toughest boot sole. To make sections of the border uncrossable, just haul in truckloads of the stuff and cover a zone a hundred yards wide.

  15. Mexico also points out another distinct danger to America: on paper, Mexicans have a constitutional right to arms. In reality, their own government does everything they can to make the Mexican “right” to have guns nearly impossible to exercise. As I understand it, there is only one gun store in the entire country, run by the government, and you have to physically travel there to apply for a gun and physically travel there to receive it if/when approved. And you can’t concealed carry.

    And yet “somehow”, the thugs and murderers in Mexico don’t seem to have any problems acquiring guns without going through all that legal red tape…

    Mexico has the gun control that liberals want to bring to America. They not only want to import socialist-leaning voters from Mexico, they also want to import Mexican gun control (meaning a theoretical right that is damn near impossible to exercise in reality).

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